Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bikini Giantess Rampage!

Who is this lovely giantess? And what's her shoe size?

 This may be a bit of a departure from my usual videogame stuff- so sue me. It's still the big drought of any new barefoot babe games or new beat 'em ups, so I'll take hotness when I find it. And certainly these vids are hot! GTS or Giantess vids are a guilty pleasure of mine, hand-in-hand with beautiful babes' bare feet and sexy swimsuits. The image of huge, perfect, smooth bare soles, filling in the sky as they descend on you- is a mix of both fear and fascination. That's certainly the appeal of the GTS fetish, and that's on offer here. That plus lovely feet crushing cars and buildings. Gotta love invincible feet flattening cars. I found these vids on Youtube, at Youtuber Gtsfanatic28. Among his stuff are three vids starring the same lovely actress, playing a bikini-clad and barefoot giantess rampaging in a city, then battling some weird crab creature. Then there's a funny little behind-the-scenes video.

What a lucky beastie...

Some behind-the-scenes action...

 So what is this little video? Is there an actual, more complete version somewhere? Or is this three-part bit all there is? What is this, just some elaborate indie Japanese Kaiju/GTS flick? Or is it on sale at some video site online? Who is the actress? Are these vids available in HD? I NEED TO KNOW! Any information on these would be appreciated. But if all there is to these vids are these three scant specimens, well, it's a lovely thing and I love it to pieces. I just want MORE. Heheh. Man, that giantess can flatten me anytime.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elena (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

Elena is looking good for her Ultra debut.

First off, apologies for the shortage of updates last month- most of November was taken up by either work on the DeviantArt page or for my week-long holiday to the lovely country of Thailand. But I'll try my best to post more this final month of 2013.
Anyway, sad to say we're still suffering a bit of a shortage of new fighting games with barefoot babes to look forward to- but they're there if you're not too picky on kinda-rehashes. There will be an upgrade of Super Streetfighter IV early next year, titled Ultra Streetfighter IV. The good news is that there will at least be one new barefoot babe to enjoy- although she's not entirely 'new' since we've seen a lot of her in action in Streetfighter X Tekken. Yep, the capoeira princess, Elena, is finally making her long-delayed debut in SSFIV, via Ultra, next year.

Ultra will be coming out on PS3, Xbox360 and PC, so I'm looking forward to all the hot mods that will surely arrive for Elena, which will only complement her appeal since she already comes barefoot by default anyway.

The good think is that Elena is looking FINE in Ultra SF4, with her moves giving to a lot of great views and sole shots, so we won't be lacking in eye candy once she gets into action with the other babes in the game. Just check out any screenshot of Ultra with Elena- her big, beautiful feet are almost always the focus of the action!

Elena's big, beautiful feet are sure to please!

Then there's also the slim chance that the rumored 5th and all-new character to debut in Ultra SF4 will be a new female character- and who knows, maybe she's barefoot! We can only hope and pray. For now though, at least Ultra has a sure thing in it for us- and she's tall, dark and beautifully barefoot in a white bikini. Yummy!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Juliet Starling on XPS (Lollipop Chainsaw)

Julie Starling: Teenage Zombie Killer and one gorgeous Barefoot Babe!

Most of my favorite barefoot babe game titles are fighting games, but every now and then a title from a different genre is able to squeeze in between the beat 'em ups. It doesn't happen often, but when it does, it's almost certain the babe featured in that title and the quality of feet are exceptional to awesome. For instance, Tomb Raider Underworld gave us the stunning adventurer Lara Croft in here hot wetsuit, while RPG classic Skyrim (Modded on PC) gave us the finest-looking in-game bare feet I've yet seen. And then of course there's this game- Lollipop Chainsaw!

Truly a guilty pleasure in every sense of the word, this fan service-heavy hack-and-slash zombie game was an over-the-top Buffy the Vampire Slayer (but with zombies) from the infamous Suda 51, he of Killer 7 fame that we can thank for the creation of another barefoot babe favorite, Kaede Smith. Lollipop's heroine, the perky Juliet Starling isn't barefoot by default, but among her unlockable costumes are sexy bikinis which allow her to go through her lengthy zombie-killing adventure barefoot.
  Zombie Punk Zed gets Juliet's double foot stomp in the face. Lucky!

 And what LOVELY feet she has! I have to say that Juliet's character model surely has exceptionally well-rendered, well-sculpted and modeled feet, with very life-like and realistic textures particularly for her soles (my favorite area, of course). I can almost imagine the skin of her soles was modeled or taken from a real person. That she has individual toes (unstead of the usual grouped digits when it comes to game models) is also something that sets her apart (heh) from the rest. This babe is truly a vision to see. Add a lovely, toned and trim physique, a bubbly personality (with quite exceptional voice performance from her VA) and some wondrous fighting skills, and you have real reason to be jealous of her somewhat handicapped boyfriend, Nick.
Whether she's dangerous or a damsel, Juliet is always looking beautiful.

 Anyways, suffice to say that Lollipop Chainsaw isn't new- and I've had Juliet's model for a LONG time... but it was only recently that I got to use it quite a bit more in XPS Posing Program- sadly most of my time was taken up by Tekken and DOA5 models- that I realized how awesome her character model is. Since then, she's become a bit of my favorite babe to do poses with! I mean, you can do tons of fun and sexy stuff with her- whether she's kicking zombie ass, or is a helpless unconscious damsel- she looks gorgeous. And again, those SOLES... darn, they're freakin' hypnotic. I find myself imagining how soft they must feel... when I press my face into them. Heheh. Ahem.
  Not having a body regardless, Nick is one lucky dude...

Anyways, check out the various pose art I've done with Juliet, both here and in their full-size on my DeviantArt page, VirtualSoles. I'm sure you'll agree that Juliet is made for sexy posing!

BTW, a little heads up- I have some nice stuff coming up soon in XPS that is quite special. Stay tuned. Heheh...

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Makoto in Streetfighter X Tekken! (PC)

The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit enters the fray!

 Okay, now HERE is one awesome mod for the long-running Streetfighter X Tekken on PC. In particular this is pretty close to my foot-loving heart since it lets me see one of my favorite barefoot babes in a game she could only be in before in my dreams. Yep, thanks to new modder Robhal, Streetfighter's Karate Tomboy, Makoto has finally come to Streetfighter X Tekken! Okay, not completely. Certainly this mod uses her actual complete skin from Super Streetfighter IV, but of course the character being used is actually Tekken's Asuka Kazama. Well, I can think of no other fighter in the game who is a perfect fit- she's a bit of a tomboy herself, is Japanese and kinda-sorta practices karate (well, a Japanese martial art amyway). Yeah, her animations are a lot more girly than what you'd expect from Mak, but I think it's a great fit.

It's kinda hard to see Makoto fight without her trademark Hayates, but her grapples fit her nicely.

 Of course, the Makoto skin is her default outfit so I had to team her up with default Ibuki to make the team complete. Seeing them fighting together has long been a dream of mine to see. It's only halfway there but I'll take it. Heheh.

Makoto and Ibuki put some barefoot bikini banes to sleep in these vids.

Anyways, this is a really cool mod, so check out the tag team action as the Karate Kid and her Ninja BFF go and kick some of the bikini-clad butts of the other barefoot babes in the roster. Man, this game really has paid me back in full and then some after all this time. Oh, and by the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Happy Soles! Heheh.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer (XBox One)

Some impressive-looking fighting is coming on XBox One. On Kinect.

At this point in time, I am really saddened that quite a few of the big name fighting games have seemingly gone into a sort of hiatus when it comes to releasing sequels to their fighters. Granted, we already have more than enough fighting games with barefoot babes to last us for the duration, but new games are golden and always great to look forward to. Perhaps it's just a phase, so let's hope that new beat 'em ups with gorgeous, next-gen soles will appear in due time.

So this is why anything new and shiny is to be regarded with excitement- even if it is a Kinect game which really doesn't sit well with me (or many gamers for that matter). Sigh. Anyways, Ubisoft's Kinect-controlled fighter, Fighter Within was announced some time ago, and it debuted with a trailer showing off some live actors and models getting prepped for the game, which was quite meh. This time though, FINALLY, we get to see more of the in-game performers which really do look impressive to me. Really, the character models in FW look quite detailed, and the character designs are pretty varied- from the ninja guy to the Muay Thai Tong Po lookalike to the old master and, well, of course the ladies. Oh, the ladies!

At least two of the babes we see are (mostly) barefoot, wearing the traditional martial arts wraps or instep guards- I hope fully-barefoot alternate costumes or customization is in the game. The models have a real-world grittiness or hardness to them, which I kinda find refreshing compared to the usual overly-perfect ladies of beat 'em ups (with respect- I love me my indestructible, unblemished fighter babes), and the fighting looks vicious and, yep, sexy.

 The big uh-oh of course is that this is a Kinect fighter. I have to get a Kinect as well as an XBox One, and really- chances are this game will control like a joke. It will probably never be regarded as a serious fighter by the mainstream FG community, and at worse may just be another addition to the junk pile of Kinect fighters. OR it may actually turn out awesome. Who knows?
 In any case, based on the trailer above I'll continue keeping tabs on this title. It's not too far away and with Killer Instinct arriving on XBox One as well, there's a growing number of reasons to give MS's console a look later next month. For now, enjoy the trailer and the fetching lady fighters Within.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DOA5U + XPS - Dead or Alive Ultimate Knockouts! (DOA5 Ultimate)

Finally, real Knockouts return to Dead or Alive, thanks to XPS.

Even if I've been disappointed a lot by the series in the past, I am a certified Dead or Alive fan. No other series mixes fan service and fighting awesomeness like Tecmo-KOEI's flagship beat 'em up. And of course, the DOA girls are certainly the most fetching collection of female fighters around (though Tekken fans may say nay). Now, there are some gripes I have with the series as of late. While thankfully the influx of barefoot bikini outfits has finally allowed us to enjoy all the girls' soles and toes (despite the fact that the quality of the in-game feet are inferior to Tekken or VF5), there is still a glaring aspect of DOA5/DOA5U that I wish I could rectify- the Knockouts.

Posing the girls in KOs is... very interesting.

Really, the plain, irritating thing about DOA5 is that NO ONE GETS KO'ED at the end of a match. You hit them with a dozen-hit combo, drop them off a building onto their heads, crack their necks or suplex them into an exploding gas canister- all it does is make them dizzy and give up the fight. Are they knocked unconscious? Nope. To be totally accurate, you CAN actually make a downed (and dizzy) defeated enemy lose consciousness with certain follow-up hits on them, but it's after the point.

The KO is something I find really appealing, satisfying and, well, hot, so I want them in the game again. Well, thanks to the XPS Posing Program, that can finally happen in DOA5 Ultimate. Well, kinda.
 They key is having the character and stage files from DOA5/DOA5U to work with- thankfully these are often posted by modders on DeviantArt, though not all characters/DOA girls have had their barefoot swimsuit models made available.

The next is posing the character you wish to see knocked out in the KO pose you wish. Then it's all a matter of capturing footage of the slumbering babe with a capture program such as FRAPS.

  Someday I hope to have access to all the character and stage models...

After which it's just a matter of editing and attaching the KO ending sequence to a match video that uses the corresponding characters and stage used in an Editing Suite, like iMovie or Windows MovieMaker. Having the music file of the stage is also a plus.

Put it all together and VOILA, you got a hot and sexy KO sequence with a napping hottie to ogle at the end of the action-packed brawl. To date, I have most of the girls' models in their barefoot Hot Getaway or Ultimate Sexy outfits, although a couple have not yet been made available (Christie and Sarah). I only have four stages to alternate and use for vids as well.

One thing to watch is that the KO endings should not be too long. Save footage for another match.

 The videos take a bit of work, but once the template files are done it's just a matter of recording new matches and changing up KO poses so they're different or slightly altered every time. KO or Sleepy Fans should find the finishing sequences a lot more satisfying, and I think they bring to mind the Tekken 6 KO win poses with Zafina or Dragunov that were my favorites in that game.

Who's the best 'Sleeping Beauty' in DOA5U? Hmmm...

 What's next after I do a vid for all the babes? Perhaps Tag Team KO ending sequences? Hmmm. We'll see. Finally though I am able to really meld my XPS hobby with the Youtube channel content, which is awesome. So check out the vids here and stay tuned for more hot KOs soon.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skyrim Soles: The Amazon's Adventures Continue! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

A deadly skirmish with one woman left standing...

Believe it or not... I am STILL playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Really, this game is all manners of awesome, from how the continuous influx and creation of mods keep it fresh and exciting and new, how the graphics look freakin' amazing (with the right mods installed) and well, how the in-game female bare feet (with FemFeet Redesigned installed) are easily the best-looking in-game footsies I have had the pleasure to play with.
Just this night's play session, I was wandering the roads with my heroine, the Barefoot Dovahkiin known as The Amazon. She was minding her own business when she was attacked by a Fire Drahman Norokdir- a mod-provided monster that was half-dragon and half-man... and all horrific. Even though the Amazon was at level 69, armed with legendary armor, weapons and skills, she was outmatched. The creature took away chunks of life with every hit, and had tons of health to shrug off blows that would fell any other creature. Though it irked her, the female fury was forced to give ground in the hopes of whittling down the Norokdir and somehow survive.

Luckily though, help soon arrived, in the form of a Stormcloak patrol. Since she was unaligned, these rebel soldiers were friendly and rushed in to battle the beast. Well, unfortunately for the Stormcloaks, they were no match for the Norokdir as well, and soon all were dead on the ground. However, the Amazon was able to deal the finishing blows thanks to their interference, and as the battle ended, she stood alive, the lone survivor.

Once again I have to say- Skyrim's modded feet are the best bare feet in gaming.

One of the fallen Stormcloaks was a female- their captain, in fact, and she was, like the Amazon herself, barefooted in fur greaves. I found myself staring at her soles and I have to say I was amazed. I've seen the game's FemFeet-augmented feet countless times, of course- but still, seeing how detailed the feet are still makes me so glad for having this game. The feet are damn beautiful, and so realistic. Even more so, I noticed now (as you can see in the pic above) that the feet are rimed with frost, since the female Stormcloak had been walking barefooted in the snowy ground. Otherwise though, her feet were unblemished and unharmed, as they were warrior feet and proof against even tough ice or snow (perfect, indestructible, beautiful feet- a foot fan's dream!). Man, I have to say again- the modders who created FemFeet (and FemFeet ReDesigned) have my eternal thanks.

Anyway, I'll be posting more vids in my Path of The Amazon series on the Youtube channel, and it will hopefully carry on into the conclusion of the main quest and then progress into Dawnguard. From there I'll continue playing with the character into more quests (perhaps Dragonborn and Falskaar). I don't think I'll be quitting this game anytime soon. Man, is that replay value or what? Heheh.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Jaycee Barefoot (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, XPS)

The Masked Luchadora finally bares her soles for us. In XPS, at least.

When the mysterious, masked luchadora Jaycee first appeared in the teaser trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I was immediately intrigued and excited. She was definitely hot with her sporty physique, and what little we could see of her face was beautiful (but then, there aren't any ugly women in Tekken anyway). Aside from that, her flamboyant and energetic character was interesting- so different from most of the stoic or reserved females in the roster. Another thing that intrigued of course was her being a wrestler, which surely would be given to going barefoot; her default costume was already quite skimpy already. I really had high hopes for this new femme fatale.

 So imagine my surprise when it was eventually discovered/revealed that Jaycee was none other than longtime Tekken girl Julia Chang. But that really only made her more interesting. Transformation from Plain Jane to Star Grappler was awesome. And finally, there was the possibility that Julia would FINALLY bare her soles in the game. Ah, we were all so hopeful. Sadly, this was not to be with Tekken Tag 2's retarded, dumbed-down customization.
Yes, Jaycee (and the rest of the girls) got bikinis, but all came with shoes (damn you, Harada) and a separate barefoot customization was nowhere in the game. But really, enough of our bad memories and the Tekken Team's shortcomings. At least in the totally awesome XPS Poser Studio we can now take the TTT2 Jaycee Bikini Model and remove those irritating sandals as we please.

 Yes, I've had the Mask-less version of Jaycee for months, but really- there's a certain appeal to the Masked Jaycee that you just don't get with the exposed one. Jaycee without the mask is Julia, plain and simple, which is just not the same; this persona requires the whole package. The great thing is, Jaycee is so versatile (just like her in-game character). She can be heel,face or jobber, and she looks so hot doing it. Those legs, feet and physique... just dazzling. I know I'll be playing with her a LOT in XPS. Check out the arts I've done with her so far at my DA Page. There will definitely be more to come as Jaycee challenges all the other babes and scores some pins. YEAH!


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Makoto Kicks Ass at TGS Capcom Tourney! (SSFIVAE PC)

Makoto shows Sakura who's boss!

 I think it's no secret that my absolute favorite Streetfighter babe is karate kid Makoto. She's SF's total barefoot tomboy babe, and her beauty shines through to me even through her no-frills look, simple but spirited design and utterly awesome fighting skills. Well, the latter is on display in these two long match vids from the recent Capcom Cup Qualifier held at TGS 2013. In several stunning upsets, player Haitani using Makoto (a dark horse choice of character, apparently) bested the rest of the competition and sends the karate kid into the next stage of the gaming tournament. It's awesome to see Makoto finally be recognized (at least in these matches) to be a force to be reckoned with apart from the usual character choices, and hopefully this will herald a new age where more Makotos will kick butt in these high profile gaming events. Anyway, check out the vids for some truly awesome Barefoot Karate Babe Buttkicking! Man, makes me want to give Mak foot massages all the more. Heheh...

Only Mago's Feilong stands in the way of Haitani's Makoto in this final match of the TGS tourney...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Hermes Costello Alternate Costume Video (Jojo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle)

Choose Hermes from the menu to minimize staring at too much posing.

Some time ago I posted about the recently-released anime fighter, Jojo's Bizarre Adventure: All-Star Battle and it's apparent single barefoot babe, Hermes Costello. Of course, this female stand-user can only go shoeless in her unlockable alternate costume, which can be seen here in this rather lengthy video. Hermes' part comes very late in the vid- pretty much almost at the very end. You can skip all the rest by simply picking her name from the menu at the start of the vid, unless you actually want to see 16+ minutes of Jojo posing madness.

I have to say that while Hermes' costume is rather fetching and her in-game model has a nice, sporty physique and quite attractive feet- I can't get past how MANNISH she is due to the art style. She actually looks like Gakushu from Ikkitousen in drag (okay, that's a bit harsh- at least she's nowhere near as bulky). Really- most of the men are more feminine than she is in terms of facial features. Well, the face really isn't our no. 1 priority anyway- hell, Mileena is hot even with her Tarkatan mug thanks to her other assets. Oh well... what can I say but good thing her feet look so nice. Heheh...

Monday, September 16, 2013

More Lee Won Hee (Xuan Dou Zhi Wang)

Lee Won Hee is certainly one lovely new babe footfans will surely love to watch.

I posted about this lovely Taekwondo Girl several months ago, but as of late I've come to be a bit more intrigued with her. To recap, the lovely Lee Won Hee is one of the competitors from the (as-yet) China-only online fighting game Xuan Dou Zhi Wang (which apparently translates to 'King of Combat Masters'). While this interesting fighter has quite a few lovely ladies in it, sadly Lee is the only barefoot fighter, but hey, that just makes her all the more special.
The vid above shows footage of the game that shows off Won Hee quite a bit- In it you'll see her sexy Intro and Win Pose, and even see her in her KO poses (one face up and one face down). Thankfully, her character model is so hi-res her lovely bare feet and soles are seen quite clearly even through the game's fast action.

Anyway, I found a couple more vids of XDZW gameplay, one of which is a special demo or spotlight on Lee. It shows off her moves and some strategy- sadly you'll probably only make heads or tails of it if you can read or speak Chinese. Still, any footage of Lee is better than no footage. Heheh.

Here's all the info you need to get started with Lee... if you can read or speak Chinese.

Next up is a lengthy gameplay video of 3-on-3 casual XDZW matches with Won Hee. Darn, I just wish she would get rid of those TKD footguards and just go fully barefoot though. Oh well.

Overall I really like how the game looks and moves- the crisp character models seem to be a mix of 3D and 2D, though some of the movements could be smoother and more fluid, such as in Capcom's SF3 Third Strike.

More Xuan Dou Zhi Wang gameplay with Lee Won Hee in action.

I am aware that Xuan Dou Zhi Wang is being made into a mobile game, which may gives us Won Hee to play with on our smartphones eventually (hoping she, and the game, makes it to international appstores). There IS quite a bit of interest in this game, so maybe someday it will make it into our PCs and Lee's feet closer to our admiring gazes.

The trailer for the upcoming mobile version of Xuan Dou Zhi Wang, featuring a CG segment that includes Lee Won Hee and a nice, intimate kick and sole shot into the camera...

 For now, check the vids out. There are quite a few more on Youtube, but these are the nicest and most Hi-Res I've found for now. Enjoy!

Monday, September 9, 2013

Tae Ioroi (Lily Bergamo, PS4)

I currently know nothing about the bandaged Tae. But I like her already.

Just hot off its debut announcement at Sony's Pre-TGS Event is an upcoming title from Goichi Suda (Suda 51) of Grasshopper Manufacture, which was recently acquired by GungHo. The game is called Lily Bergamo, which will be an online title for Playstation 4. All we know about it at this point is that it will star a female protagonist named Tae Ioroi (we assume it's the girl with the interesting outfit in the trailer below). Other than that, some concept art has been released. What I do know is that Tae is one lovely-looking femme fatale and she wears our kind of footwear (which nicely leaves most of her beautiful feet quite, quite bare) as seen in a wonderful closeup.  That's really all I need to be interested in this- but really, it's a Suda 51 title- what can we expect from the maker of Killer 7 and Lollipop Chainsaw but something pretty off-the-wall and sexy?

Suda 51 knows what we like to see...

Hopefully we'll be seeing a lot of the lovely, mysterious 'Lily' and her sexy feet in the months ahead and as the game is released next year on PS4 (hoping it's released outside Japan of course). At least it's something to look forward to. Barefoot babes are very much alive in gaming's future, I see! For now, check out the intriguing debut trailer of Lily Bergamo from TGS.

Semi-barefoot Anime Heroine and giant demon robots? SOLD!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Ultimate Sexy? Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Arrrives!

The DOA girls are back and sexier than ever before.

Ah, Dead or Alive. Probably one of the pillar fighting games for me, even if the barefoot babe content in it has been on-and-off for the many, many releases in its long history. The original Dead or Alive on PSX was my absolute favorite barefoot babe fighter (still is a sentimental fave today), but DOA2, with its huge number of rehash/upgrades/editions pounded me with no barefoot content at all for about ten releases (Itagaki and Team Ninja then- go to hell). DOA3 had ONE barefoot babe in karate babe Hitomi. DOA4- a barren wasteland both in barefoot babes and fun. Sigh.

Team Ninja finally won us back with Dead or Alive 5 Plus, thanks to the sexy barefoot bikinis in the Collector Edition exclusive (during release) Hot Getaway Swimsuit set. And now- Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Bringing several additional fighters, new moves, modes and costumes, will it be Ultimate for us footfans as well?

If you got the 'Hot Getaway' barefoot swimsuit set from DOA5/DOA5 Plus, you can use them in Ultimate.

Unfortunately, the barefoot babe content in DOA5 Ultimate is actually a bit less than in DOA5 Plus- but I assume that you will do the right thing and add DOA5 Plus's Hot Getaway swimsuits (as DLC) to DOA5U. In fact, all previous DLC for DOA5 (and DOA5 Plus) can be transferred/cross-saved to Ultimate. It's quite painless- if you have a DOA5 save, the first time you boot up Ultimate it will ask if you want to load the save- yes, you do.

The sad part is that natively, DOA5U has no barefoot outfits for the ladies in the new costumes that come with the game (well, you can consider Hitomi's Karate Gi as one). Downer. However, if you got the Japanese/Asian Collector's Edition (just as it was with DOA5 Plus), you get to download the 'Ultimate Sexy' Costume Set, which includes several barefoot swimsuits for several of the ladies. Once again though, there's a caveat. Not all the ladies get barefoot swimsuits, or swimsuits at all. It's actually pretty irritating. Seven of the girls get swimsuits, while the other seven get 'Racing Outfits' which, while sexy, sadly come with footwear/sandals. Also, Rachel the Fiendhunter, one of the newcomer girls added in the game, wears sandals with her bikini. DAMN!

DOA5U adds in several new fighters, new moves and tactics for everyone, new modes, intro and win poses and lots of bits and bobs.

So what do we have left then? Six barefoot swimsuits. The three younger DOA girls- Kasumi, Ayane and Kokoro- get the ubiquitous one-piece Japanese 'School' Swimsuits. Since I'm not Japanese they don't particularly please me- luckily their Hot Getaway bikinis are much hotter. Leifang's bikini once again comes with a skirt-like cloth, but I find it's lingerie-like style much better than her DOA5 Plus swimsuit, which is great.
Next comes Hitomi's hot pink bikini, and it is pretty much my big favorite among the new swimsuits. I was really disappointed with her Hot Getaway skort thing, so this just shows off the Karate Kid's bod so well.
I'm sure a lot consider Helena's seashell bikini (Godfather?) the hottest suit of the bunch, and certainly it's the skimpiest and definitely an eye-catcher. But personally, I actually find her Hot Getaway white bikini sexier and much more suited for a lady of her class. But hey, I'll still use the new suit. Heheh.

You'll spend a lot of time finding all the new bits like new costumes, character intros, tag team intros, win poses, alternate hairstyles and stuff.

And FINALLY, there's Momiji in her white, oh-so-cottony bikini. All I can say is Momiji, OMG. Now THAT is a vision. Momiji's perfect bod and her height are a vision, and I just love seeing her in action in the swimsuit. The bikini is really hot, which is a contrast to every other costume she has (all of which are a variation of her 'Japanese Miko Warrior Ninja' schtick).

With the new suits, an all-new babe in Momiji and the addition of the DOA5 Plus suits, I guess DOA5U is a must have for any foot fan who loves the DOA girls (and what foot fan doesn't?). There isn't any change in the girls' feet models (still not as detailed as I would like, but they're still quite nice), but the overall look and feel of DOA5U is great and sexy. Sadly, getting an actual KO in action is still a bit hard, but thanks to that and the new additions (intros, win poses, taunts, etc) of the game, this is the freshest barefoot babe game we can get now.

Playing a lot with Kasumi just made me realize how damn kickass and awesome she is. All that plus perfect, kiss-worthy feet. What a woman!

One last caveat though- until the 'Ultimate Sexy' costume set is made available as DLC on the PSN/XBL stores, the only way to get them is through the Collector's Editions. Till then, the only barefoot costumes available are the Hot Getaway set (available as DLC now).

DOA5 Ultimate could have had more barefoot outfits, so in the end, it's not quite 'Ultimate'. But sexy it definitely still is, and well worth getting for me (and sharing with all of you!). From here on, we'll focus on the babes themselves next. Now, if you'll excuse me- I have to go play a bit more with Momiji... Mmmm...

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Female Fighters Coming to Next UFC Title (2014)

Real-life tough girls once again make the jump to the digital dojo.

It's not the first time this has happened- the first time we saw female combatants in a MMA sports game (not a mainstream fighter) was a couple of years ago with Supremacy MMA- which was promising but ultimately was a boring, shallow mess. What will be different here then? EA Sports' UFC will feature real-life MMA athletes Ronda Rousey (seen above) and her rival Miesha Tate. More will follow from the Women's Bantamweight Division. Unlike regular fighting games though, women will only fight women in the UFC game, as in real life (weird, eh?). On the other hand, this will also mean barefoot fighting babes aplenty as per the real-life MMA attire- no stilleto pumps or thigh high boots here.

Still not sure though about this- I'm about as into UFC sports as I am into microbiology- which is to say, not much. Still, if the in-game MMA girls are at least as fetching as their real-life models (Supremacy had fugly in-game models) and the action is good and deep with a good selection of female fighters to choose from- maybe. We'll see about this perhaps next year. For now, check out the video interview below to tease what's coming.

Catfights in the making...

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hermes Costello Barefoot Alternate Costume (JoJo's Bizarre Adventures All-Star Battle)

Who knew there was a curvy barefoot hottie under all that mannish power?

Okay this is a bit of a surprise. Really, I'm familiar with the Jojo's Bizarre Adventure series only from a couple of episodes of the old, old anime- but I've never really read the manga. Anyway this action-packed title full of supernatural 'Stands' and their colorful users just got the fighting game treatment from Namco-Bandai, with ALL the trimmings so fans of the manga would get giddy with delight from all the fan service. Me though, I more or less thought that I would not care- I was not aware there were ANY ladies in this game's roster, much less a barefoot one.

Well, turns out there ARE actually a few ladies in the game- including a female 'JoJo' main hero. Another is the lady we are featuring now. Her name is Hermes Costello, and she is one of the good guys apparently. Anyway, now that I'm looking at her, her face and features really mix in with a lot of the other males, given the very fierce art style. As well, she's usually dressed pretty discreetly so unless you notice her perky chest, you'll probably mistake her for one of the guys (who pose like girls too often). Anyway, thankfully Hermes has an Alternate Costume in the game that has her showing off a lot more skin and has her barefoot as well. So I guess that's a nice treat for footfans who are thinking to get this new beat 'em up. She does indeed look quite fetching in her alt though. Hmmm.

The game is so far Japan-only with no word yet of a US release. The game is import-friendly apparently, so anyone liking the JoJo manga may do well to go ahead and grab a copy. Me? I'll hold off for now. But at least this thing isn't a total writeoff. Perhaps if there is at least one more barefoot alternate costume for another female I'll consider getting this. Maybe.

I STILL think the art is too mannish, but what the heck. Heheh...

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon, Dark Brotherhood Destroyed!

The DB femme fatale, Astrid, laid out before The Amazon.

Meanwhile, in my version of Skyrim... I'm really behind on posting episodes, but suffice to say I've got tons of footage I need to just get out. I've finished the main quest, and am moving on to Dawnguard... which I am liking since the lovely vampire princess Serana (whom I will feature soon) is barefoot in her default outfit (thanks to the Greaves and Legwraps mod) and makes for a cute (and thankfully unkillable companion). It will be some time till I get to posting that though.

Anyway, I just have to chronicle that I have recently disposed of The Dark Brotherhood. Yep, I have shut off an entire questline by exterminating the assassins of Skyrim instead of joining them. The Amazon slew their leader, Astrid, in single combat, in a secluded cabin, and left her lying on the floor, her sexy soles exposed (among other things). Following that, she reported it to a guard, was directed to the Penitus Oculatus' Captain Mero, and was sent in to clean out the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary in Falkreath. Needless to say, they were cake.

I perhaps noted early on in The Amazon's roleplaying aspect that she would NEVER join the DB, especially since they have tried multiple times to kill her. She has though joined the Thieves Guild (but has halted for now short of becoming Guildmaster so she can hold onto the Skeleton Key... heheh), she did so to have a network of spies and intelligence throughout the land, and considers their antics, while larcenous, in the end passable. The murderous ways of the DB however would never be considered by our heroine by any measure.

Anyway, I'll try to keep posting Skyrim and try to post more pics here too. Hoping I find ways to show more sole in every ep, but it's very difficult. Well, we learn by doing. Later then!

Friday, August 23, 2013

Mysterious Female in Killer Instinct (XBox One)

Who is this lethal lady?

UPDATE: Killer Instinct Central just posted that this newcomer is an all-new character to the KI universse, and her name is apparently Sadira. No other info though. But I'm sure we'll have more updates on this femme fatale very soon.

So far the upcoming Killer Instinct hasn't panned out yet for us foot fans, but it has just taken a nice step into the right direction with the debut of a new female character. Well, I assume she's not really new but a returning fighter- which most seem to agree on that this is probably Kim Wu, albeit with a darker twist or redesign that all of the characters seem to have gotten going into the game. I agree it's most surely Kim, since she is wearing sandals/leggings that reveal her toes and heels, though sadly the clog-like claw thingies she has prevents her from being actually barefoot. I'm still hoping that Maya the barefoot Amazon Queen returns someday in this game, but for now- at least there's one fighter I can get interested in (kinda) this game. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a barefoot babe in the new KI eventually.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fighter Within Revealed (Xbox One)


While the longtime fighters like Tekken and Streetfighter seem to be in hiatus these days, new fighters are still coming in the near future, a couple for the upcoming XBox One. We already know about Killer Instinct (3), but sadly that appears to be, for the start at least, pretty slim pickings for us footfans- there will only be 6 fighters out at launch, with 2 DLC coming after- while I am hoping for barefoot Amazon Maya to make it in earlier than later, that seems to be a remote chance. So for now at least, the new KI is for fans of leathery males and weird monster fighters... Ugh.
Thankfully, another new beat 'em up was just revealed at the recent Gamescom 2013, and it has more promising visuals that footfans will be liking a lot. The Fighter Within from Ubisoft has at least one barefoot (well, near barefoot with the cloth wraps/bandages) female fighting fury in the roster, with more hopefully in the wings. The current shown barefoot babe is an Oriental karate-kicking hottie named Van, who seems to be a combination of Pai Chan and Chun-Li, with footwear from Ibuki. Heheh.

I just can't resist a barefoot martial arts catfight.

Anyway, the catch here is- it's a KINECT fighter. AACK! Kinect means goofy movements and you looking utterly weird when you're playing this. Well, the producers promise 1-to-1 movement with the new Kinect, but darn- this is more workout than simple fighting game. Still, the graphics and character models seem to be pretty cool, I like the KOs and the graphics, and it's about time there's a game that's more based on realism than ever before. The only thing is- this had better be damn awesome to get me to buy a Kinect, never mind an XBox One.

Still, it's a new fighter, with barefoot babes, and it kinda looks nice. I'll keep an eye on this one at least. This is due out in the holidays, perhaps just after the XB1 launch. You can check out more art, character bios and a couple of vids over here.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Bikini Ninja Attack! Ibuki as Kitana Mod (SSFIVAE PC)

The Streetfighter Girls go ala MK!

It's been a while since I've posted a vid from Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition (PC), but this is quite an exceptional new mod- one of the best kinds, in fact- which lets us enjoy two hot babes in one. Not only do we have SF's barefoot kunoichi, we also have Mortal Kombat's sexy assassin princess. Yep, from awesome modder Segadordelinks comes this Princess Kitana cosplay mod for Ibuki. The SSFIVAE mod comes with ten variants, with the last two being bikini versions. Awesome.

Who's hotter? I really can't decide...

Sadly while there is a version for Streetfighter X Tekken, that one does not have the barefoot bikinis. So for us footie fans, the SSFVIAE mod is the one to go. That's fine anyway- it's great to see IbuKitana in action against the other babes of SF that didn't make the SFxTK roster- Makoto, Rose and others. Such hot, strong feet! I should play this game more often. Heheh...

Seeing Ibuki with toenail polish alone is worth the price of admission.

So enjoy the vids here (and a couple more on the Channel), and perhaps I'll post more soon. I'll probably keep this mod up for Ibuki for now. What can I say- those red toenails are just too delectable!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt (Skyrim)

Gormlaith Golden-Hilt in Sovengarde (Skimpified Barefoot Version).

One of the hotter babes you'll find in Skyrim is the Nord Hero, Gormlaith Golden-Hilt. Well, the first time you meet her is in a sorta-flashback/vision thingie, as the Dragonborn watches a scene from the ancient Dragon War between the Ancient Nords and Alduin's Dragons. Gormlaith is one of the three chief Nord Heroes who battle Alduin himself. Of the three, Gormlaith is the only one to fall in combat, valiantly fighting the black dragon to the end.

The Dragonborn meets Gormlaith more or less in person during the Main Quest's final leg, and they wage the final battle together hand-in-hand. Of course, thanks to the open-ended nature of the game, right after you 'win', you get a Shout that lets you summon Gormlaith (or one of the other two Nord Heroes Three) to aid you in combat for a while.

Anyway, The Amazon has already finished the Main Quest and vanquished Alduin the World Eater, but her travels are far from over. Now she has the Call of Valor Shout at her disposal, so now when she needs to, The Amazon can summon the lovely and strong Gormlaith to fight with her! Of course, OUR version of Gormlaith requires the 'Killer Keo's Skimpy Armors' and the 'Greaves and Legwraps' mod to have her looking as she does in the pics here. Also, recommended is the Call of Valor Fix mod to make the Sovngarde Summons as viable combatants at high levels (otherwise they're pretty weak).

I love summoning Gormlaith- she's surely the only Barefoot Babe Summon in the game, and aside from her kicking ass, if she doesn't get 'killed' by enemies she has a nice 'KO' animation when her time limit runs out, so you get a cool KO in any case. Heheh.

Gormlaith fallen.

I'm sure I'll be able to show off Gormlaith fighting alongside The Amazon in upcoming episodes of Path of The Amazon. Stay tuned for that! For now though, check out the pics and dream of this lovely Valkyrie kicking up her perfect bare soles in Sovngarde, ready for you to give her some loving massages and worship...

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon Poll Result, Update!

The Amazon's ready to fulfill her Dragonborn destiny...

Okay, the people have spoken! About a week ago I asked everyone to help me decide which side in the Skyrim Civil War should our Heroine, The Amazon, join? The Imperial Legion and the Empire, or to the Stormcloak Rebellion?

The results are out and more than half of all votes went to keeping our Barefoot Dovahkiin NEUTRAL. So I will acquiesce... we won't join either side, and just keep on truckin', er, questing.

To be honest, I am very partial to the Empire, mainly because I like General Tullius and Rikke quite a bit. Ulfric for me is a wild card choice, something you'd do just to see the other side of things. Anyway, I will keep the Status Quo for now and just keep on the path of the Dragonborn.

As of right now, The Amazon is Level 54. I have gone and decided to finish the Main Quest and take care of Alduin. After that, we'll see about taking her through the DLC quests and other stuff. She's almost too powerful at this point, but she can still die if I'm careless. But still- Dual wielding legendary swords she can pretty much kill anything- including dragons- in a couple of power attacks.

Anyways, I'll be posting vids for the next several weeks. We'll see where her adventure leads her!

Saturday, July 27, 2013

New Poll: Should The Amazon join The Imperial Legion or The Stormcloaks?

It's been some time since I started my latest Skyrim Playthrough, featuring the barefoot heroine known as The Amazon. Right now, she's at Level 50 and a total badass. I think at this time she's powerful enough to tip the balance of Skyrim's Civil War if she were to take a side. But what side should she take?

Though she's technically a Nord, she's actually a foreigner to Skyrim, so she's not going to go with Ulfric and the Nord cause just because she's blonde, tall and (probably) speaks in a German accent. But she does dislike oppression and repression, and the way that the Thalmor have been given free reign to walk over the rights of Skyrim's people at will irks her to no end. That said, she is from a militaristic, clannish race herself, and is not averse to an Empire or ruler who is able to maintain the peace by strength and righteousness.

One may argue that she may not join the Legion since they were trying to kill her at the start of the story- but well, she's already taken her revenge on them for that, by defeating Helgen's Imperial Captain in combat. So they're square (perhaps?).

But she's also seen some disturbing things about the Stormcloaks- she's read dubious things about Ulfric from the Thalmor dossiers, and the way the rebels' cause seems to celebrate segregation of non-Nords just rubs her the wrong way.

Should she join the fray? Should she fight to reunite Skyrim for the Empire, or liberate it for The Stormcloaks? Or should she just remain neutral and concentrate on killing dragons and righting little wrongs in Skyrim? Help us decide! Cast your vote in the New Poll now!

Just a side note as well- The Amazon's look above- wearing the Warchief Headdress along with Imperial Legion-style bracers and greaves- seemed familiar to me from somewhere, and I eventually realized that there's an actual unit of Roman Legionnaire in actual history with a similar outfit. These guys were called Aquilifiers and they wore lion skin headdresses. Apparently they were ranked just below Centurions and had the honor of carrying the Legion's standard (the Eagle). So they were pretty badass and terrifying to see for the enemies of Rome. Of course, the Aquilifiers were male and probably didn't go barefoot (nor did they kill dragons or wear dragon armor). Heheh.

Anyways, sadly The Amazon has recently just switched looks again. She still wears her base Dragonplate cuirass, but has replaced her helmet, gauntlets and greaves. I'll leave it at that for now and show off her new look in another article or video.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wii Fit Trainer Spotlight (Super Smash Bros)

Nintendo's barefoot pale lady gets her time in this featurette.

I don't think many will admit it, but the kinda-creepy Wii Fit Trainer girl's upcoming debut in Super Smash Bros. is pretty cool. She came from left field with her odd repertoire of Yoga and aerobics moves, but she certainly adds a bit of fan service even with her very tasteful and conservative exercise attire.  Anyways, Gamesrader just posted a vid showing off the white-skinned femme fatale, and so more Wii Fit Trainer is always good. I still don't see myself buying a WiiU but since I do have a 3DS, I may be playing with SSB in the future. For now though, check out the vid for some of the whitest soles you'll find in gaming. Heheh.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon Update! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

The Amazon has gone through a lot of changes since she first debuted!

Since I last posted about my heroine, The Amazon, she was of relatively low level, in some slightly crafted armor and equipment, and just growing up in skills. Well, fast forward to today and I think she's come quite a bit.
At Level 47, she's VERY formidable now. She's already got 100 Skill in both Smithing and Alchemy, which allows her to craft Legendary weapons and armor to use, as well as powerful potions that can augment her attack power or heal her in a flash- or do a lot of other effects. Only a wee bit more leveling up in Enchanting and she's maxed out in the crafting part.

Fighting-wise, she's pretty strong but can get stronger. I've decided to branch out her skills from just One-handed to Two-handed weapons, in order to have more variety in Kill move cutscenes for future vids. Still not wanting her to use too much magic- I don't think she needs it- but if she does, perhaps a bit of Conjuration would be cool so she could summon some backup in a flash if she needs it.

She's changed her hairstyle recently, care of the Face But- er, Face Sculptor of Riften.

I think I really like her new look (this has yet to debut on vids- I am so advanced relatively in video postings and in actual gameplay). It's a Tribal Huntress/Semi-Barbaric Frontierswoman look. The Dragonplate armor is the strongest she can have, though I've decided to have her use the sexy Steel Shin Greaves of the Imperial set (a lot sexier and shows more than the Dragonplate greaves); crafted up they give more than enough protection anyway. The Ornate Bear Cloak with the feathers makes her look a bit tribal which I really like (it looks kinda regal, in a barbarian sort of way).

Oh, and by now she's also quite loaded with cash (gold). I realized in previous playthroughs I've done, I invested points into Speech perks (Investor) which gave merchants a lot more money- I haven't done that yet, so I most often clean out shops of cash when I visit. Anyways, thanks to her Alchemy The Amazon can pretty much make a comfy living selling potions she brews (they sell for a LOT). In fact, she's made most of her money that way, and I got her Smithing up simply by upgrading stuff she finds- I only rarely did the Iron Dagger spamming trick.
Anyway, long story short- she's got more than enough cash and can make more honestly (take that, Brynjolf) without needing to loot every corpse she comes across. So I need to resist the urge and just loot only the choicest bits.
Just recently as well, she got her Enchanting to 100 and got the awesome Extra Effect perk- which is pretty much the ticket to really kicking ass in Skyrim.

Even at a pretty high level, she's got a LOT to do yet, and she's nowhere near being 'overpowered' (even if I can still kill a dragon in a couple of hits). I only recently got her into the Companions, but I expect to blow through that easily. I plan to go through the Main Quest, Dawnguard, Dragonborn and perhaps even that cool mod quest Falskaar eventually.

Her alternate look is wearing the Warchief Headdress- really fierce and fitting for a huntress like her.

Perhaps someday when The Amazon has adventured a lot more and decides to take a vacation, I'll start off a Magic-user character. A barefoot shaman/sorceress? Perhaps someday. Hmmm...

Friday, July 19, 2013

Copperhead (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Silent, sexy and slithery... the female Copperhead is a barefoot assassin out to crush Batman under her bare heel.

Just revealed recently in the trailer above is Copperhead, one of eight assassins being contracted by the villainous mastermind Black Mask to take out Batman in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. In the comics, Copperhead was male and had an obvious snake schtick, complete with a Serpentor-esque costume. Well this baddie has been reimagined in the upcoming prequel to Batman: Arkham City as a somewhat androgynous female with talents in acrobatics and contortion turned to lethal effectiveness (she also apparently uses poison). Batman looks like he isn't prepared for this new enemy, and in the trailer he gets a face full of her feet a couple of times (lucky? Heheh). But I'm sure she'll be horizontal and out cold once the Bats gets his act together.

She seems a nice reason to pick up Batman: Arkham Origins, even if her feet could do with better proportions and detail. Hopefully they'll put in the work that will make her feet really look beautiful as well as deadly. Anyway, Batman: Arkham Origins is out in October (PS3, Xbox360, PC). I'll keep my eyes on this lethal lady...

Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken, SSFIVAE for PC)

Chun-Li's new Bikini is a Knockout!

Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted something from Capcom's excellent moddable PC fighters, and seemingly AGES since I last posted about a mod for the lovely Chun-Li. That's actually no biggie for me, since I am thoroughly happy with my favorite Chun mod in SFxTK, the Bikini mod originally from (tweaked in SF4 Explorer) modder gpsingh6375. It's got Chun with her hair down, and in a sexy two-piece that shows off her muscular bod and big and beautifully-detailed fighting feet in all their glory. What else can you ask for?

Actually I can understand pretty easily that not everyone will like or find Chun's Bikini mod to their liking, particularly because of her cartoony proportions. Surely a lot of gamers out there will find the big feet in the mod ugly and un-sexy, or Chun's thighs too big or muscular, or they may miss her trademark hair buns.
All of that is remedied in this new mod, Chun-Li's Seashell Bikini, available for both Streetfighter X Tekken and Super Streetfighter IVAE (PC versions only of course) by modder BrutalAce.

The costume, which is a very skimpy two-piece number, was originally an extra alternate outfit from the game Lollipop Chainsaw. But the modder didn't just simply port the outfit- he actually brought in the body that wore it. Yep, this mod only has Chun-Li's head and face as assets from SFXTK or SSFIVAE; the body and bikini are actually from heroine Juliet Starling from LS.

Chun-Li shows off her moves as well as her hot new body in this mod.

First thing you'll surely notice are Chun's feet, which are now (mostly) very small and normal sized (compared to other girls' feet). Chun-Li is also wearing her hair in her original, popular hair buns style. Other things to love is the way you can customize the different parts' colors, even her finger and toenails.

More action with Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Edition.

Now, here's the thing- while it certainly is HOT and leaves very little to the imagination, I have to admit I really prefer the other Bikini mod with the more, erm, cartoony proportions. For me, it's all about context, and when you see the Seashell bikini mod proportions next to other girls (when in their own barefoot mods), Chun's tiny, 'normal'-sized feet stand out like a not-so-sore thumb. Call me a bit weird, but I miss the detail I enjoyed with the bigger feet, the 'expressiveness' and just how strong they looked. Plus, Chun is (I think) the biggest and tallest and buffest girl in the game- she SHOULD have the biggest feet. Heheh.

As a matter of course, I've posted a couple of vids with this new mod (and maybe a few more if people ask for it), but I will by switching Chun back to her other Bikini mod post-haste. I just love my long-haired, buff and big-footed Bikini Chun-Li too much. Heheh.
For now though, enjoy the new more feminine Chun-Li in this mod and marvel at how soft and delicate her feet look!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Contributor Appears!!! Introducing Stefan

What's Up Virtual Soles, I'm Stefan and This is my Introduction.

I've been a Fan of Video Game girls feet for quite some time and I was looking for those who share the same fandom. I met SoleKeeper and we became friends. Sometime later I started taking interest in his Blog and have been commenting here for the past Year now.

Recently,I wanted to be part of it, so I asked Sole If I could join. He was reluctant at first, but Just yesterday, He accepted my offer. I am into the XPS/XNA program and want to post some original work here.

Before he allowed me to join, Sole gave me a condition that I must follow. He expects me to not just post wholesale my DeviantArt gallery on this blog and I must write articles or copy to go with whatever I post.

I will abide by that. So I will only post If I have something cool or important to share.

So thanks Sole, for letting me be part of something great, something cool. I won't let you down.

Check out Stefan's DeviantArt Group, 3DFeet!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC) UPDATED!

The Amazon is ready to make her mark in Tamriel...

I’ve always said, perhaps one of the best games for footfans is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Basically it’s an awesome fantasy sandbox where you can live your sword-and-sorcery dreams with impunity- and with the right mods, every hot woman in the game can have model-gorgeous feet you can ogle to your heart’s content (even if sometimes you have to literally fight your way to them). As any longtime reader should remember, I tried a Skyrim playthrough series before but at the time, some mods I require for a proper playthrough weren’t available- basically since I needed my heroine to go barefoot all the time, it severely restricted what armor I could/could not wear- a big handicap.

Since then, several mods have surfaced that make this new barefoot heroine playthrough possible. One is Greaves and Legwraps, which enables my heroine to wear most any leg armor type and still go unshod. Even better, the modder put out a Replacer version that distributes the greaves/legwraps to the game’s female NPCs (sadly as of yet the Forsworn have been snubbed).
Then there’s Feminized Level Lists which basically makes most common NPC characters female- these include Hold Guards, Bandits, Thalmor, Necromancers, Forsworn and more. So encounters with enemies often are girl-on-girl catfights in this game.

Finally, the new mod I really like this time is FemFeetReDesigned. As we all know, Skyrim’s vanilla (unmodified) feet for its character models are nothing short of HIDEOUS, which makes the original FemFeet mod a godsend for us. Not only do the feet become more detailed and lifelike- I will go as far as saying that FemFeet makes Skyrim’s females have the best-looking ingame feet I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Of course, it’s perhaps not totally realistic that barefoot warrior babes have model-gorgeous and ever-clean feet, but this IS a fantasy after all. Heheh. Anyways, FemFeet ReDesigned makes the feet models even more detailed, and with the sole textures of the CBBE female body, they’re incredibly realistic (the SOLE reason why I stay with CBBE and not with other body replacers like UNP- it’s all about the soles, man).

Now of course the female aesthetic mods aside, I do have other mods (well, a gazillion, actually). These include both cosmetic mods that make Skyrim and the things/characters in it more hi-res and pretty, and others affect gameplay. I’ve listed quite a few in the vid at the end, but there are just so many I can’t list them all. Hey, mods make this game what it is.

Where will this heroine's feet take her?

Now, a little backstory on our new protagonist…Who is The Amazon? For starters, she’s not from Skyrim, although she’s considered a Nord by race. She is a foreigner to Tamriel from far, far away. Why and how she came to this battle-torn land is a mystery, but she seems to be searching for someone. After every battle, she often examines the bodies of any slain female enemies, from head to toe. What is she looking for? Perhaps we’ll find out in time.

Of course, The Amazon will always go barefoot, anywhere and everywhere (unless it's quest-related to wear some footwear) but thanks to the aforementioned Greaves and Legwraps mod, she will always have something to wear on her legs and not compromise personal protection. So far I am in love with the Imperial Boots/Steel Shin Boots, which so far are the best-looking of the greaves since they show quite a bit of leg/calves as well as keeping the feet bare. I may have to upgrade her Smithing a lot so that I can keep them upgraded as she levels up. Depending on what armor she finds, her look may change but we’ll see. For now I think Studded Armor looks amazing on her.

Anyway, for now she fights solely to survive and somehow carve out her own niche in this new and dangerous land she now has to call home. What will she find and to what places will her beautiful, inquisitive feet take her? Watch Skyrim: Path of The Amazon on the Youtube Channel!

Or you could watch the first two episodes right here too. Heheh.

The ruthless Imperial Captain gets a bit more 'exposure' this time...

Part Two is filled with sexy and bloody babe-on-babe action.

The first episode brings us yet again to the starting point at Helgen, where the Empire is conducing some summary executions, led by the garrison's bitchy but sexy (and now barefoot) female Imperial Captain. But one of the prisoners- a beauty despite the rags she wears- is meant for more than the Executioner's Block. Watch the first episode of Path of The Amazon, now!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Age of Barbarian: ARENA hits the PC!

More bloody 2D action from CrianSoft.

I posted some time ago about Age of Barbarian, the cheesy, sexy and bloody beat 'em up from CrianSoft for the PC. The game featured some smooth animations and a hot, barefoot barbarian princess to lead through several levels full of evil brutes trying to kill her. Well, the gameplay was kinda repetitive but heck, the storyline was pretty funny to watch and Sheyna was hot even if she looked straight out of a Maya 3D Suite. Well, CrianSoft has just released a follow-up to AOB, and this time it's a more straightforward one-on-one fighter.

Age of Barbarian: Arena gives you four combatants to lead through a gauntlet of duels before an evil overlord, with their lives and perhaps the fate of their 2D world in the balance. Returning from the first Age of Barbarian title are the previous leads Sheyna and Rahaan. They are joined by two more fighters- Sion the axe-wielding warrior and Ayla, the 'Savage Girl' who oddly looks like she has small frisbee in her mouth. The main part of the game has you fighting one-on-one fights, both with the other playables and several NPC fighters. There are also some more side-scrolling beat 'em up portions to beat before your fighter claims their ending.

Anyways, it's more of the same 2D stuff from before, but at least we have a blonde babe to ogle aside from the raven-haired Sheyna. Arena is pretty cheap at about 6 Euros, so it's a nice little distraction that's worth perhaps a look for footfans if you have a nice PC. For now, check out the vids featuring new babe Ayla.

Ayla shows she can be as deadly as any man- or monster.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wii Fit Trainer (Super Smash Brothers 2013)

A barefoot babe in a Nintendo fighter? Yep!

Here's a bit of a nice surprise- there's a barefoot human babe in the upcoming Nintendo fighting game, Super Smash Bros. (2013) The character is none other than the female Trainer from Wii Fit, and she comes complete with her tasteful and comfy exercise attire, lack of shoes and (unfortunately) dead-white skin. Well, what she lacks in fleshy color and detail she does make up for in cool moves and a nice physique! Kidding aside though, there's no way I'll be getting a WiiU just for this pasty-skinned beauty, and besides- Smash Brothers is hardly a game where you can admire the beauty of a babe's soles. At least we can see the lovely (and kinda creepy) Trainer in a bit of action both in-game and CG cinematic in the trailer video above. Just a fun aside. Thanks to SirSteven93 and JStryker47 on Youtube for the heads up!

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Nina Williams: The Barefoot Assasin comes to XPS!

Nina sashaying towards you is an enchanting (and also scary) vision to behold.

I'm sure I don't need to gush too much about how the stunning Nina Williams is one of my all-time favorite barefoot game babes. I've written more about Tekken's original barefoot babe more times than I can recall. Well, thanks once again to HolySpell on DeviantArt, the Barefoot Assassin is now mine to pose with using XPS, over at VirtualSoles on DA- and as you can easily see with the couple of samples I've posted here- she's GORGEOUS.

It's quite a bit of fortuitous circumstance- I asked HolySpell to convert a certain customized model of Nina from Tekken 6 (the Battle Nurse getup), but apparently this was a pretty difficult (or at least work-heavy thing) to do. However, he DID have a Nina model from Tekken 6 he worked on a couple of years ago, and that was the one he sent me, although with the caveat that it wasn't the model I was asking for. Well, as luck would have it, the Nina model we now have wasn't what I was asking for, but it's what I want! Nina is decked out in the hot customized combo of a Sexy Top and Short Skirt, and wearing the Styled Hair, which is, easily the hottest hairstyle for her in Tekken 6. Of course, she's barefoot (bare-handed as well, as an extra) and having some nice simple but irresistibly white undies for perfect upskirt opportunities. Heheh.

Just a simple pose, but heck- Nina would be hot just sneezing. Heheh...

What can I say? I am in Posing Heaven right now, with the hottest Nina incarnation ever at my command. I have a lot of plans to make some exciting and sexy poses and stories with this femme fatale, and you can check out the first pics over at my DeviantArt page. Have your fill of the sexiest Assassin Soles ever! Man, ain't technology grand? Heheh.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Zafina: Barefoot and Bodacious in XPS!

The Mysterious Assassin at her Hottest, posing for our pleasure.

The darkly beautiful Zafina has always been a hottie, but she's also NEVER been barefoot. At least, not in-game in any of the Tekken games she's so far appeared in. That's really a crying shame because DAMN those sexy feet of hers, with their lovely colored toenails, are meant to be free of any footwear to show off their hotness to the world! Well, thankfully now, in the XPS posing program at least, she is available for me to pose for our pleasure. Once again, I have to thank HolySpell from Deviantart for providing the barefooted Zafina TTT2 swimsuit model.

What can I say? Since getting the Zafina model, I can't get enough of her! For some reason she's a pleasure to pose and put into the ongoing 'story' I have with the Tekken Tag 2 babes and a mysterious evil force behind a secret KO Tournament.  Zafina looks amazing whether she's kicking arse or being a damsel in distress. Perhaps it's the ease of using her model. Or that hot, hot, HOT swimsuit (the white undies are a sure plus). Or perhaps those colored toenails? The whole package of this Middle-Eastern Beauty is just so amazing. I never really was able to appreciate her until now- Thanks, XPS!

So if you want more of this now-barefoot femme fatale, head on over to my DeviantArt page, VirtualSoles. Zafina (and the other TTT2 ladies) will be sure to enchant you. More to come! Later then.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sakura Bodacious Beach Babe! (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Sakura in a Baywatch-esque, slow-mo moment...

It's been a while since I've last posted- thank that for my current obsession/hobby with XPS over at my DeviantArt Page. Well, I still want to keep this blog going since it's the best place to really share my thoughts and in-depth writing about our beloved barefoot game babes. Once again I focus on a cool sexy barefoot mod for Streetfighter X Tekken on PC- which, despite all the controversy and the backlash from fans due to their DLC fiascos- is still one of my favorite games for awesome soles shots and hot babe-on-babe fighting action. The latest mod produced and shared by modders is for Sakura Kasugano, the energetic schoolgirl from Japan and pseudo-Shotokan fighter. This 'Beach Girl' mod finally lets Sakura show off her amazingly toned bod, and of course shows her tasty, pretty feet outside of her trademark sneakers. I have to say, Sakura is always a joy to behold barefoot in action, with her moves always giving to great views. This babe can kick me in the face anytime. Heheh...

Whenever Sakura does a Shoryuken, my eyes go to her feet, not her fist.

I've got quite a few vids of Sakura in action wearing her new swimsuit on the Youtube Channel, so check 'em out! Sadly Sakura's AI is pretty crappy and often she's laid out cold at the end of the fight- but that's no biggie. She'll always be a winner in our book, and there are surely lines of footfans waiting to give her sleepy soles some consoling foot massages.

Ogre gets a taste of Sakura's fighting feet- lucky bastard.

Man, I wish this mod was ported over to XNALara or XPS. If only I could learn the art of ripping and rigging models, but it's beyond me. At least I have the game to see Sakura's soles in action. Enjoy the vids! I'll try to post again soon. Later!

Monday, April 29, 2013

Tekken's Barefoot Knockouts on DeviantArt

The lovely (and limber) Capoeirista Christie Monteiro joins VS on DA!

 In case you haven't already checked out my recently-opened DeviantArt page, VirtualSoles, perhaps you can spare a moment or two to go there. It's my new diversion these days, which admittedly is taking a bit of time away from both this blog and my Youtube channel- but I guarantee you the sexy XPS pose artworks starring the barefoot babes of Tekken and other games is worth it. Have to say, all the frustration I had with the disappointing lack of barefoot customization in Tekken Tag 2 has been alleviated by the awesome fun and enjoyment I've been having with XPS and XNALara. I've pretty much been able to pose and compose hotter KO's and sole views than any of the Tekken games (or any fighting game or videogame yet seen for that matter) have ever given us.

That's not to say I'm not waiting impatiently for the next big fighting games, mind you... but playing with the character models in XPS is an awesome way to pass the time, and I get to compose some pretty cool scenes, whether you're into barefoot babes or not (I think). So check out the page- so far in terms of Tekken, I've got Lili Rochefort (both Tekken 6 and Tekken Tag 2 barefoot models), Asuka Kazama, Kunimitsu, Ling Xiaoyu, Leo Kliesen and most recently, Christie Monteiro to play with, and I'm hoping to find more in the days and weeks ahead. Also, I'll be posting stuff with other game babes, notably the ladies of DOA5 and some cool surprises. See you on DA!