Thursday, April 29, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Setsuka

Amy sends the fierce Setsuka to dreamland.

Next up in my series on the Knockout Babes of Soulcalibur IV is the fierce and sexy Battou jutsu-style assassin babe, Setsuka. This deadly geisha is easily one of the most lethal fighters in the game, thanks to her lightning-quick strikes and draws. Her initial storyline and mission was very personal, yet somehow this self-serving, revenge-seeking assassin found herself caught up in the greater crisis of the Cursed Spirit Swords' war. In Soulcalibur IV, Setsuka went through various changes and growth, shedding the disguises she wore before and openly showing her natural blonde hair and occidental features. Her quest as well changes from one of revenge to one of redemption. I have to say, her ending was quite impressive and badass (and, when she's in a bikini, quite damn sexy).

Setsuka's design was always eye-catching, but thankfully footfans finally got to have her without the platform sandals thanks to Soulcalibur IV's Character Customization. Her beautiful bare feet are as perfect as they are lethal weapons, almost as much as her hidden blades. Surely footfans would love to give this lass much-deserved kisses and worship. I myself would give her long massages and service her alabaster-smooth soles and every single delectable toe.

Anyway, enjoy all the views of this hot swordswoman's luscious body in the following KO ryona vid, with Amy Sorel's Forget-Me-Not throw allowing us royal views in this rare moment of unguarded vulnerability for this lethal beauty.

Here as well is Setsuka's cool and badass ending, made all the more awesome by her hot bikini bod. Heh...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Miku Hatsune Figurine

Invasion of the Vocaloids!

I'm not too familiar with the popular Vocaloid series in Japan, aside from the fact that these cute anime girls appear as customization items for characters in Virtua Fighter 5R. Well, now there's this cool statue I found in an article over at Kotaku. It's a figurine for the music game character Miku Hatsune, and as you can plainly see, the gorgeous statue (which looks awesome already in any case) has the lovely anime lass barefoot, her delicate soles and toes hovering over the floor. It's quite a wonderful-looking piece, and if I saw it in stores, I'd probably spring for it. No word yet on when this hits, it's still a ways off I think. Anyway, it's a nice bit of distraction. Check out more pics of the figure over at Kotaku's gallery.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Sophitia

Amy helps Sophitia catch some Z's.

Next up in our Barefoot Knockouts of Soulcalibur IV series is none other than the Caliburverse's Hottest Momma, Sophitia Alexandra. This pure-hearted baker's daughter-turned-holy warrior has been part of the saga since the very beginning, being the one who actually defeated the twisted pirate Cervantes in mortal combat. Sophitia is also one of the first barefoot babes in gaming since gamers could unlock Sophitia!!, a barefoot and swimsuit-clad version of her in the original PSX version of Soul Edge (Soul Blade in the US). Since then, she has only grown more beautiful and powerful, even though she would not bare her feet again until the latest installment of the series, thanks to Character Customization.

Even though she's one of the old-timers in the Soulcalibur series (at 26 she's ANCIENT! Heheh... I kid) and is also married with kids, Soph's still a radiant hottie who would surely still quiet a room with her refreshing beauty. And certainly, any footfan would stumble head over heels to give this goddess loving foot massages and adoring kisses on her smooth, flawless heels, soles and each delicate, pearly-tipped, suckable toe. Perhaps our pampering will allow this fair warrior maiden to rest easy for a bit, at least till the next furious battle.

For now, check out these two vids that show off Sophitia's bikini-clad and barefoot hotness from pretty much every angle. Enjoy!

Sophitia goes out like the proverbial light, care of Amy's sexy Forget-Me-Not throw.

Also, check out Sophitia's awesome Soulcalibur IV ending, Bikini Edition. Real-time endings rock!

Sophitia's awesome Story Mode ending from Soulcalibur IV, Bikini Edition!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Pai Flying Kick intro! (Virtua Fighter 5R)

Come to Papa!

UPDATE: I've uploaded an improved version of the vid with better footage- no more crappy text on Pai... or shorts for that matter... heheh...

There are many reasons to love Virtua Fighter 5R, that so-far arcade-only upgrade for Virtua Fighter 5 that finally gave all of the girls barefoot customization (instead of just Aoi). Well, here's another gem from that game; it's a brand-new intro sequence for the absolutely gorgeous Kung-fu action star Pai Chan which has her flying at the screen, her bare sole pointed right in our faces in a dazzling kick. Awesome! It's about time Pai got an intro to match Sarah Bryant's stomp-and-grind. While ordinary men may duck or run, us footfans would surely greet Miss Chan's lovely foot with a big smile on our lips... right before her foot presses onto our faces. Sadly this intro bit will almost surely be arcade-only, even if Sega someday actually ports VF5R (or the newest upcoming version, Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown) to home consoles. So just enjoy the clip, and imagine what you'd do as Pai brings her sexy bare foot that close to your face. Heh...

Cartoon Karate (Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword)

Now THIS was a big and pleasant surprise. A viewer on my Youtube Channel informed me of the cool barefoot martial arts action in, of all places, a SCOOBY-DOO movie. The movie is Scooby Doo and the Samurai Sword, a direct-to-video release that sees the Mystery Inc. gang get involved with the shady dealings over at a martial arts tournament in Japan. Nicely enough, there are tons of scenes with characters wearing gis and barefoot, but of course it's all about the babes. The main barefoot babe is none other than resident beauty Daphne Blake, who in the past has usually been the lovable ditz... man, who ever thought she had super karate skills? Makes you wonder why she bothered running away from all those crooks in bad costumes when she could have kicked their asses with her surely-smooth but deadly feet!

Anyway, the movie has a couple of barefoot babes aside from Daphne herself- one is Miyumi, Daphne's friend who leads them into the tournament and mystery. Miyumi herself is a martial arts fighter herself, complete with Streetfighter-esque bandage wraps (I would have preferred she do without them though). There's also another barefoot fighter babe who sports a cool eyepatch (AND the bandages yet again), but she's not seen enough.

Surely the highlight of the movie is a fight between Daphne and Miyumi, which is probably that last thing I thought I'd ever see in anything with Scooby Doo attached to it. The fighting is actually pretty well-done with lots of cool moves and, of course, some nice sole shots (though mainly from Miyumi). Nice ending too, though I would have wanted an actual KO... heheh. Check out the vid below for a pretty awesome cartoon catfight!

Daphne vs Miyumi

Sapphire Sonya Kicks

Here's a look at Sapphire Sonya, one of the martial artists on the island where the mystery happens. She's got a cool vibe with the white hair and eyepatch, and she's definitely kick-ass and hot...

Sapphire Sonya Thrown

Unfortunately she's also out of the picture in less than a minute. Too bad, I wanted to see more of her, even as a villain. Waste of a cool kick-ass barefoot babe, I say. Oh well.

Anyway, as a whole the movie itself is quite fun, as recent Scooby Doo movies are. With all the barefoot fighting and action in it, it's sure to be something to keep in a footfan's collection. Later then!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Soulcalibur IV Barefoot Knockouts: Hilde

Hilde gets Forget-me-notted.

Recently I've been raving about Super Streetfighter IV (which is just a few days away, actually), but somehow I suddenly got myself into a mood for Soles and Swords. Yep, I dusted off the ol' copy of Soulcalibur IV and lately have been having tons of fun with medieval mayhem once again. Even after a couple of years, SCIV still looks amazing, with some of the hottest videogame babes yet to bare their bodies and soles for our enjoyment. No other fighting game out at present gives us as much control over attire as SCIV's Character Creation/Customization does, as well as access to the regular roster of fighters. Really, the only thing that held SCIV back from the top spot of best barefoot fighting game is the simple and sad fact that while the Calibur babes' character models are absolutely ravishing pretty much everywhere, it's in their feet that apparently a slight bit of shortcutting occurred. Certainly the babes' feet aren't ugly by any means, but they're just not as detailed or as artfully done as with the two best I know as yet- Tekken 6 (fleshiest and most realistic soles yet) and Virtua Fighter 5. If the artists of Project Soul just invested a few more polygons into the toes or more life-like textures into the soles.. man, I know SCIV would be my absolute fave today.

That said, it's still a game I cannot do without, and today it's my flavor of the moment. I've decided that my Youtube Channel is criminally lacking in SCIV videos, so I've decided to make a LOT more content from it starting this week. Also, I've noticed that the video quality of my recent videos has apparently improved (I think due to my upgrading to a larger LCD TV since I'm still using my old PVR from before) from those of the previous year, so I'll take this time to redo some old vids (like the CASplay videos) and such.

Anyway, the first up is a Knockout Ryona video, starring none other than the absolutely gorgeous warrior princess, Hilde. In this video, lethal lolita Amy Sorel is aiming to render Lady Wolfkrone unconscious with her sexy Forget-Me-Not throw. Why? Some may think it's to capture her as a sacrifice to her inhuman lover, Raphael. But no... actually she just wants to paint Hilde's toenails black. That Amy... what a prankster! In any case, I LOVE the FMN throw for various reasons, foremost of which is the sexy way the opponent is transfixed by Amy's 'X' slashes and knocked out on their feet even before they hit the ground. It also doesn't hurt that the resulting crumple to the ground makes them raise their legs in the air for some of the most royal views of the unconscious beauties.

Being the strong-willed fighter that she is, Hilde won't go down without a fight... so Amy has to stun her first with a Guard Impact before she can hit the F.M.N. The prize for us is royal views of what I believe to be one of the hottest babes in games today, both in action and in inaction. Heheh. Anyway, not everyone may be as big a fan of ryona or KOs like me, but think of it this way- Amy is using her Magic Wand joke weapon instead of her regular swords, so Hilde's porcelain skin is never really harmed... just given a bit of forced (and unnecessary) beauty rest. I'll move on to the other babes soon. For now, enjoy the vid!

No Hot Bikini-clad Warrior Princesses were harmed in the making of this video.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barty Beart (Stake: Fortune Fighters)

Barty is ready to party.

Here's another barefoot game babe from a few years back. Stake: Fortune Fighters was a 3D fighting game on the Microsoft Xbox. To any gamer worth their salt, its similarity to Capcom's far more superior Power Stone was pretty obvious. But unlike PS clones like Barbarian which was at least well done, Stake by developer Metro 3D was, at best, barely playable. In fact, Stake could probably bag the award of Worst Fighting Game Ever hands down. Even forgiving the bare bones and featureless skeleton of a game (which sported a totally useless 'Watch' Mode where you can't even pick what fighters will clash), Stake just flounders with a broken fighting system with floaty, slow and clunky controls, pointlessly large stages, environmental weapons or traps that did nothing but annoy the player, total absence of any story mode or background and more.

The only good things about the game were the neat character artworks... and the presence of a barefoot babe! The unshod hottie in Stake was Barty Beart, a mysterious and beautiful masked fortune-teller (easily she is probably Stake's version of Power Stone's Rouge). Well, at least I think she's a fortune-teller, since her weapon of choice is a crystal ball, which she throws at her opponents. Unfortunately I know little else about her; the game has sadly no specific storyline literature on its characters. All we know is that Barty is one of the many competing warriors in the game's tournament... and that she's quite the enchantress, with her kinky mask, big, barely-covered breasts and, of course, beautiful feet (which are seen far too little of in the character art). In her default outfit, Barty is wearing those ubiquitous instep guard leggings, but she has an alternate costume in the game where she shows a lot more skin in a blue bikini-type outfit. You can see both outfits in the vid below.

Barty's in-game model looks positively primitive compared to today's Tekken 6 and Virtua Fighter 5, but at least it's detailed enough for us to see that she's got nice, painted toenails on her pretty feet. She's certainly the sexpot of the game, given how the other babes are all relatively conservatively clothed. Unfortunately, Barty also seems to be one of the worst fighters in the game. Despite having what seems to be a strong magical power attack (which I don't know how to do), her basic strikes are so delayed and slow she doesn't seem to have a chance when fighting in-close... which is a fatal flaw in fighting games.

Well, nobody's perfect. I guess Barty's more for loving and telling fortunes than actual fighting. I'm sure footfans will love this beauty no matter what, and I'd be the first in line to give her a warm massage on those sexy feet and give her kisses all over her long toes and smooth soles once the fighting's all done. Anyway, even for this hottie, I don't recommend going out and getting an old Xbox or a copy of Stake... so just enjoy the vid and dream about Barty's lovely feet dangling before your eyes.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Barefoot Babe Game Classic: Beach Spikers (Gamecube)

This visual alone would sell this game to any footfan...

Beach Spikers was one of the games on the old Nintendo Gamecube, and it's one of the reasons why I was tempted to get the system back then. I never did, so whenever I remember BS, I have a slight twinge of regret. An all-female beach volleyball simulator, Spikers gave you access to various teams of fetching volleyball teams from all over the world, all decked out in their lovely two-piece swimsuits, running and jumping about barefoot to score that crucial point or kill. The graphics were pretty good, and the character models detailed (if a bit generic-looking). The worst thing about the game though that kept me from buying it is the fact that you almost never saw the girls' feet in many of the modes since they were almost always sunken under the sand!

Aside from the regular volleyball matches and tournaments, the game also gave you some cool minigames, including foot races, hot potato matches (where the players kept tossing a bomb back and forth across the arena, with the loser receiving a nice KO from the bomb explosion) and so forth.

In any case, I do wish I had the cash to buy a Gamecube back then- if I actually find a GC these days with Beach Spikers included, I'd probably spring for it. This game is a wonderful barefoot babe game for any footfan to enjoy, despite the weird sand quirk. Think of all those toned, tan and sexy athletes with their lovely bare toes and soles waiting for a soothing massage after a hard match. Mmmm.

It's like DOAX, just more on the actual volleyball and less of the cheesecake gift-giving... but hotness still abounds!

Anyway, if you have a copy of this game, lucky you! For the rest of us, here's a nice trailer showing off the game in motion in all its sandy, swimsuit-clad, barefoot beauty. MAN I should really go find an old Gamecube somehere...

Deadra (Zeno Clash)

Who'd better to accompany you in a hostile Punk Fantasy world than a hot barefoot babe?

I've heard many good things about Zeno Clash, which is a 3D beat 'em up set in a visually striking 'punk' fantasy world. However, it was originally a PC game so I had little access to it. Well, apparently it's headed to Xbox360 so perhaps I can finally play this action-packed title. Anyway, the hottie in this one is the big-haired Deadra, a sexy and strong-willed female companion to Ghat, the player's avatar in the game. Unfortunately she isn't playable, but just an NPC such as Alyx from Half-life. Big-hair aside, she's quite lovely and her lovely feet are quite wonderfully rendered with long, delicate toes. I wish there were more hot barefoot females in the game (maybe there are, I'm not sure), or at least a barefoot female adversary. In any case, perhaps Deadra is reason enough to check out the console version of Zeno Clash when it comes out later this year.

Ghat will protect Deadra (and her hot feet) with his life. Can you blame him?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Deadly Premonition

Barefoot zombie babes, anyone?

Okay, for a bit of a change of pace, here's a game with some barefoot babes on the macabre side of the fence. The game is Deadly Premonition, a survival-horror title for the Xbox360. Scratch that- a budget survival-horror title. Having a decidedly blatant fondness for the David Lynch mystery series Twin Peaks, this so bad it's good game puts you in the shoes of somewhat unhinged but brilliant FBI agent Francis 'York' Morgan as he investigates a murder in a backwater town. How crazy is he? Well, for starters he constantly speaks with someone named 'Zack', apparently verbally expressing his inner monologue throughout the game. He thinks his coffee can tell him the future, plus he keeps ziplock bags full of fake women's fingernails in his pockets. Nice.
DP's production values make it look a bit like a PS2 or perhaps a Dreamcast game, further enhanced by the often laughable voice acting or script and iffy character animations, overdone gestures, creepy facial expressions and generally liberal sprinklings of leaps in logic every so often. Add to this dated controls and combat and you've got a game that you'll either love or hate for it's sheer badness.

That all said, I've been watching hours of this game being played through playthrough videos at Giant Bomb and I've been quite entertained- although that may mostly due to the banter from the GB crew playing. Anyway it's still a funny bit of retro Survial-horror cheese, so to speak. That aside, why am I posting about it here? Well, it's got barefoot babes in it, believe it or not. They are, however, so far on the macabre and creepy side. First off, there's the blonde-haired murder victim Anna who appears mostly as a corpse at various points in the game. Sadly though, her feet are BADLY rendered.

The other unshod ladies in the game consist of the many female zombies that appear to attack the protagonist throughout the adventure. Yep, they're female zombies in skirted dresses and barefoot... including some barefoot zombie nurses for those who were frustrated the ones in Silent Hill wore pumps. They would have been kinda fetching, but unfortunately their faces look like they had the same makeup artist Heath Ledger had in The Dark Knight, plus they have the creepy habit of coming at you bent over backwards as if doing some insane limbo dance, so they can choke you by jamming their hands down your throat. CREEPY! All that plus, well, they're dead so they're probably decaying and smell horrible. Oh well.

Still, that all said, Deadly Premonition looks good for a laugh if you feel like it. Plus who knows, maybe that cute (and very much alive) female deputy (who seems to be a dead ringer for Naomi Watts) will show off her bare feet in the course of the game? So for now, check out the vids over at Giant Bomb and see for yourself and have a laugh or two.

Monday, April 12, 2010

DOA Paradise

Hot barefoot bikini babes, right in your pocket.

I got myself a copy of Dead or Alive Paradise on my PSP recently. This game has been a bit of a joke from most game sites since its release, and with good reason. It's pretty much just Tecmo cashing in on what they can milk from a 4-year old game (the original Dead or Alive Xtreme series on Xbox and Xbox360), and marketing it pretty much as a portable masturbation aid. Well, that aside, is there reason to get this 'vacation' sim/volleyball/gambling/relationship management game? Well, if you're a barefoot babe fan, yep. The graphics, while pixelized quite a bit, isn't that far from the console versions, making for some sexy videogame vixens to ogle. Yep, the breast bounce is ridiculous and irritating, but thankfully foot fans shouldn't be looking at them too much (heh). The girls' feet aren't hyper-detailed (this isn't Tekken 6 or Heavy Rain, dudes) but at least they're nice to look at, with cute toes and smooth soles. Whether they're napping by the pool or frolicking in the various gravure cutscenes, you'll have nice views of the girls' pretty feetsies.

But pretty much best of all, unlike the console versions, the PSP version is a lot dumbed-down and easy. Earning money is easy 'cause the opponent A.I. for the volleyball matches are pretty weak, so you can get the skimpiest suits after a bit. Better yet, it's a lot less trouble to watch the girls' various 'gravure' scenes. Once you watch a cutscene, it's unlocked for anytime viewing in a mode called Private Paradise (hmm) where you can enjoy seeing Christie or Kasumi spread 'em wide or roll around to your heart's content. The incentive to go through the regular vacation mode is to befriend girls enough so you can have them 'imitate' your current main girl to unlock more video cutscenes. The trick is to find which girl has the cutscenes you like watching the most, then befriend the girl you want to do them too so they can 'imitate' the scene. For me? Watching Christie dance just never gets old.

The more you unlock, the closer you get to unlocking the most racy vids in the game, the pole dances. In any case, the volleyball is easy, the gambling a time waster and the relationship management as easy as buying particular gifts to please a target girl and have her loving you enough to accept the skimpiest bikinis as gifts. The girls are hot, their feet nice and sexy, and the game simple, stupid but easy. It's good for a laugh or two, a little relaxation and time killing with some barefoot bikini babes who will climb some trees, flop around or dance at the press of a button. If you're not too self-conscious, check this out for your PSP, it's silly but sexy and light-hearted fun.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

More Makoto Hotness! (Super Streetfighter IV)

Battling Beauty.

I've made it quite clear that my favorite babe in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV is the hot-blooded karate babe Makoto, and the pic above (capped from a cool match vid) just makes me love her even more. Aside from being the only truly barefoot babe in the game (Juri and Ibuki should really get rid of those instep guards), her focused determination and all-out offense are just my style. I also love that despite being pretty boyish and intentionally understated in terms of looks, I still find her MAD hot. Of course, it's partly my foot fan attraction to those big, beautifully strong-looking ass-kicking bare feet of hers, and partly for my overall fondness for martial arts babes- girls in gis most particularly. I love how the developers have rendered her in 3D, and gladly you really can't mistake her for a boy (you have to be blind to those lovely curves and bumps). I actually think her english voice is pretty good, but you really can't get better than her original Japanese VA (plus her KO scream in Japanese is so much more convincing). Anyway, I'm glad to see some great Makoto videos coming up online care of HAKF on Youtube, with Makoto kicking a lot of butt!

Taking a nap in between bouts.

Of course I have to be lying if I said I didn't enjoy seeing Makoto beautifully and blissfully unconscious- I have to really hand it to the devs; Makoto got screwed in the original 3rd Strike since she could only be knocked out face down (my primary reason for her not being my fave then). But in SSFIV, they redeemed themselves by giving her a HOT face-up KO pose! I could do without the Taki-esque arm-up, but at least she doesn't hide her face (and doesn't she look so fetching asleep) and she gives us a truly awesome view of her beautiful, unconscious soles. Man, I can just stare at her sleeping feet all day. I imagine I'd give her massages and kisses all over them, from heels to insteps to every single ass-kicking toe. Though I'd better do it fast, I'd imagine, 'cause she'd surely give me a Hayate in the face if she suddenly woke up. Heheh...

Anyway, enjoy these Makoto matches! It's less than three weeks to the release of SSFIV, so it's just a bit more to barefoot babe heaven once again.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Madison Page Ryona

I've posted some Heavy Rain videos before, but this is the first one from my actual copy of the game, and I was able to play with it a bit. The video is, once again, from the debut chapter of heroine Madison Page, which has the underwear-clad and unshod heroine being assaulted by two masked thugs. The somewhat disturbing violence aside, this sequence at the very least shows off some of the most detailed and beautifully-rendered in-game bare feet in a videogame. I think it can probably be kinda considered pre-rendered as opposed to real-time, but that's down to quibbling. All I can say is, darn her toes and soles look great (and the rest of her ain't bad either), and the fleshy sound effects as she walks just make them even hotter. So check out the action, which includes some slow-mo to give good views of the best foot shots, and a look at an alternate 'ending' to the scene. Enjoy!

A secluded apartment. Masked attackers. A barefoot and underwear-clad female. I was half expecting Madison to do a Spinning Bird kick at one point... heh.