Friday, October 28, 2011

Makoto 'Underwear' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Makoto's not Lightning here, but still electrifying!

We've already seen the feisty Makoto show off her sexy bod in Sloth86's awesome FFXIII 'Lightning' mod... but there, she had on a different hairstyle and skin color. It actually wasn't really Makoto, in a way. Sadly, the mod didn't have Makoto as herself in the sexy barefoot bikini-style outfit. So even though I love the Lightning mod to pieces, I've always wondered how fetching Makoto herself would look sans her karate gi. Well, wonder no more!

Thanks to new modder Basara669, we've got just that- Makoto out of her baggy karate uniform and sporting a red sports bra and matching panties. How does the tomboy look? As you can see in the preview pic above, she looks pretty hot indeed! This mod was actually modified from Sloth86's stuff- it's not as polished as the Maestro Modder's masterpieces, but Basara669 certainly has promise. Maybe someday he can fill out the mod with all 10 color variants (as of right now, you can only use Color 1- choosing others will crash the game).

Anyway, Makoto's really fetching this way, which I think she stands up quite nicely to all the other girls in SSFIVAE (I still think that she's uber-hot as Lightning though). For now, check out these match vids as Makoto takes on the other barefoot bikini babes of SSFIVAE in sexy combat!

Makoto may not be as graceful as Chun-Li, but she's definitely just as sexy... and strong!

Makoto faces off with SSFIV's first barefoot bikini hottie, Escape from Shadaloo Cammy. Who will end up on top?

Makoto takes on Juri, who's gob-smackingly hot in these vids, but also pretty fragile...

Makoto takes on her ultimate rival/friend, Ibuki. Who's cuter now that they're both barefoot and bikini-clad? I WANT 'EM BOTH!!!

Have to say, Makoto's really a vision to see in action in her bikini, as herself. Makes you want to just kneel down and give those big, beautiful soles and toes of hers all the worship you can... if she doesn't kick your face in first though! But as cute at it is, I'll probably go back to Sloth86's more polished Lightning mod soon for my SSFIVAE Makoto. In any case, there's a LOT more new stuff to come very soon from the master modder, footfans... count on that very soon... Heheh...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barefoot Babes of Oneechanbara Vortex (Xbox360)

The sexy opening cinematic from Oneechanbara Vortex's Story Mode.

Here's a blast from the past! In the spotlight is one of the first titles made by dubious Japanese game publisher D3 on the Xbox360. Oneechanbara Vortex was the first 'next gen' installment of D3's series of games that featured a demon/zombie-fighting bikini cowgirl. While the gameplay was pretty iffy and still retained D3's somewhat less-than-shoddy quality, the graphics were kinda amped up, and best of all, the game was given a feature not seen before in earlier Oneechanbara games- Character Customization! Well, Costume Customization, to be exact. Nicely enough, you could dress the hot heroines of the game down to their undies/bikinis, and the very liberal character viewers allowed you to ogle the babes as much as you want. Though I got my copy waaay back in 2006, this game was released sometime ago in the US by the name Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad.

And these were pretty fetching zombie hunters, to be sure. Aya was the main heroine, the cowboy hat-and-boa-wearing katana master. She was ably assisted by Saki, her kinda-sister who will surely appeal to those with Jailbait preferences (of which I am not one of). Finally, there's Annna (yep, her name's spelled like this in the Japanese releases), a beautiful lady cop with firepower and a hot bod. Though the character models aren't great, they're detailed enough with nice smooth soles and toes to please foot fans, and the sexy costumes (or lack of) are what otaku dreams are made of.

Of course, the opening cutscene above is a classic barefoot babe cinematic, with a sexy shower scene giving us a wonderful extreme closeup of Aya's kissable ankles, heels, soles and toes, and li'l Saki's barefoot in the other room as well. Sadly this is the only pre-rendered cutscene to show the girls barefoot, leaving in-game graphics to fill our the rest of the game.

So check out the next couple of vids, with Aya and Annna laying waste to zombie hordes while barefoot in their hot bikinis/undies. Enjoy! Just be sure to not kiss or lick the girls' feet while there's even an iota of zombie blood around- or you'll find yourselves quickly dispatched!

Aya shows off her katana skills and sexy kicks!

Wouldn't you want to be arrested by this beautiful, barefoot law enforcer?

Ah, Oneechanbara X... so cheesy and iffy but truly a beloved piece of barefoot babe gaming greatness. They just don't make games like this anymore... sigh. Heheh.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ibuki and Vanille: Barefoot Kunoichi Action! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Ibuki and Vanille show off their various sexy and cute Personal Actions or Taunts. Which is your fave?

Here's some more barefoot babe action with the cutest ninja babe in videogames, Ibuki (and her Final Fantasy XIII alter-ego, Oerba Dia Vanille or Vanille) for short. Of course, this is all thanks to the amazing mod created by the absolutely awesome Sloth86. I have to say that Ibuki was my first favorite barefoot babe way back in Streetfighter III- since then, Makoto has often muscled in on the action, but the cutie kunoichi will always have a special place in my heart. Now with her sexy bikini/underwear outfit that shows off both her amazing body and sexy feet to the fullest, I think Ibuki's ready to give all challengers a run for the hottest babe in the game! See for yourself and try not to let your jaw hit the floor too hard...

A unique Mirror Match- So great that Sloth gave Ibuki and Vanille unique appearances and outfits.

Who's hotter? Ibuki or Vanille? Yes, it's a Trick Question.

Ibuki finally gets to show off her ninja-trained, sexy bod and even hotter feet!

It's so wonderful that Sloth finally got around to giving her a duly HOT and sexy outfit in the Vanille mod, so she can stand right up there with the other bikini/underwear-clad beauties of SSFIVAE PC. Ibuki's certainly got a hot bod, and her feet are gob-smackingly gorgeous and kissable to the extreme. Ninja feet rule! Enjoy the vids!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Cat 2099 (Spiderman: Edge of Time)

Spiderman’s got some luck with the ladies, eh?

Here’s a video featuring the sexy, slinky and dangerous alternate future version of Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat from the recently-released superhero-action title, Spiderman: Edge of Time. For the record, I didn’t get the game myself, since reviews are kinda mixed and really, Miss Hardy isn’t in the game that much. In fact, as far as I can tell the footage in the video above shows off the best views of this femme fatale. The rest is in-game footage which is far too zoomed-out to appreciate.

Anyway, Black Cat 2099 isn’t in the best of times- according to the game story, this Black Cat is a clone/construct/facsimile of the original, junked out with anti-aging drugs and other arcane processes that left her quite imbalanced and ready to scratch her former flame’s spidery eyes out. That doesn’t make her any less hot though, as we can see.
Yeah, she’s not totally barefoot, but there’s enough of her soles and toes exposed and touching the floor for me to consider her a barefoot babe (as opposed to the present/contemporary Black Cat). So I’m sure I’m not the only one to want to give this unhinged hottie comforting kisses and service for her toes and soles (just be careful of those claws) and pleasure her like Peter Parker/Spidey never could. Hey, I’m sure she’d love foot massages from loving foot fans, don’t you think? Anyway, enjoy the vid and have this slinky cat’s feet sneaking into your dreams.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ibuki:Barefoot Bikini Ninja! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Sloth86's awesome Vanille mod becomes godlike with the addition of barefoot bikini versions!

It's been a bit quiet lately, which I have to apologize for- been too preoccupied with some new games. Anyway, I can say I've been saving up for a really nice update, and well, here it is. Let me just say this- ALL HAIL SLOTH86! Yet again, the Master of Barefoot Mods comes through with a wonderful update to his Vanille skin (from Final Fantasy XIII) for Ibuki. This new version completes the whole set of 10 colors, for starters, but even better, fully half of them are barefoot versions. While Colors 1 to 4 are different color variants of Vanille herself, 5 is Ibuki in Vanille's costume, and 6 to 8 are Ibuki in Vanille's outfit with her semi-barefoot bandage wraps. The best ones, of course, are 9 and 10. Color 9 is a barefoot, bikini/underwear-clad Vanille, while Color 10 is barefoot bikini/underwear-clad Ibuki.

FINALLY, as many foot-loving fans of the ninja princess have been wishing for, we now have the lovely schoolgirl kunoichi sans her trademark bandages and, even better, in a very sexy costume to match up to Chun-Li, Cammy, Makoto, Rose, Viper and Juri. And she certainly looks truly lovely in her bikini/undies, showing off her hot, ninja-toned body and big, beautiful toes and soles in their entirety. And yes, Sloth's work is flawless here as always!

I'm sure all of us footfans here have been indeed dreaming of peeling off those intrusive wraps for all these years, and now Sloth86 has made it come to pass. Just imagine those lovely, strong, perfect and totally-bare soles headed for your face, catching you in mid-smile. More than ever, I am so happy I invested in this game, in these totally priceless mods and unparalleled barefoot babedom. Man, I love being a foot-loving gamer.

Anyway, enjoy the vids below as we see the now-totally barefoot and totally hot bikini ninja babe take on all comers in a new series of UnderWars matches! Enjoy the hot bods, hot soles and sexy knockouts!!!

Finally, lbuki faces off with her fated rival Makoto (Lightning) on equal terms ( and equally skimpy attire).

Ibuki's next target is the lovely Chun-Li. But can she defeat the woman who trounced the Spanish Ninja?

Bikini-clad vixen Juri is next on Ibuki's list of targets... to knock out and draw graffiti on her soles... heheh.

Ibuki's bikini-clad speed has so far gotten her through... but will even she be fast enough to beat the Bikini Killer Bee?

Well, no matter who wins, all these babes are winners for us- but this is the cute kunoichi's moment to shine. Everyone of you, pucker up and give her ninja feet the worship they deserve! More bikini ninja action to come!

Painwheel (Skullgirls)

Kinda sexy... definitely scary!

The last time I posted about Skullgirls was for the fetching barefoot catgirl Miss Fortune. Well, here's another SG post as they introduce another barefoot babe in the roster- the scary but strangely sexy Painwheel! Yes, indeed, this babe's design is quite on the creepy and twisted side, what with her 'roid-raging physique, Leatherface-style mask and, oh, that giant rotor sprouting from her back. That all said, her costume is pretty skimpy and sexy, and, well, nicely enough she's barefoot and despite being a bit feral has the good fashion sense to put on some nice black nail polish (which should please quite a few out there).

In spite of her frightening appearance, deep inside this deadly bio-weapon is a schoolgirl who's still fighting to regain her soul and freedom. In that, I'm sure behind that leather mask is a beauty worth saving, and therefore worth worshipping. I'm actually gravitating more to this lethal babe more than I was to the feline fatale, so we'll see how she turns out once gameplay videos become available. For now, check over here for more character art.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Supremacy MMA

I posted about this game some time ago, and recently Supremacy MMA arrived. It’s a strange bird of a grappler- not quite a straight MMA game since it adopts the regular life bar system more identified with mainstream fighting titles. This is odd since well, MMA allows for submissions which should, if correctly applied, end the fight instantly. In this case though, all it does is tick away a bit of the target’s life. The roster is a mix of both real-life and fictionary fighters, all presented in a very gritty, grimy illustrated art style that brings to mind a Guy Ritchie film or such.

Like Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez? Well, you’d better since they’re all you’re getting.

Sadly, that even seeps into the game’s presentation of the ladies- which the game seems to have just taped on for the sake of having an extra feature. Really, talk about being irrelevant to the general precedings- the two ‘Femme Fatales’ of the roster- real-life fighters Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez- are available only to fight each other and no one else. Apparently the idea of them getting manhandled by the males was just too much to bear. Well, that set back equality in fighting games back somewhat- what would Nina Williams, Chun-Li and Sonya Blade say? Meh.

I mean, with due recognition that the real Miss Herrig and Miss Gutierrez are attractive, physically-impressive ladies- their in-game models look almost as leathery and masculine as the male roster- it’s not particularly pleasing to watch, and I think doesn’t do the actual people justice- seeing as how the game has used the ladies in the game advertising, they could have made them a tad less veined and sinewy and made them slightly more eye-friendly. Hell, why not, when they’re just there to fight each other in basically exhibition matches? Well, you can of course try the girls’ Story Mode, but it will only last you one or two fights- Short Story Mode is more like it.

The game looks dirty and grimy by choice, but it could have given these ladies a notch more appeal…

Anyway, we have what we have- two ladies with detailed, if a bit mannish, character models, on offer. Both are, as MMA dictates, barefoot, with Felice Herrig having the more fetching attire, wearing what appears to be a cloth version of a gladiator’s skirt over her undies, while Michele G. is more conservative with shorts.
The gameplay is supposedly timing-based, so just mashing away at random buttons won’t do you any good. Still, it’s a struggle to do proper combos and blocking/countering seems a hit-and-miss affair, with movements seemingly delayed and unresponsive at times- on occasion though, you’ll bust out with a long string but have no idea how you did it.
Grappling is also hit and miss, and really, not much worth the effort since all it does is tick away damage like the regular combos. Still, maybe there will be some of you out there liking the idea of two ladies squirming away on the floor…

I do appreciate the detailed characters and smooth animations… the unresponsive controls, not so much.

That all, the girls’ soles are okay- detailed but again, like the whole game, a bit on the leathery side. Really, SSFIV’s Makoto (default look) is a supermodel compared to this game’s in-game models. Heheh. Anyways, I got the game so why not post some vids from it. Aside from the matches above, I was able to compile several saucy KO animations with Felice Herrig in a cool montage vid below- the KO’s are actually pretty good, with varied reactions to different hits ala VF5 Final Showdown (man, I want my VF5FS already…). This would be awesome if only the game didn’t insist on obscuring the view with a stupid white light filter every now and then.

Best thing about the game? The various KO animations. For some reason though, the game doesn’t want you to see them clearly at times. EH?

All in all, this isn’t a game I can recommend. If you like MMA games, you’re better off getting one from the more established brands for good gameplay. As for ladies- unless you really, really, really like the two girls in this game or have a preference for mannish character models, pass and just get your kicks with a hundred other beat ‘em ups with a hundred hotter barefoot babes.
Man, after this I don’t need a shower- I need a bath to wash off the smell of sweat… Geh.