Friday, June 9, 2017

Tekken 7 (PC): Best Videogame Soles Ever?

New Tekken beauty Josie Rizal shows she's got SOLE.


DAAAAAAMN it was a freakin' long wait. Indeed, we've been waiting since 2012 for a good, proper Tekken game. Yes, even if Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was overall a disappointment with its downgraded Character Customization and the shortage of barefoot customizations, it DID give us the sexy, barefoot Angel and Unknown, plus let us have a shoeless (and definitely female) Leo Kliesen. After that came the rather barren Tekken Revolution, and we chafed for a real Tekken game to arrive and treat us with proper sexy barefoot brawling.

Now it's here! Tekken 7 is now out for Xbox One, PS4 (and PS4 PRO) and PC. The game looks AMAZING, and is surely the most gorgeous-looking Tekken ever, and certainly a superior port. Huge, detailed character models moving at silky-smooth 60FPS with the most refined fighting action ever in the series are on offer here, and a host of lovely ladies to de-boot with Character Customization. We can, right?

Well, as we've been mentioning for all these past weeks, the Character Customization in Tekken 7 is a mixed bag. Yes, it's very similar to Tekken Tag 2's dumbed-down customs, with the bottoms lumped together with footwear and with most items being common to everyone save a few unique items. But thankfully for us footfans, there are barefoot options for pretty much everyone. The bad news is that half of the Tekken Girls will apparently need to wait a bit for the barefoot Tropical Bikini costumes to be added later as DLC.

Be sure to watch the vids in 60FPS HD to see these sexy babes best...

As of right now though, we have three beautiful brawlers' soles to enjoy- our favorite leg model Lili Rochefort, adorable android Alisa Bosconovitch, sassy Brazilian Katarina Alves, Filipina cutie Josie Rizal and the peppy Lucky Chloe. Katarina is the only one with a full-body swimsuit costume as of yet, which is probably the sexiest outfit in the game. But of course, my fave is still Lili with her rather flashy Bikini Skirt (legs for DAYS!).

And I can readily say, Tekken 7 has easily the best-looking, sexiest feet and soles EVER in the series. The ladies' toes and soles look amazing, lifelike and detailed, and look great even up close (and the camera gets quite close in many of the moves and attacks, thanks to a very energetic camera).  Lots of nice, pause-worthy moments... which makes the 60FPS animation such a godsend. Heh...

So far the fighting action is great, and the videos are already online at the Youtube Channel. Tekken 7 is sure to be a mainstay with us from here on, along with our other favorite fighters. And we're hoping it only gets better from here. Hopefully we get Asuka and the other babes out of their boots and showing sole soon enough.

We see countless barefoot brawls and sexy KOs to come!

For now though, enjoy the vids. Have you got your Tekken 7 yet? Get yours now!