Thursday, December 25, 2014

Streetfighter V: Looking Forward to the Future!

Ryu gets Chun-Li's foot right in the face... lucky bastard.

I am stoked, footfans. I am very excited for the future of barefoot babes in games. This early, things are looking awesome, particularly on the front of the next Streetfighter game. Based on the above video, which shows off action from the admittedly very-early Streetfighter V, us foot-lovers will be very happy with what may be. It's pretty cool that instead of giving us a sausage-fest, Capcom opted for a sexy battle of the sexes with their initial demo for SFV- letting us all get a good look at the next-gen/now-gen version of Chun-Li, and well, she's looking gorgeous.

But more than that, I am happy to see that Chun's character model is hot-hot-hot. It's a bit more realistic-looking than the previous generation look of SFIV, but yes, there's still a bit of exaggerated proportions. Still, I am loving it- Chun's feet are perfectly-sized, IMO. Right now, I am imagining how they look without her trademark white boots on. And I am also loving all the angles and views which will yield AMAZING sole shots and views once we get barefoot mods and costumes to give us a barefooted Chun-Li in action in SFV (and with the game coming to SFV, I am hoping this happens as soon as possible). Just check out the sexy action above to get a glimpse of the sexy, sexy future of fighting we may have with Streetfighter. And be jealous of Ryu who gets to have Chun-Li's soles right in his face. Mmmm. Hahaha.

SFV is exclusive (supposedly forever) to PS4 and PC, so I'm ready on either front. Here's to barefoot mods or outfits to come and make this SFV even more awesome than SFIV and SFxTK on PC (which are already all-time favorites). The future is coming, and I couldn't be more excited!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine is in the House! (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN PS4)

Gorgeous anime-style fighting action from Guilty Gear Xrd on PS4.

It's been a long wait, but last week Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN arrived on the PS4 (exclusive). This awesome fighting sequel is one of the most eye-catchingly pretty fighting games I've ever seen, thanks to the vibrant colors, graphics, characters and camera angles that punctuate the flashy action. But of course, the best thing about the game for us foot fans is Ramlethal Valentine, the one single barefoot babe in the game. Ram-chan is the game's Final Boss (at least initially), a seemingly emotionless superbabe bent on destroying humanity (so awesome!). Aside from being as cute as a button, she perhaps has some of the nicest-looking, well-drawn and detailed feet I've seen (in both her artwork and her in-game model). Even better, her intros always give lovely and lingering focus on her kissable feet, from the sole view in one and from the top on another- easily the cameraman knew what was really worth locking his lens on. Heheh...

Ramenthal's VS mode intro never gets old...

Anyways, aside from her cuteness and pretty-much-bare feet, Ram-chan's animations are pretty cool- she has a nice, sexy walk which is accented by nice, fleshy footsteps- and her attacks are cat-like and graceful. She's definitely my favorite character in the game- if only I-No and Millia were able to shed their boots... oh well.

Check out the vids I've posted showing off Ram-chan in action. I may post more stuff, as well as cutscenes from the Story Mode, if I find parts that give special focus to our favorite Valentine. For now, enjoy the vids and imagine Ram-chan's soles pressing on your faces... yum!

Potemkin does his piledriver-like Instant Kill on Ramenthal in this bout- don't worrry, she can take it.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round CONFIRMED for PC!!!

The world has turned! Rejoice, people, as FINALLY, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has been confirmed coming to PC this coming February. Team Ninja has announced this via trailers and you can at this very moment preorder the game on Steam for a 10 percent discount and free DLC outfits- the more who preorder, the more free stuff, so preorder away!

Anyway, more sexy bikinis and outfits notwithstanding (yes, the new bikinis and swimsuits are confirmed barefoot- at least, some of them), the best part of this is of course the possibility of awesome MODS that will surely pop up once modders get to grips with the game. DOA5 models are already well-established as moddable characters for XPS and other programs, so many are assuming that this will mean fast and easy mods for even more outfits and stuff to come free for the PC version.

I am hoping that just like Capcom's Streetfighter games on PC, there will be TONS of awesome free modded content to come from all these talented modders. Not just outfits or barefoot customization though- I am hoping at the very least someone mods the girls' feet to look more detailed and lifelike, instead of the low-res models they are using now (PLEASE modders! You are our only hope!).

I do plan on getting DOA5LR for both PS4 and PC next year. I just may preorder asap as well! For those interested, you can see the game on Steam right here. Preorder away!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

Say hello to my barefoot heroine in Sunset Overdrive, Hayley Hotfoot!

It's not often that a non-fighting game becomes a total favorite of mine- after all, barefoot female characters often appear best in fighters since these games are very character-centric and by default give nice closeup views of our babes (and their sexy soles and toes). But every so often a non-beat 'em up surprises me. It's happened in some Tomb Raider titles, Skyrim and some others. Now, it has happened again, and with a Next-Gen (well, Now-Gen by now) game at that. I think this may indeed be the first true Next-Gen Barefoot Babe game to have.

The Adventures of Hayley Hotfoot begin here!

The game is, of course, Sunset Overdrive, an exclusive title for the Xbox One. It's an action game, combining fast and all-over-the-place movement with shooting and over-the-top weapons (unsurprising since this is from Insomniac Games, makers of Ratchet and Clank). Happening in a place called Sunset City, the game's story occurs starts after the grand launch of a new energy drink called Over Drive by a company called FizzCo. Soon after the festivities, during 'Horror Night' as it soon gets called, everyone who drank Over Drive transform into the OD, or mutant monsters. The game's protagonist is a former sanitation employee of FizzCo who suddenly finds herself (well, it's a Her in my game) being chased by the mutants but also possessing fantastic powers- like the ability to grind and slide on almost any surface, leap amazing heights and survive falls from pretty much any height. Basically, she becomes Sunset City's superhero, albeit a reluctant and kinda self-serving one (at least at the start). So, to escape the city, she has to go on various adventures, fight the OD and hostile humans, ally herself with various factions in the city and perhaps, along the way, become a true hero.

One of the cool cutscenes from the game.

Anyway, that aside, the game lets you customize your protagonist's appearance, including their clothing. OF COURSE, my heroine always goes barefoot once her adventures begin in earnest- my conceit being of course that no shoe she wears can take the punishment of all her stunts, so she doesn't wear any (and she of course dresses in basically just her swimsuit or undies because it's sexy heheh).
The nice part here is that Sunset Overdrive's character models are pretty awesome- well-detailed and excellent, and I have to say it has some of the nicest bare feet I've seen in-game. But the best part is the wonderful detail of sound- when she walks, her footsteps SOUND bare- even on various surfaces such as metal floors, concrete, gravel- bare footsteps everywhere and it's pretty much perfect. If you love that detail as much as I do (which many games don't get right), you will love this game immediately.

The combination of great character model and sound makes this game a real treat.

Aside from that, the high resolution of the graphics gives a great view of our heroine, and nice sole views often as she runs or swings around for the most part. The camera isn't as able to zoom in like in Skyrim, for example, but it gives a great view more often than not. In any case, I have to say that a game like this, which you will play hours on end, never looks old since the character you see onscreen is such a pleasure to watch. Then there are the cutscenes, some of which give really nice sole views, and reflect what your character is wearing at the time. The story itself is entertaining and will hold your attention at least.

The story is often silly, with lots of breaking the fourth wall. But it's all in good fun.

I have never been a big fan of action games, particularly ones that have you grinding or sliding around like a super-powered Tony Hawk. But the ease of controls, the intuitive and enjoyable way you can move and shoot, the beautiful graphics, the cool character and the vibrantly-colored world you can roam in just worked and got my vote. This has become my favorite game on my Xbox One, and in truth, made me truly happy I got the console. I am fully looking forward to more content as DLC and perhaps a sequel in the future!

For now though, check out the videos I have for Sunset Overdrive on the channel. I am intending to post a LOT (already have five episodes posted), including going through the main campaign/story mode and some other vids. So enjoy the Adventures of my girl, Hayley Hotfoot! I'm sure she'll capture barefoot fans' hearts as she did mine.
But the right to service and massage her feet are mine alone hahaha!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bikini Goth Juri Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

And you thought Juri couldn't get any hotter...

Man, Streetfighter X Tekken is just so filled with value. Several years on, it's still giving footfans enjoyment with some awesome and sexy mods for the game's lovely ladies. For the record, while it's the same thing pretty much with the other PC Capcom fighter, Ultra Streetfighter IV) (or Super Streetfighter IV AE), I just find the animations, the camera angles and action of SFxTK better and more flashy (and the KO pose sexier).

Anyways, the latest hot barefoot mod to come along is from modder bbbSFXT who brings us yet another sexy, sexy look for the lovely and evil Juri Han.  Now, even unmodded, the luscious Taekwondo Vixen is already one sizzling babe- but put her in a bikini and her bare feet PLUS make her a Goth Girl??? HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!

Have to say that the cute pigtails hairstyle (which is fully animated as well) and the more lacy bikini and T-shirt combo (color customizable!) makes this both cute and goth-y hot. I have to say, this suddenly became my favorite Juri mod once I saw it in action. She just looks SOOOO Luscious in action in this mod... I need a shower hahaha.

Anyways, you can check Goth Bikini Juri in action in the vid below, and I'll be sure to post more soon. I'm sure you'll all agree, this barefoot villainess just got even hotter than ever.

Check out Juri in the pre-fight cutscene... Bison, you are one lucky bastard...

Monday, October 20, 2014

Bikini Poison is Intoxicating! (Ultra Streetfighter IV PC)

Chun-Li meets her match in this vid...

It's been a while since I've posted something from Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition- scratch that, it's now Ultra Streetfighter IV. This means the PC version is yet again fair ground for the awesome modders to make new mods for the characters, including the new fighters added in this latest and supposedly final installment before SFV.
One of the new characters is Poison, whom we all recall is supposedly actually a 'He', but hey, in this case we don't care! In fact, the modder (the awesome BrutalAce) has made it quite clear that this version of Poison is all woman- no junk in the trunk, nothing tucked in- this is a babe all the way and she definitely looks that way! Even better, BrutalAce made sure to give her very feminine and pretty bare feet instead of the UGLY wrinkled battleships that she had in earlier barefoot mods. The modder was even gracious enough to oblige us when we asked him to give us versions with slightly bigger feet (which you can see in my vids).

I have to say, this Bikini Poison mod is the hottest one I've ever seen and paired with her rather provocative animations and attacks (her Ultra even has her stepping on her opponent's head- yummy!) she just shot up the game's Hotness List in a roster FULL of barefoot hotties.

I'm sure you'll agree. THIS Bikini Poison is one you'll gladly take! I've got a ton of vids with her on the channel aside from the two posted here, so check 'em out!

Two barefoot femme fatales duke it out in this one...

For those who can't get the supposed fact that Poison is a He, maybe you can consider a suggestion one poster mentioned on Youtube- if THIS Poison is a real female, perhaps it's actually Roxy, the Poison look-alike who was really female; perhaps Roxy took Poison's place in Ultra..? Heheh...

Naruto Shippuden Barefoot Summer Girls (Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution)

Despite being second-stringers, Ino and Ten-Ten are the hotter babes in this game.

For the longest time, the anime series Naruto (and its sequel, Naruto Shippuden) has been one of my biggest frustrations. I mean, I go by the Capcom Streetfighter school of Ninja attire, and I want my Kunoichi barefoot or in barely-there cloth wraps (like Ibuki). And so Naruto- with a world where EVERYONE is a ninja but wears silly sandals with no variation pretty much, a barefoot fan like me can only be PISSED. All those cute and deadly kunoichi feet, always covered up by those damn sandals. ARGH!

Well, that has kinda changed with the latest Naruto Shippuden game, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (Whew!).  The game comes with DLC that lets several of the ninja babes (Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Ten-Ten) wear summer-themed outfits, and they're all barefoot in them, which is AWESOME. It's a mixed bag though- the sexiest outfits are Ino's and Ten-Ten's, which are bikinis/swimsuits; Sakura, despite being the lead girl wears silly cycling shorts with her outfit (MEH) while Hinata is in shorts. Also, while the character models are nice and have nice feet, the style of gameplay doesn't show much in terms of close-ups (though Ino's Super Attack gives a nice CU view of her foot connecting with her enemy's face), with the bulk of the views being of the girls from the rear as they ninja-run towards their opponents (upskirt views aplenty!).

Still, despite all that it's a nice surprise in a franchise I thought was totally devoid of barefoot beauty. It you can, get the PC version on Steam which has the DLC available for a small fee. It's altogether a flashy but fun fighting game and full to the brim with features- aside from the cute ninja soles. For now, check out the vids I've posted here, and enjoy!

The good girls battle for Naruto's heart(?)

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Soul Calibur Lost Swords: Sophitia Bikini Model!

Nice, sexy good girl art from Project Soul.

Once again, apologies for the long gap between updates, but I may be posting some more articles on our virtual shoeless sirens as the year ends. Anyway, I just wanted to post about Soul Calibur: Lost Swords. Yeah, it's a shameless way of Namco-Bandai to wring a bit more cash out of the seemingly comatose Soul Calibur franchise, but hey- hopefully this cash-in F2P will someday give way to a real Soul Calibur game in the future. In the meantime though, Project Soul is trying their darndest to sell this game to hot-blooded gamers, chiefly by tempting them with sexy pics of the female characters dressed in skimpy bikinis and undies.

A teasing pic of the hottest momma in gaming.

The current 'giveaway' doing the rounds is the Sky Blue Bikini, an underwear piece for females (duh) that is acquired when you download and install the game Ace Combat Infinity onto your PS3 (and play the first couple of missions). Fortunately, it's all free (save for internet time, I guess), so it shouldn't be too much trouble to get your favorite Soul Calibur babe into this hot outfit.

Sophitia shows us she still got sole.

Anyway, enjoy these pics of Sophie that Project Soul was nice enough to make and post on Twitter. I actually have the game, and do play it from time to time- but have yet to spend a cent on it. Just waiting for the next sexy bikini to be given away, I guess. Heheh. For now, enjoy the luscious pics of Sophitia's lovely soles and toes care of Project Sole- er, Soul. Heheh...

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Karateka Rika Usami Commercials

Apologies for the long absence of updates, but well, I haven't had much inspiration from the old favorite game franchises, though I am hopeful for the future. I have also been busy with other endeavors, but still- I don't plan on entirely abandoning the blog, or the Youtube Channel. Once a fresh new crop of barefoot babe games arrives, I'll be sure to start posting more again.

Anyway, I found these two cool TV spots for Yahoo Broadband starring the awesome and lovely female karateka Rika Usami, and I just felt it should be posted here. She's a real, live barefoot butt-kicking karate babe and is a vision to behold. And soooo CUTE. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Fable Legends: Winter (Xbox One, PC)

The coolest barefoot videogame babe ever!

Sorry for the long absence, fellow footfans, but I've been busy in other matters. That, plus there really haven't been many new things to blog about, sadly. But hopefully this will change as new games arrive and the Next-Gen of games becomes truly the Now-Gen. I am looking forward to quite a few games and games-to-be-announced, but for now let's get onto what we have at hand.

This barefoot babe and the game she belongs to was announced quite a long time ago, but I only really discovered her recently in the hubbub of media shown off at E3 2014. And a good thing too, for the lovely Winter looks to be one truly cool barefoot babe (haha). Winter is one of the four playable heroes in the upcoming Fable Legends, a multi-player fantasy brawler exclusive to Xbox One.
As the Hero of Will, Winter is a strong-willed yet fun-loving and mischievous mage, powerful with frost and ice-based magic. But refreshingly, she doesn't dress fully covered up like your usual frosty character- in fact, she's got quite a sexy outfit, a sort of tribal or shamanic costume, with leggings that nicely leave her feet completely bare. It's a bit of a nice detail that as she walks, she leaves frosty bare footprints in her wake.
I think Winter is pretty cute with her 'horny' hairstyle, and her snappy personality (even with the requisite ice quips), and I'm sure she'll be a favorite with footfans. The video below, a CG cinematic of Fable Legends, gives some views of her, but now quite a good sole shot or so yet. I doubt that there will be good ingame footage or views, but hopefully there will be good cinematics or cutscenes that will show off her cold soles for our pleasure.

Winter is one of the four heroes playable in this upcoming Xbox One fantasy brawler.

Of course, I have to admit that while Winter's bare soles may be nice to look at, they may not be the best feet to fondle or worship with a kiss or so- which may be akin to us sticking our tongue at a frozen flagpole. OUCH! Well, in this case maybe it's better we just admire from a distance. Heheh. I already own an Xbox One, so it's possible I may get Fable Legends when it comes out (as long as there's a single-player mode), so expect more footage of Winter when the game comes out in the months ahead.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Elena Cosplay Awesomeness (Ultra Streetfighter IV)


Okay, here's a rare thing to see- a video with a live babe on feature! Well, in this case it's because the lovely lady in question is cosplaying as the yummy Elena from Ultra Streetfighter IV. The cosplaying babe is Japanese model Yuka Kuramoshi, and she goes pretty much the whole way, bare feet included which totally gets three thumbs up from me (and all barefoot fans, I'm sure). I have to say she's a bit brave to be wearing that skimpy outfit in a room full of guys, but then she's a model so that comes with the territory. And man, she's darn cute in the outfit, iffy wig and all. Plus she doesn't just show up in the outfit, she also does some poses, which gives us at least one or two wonderful sole shots. So I think the vid above is a keeper for barefoot game babe fans (wish it was in HD though). Check it out. And, you're welcome! Heheh...

Now I'm wishing to find MORE super-cute barefoot SF cosplayer girls... mmm...

Gladiator Decapre Action! (Ultra Streetfighter IV, PS3/X360)

Decapre versus Rolento.

In case you haven't been paying attention to fighting game news, the Digital Upgrade version of Ultra Streetfighter IV is now available for download on PSN and XBox Live. The update will set you back $14.99. If you preordered, you'll get the special alternate costumes for the new fighters as an extra, including the nice, barefooted Gladiator costume for Decapre. Now, I've posted a couple of vids here showing off Decapre in this sexy outfit in action,  although they're not from my own channel. I plan to get the PC version of the game, which will be out in August.

Looking at the vids though, while I certainly like the costume, it pales in comparison to the stuff afforded by mods in SSFIVAE, and definitely the bare feet model used by Capcom is inferior to that used by modders in either AE or SFxTekken. I'll just wait for modders to get their hands on Ultra to have a really nice barefoot Decapre. For now though, no reason to wait till August to see the Demented Doll in barefooted action.

Decapre versus Elena.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Christie in Elena's Outfit Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Capoeira Power!

Once again, the awesome modders of Capcom's PC ported fighters amaze me with their outstanding work. This time, it's a mod that is really, truly and indubitably a no-brainer... Why NOT have the sexy Christie Monteiro (Tekken) dressed in the skimpy bikini-esque outfit of Streetfighter's Elena? Well, this mod gives us that and it works perfectly! Christie looks amazing, and I dare say this is even better than her previous (and also hawt) 'Jewel Bikini' mod (if only for the simple fact that this mod uses much better feet models (Christie's actual feet, I believe). This is a MUST download for barefoot fans and certainly one of the mods you'll want in your game- heck Capcom should make this mod canon for the game, if they still cared for it.

This is really a costume mod that's a No-Brainer for Christie. Capcom should make it canon, dammit!

I'll surely post more in the future with Capoeira Bikini Christie, but enjoy the vids already posted.

There's a LOT more Streetfighter X Tekken hotness to come with so many awesome mods. I can't believe the longevity of content this game is getting- truly a gem for any footie fan to have! WOOHOO!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lili as Elysium Cosplay mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

This barefoot Lili mod is simply... heavenly.

Once again, modders amaze and enchant me with this awesome new mod for the ubiquitous Streetfighter X Tekken (PC of course) that lets the beautiful Lili Rochefort cosplay as a radiant 'Holy Maiden'. Of course, the costume is actually taken from Soul Calibur V's angelic end boss, Elysium, but with the nice revision that removes the usual sandals and has her going barefoot (as any self-respecting angel should). So what we have is Lili in gossamer kinda-seethrough silk, angel-like armor and- well, little else. Heheh.

I am particularly liking this since the character model's feet used are MUCH better than the narrow, kinda-misshapen feet used in previous, early Lili mods. Hoping for more and better stuff from the modders. We have modder MonkeyGigaBuster to thank for this lovely costume, btw. Check out the vids, and imagine Lili's perfect, purely kissable soles and toes gliding towards your face... Mmm.

Of course we have the other babes in bikinis along in the vid too... in case you didn't notice.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine Official Art (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Yep, my new favorite Boss Babe.

I've featured the cute AND sexy new Final Boss lady Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN before, and this won't be the last given that I am totally loving this new videogame villainess. I mean, just look at her. The pic above of course is her Official Character Art from the game, and I am happy that they did not disappoint in drawing her pretty-much bare feet- I have to say, she has big feet for a girl, and those long, delicate-looking toes look simply perfect. I have to say this is a no-brainer fave for any foot-loving gamer worth their salt. Heheh. Really though- what ARE those things wrapped around her feet? What do you call them? Why wear them at all? Heh.

Anyway, I am also loving her art as it's drawn kinda like how you'd see her- from below, as she's floating above you, soles in your face. MAN that would be a sight to see before the end of the world- well, the end if she's not stopped by the Guilty Gear fighters.

The arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be getting Ram-chan as a playable character sometime in April. Hopefully the upcoming console versions (GGXrd is coming to PS3 and PS4 within the year) will have her playable out of the box.

Can't wait to see more of this lovely goddess of destruction soon. And later, in full HD on my PS4 (when I buy it). Heheh. For now, enjoy the art of Ram-chan!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Knockouts: Christie

Long, lethal, lovely. Christie is gorgeous head to toe.

In the entire Dead or Alive series, there's no girl quite like Christie. Physically, she's an impressive specimen simply for her impressive height (5' 10") and the body that would sizzle on magazine covers. Not sure if white hair would be a craze but if it could be, Christie and her perfect hair would start it. Yep indeed, Christie is a vision but that's not all there is to her. To be honest, Christie is the series' first and only true villainess- she is a bad girl and enjoys being it.

Christie's career started off even before her actual appearance in Dead or Alive 3, as shown in the (we assume) canon Story mode revealed in DOA5. She was, and is, the Chief Assassin to series' resident behind-the-scenes bad guy, Victor Donovan. She carried out an assassination attempt on Helena Douglas, though only succeeded in killing her mother. Since then, she's shadowed Helena, up until their most recent confrontation in which Christie revealed her deeds. Unrepentant (so far) and cold-blooded, Christie is one girl you can easily hate, but damn does she look gorgeous- evil never looked this good.
Only time will tell if there's truly nothing good inside the White-haired femme fatale's heart, but till then, I'll keep on enjoying her delicious looks, her slithery and sultry fighting style and of course, those perfect, positively kiss-worthy feet, toes and soles (the red toenail polish is a nice extra).

Bad girls don't come hotter than this British bombshell.

Thanks finally to her character model wearing her barefoot Hot Getaway swimsuit finally becoming available to me, I can now have Christie join my 'KO Match' series of videos on Youtube. So now, after a long, drawn-out battle, if she is knocked out we can enjoy the lovely assassin as she's lying out cold, her perfect feet totally left open and exposed (among other things) for us to ogle and view as she slumbers. Check out her first-ever KO match below. More are sure to come, since I am sure you'll agree- we love to see Christie lose (matches and consciousness), being such a bad girl that she is.

The Assassin joins our hot knockout series.

Check out the whole Ultimate KO playlist on my channel. More vids to come soon!

Friday, February 28, 2014

Elena Ultra Trailer (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

The barefoot capoeira cutie gets her time in the spotlight.

As the weeks count down to the Japanese arcade launch of Ultra Streetfighter IV, Capcom has recently been releasing a trailer focusing on each of the new characters. Prior to this week, we saw Poison and Hugo getting trailers. This week we have the new fighter in USIV that is surely closest to our hearts- the lovely, totally female and barefoot beauty from Kenya, the lovely Elena! The spot shows off her specials and Ultras care of the Japanese devs. I'm sure Elena will be a favorite, alongside our other hotties in SSFIV.
Next week will most surely bring a trailer for Rolento, then after that- the much-anticipated Secret Fifth New Fighter. WHO will this be? All we know is that it's female and few people expect her. I am hoping it's an all-new barefoot babe- perhaps Gouken's Daughter, as some have speculated? We'll just have to see.
Still, we have much reason to already anticipate Ultra SFIV in Elena here. So enjoy her trailer and the thoughts of her lovely dancing soles stomping to the beat... on your face. Heheh...

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine, Part Deux (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Guilty Gear Xrd's Boss is reason enough to get this game.

I posted some weeks ago about this lovely and lethal boss babe, Ramlethal Valentine (the English subtitles mistook her name spelling as Ramletherl) from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN. Back then, we hadn't yet gotten a good look at Ram-chan ingame (just the brief look at her from afar in the Arcade Opening Cinematic), and no full-body art of her was available. We DID have a fullbody fan art of her, which we really liked and wished was accurate, showing her barefoot save for some odd wrap-thing around her instep. Anyway, I've found another artwork of her, with nice views of her soles!

Well, good news is that YES, indeed, our lovely Ramlethal is indeed barefooted, as befitting a floating super-powered villain babe. We FINALLY get a good look at her in-game at GGXrd's Arcade mode, including her wonderful Intro Cutscene that nicely shows her off feet-first with a lovely view of her sexy soles and toes. A couple of arcade runs of the game has the cutsene, but the vid above cuts to the chase and shows the Boss fight intro and battle right away- check it out!

I am really wanting this game already (it's coming to PS3 and PS4) and I want to see more of 'Ram-chan' as much as possible. She has been confirmed to be playable and should have her own extensive Story Mode cinematics and all the trimmings. Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN is looking to be a footfan must-have for me in the Next Gen lineup of fighters! Here's to more barefoot babes in the game somehow (Maybe a redesigned Jam or Baiken will be barefoot..?), but even now I am stoked for GGXrd! Heheh.

Man, seeing Milia Rage's Intro just makes me want her barefoot so badly though... sigh.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Never thought I'd ever be jealous of a book...heheh.

Okay, Next-Gen fighters are coming in the near future, even though not all fighting game companies have revealed their cards. One of the confirmed coming new beat 'em ups is ArcSystemWorks' latest and seemingly greatest installment of their much-beloved Guilty Gear series. Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be coming to arcades before heading to PS4 and presumably XBOne eventually. The game has impressed me with some truly dynamic angles with its cinematic cutscene-ingame attacks, and manic action that the series is known for. Sadly none of the existing female characters in the game- including the truly delectable Milia is barefoot, leaving footfans a bit high and dry with this new brawler.

Well, fear not! Apparently there will be a barefooted beauty in the game after all. The prospective unshod lovely is none other than Ramletherl Valentine, a new character recently introduced in the game's Arcade Version Opening Cinematic (posted below).

Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN's cinematic intro (Arcade)

Ramletherl is apparently the game's Final Boss and one tough cookie! She is currently supposedly a non-playable character but many speculate she'll be a usable fighter eventually, perhaps in the console versions. Anyway, when I first saw this super-powered boss (via the interesting angle we get in the Opening), I had thought she was wearing sandals. Well, apparently this is NOT the case, and as the artwork above shows (I am not sure if the art is official, but it certainly looks of high enough quality to be so), Miss Valentine has some kind of strapless plates attached to the top part of her feet, but otherwise there is nothing else on them- making her effectively barefoot. Her beautiful looks and cute voice are enchanting, and her sudden burst of menace at the end of her speech makes me intrigued at her character. All that plus I am wanting to give those toes and soles of her a thorough kissing. Heheh...

Nice to finally look forward to a Guilty Gear game for a change- heck, the only other barefoot character in the damn game is male, dammit. Whew! I'll keep on this like a hawk and try to get more images of Valentine that show off her lovely assets. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate 'Tropical' DLC brings MORE Barefoot Bikinis!

The latest DLC pack from Team Ninja is sure to please foot-loving gamers...

It's been a while since Team Ninja gave us good stuff, but lo and behold- they have some truly wonderful goodies for us with their latest add-ons for Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate. Really, not since the Hot Getaway set months and months ago was I so excited to shell out some bucks on PSN. This latest set of new outfits- titled apparently 'Tropical' DLC- has what looks like some of the hottest swimsuits yet for the lovely DOA girls. I am particularly liking Leifang's and Ayane's suits, and finally, FINALLY Sarah Bryant gets a proper barefoot swimsuit (I really didn't like her swim-shorts outfit from the Getaway set).
Sadly several of the girls' suits come with some form of footwear, but I am lucky that all of them aren't favorites of mine (Kokoro, Tina and Rachel), or already have a bikini I am happy with (Pai and Mila).

Anyways, the Tropical DLC set (and the Gravure Theater) are now available on the Japanese PSN for purchase... other territories should get it soon. This early though, you can check out the 'goods' thanks to our good friend SplitPlayThru, who as usual provides a lengthy and detailed video with the latest new stuff for DOA. Check it out!=

As always, SplitPlayThru comes through with tons of sexy foot-age.

I'll have DOA5U videos on the Youtube channel with the girls in their new swimsuits as soon as I get the DLC myself. For now, enjoy the vids above.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Streetfighter X Tekken: Bikini Battles Galore!

At long last, Lili and Cammy get well-deserved new swimsuits.

Hello and a LATE Happy New Year to everyone! Sorry I've been pretty lazy in posting here- in truth, I've been remiss in posting stuff both here and on other channels. But that will hopefully change as new games appear and give us new barefoot babe content to enjoy. Still, the old favorites are always awesome, and thankfully Streetfighter X Tekken's modding scene (PC) is still very much alive, and every now and then a sexy barefoot mod arrives for our pleasure.

The latest bikini mods are very long overdue- new suits for the lovely Cammy and Lili. The Delta Red cutie hasn't had a good new bikini mod in ages, though I have to admit I've always been happy with just her basic bare-handed and bare-footed look in the always-awesome 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod. But seeing her in a casual bikini (taken although from another game, DOA5 Ultimate) is pretty cool. Nicely enough her feet models look amazing in either mod. Thanks to modder BrutalAce for this saucy number!

Cammy's bikini was borrowed from another hot blonde fighting babe- know who?

Does Cammy look better in a two-piece or her basic Delta Red leotard? I can't decide!

As for Lili, yeah, she's had the classic bikini mod created by modder Rhazieul years ago, but I've always found the foot models for it wanting. That isn't the case with the new Bikini mod she got- her feet look great, at least on part with the better feet in the other girls' mods. The mod is actually a Morrigan cosplay mod, wearing the Aconite bikini from Cross Edge- so this mod is two babes in one! We an all thank modder bbbSFXT for this lovely, lovely work.

Lili barefoot in a bikini is just... a radiant sight.

More action with the loveliest bodies and feet in videogames...

So check out the vids showing off these two swimsuit-clad beauties in action, letting their bods and bare feet do the talking. Man, I never imagined Streetfighter X Tekken would be an all-time amazing barefoot babe classic. My gosh, I love mods!!!