Monday, October 20, 2014

Naruto Shippuden Barefoot Summer Girls (Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution)

Despite being second-stringers, Ino and Ten-Ten are the hotter babes in this game.

For the longest time, the anime series Naruto (and its sequel, Naruto Shippuden) has been one of my biggest frustrations. I mean, I go by the Capcom Streetfighter school of Ninja attire, and I want my Kunoichi barefoot or in barely-there cloth wraps (like Ibuki). And so Naruto- with a world where EVERYONE is a ninja but wears silly sandals with no variation pretty much, a barefoot fan like me can only be PISSED. All those cute and deadly kunoichi feet, always covered up by those damn sandals. ARGH!

Well, that has kinda changed with the latest Naruto Shippuden game, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution (Whew!).  The game comes with DLC that lets several of the ninja babes (Sakura, Ino, Hinata and Ten-Ten) wear summer-themed outfits, and they're all barefoot in them, which is AWESOME. It's a mixed bag though- the sexiest outfits are Ino's and Ten-Ten's, which are bikinis/swimsuits; Sakura, despite being the lead girl wears silly cycling shorts with her outfit (MEH) while Hinata is in shorts. Also, while the character models are nice and have nice feet, the style of gameplay doesn't show much in terms of close-ups (though Ino's Super Attack gives a nice CU view of her foot connecting with her enemy's face), with the bulk of the views being of the girls from the rear as they ninja-run towards their opponents (upskirt views aplenty!).

Still, despite all that it's a nice surprise in a franchise I thought was totally devoid of barefoot beauty. It you can, get the PC version on Steam which has the DLC available for a small fee. It's altogether a flashy but fun fighting game and full to the brim with features- aside from the cute ninja soles. For now, check out the vids I've posted here, and enjoy!

The good girls battle for Naruto's heart(?)


  1. The game has been slowly building up a modding community for the PC version lately, so hopefully we'll get even better outfits for the female characters down the line. I'm hoping for Ibuki-inspired kunoichi outfits with cloth wraps on the feet.

  2. Wow...You really made my day. The Naruto women are so hot!! Barefoot Ino alone is enough to make me want a cold shower and with the other 3...O_O

    Great post Sole Keeper!!!

  3. Hehe totally agree. All latest Naruto games, the girls never been on barefoot but the last one when i saw that it could be possible, i got the new costumes bikinis
    The next one for 2015, i hope Kushina will be on barefoot too

  4. I wished that all the playable female characters had swimsuits complete with bare feet!