Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Juri Han 'Chun-Li Trophy' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Juri's new costume looks kinda familiar...

Deviantart Artist and SSFIVAE Modder Ohhho has been very active lately, taking off from base designs by Sloth86 to produce a rapid succession of sexy mods- quite a few of them barefoot, to our enjoyment. Well, a nice series of Ohhho's work is for Taekwondo Vixen Juri Han, and he's dubbed it his 'Trophy' series. Basically the idea behind it is that Juri is wearing another fighter's ripped, tattered costume- apparently taken off that person's unconscious body. It was apparently inspired by the alternate costumes in Streetfighter X Tekken (which has fighters wearing costumes of fighters on the opposing camp). Well, the first 'Trophy' mod has Juri wearing the what remains of Chun-Li's original, classic kung-fu outfit, nicely sans the white boots and showing off nice lengths of leg and of course, sexy, purple-tipped toes and smooth soles.

Juri goes on a Costume Confused Rampage!

And so here are several vids with Juri in her 'Trophy' outfit, causing quite a bit of trouble. Of course, you can imagine that the Chun-Li won't be too happy with the idea of someone running around in her classic costume- especially after she got left out cold in just her underwear because of it. So as any good INTERPOL kung-fu agent, she's hot on Juri's trail to get her outfit back, or at least get herself some payback. Oh, and it's of course a nice excuse to get Chun back into her sexy bra-and-panties again (care of Sloth86's awesome Streetfighter 2 Animated Movie mod). So enjoy these hot, barefoot brawls!

Of course, Juri's a pretty stubborn babe- and it doesn't look like she's finished with her Trophy-hunting... What will we see this Deadly Diva wearing next..? Stay tuned!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Lightning's Feet (Final Fantasy XIII-2)

You just gotta love anime-style Transformation Sequences.

All year we've been enjoying tons of sole shots and views of Sloth86's sexy 'Lightning' mod for Makoto in Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC. But of course, it's not REALLY the Final Fantasy heroine. Surely any gamefan would love to see the pink-haired beauty finally show off her surely-kissable feet for our hungry eyes... and nicely enough, that's finally come true! Yep, this is no mod but an actual scene from the newly-released (in Japan) Final Fantasy XIII-2. The scene is a CG pre-rendered cutscene where the lovely, stoic Lightning transforms from her usual costume to her new 'Valkyrie' armor. And as we all know how Japanese-style transformation sequences go, there's a wee bit of time where the transformee is kinda-sorta nekkid- and that includes her feet!

Lighting toes are so cute!

Unfortunately, the time we actually see Lightning's feet is very, very short- barely a couple of seconds, and we only see them from one angle (sadly no sole view) and we never really see them fully- although we get a good view of her toes. Nice, lovely toes they are as well- I imagine they taste like mint candy. Heheh. Anyway, with that check out the scene, wonderfully captured for us in HD by Splitplaythru. What a lovely Christmas gift for footfans! Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chun-Li Bikini Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

What's better than Chun-Li in a bikini? TWO Chun-Lis in Bikinis!

As I've posted earlier, this year was truly a glorious barefoot babe year for Super Streetfighter IV, particularly the Arcade Edition on PC, thanks to the many barefoot mods created for the game by awesome modders like Sloth86. Well, the year ain't over- and the mods are STILL coming! Man, this game just keeps on giving babe and pleasure after pleasure!

The latest barefoot mod is for The Strongest Woman in the World herself, Chun-Li. Though she's gotten several sexy mods already- the hot Chinese Gymnast and Streetfighter II Animated Movie mods- up to now this beautiful INTERPOL agent hasn't gotten a proper swimsuit or bikini mod. When she has had to engage other babes in combat, it's usually in her nightshirt or bra and panties. Well, no longer! Modder Ohhho has been very active lately, and has created a nice bikini mod for the Chunster. It's a sexy Chinese-style two piece that nicely shows off the leggy and muscular beauty of this iconic babe. Check out the many vids posted showing off Bikini Chun-Li in action!

Ninjitsu vs Kung-Fu, Bikini vs Bikini!

Two rivals settle a battle of both brawn and bathing bodies.

A friendly match between two lovely swimsuit models!

I wonder if there will be any more sexy barefoot babe mods to come before 2012? There are actually a few more Ohhho-made barefoot mods online, and I'll try to feature them as well. For now, enjoy the vids!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Year-ender Roundup and Barefoot Babe Game Preview 2012!

The year's almost done. Though there were some disappointments, I think 2011 was an AWESOME year for foot fans in gaming, but the best is that there's even more to come in the near future for us lovers of barefoot babes!

BIGGEST HIT: Feet from the Street

Thanks to modders, Ibuki and Makoto go from battlin' barefoot babes to battlin' barefoot bikini babes!

To start off though, 2011 was definitely the year that we will remember when the Game Goddesses of Streetfighter FINALLY bared their feet to their fans and admirers. Thanks to the PC version of Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition and an awesome modder named Sloth86, we finally got a look at what was under the boots and shoes of the ladies of Capcom's flagship fighting game.
Surely all these years we've been wanting to get Cammy to take off those big battle-version Doc Marten's of hers, or for Chun-Li to fight sans her white Chinese fighting boots. Well, those dreams and MORE came true in 2011. Not only were we treated to the unique pleasures of seeing barefoot Cammy and Chun-Li, but also all the other babes in the game as well- or, in the case of the semi-barefoot Juri and Ibuki, what they would look fully-barefoot. The barefoot (and often sexy) mods made for SSFIVAE PC are good enough to look 'official', which makes it all worth the cost of getting a laptop or PC just for this game and it's babes. The sheer number of SSFIVAE PC Barefoot vids on my Youtube channel (still growing!) just shows how Streetfighter finally jumped from being a relative sausage-fest of male feet to a Must-Have female footfan fighter along with Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV.

Certainly though, the cartoony proportions of the SSFIV art style- with the ultra-detailed, oversized hands and feet- are not for everyone, and many viewers can't get past this. However, if you're like me, and you can accept that this is simply an art style and not something to be taken literally- SSFIVAE PC's barefoot babes are second to none when it comes to detailed and expressive toes and soles. Still looking forward to more barefoot mods and sexy outfits to come from Sloth86 and others!

BIGGEST MISS: Tagged and Fragged

Not all was great in 2011. A much-anticipated game and semi-sequel, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 turned out to be a bit of a lemon. Coming in from Tekken 6, which is a barefoot babe mainstay and must-have, we all thought that TTT2 would continue the greatness and give us the hot Tekken babes' soles and toes to ogle once more, via Customizations. However, at least in the first initial months, this has not come to pass. So far, the release of customizations in the arcade version has been pretty random, haphazard and piecemeal, disappointing even hardcore Tekken fans. But even more so, so far NONE of the female fighters has been given any sort of barefoot customization (apart from Christie's default outfit, or Asuka and Jun's semi-barefoot hakama-and-instep guard costume parts), even if male fighters are getting it in droves. Is there an Anti-Barefoot Babe directive within the Tekken Team? We hope not, for the game's sake. For me, I love Tekken in any case and really want TTT2 to be the most fun it can be. To be fair, there's still tons of stuff missing from the Character Customization system, so perhaps all the so far MIA bits, including barefoot options for the babes, will arrive eventually- perhaps in the console version scheduled for a Holiday 2012 release. For now though, TTT2 is one big lemon that leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Looking Forward: Barefoot Gaming in 2012

Soul Calibur V, it's hot warrior babes and awesome Character Creation mode start off 2012!

Soul Calibur V
The SOLES still burn... sizzling HOT! The first game to please footfans in the new year will be this long-awaited sequel. Soul Calibur IV was an understated gem for barefoot babes- the Character Creation gave unprecedented freedom to be creative and make your ultimate warrior- but of course, the best thing about it was the ability to strip the game's many babes down to their underwear and bare feet. Sadly, the franchise seemed to die off after that release, and it was only after the huge outpouring from fans that Namco-Bandai finally reactivated the dormant Project Soul and green-lighted a sequel for development.
After a year or so, we're gonna see a new SC game. The great news is that the game still has Character Creation, and the feature seems even better than it ever was. The game looks amazing (if a bit too flashy in terms of weapon effects) and I'm sure this will be a footfan favorite. I'm pretty sure the character models' feet still aren't as good as in Tekken 6, but I think they're at least improved a bit from SCIV (I'm just hoping the toes are smoother, and not blocky like before).
The only cons I can see are that several of the past babes will not be returning- but perhaps they can be recreated in the CAS? In any case, the game's existing crop of hotties (including SCIV's red-haired warrior princess Hilde) both returning and all-new should please. And if they don't, just use CAS to create your perfect sole goddess! Sole- er, Soul Calibur V is due out at the end of January 2012 for PS3 and Xbox360.

Streetfighter X Tekken
One of the mash-up fighters coming from this unholy (but awesome) kinda-alliance between Capcom and Namco-Bandai, Streetfighter X Tekken looks like loads of fun. The art style is similar to SSFIV, but slightly redone, and of course has the Tekken fighters added in. Sadly, there's no default Character Customization in the vein of Tekken 6 or Soul Calibur: The only options so far are for Color Edits, and there will be some crazy-looking alternate costumes.
However, by default there are a few barefoot babes for us to watch: The lovely barefoot kunoichi Ibuki is in the roster for starters. Juri Han has been hinted at, though not yet 100 percent confirmed. Asuka is in and hopefully will sport her hakamas outfit as an alternate costume. There are still many unknowns for this title, but I'm being optimistic for it. Best reason for that? A PC version is in the works, so conceivably barefoot mods for this game may be done in the future! This is due out in March 2012.

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown
If there's one single game I am dreaming of in 2012, it's this one. Virtua Fighter 5 has always been a fighting fave of mine, but it reached divine status when the arcade version, VF5R, gave all of the available characters barefoot customization- and man, are the soles and toes of Virtual Hotties Pai, Sarah, Aoi, Vanessa and Eileen so kissable and lovely indeed! Sadly, you could only access this game if you're an arcade player in Japan- everyone else could only watch whatever vids were posted online. Well, that all should change in 2012, when Sega releases the latest and GREATEST VF5 Upgrade- Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown as a DLC Standalone game. Why is it the greatest? Well, aside from the many new KO animations and added moves, one word- BIKINIS.
Though we've heard little from this since the initial announcement trailer, this should arrive hopefully on time in Summer 2012 for both PSN and Xbox Live (yeah, I'll probably be getting both versions).

This 2D title, which was originally supposed to come out in late 2011, is now set for sometime in early 2012. It's a bit of a dark horse, really... I love the cartoony art style and sexy designs. I'm even okay with the creepy-and-gore factor with the babes: I mean, one barefoot babe is a semi-undead Cat Girl who can dismember herself at will, while the other is a genetically-altered schoolgirl-turned-masked mutant who looks like the little sister of Bane from Batman, but with a giant propeller sticking out of her back. This may turn out to be a surprise hit, albeit I know it's quite an acquired taste. Something to look at and check out in any case, when it comes out as a download on both PSN and Xbox Live.

Dead or Alive 5
There is little known about the return of Tecmo's fighter; DOA has been left behind so much by the genre, in everything from fighting mechanics to customizations. All I know is that, well, it looks quite pretty. We don't know if it will be updated with a customization feature, or if it will continue to go with just multiple costumes. Well, all I can say is that if Hitomi at least gets her Karate Gi back (which was detestably removed from DOA4), I will be interested in this at least. Still, it's very early in development- will it even make a release in 2012? We'll see. But this holds great potential- hoping that Team Ninja still realizes hotness and fan service still have their place in the game.

Tekken Tag Tournament 2
It's recently been announced that the console version of TTT2 will arrive in late, holiday season 2012. Should we even care? Well, yes, actually- there's still some barefoot and semi-barefoot hotness available by default from Christie, Asuka and Jun. Perhaps by console release time they'll have added the missing barefoot customizations we want. A big Perhaps, but well, hope springs eternal. If not, well, we've got SCV and VF5FS to go to. And maybe Tekken X Streetfighter?

2011 was an awesome year for barefoot babe games- particularly fighting games. 2012 looks to be even more awesome. Rest assured, I'll continue to blog about these, as well as other games that please our foot-loving hearts and minds. Stay tuned, readers! There's more soleful goodness to come.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Corsair in Action (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

This angry, deadly hottie demands that you kiss her feet... or DIE!

Some time ago, I posted about the upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations and the hot, barefoot ladies among the Multiplayer Characters. Well, the game is here and murderous gameplay flourishes online. Though initially the only unshod femme fatale in this game was the teasing Trickster, another brutal beauty has captured my interest- she's The Corsair, a pirate-themed challenger who only becomes available in the game via DLC. Well, let me say that she's well worth the paltry change you spend to get her (and other competitors in the pack).

For starters, just check out her hotness. By default, this Buccaneer Babe is barefoot and mostly bare-legged, which just goes perfectly with her long overcoat and corset. I really believe that whoever designed this lovely wench is a fellow foot fan. In any case, I salute him! Surely the Corsair is a shoeless siren footlovers will flock to, her deadly beauty a dream to watch whether she's kicking ass (and man, can those legs kick!) or getting her hot butt kicked. I'm sure all of us footies will sign up for the Corsair's crew just for a chance to give her long hours of foot massages and kisses over every inch of her perfect, sexy feet.

Check out the two vids below! The first is footage from the 'Ancestors Pack' DLC that introduces the Corsair, and there are nice views aplenty of her. The other is a long gameplay vid with the Pirate Beauty, although it's by someone else (not me) who at least has mad skills at playing this challenging game. Check both out for hot views and action with this new Barefoot Assassin Babe who will surely capture your heart with her soles.

Foot-age of The Corsair from the 'Ancestors' DLC Pack trailer.

Tons of Corsair action, and even some bits with the sexy Trickster as well!

UPDATE: Just added this vid I found showing off the Corsair's customization options and more action with this pirate lass.

Check out the Corsair's customizations and killer skills!

It's nice that for the final version of the game, the devs I think improved the quality of the character models' feet. The soles are smoother now, and look more like fleshy soles than the pinkish pads they were in the Beta. Or maybe it's just me? Anyway, I think it's much better now and it's much easier to imagine the Corsair's long toes and fleshy, bare soles being tantalizingly waved at your face. Man, she's HOT! Looks like I'm gonna be playing a LOT of Revelations Multiplayer in the days and weeks ahead. Heheh. For now, enjoy the vids!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Ibuki Bikini Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Who's the hottest and quickest battle-babe to rock a bikini? Ibuki and Cammy find out!

Sorry for the lack of updates recently! Work and the holiday crush has been weighing heavily on me, and that really isn't conducive to writing. Anyway, hopefully I should post enough articles to fill up the month before the year ends. Here's a nice update in any case, a sexy new mod for the uber-cute ninja, Ibuki! Of course, Ibuki's already bared her hot body and feet in the amazing Vanille mod by Sloth86, but while that mod has Ibuki as both herself and Vanille in skimpy two-pieces, it's not a proper swimsuit/bikini mod.

Well, thanks to modder Ohhho, who has used Sloth86's mod as base, that has now been remedied! Ibuki now has a full complement of sexy bikinis to wear into combat, in a variety of colors. It's certainly a very nice and sexy mod, and this is probably the first time I've really noticed that Ibuki is... very bouncy. Really, DOA has nothing on SSFIVAE PC! This game is hawtness!

To start things off, she takes on a similarly-attired 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy. Who will win in this battle of speedy sirens, and who'll end up taking a long nap? Well, as usual, whoever ends up standing at the end, it's us foot fans who'll come out winners. Heheh.

Cammy and Ibuki can be considered Solemates since apparently Sloth86 modelled Cammy's new and prettier feet from Ibuki's model.

Aside from being pretty sexy, these barefoot battles between Ibuki and Cammy are pretty exciting to watch as both are fast fighters with distinct, deadly styles.

Which babe do you fancy giving a soothing foot massage to afterwards? Both have lovely, deadly feet to fondle...

Ibuki is gorgeous in this new mod. I really hope someone gives Makoto some flowery bikini outfits too... I wonder what new barefoot mod will show up soon? Let's cross our fingers for more very soon.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Cammy's Perfect Feet (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Definitely soles and toes made to please foot-lovers.

Lately we've seen one awesome and hot barefoot mod after another released for SSFIVAE PC by the amazing modder, Sloth86. But of course, we should always remember the first footlover's mod created was for the adorable Cammy. The 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod, based on a segment in Udon's Streetfighter comic where the Delta Red cutie spent some pages slinking around sans her trademark gauntlets and Doc Marten's boots. Of course, just the sight of this classic videogame hottie barefoot was enough to move me to buy a laptop. Heheh... Anyways, since the original release Sloth has posted some updates to the mod- the second major revision refined the character model, added color variants and reduced the size of Cammy's feet from their original, Makoto-sized Mammothness.

This latest revision, (I think it's Version 3, but according to Sloth it's V.2) further fixes graphical edges and blemishes on Cammy's bod and gives her new costume variations- several of them with her wearing her cute beret and leg camo paint. But most significantly though, the new mod replaces Cammy's FEET. This new rev no longer has Makoto's feet as the model, but uses instead the ninja peds of Ibuki! But of course, it wasn't just a matter of Sloth simply copy-and-pasting the kunoichi's feet onto Cammy's legs- he definitely worked his artistry on them to make them different and unique to Cammy... and the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.
What we end up with is Cammy with feet that look amazingly detailed, life-like and realistic, normal-sized in proportion (relatively), with amazingly smooth and soft-looking soles and lovely, delicate-looking toes!

I have to admit- at first I kinda felt that I would miss the original mod's big, strong-looking feet. However, after seeing the new mod in action, and pretty much realizing that Cammy's new feet now look AMAZING from every single angle... man, I have to say that Cammy's feet in this new mod are easily, far and away, the most feminine-looking, prettiest and most kissably beautiful bare feet in the game... and a rival to pretty feet in other fighting franchises! See for yourself! I think Sloth definitely gave Cammy's soles a special touch- they look so nice and soft though, you'd wonder if it would actually hurt if she hit you with them!

Even THIS up close, Cammy's feet are simply gorgeous to behold.

Here are some vids showing off the various costume/color variants available with the new Cammy mod. They all look awesome, and certainly I can appreciate the Killer Bee costume. Once again, this is an awesome mod from the master of barefoot mods, and definitely yet another reason why I can say I love being a foot-loving gamer.

I have to say, I'm kinda glad that Sloth didn't give Cammy any 'sleazy' micro-bikini variants... that goes a long way to making this mod feel 'legit'- I feel THIS is really how Cammy should be. She doesn't need those boots- her feet are deadlier bare! Capcom, take note! That also just makes me feel this mod is specially made for us foot-fans alone, heheh.
Man, I have to take a shower or all I'm going to be dreaming of tonight is Cammy pressing those soft soles and toes into my face. Enjoy the vids!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Skyrim's Re-animated Soles (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim)

Skyrim serves up plenty of sexy barefoot babes...

A few years ago, Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion from Bethesda Software blew me away with it's amazingly immersive and detailed world, open and free gameplay and lavish fantasy action. Well, all the action and fantasy returns even more improved in an even more detailed and immersive world full of freedom to play and enjoy the setting as you please in the new Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Literally EVERYTHING has gotten better, from the looks of the game to the combat to the skills system and magic, storyline and interactivity and freedom to just go wild... pursue the main quest right away, or just spend the next several hundred hours killing every chicken in the continent... it's up to you.

Of course, with this new sequel also returns the kinky fun. Like the ability to strip down slain human enemies to just their underwear (and of course bare feet). There's good news and bad news to this 'feature'. The character models' feet aren't as detailed as in Oblivion (which wasn't that detailed either in terms of textures, but at least had individual toes), but at least aren't as blank and featureless as in Bethesda's prior game, Fallout 3 (which killed a lot of the enjoyment for me). On the plus side though, the babes in Skyrim- and there are a LOT (both good or neutral human NPCs and hostile enemies) are HOT and sexier than any female in Oblivion. That and the fact that you can still manipulate bodies makes Skyrim a foot fetish/sleepybabe fan's dream game. Yeah, if only the feet had Tekken 6-quality realism, I'd probably never take this game out of my PS3. Heheh...

Anyway, aside from the many hot babes whose shoes you'd want to throw off, another kinky joy in Skyrim is... well... necromancy, or the ability to reanimate corpses and make them follow you as your allies. In Oblivion you needed to find a unique magical staff to do this, called the Staff of Worms. Unfortunately, the effect was only temporary, though you could do it over and over. In Skyrim, Necromantic magic is now more readily found and used by the player. Barefoot zombie babes to follow you around? Yeah, but it actually isn't that easy. Check out the vid below, as I try out the basic Raise Zombie spell on these sexy, mohawked bandit twins I defeated in one of the dungeons.

Low-level Necromancy spells give you sexy zombie babes... for a very short time.

Yep, unfortunately the low to expert-level Necromancy spells only allow a body, from low-level creatures to higher-level enemies, to be reanimated for about a minute or so. Afterwards, the malignant magic consumes the body and reduces it to ash. What a waste of some hot bods! I was pretty pissed at this downgrade from Oblivion... that is, until I learned about the Dead Thrall spell.
The highest level Necromancy magic, Dead Thrall will reanimate a dead human body permanently... well, at least until they're killed again. But the good part here is that the body will NOT crumble into ash, and instead just be lifeless- all you need do is re-cast the Dead Thrall spell and your un-living ally is good as new!

So you can imagine I did all I could to acquire the spell immediately- and I did! I tried it out on a hot evil NPC babe I encountered recently in one of the sidequests, and now, well, I have a uber-hot vampire-temptress following me around. Her name is Alva and she's really easy on the eyes. She can swing a weapon, cast nasty magic and, well, best of all, she didn't mind me throwing away her boots so she'd always show off her sexy, bare (and nicely unblemishable) feet. Heheh...

Prior to becoming my first Dead Thrall, the sexy Alva here was an evil vampire temptress. Mmmm.

Of course, aside from just eye candy, a sexy Dead Thrall is quite useful. Unlike living, human companions who CAN get killed in the course of fierce battle, Thralls can get snuffed out and you can simply re-animate them again. They can carry a ton of stuff to extend your carrying capacity and never complain at all. The only wrinkle to making Dead Thralls your pack mule companion is that you can't really communicate or command a Thrall directly- they just follow you and try to kill anything that is hostile to you. So the only way to give them items or take them back from a Dead Thrall is to render them lifeless and unconscious again first then stuff their pockets while they're out cold. Again, sounds kinkier than it really is...

Anyway, here's a vid showing off my sexy Alva in action with a giant. No, she's not the toughest ally, but well, YOU try standing up to a giant! At least she's fearless, and well, even if she gets killed, no problem! And that raising animation just never gets old. Heheh.

Sexy barefoot Dead Thrall vs. Giant... and the winner is YOU!

All in all, Skyrim is TONS of fun. It's certainly the best RPG I've ever played, and the enjoyment here satisfies on so many levels, sexy babe soles, hot KOs and such included. I highly recommend this game, to everyone, footfans or not. Try it out! Now if you'll excuse me, Alva and I have to go kill a dragon in the next town. Later!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sakura 'Swimmer' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Finally, Sakura joins the rest of the Barefoot Bathing Babe Brawl!

It's been a while since the SSFIV AE PC modding craze started, and since then we've seen stuff that we've only dreamed of. Well, thanks to this latest mod by Sloth86, I'm sure a lot of foot-loving SF fans' wishes have now been granted. Yeah, we've already been treated to a barefoot Sakura Kasugano care of the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod... but now FINALLY the lovely martial artist shows off not just her soles and toes but her hot and toned bod as well with the Sakura 'Swimmer' mod!

Ryu's No.1 Fan and Shotokan Schoolgirl Sakura now takes to the battle arena wearing the ubiquitous School Swimsuit and bathing cap. The ensemble is certainly cute and reminds me of Kasumi from the classic PSX fighter Dead or Alive. But for those not liking the cap, don't worry- fully five of the 10 color variant suits have Sakura without the headgear so we have a nice choice. Plus the suits are available in several nice colors and designs, some of which are branded which is a nice bit of detail. Variants 9 and 10 are particularly eye-opening as being so skimpy that they'd make the DOA Girls blush. More importantly though, I'm pretty sure as well that Sloth improved the quality of Sakura's lovely soles, which makes watching her Ultra, with it's ultra-closeup view of her foot slamming into her opponent's face- always a pleasure. I'm sure footfans would give quite a bit to be on the receiving end of Miss Kasugano's fetching feet... the surely odd sensation of being sent into the air notwithstanding!

Sakura will surely be the most unique of the SSFIV barefoot babe cast- if only for the single reason she easily has the smallest feet compared to the rest of the femme furies. It gives her a special appeal, probably mostly to those who can't or won't accept that the girls' humongous foot size is more an aspect of the game's art style rather than being totally literal.

Just two of the cute color variants available in this awesome barefoot bathing mod.

Two more color variants of the mod are featured in this Mirror Match.

I like Sakura better sans bathing cap. How 'bout you guys?

Two of the cuter suits in this match-up...

Sakura takes on the sexy Juri in this bathing battle.

Enjoy these two initial vids for now- there will surely be TONS more very soon. This is certainly yet another amazing masterpiece from the Master Modder. I wonder what will be next? Later then!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

The Corsair (Assassin's Creed Rearmed/Revelations)

Who is this hot, leggy, barefoot, blade-wielding beauty?

UPDATED:It's now been revealed that this fetching babe with the overcoat, corset and lovely, long bare legs is The Corsair. Other than that though, we know little else aside from the single important fact that she WILL be among the playable characters in Assassin's Creed Revelations' Multiplayer game- and I can't wait to see her in action. November 15 can't come soon enough!

Well, who's this fetching femme fatale? At first I thought this long-haired babe was an alternate outfit/customized version/early concept art of The Trickster, but apparently she's an altogether different character from Mirela Djuric- she appears in the Intro of the free iOS game Assassin's Creed Rearmed (a multiplayer mobile game) which I've posted below. However, I'm still not sure which of the characters she's supposed to be.

In any case, this long-haired and long-legged femme fatale may appear among the available Templar characters in Assassin's Creed Revelations' Multiplayer, since the artwork above appears from a Revelations cast concept artwork. Really hoping this is so, as you can never have too many barefoot babes. I certainly LOVE her design- she's actually even hotter than the Trickster with her more leggy look. Crossing my fingers for that. Anyway, I can't wait to have more barefoot assassin action later this month. For now, enjoy the art above and the video below.

Barefoot babes make the best assassins! Well, at least, the best-looking...

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Mirela 'The Trickster' Djuric (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

The beautiful, deadly Trickster looks absolutely gorgeous in this in-game render.

I first posted about this lethal and lovely assassin quite some time ago, and here's a nice update. The upcoming Assassin's Creed Revelations brings with it not just the conclusion to the saga of Florentine Assassin Ezio Auditore, but as well a much-improved Multi-Player game. Improved in the simple fact that now, there's finally a barefoot babe for us to ogle among the ranks of Abstergo's Templar operatives. Her name is Mirela Djuric, or simply The Trickster. Gypsy-like thanks to her alluring way of padding about sans footwear, this stealthy femme fatale surely will bedazzle any male enemy with a foot preference. Of course, being a super-skilled assassin, she can leap, climb and run with the best of them, with nary ever a scratch or nick on her smooth soles and dainty toes. You gotta love videogames.

My only gripe perhaps pertains to Mirela's in-game model. I guess games like Tekken 6 spoiled me, with their realistic, fleshy soles. Sadly the Trickster's feet in the game kind of looks like she's wearing a kind of pink pads beneath her feet. Of course, she IS barefoot, as can be seen in her concept design, artworks and, well, from the top view of her in-game model. I guess they couldn't really render her feet that much in detail. Still, this barefoot amazon is quite a sight to see, as she stalks her prey and sexily prances about. What I'd surely give to have her place her feet in my hands, for me to massage and worship every toe.

You can see The Trickster in action in the video below, an introductory mission from the Assassin's Creed Revelations Beta, which I was lucky enough to participate in for several hours. I'll probably update this post with more videos of barefoot assassin babe action, but for now enjoy this initial video offering.

With her piercing eyes, teasing costume and alluringly bare feet, Mirela the Trickster is surely the hottest babe in Revelations' Multiplayer.

The final release version of Assassin's Creed Revelations is due later this month, so I'll probably be picking that up. The final game will have customization options for the MP characters, so I'll see if we can make our gypsy operative even hotter in some way, or perhaps even get some of the other female Abstergo agents barefoot... I can dream, can't I? Heheh.

UPDATE: Here's a new Assassin's Creed Revelations trailer, focusing on Abstergo's Templars' in Multiplayer.

Hone Mirela into the Perfect Barefoot Assassin!

Our barefoot babe is seen briefly but sweetly towards the end, starting at 2:11. Two things are notable- one, they may have improved or fixed The Trickster's discolored/overly-pinkish, plasticky soles for the final release, judging from the screencap below. Hopefully this is so, cause this was the one really irritating flaw in her otherwise gorgeous character model.

Ouch! That's no way to treat a lady!

Secondly, we see Mirela sporting some customizations (see in the pic below), which has her wielding a more formidable axe instead of her dinky little dagger, wearing black gloves and a shorter skirt/shorts bottom. Hopefully any costume tweaks you add won't change her being barefoot. After all, going shoeless is Mirela's distinct look, so they shouldn't stray from that, shouldn't they? Hope, hope!

Trick out your Trickster with Customization!

Man, I didn't think I could get any more excited than I am for this game- but after watching the new trailer, I'm really wanting it already!!! Can't wait to start playing with my barefoot femme fatale again. The game drops on Nov. 15. Just a bit more to go!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Lightning vs Vanille: Barefoot Fantasy Fights! (Super Streetfighter IV AE PC, Final Fantasy XIII)

Here's a requested series of match vids from the uber-awesome Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC that uses two wonderfully hot mods. Actually, it's a no-brainer of a match-up: Lightning, the heroine of Final Fantasy XIII, takes on her in-game ally Oerba Dia Vanille AKA Vanille in sexy, underwear-clad, barefooted brawls! So now we can settle a secret rivalry that built up between these two FF babes ever since their adventures in Cocoon! Well, of course, it's actually just karate kid Makoto and her longtime rival/friend, ninja girl Ibuki under that FF cosplay, but these mods are so good, they may as well be actual characters from Square's flagship RPG injected into the Streetfighter world. That's all thanks to the creator of these awesome custom skins, Sloth86, who's still hard at work producing more goodies for us footfans to enjoy.

Anyway, who will prevail and stand with her unconscious opponent slumbering quietly beneath her super-hot soles? Will it be Lightning/Makoto or Vanille/Ibuki? Pick your fave and watch the vids to the end! Of course whoever ends up standing at the end, the real winners are us, the footfans. Be sure to give both of these barefoot hotties the worship on their perfect peds afterwards, all right? Enjoy!

I really can't decide whom I find more fetching now that they're both in hot bikinis/undies and fully barefoot. Well, there's more than enough room in my footfan's heart for both Makoto and Ibuki. Is that so wrong? Heheh... more to come soon!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Makoto 'Underwear' Mod (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Makoto's not Lightning here, but still electrifying!

We've already seen the feisty Makoto show off her sexy bod in Sloth86's awesome FFXIII 'Lightning' mod... but there, she had on a different hairstyle and skin color. It actually wasn't really Makoto, in a way. Sadly, the mod didn't have Makoto as herself in the sexy barefoot bikini-style outfit. So even though I love the Lightning mod to pieces, I've always wondered how fetching Makoto herself would look sans her karate gi. Well, wonder no more!

Thanks to new modder Basara669, we've got just that- Makoto out of her baggy karate uniform and sporting a red sports bra and matching panties. How does the tomboy look? As you can see in the preview pic above, she looks pretty hot indeed! This mod was actually modified from Sloth86's stuff- it's not as polished as the Maestro Modder's masterpieces, but Basara669 certainly has promise. Maybe someday he can fill out the mod with all 10 color variants (as of right now, you can only use Color 1- choosing others will crash the game).

Anyway, Makoto's really fetching this way, which I think she stands up quite nicely to all the other girls in SSFIVAE (I still think that she's uber-hot as Lightning though). For now, check out these match vids as Makoto takes on the other barefoot bikini babes of SSFIVAE in sexy combat!

Makoto may not be as graceful as Chun-Li, but she's definitely just as sexy... and strong!

Makoto faces off with SSFIV's first barefoot bikini hottie, Escape from Shadaloo Cammy. Who will end up on top?

Makoto takes on Juri, who's gob-smackingly hot in these vids, but also pretty fragile...

Makoto takes on her ultimate rival/friend, Ibuki. Who's cuter now that they're both barefoot and bikini-clad? I WANT 'EM BOTH!!!

Have to say, Makoto's really a vision to see in action in her bikini, as herself. Makes you want to just kneel down and give those big, beautiful soles and toes of hers all the worship you can... if she doesn't kick your face in first though! But as cute at it is, I'll probably go back to Sloth86's more polished Lightning mod soon for my SSFIVAE Makoto. In any case, there's a LOT more new stuff to come very soon from the master modder, footfans... count on that very soon... Heheh...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Barefoot Babes of Oneechanbara Vortex (Xbox360)

The sexy opening cinematic from Oneechanbara Vortex's Story Mode.

Here's a blast from the past! In the spotlight is one of the first titles made by dubious Japanese game publisher D3 on the Xbox360. Oneechanbara Vortex was the first 'next gen' installment of D3's series of games that featured a demon/zombie-fighting bikini cowgirl. While the gameplay was pretty iffy and still retained D3's somewhat less-than-shoddy quality, the graphics were kinda amped up, and best of all, the game was given a feature not seen before in earlier Oneechanbara games- Character Customization! Well, Costume Customization, to be exact. Nicely enough, you could dress the hot heroines of the game down to their undies/bikinis, and the very liberal character viewers allowed you to ogle the babes as much as you want. Though I got my copy waaay back in 2006, this game was released sometime ago in the US by the name Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad.

And these were pretty fetching zombie hunters, to be sure. Aya was the main heroine, the cowboy hat-and-boa-wearing katana master. She was ably assisted by Saki, her kinda-sister who will surely appeal to those with Jailbait preferences (of which I am not one of). Finally, there's Annna (yep, her name's spelled like this in the Japanese releases), a beautiful lady cop with firepower and a hot bod. Though the character models aren't great, they're detailed enough with nice smooth soles and toes to please foot fans, and the sexy costumes (or lack of) are what otaku dreams are made of.

Of course, the opening cutscene above is a classic barefoot babe cinematic, with a sexy shower scene giving us a wonderful extreme closeup of Aya's kissable ankles, heels, soles and toes, and li'l Saki's barefoot in the other room as well. Sadly this is the only pre-rendered cutscene to show the girls barefoot, leaving in-game graphics to fill our the rest of the game.

So check out the next couple of vids, with Aya and Annna laying waste to zombie hordes while barefoot in their hot bikinis/undies. Enjoy! Just be sure to not kiss or lick the girls' feet while there's even an iota of zombie blood around- or you'll find yourselves quickly dispatched!

Aya shows off her katana skills and sexy kicks!

Wouldn't you want to be arrested by this beautiful, barefoot law enforcer?

Ah, Oneechanbara X... so cheesy and iffy but truly a beloved piece of barefoot babe gaming greatness. They just don't make games like this anymore... sigh. Heheh.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Ibuki and Vanille: Barefoot Kunoichi Action! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Ibuki and Vanille show off their various sexy and cute Personal Actions or Taunts. Which is your fave?

Here's some more barefoot babe action with the cutest ninja babe in videogames, Ibuki (and her Final Fantasy XIII alter-ego, Oerba Dia Vanille or Vanille) for short. Of course, this is all thanks to the amazing mod created by the absolutely awesome Sloth86. I have to say that Ibuki was my first favorite barefoot babe way back in Streetfighter III- since then, Makoto has often muscled in on the action, but the cutie kunoichi will always have a special place in my heart. Now with her sexy bikini/underwear outfit that shows off both her amazing body and sexy feet to the fullest, I think Ibuki's ready to give all challengers a run for the hottest babe in the game! See for yourself and try not to let your jaw hit the floor too hard...

A unique Mirror Match- So great that Sloth gave Ibuki and Vanille unique appearances and outfits.

Who's hotter? Ibuki or Vanille? Yes, it's a Trick Question.

Ibuki finally gets to show off her ninja-trained, sexy bod and even hotter feet!

It's so wonderful that Sloth finally got around to giving her a duly HOT and sexy outfit in the Vanille mod, so she can stand right up there with the other bikini/underwear-clad beauties of SSFIVAE PC. Ibuki's certainly got a hot bod, and her feet are gob-smackingly gorgeous and kissable to the extreme. Ninja feet rule! Enjoy the vids!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Cat 2099 (Spiderman: Edge of Time)

Spiderman’s got some luck with the ladies, eh?

Here’s a video featuring the sexy, slinky and dangerous alternate future version of Felicia Hardy AKA Black Cat from the recently-released superhero-action title, Spiderman: Edge of Time. For the record, I didn’t get the game myself, since reviews are kinda mixed and really, Miss Hardy isn’t in the game that much. In fact, as far as I can tell the footage in the video above shows off the best views of this femme fatale. The rest is in-game footage which is far too zoomed-out to appreciate.

Anyway, Black Cat 2099 isn’t in the best of times- according to the game story, this Black Cat is a clone/construct/facsimile of the original, junked out with anti-aging drugs and other arcane processes that left her quite imbalanced and ready to scratch her former flame’s spidery eyes out. That doesn’t make her any less hot though, as we can see.
Yeah, she’s not totally barefoot, but there’s enough of her soles and toes exposed and touching the floor for me to consider her a barefoot babe (as opposed to the present/contemporary Black Cat). So I’m sure I’m not the only one to want to give this unhinged hottie comforting kisses and service for her toes and soles (just be careful of those claws) and pleasure her like Peter Parker/Spidey never could. Hey, I’m sure she’d love foot massages from loving foot fans, don’t you think? Anyway, enjoy the vid and have this slinky cat’s feet sneaking into your dreams.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Ibuki:Barefoot Bikini Ninja! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Sloth86's awesome Vanille mod becomes godlike with the addition of barefoot bikini versions!

It's been a bit quiet lately, which I have to apologize for- been too preoccupied with some new games. Anyway, I can say I've been saving up for a really nice update, and well, here it is. Let me just say this- ALL HAIL SLOTH86! Yet again, the Master of Barefoot Mods comes through with a wonderful update to his Vanille skin (from Final Fantasy XIII) for Ibuki. This new version completes the whole set of 10 colors, for starters, but even better, fully half of them are barefoot versions. While Colors 1 to 4 are different color variants of Vanille herself, 5 is Ibuki in Vanille's costume, and 6 to 8 are Ibuki in Vanille's outfit with her semi-barefoot bandage wraps. The best ones, of course, are 9 and 10. Color 9 is a barefoot, bikini/underwear-clad Vanille, while Color 10 is barefoot bikini/underwear-clad Ibuki.

FINALLY, as many foot-loving fans of the ninja princess have been wishing for, we now have the lovely schoolgirl kunoichi sans her trademark bandages and, even better, in a very sexy costume to match up to Chun-Li, Cammy, Makoto, Rose, Viper and Juri. And she certainly looks truly lovely in her bikini/undies, showing off her hot, ninja-toned body and big, beautiful toes and soles in their entirety. And yes, Sloth's work is flawless here as always!

I'm sure all of us footfans here have been indeed dreaming of peeling off those intrusive wraps for all these years, and now Sloth86 has made it come to pass. Just imagine those lovely, strong, perfect and totally-bare soles headed for your face, catching you in mid-smile. More than ever, I am so happy I invested in this game, in these totally priceless mods and unparalleled barefoot babedom. Man, I love being a foot-loving gamer.

Anyway, enjoy the vids below as we see the now-totally barefoot and totally hot bikini ninja babe take on all comers in a new series of UnderWars matches! Enjoy the hot bods, hot soles and sexy knockouts!!!

Finally, lbuki faces off with her fated rival Makoto (Lightning) on equal terms ( and equally skimpy attire).

Ibuki's next target is the lovely Chun-Li. But can she defeat the woman who trounced the Spanish Ninja?

Bikini-clad vixen Juri is next on Ibuki's list of targets... to knock out and draw graffiti on her soles... heheh.

Ibuki's bikini-clad speed has so far gotten her through... but will even she be fast enough to beat the Bikini Killer Bee?

Well, no matter who wins, all these babes are winners for us- but this is the cute kunoichi's moment to shine. Everyone of you, pucker up and give her ninja feet the worship they deserve! More bikini ninja action to come!

Painwheel (Skullgirls)

Kinda sexy... definitely scary!

The last time I posted about Skullgirls was for the fetching barefoot catgirl Miss Fortune. Well, here's another SG post as they introduce another barefoot babe in the roster- the scary but strangely sexy Painwheel! Yes, indeed, this babe's design is quite on the creepy and twisted side, what with her 'roid-raging physique, Leatherface-style mask and, oh, that giant rotor sprouting from her back. That all said, her costume is pretty skimpy and sexy, and, well, nicely enough she's barefoot and despite being a bit feral has the good fashion sense to put on some nice black nail polish (which should please quite a few out there).

In spite of her frightening appearance, deep inside this deadly bio-weapon is a schoolgirl who's still fighting to regain her soul and freedom. In that, I'm sure behind that leather mask is a beauty worth saving, and therefore worth worshipping. I'm actually gravitating more to this lethal babe more than I was to the feline fatale, so we'll see how she turns out once gameplay videos become available. For now, check over here for more character art.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Supremacy MMA

I posted about this game some time ago, and recently Supremacy MMA arrived. It’s a strange bird of a grappler- not quite a straight MMA game since it adopts the regular life bar system more identified with mainstream fighting titles. This is odd since well, MMA allows for submissions which should, if correctly applied, end the fight instantly. In this case though, all it does is tick away a bit of the target’s life. The roster is a mix of both real-life and fictionary fighters, all presented in a very gritty, grimy illustrated art style that brings to mind a Guy Ritchie film or such.

Like Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez? Well, you’d better since they’re all you’re getting.

Sadly, that even seeps into the game’s presentation of the ladies- which the game seems to have just taped on for the sake of having an extra feature. Really, talk about being irrelevant to the general precedings- the two ‘Femme Fatales’ of the roster- real-life fighters Felice Herrig and Michele Gutierrez- are available only to fight each other and no one else. Apparently the idea of them getting manhandled by the males was just too much to bear. Well, that set back equality in fighting games back somewhat- what would Nina Williams, Chun-Li and Sonya Blade say? Meh.

I mean, with due recognition that the real Miss Herrig and Miss Gutierrez are attractive, physically-impressive ladies- their in-game models look almost as leathery and masculine as the male roster- it’s not particularly pleasing to watch, and I think doesn’t do the actual people justice- seeing as how the game has used the ladies in the game advertising, they could have made them a tad less veined and sinewy and made them slightly more eye-friendly. Hell, why not, when they’re just there to fight each other in basically exhibition matches? Well, you can of course try the girls’ Story Mode, but it will only last you one or two fights- Short Story Mode is more like it.

The game looks dirty and grimy by choice, but it could have given these ladies a notch more appeal…

Anyway, we have what we have- two ladies with detailed, if a bit mannish, character models, on offer. Both are, as MMA dictates, barefoot, with Felice Herrig having the more fetching attire, wearing what appears to be a cloth version of a gladiator’s skirt over her undies, while Michele G. is more conservative with shorts.
The gameplay is supposedly timing-based, so just mashing away at random buttons won’t do you any good. Still, it’s a struggle to do proper combos and blocking/countering seems a hit-and-miss affair, with movements seemingly delayed and unresponsive at times- on occasion though, you’ll bust out with a long string but have no idea how you did it.
Grappling is also hit and miss, and really, not much worth the effort since all it does is tick away damage like the regular combos. Still, maybe there will be some of you out there liking the idea of two ladies squirming away on the floor…

I do appreciate the detailed characters and smooth animations… the unresponsive controls, not so much.

That all, the girls’ soles are okay- detailed but again, like the whole game, a bit on the leathery side. Really, SSFIV’s Makoto (default look) is a supermodel compared to this game’s in-game models. Heheh. Anyways, I got the game so why not post some vids from it. Aside from the matches above, I was able to compile several saucy KO animations with Felice Herrig in a cool montage vid below- the KO’s are actually pretty good, with varied reactions to different hits ala VF5 Final Showdown (man, I want my VF5FS already…). This would be awesome if only the game didn’t insist on obscuring the view with a stupid white light filter every now and then.

Best thing about the game? The various KO animations. For some reason though, the game doesn’t want you to see them clearly at times. EH?

All in all, this isn’t a game I can recommend. If you like MMA games, you’re better off getting one from the more established brands for good gameplay. As for ladies- unless you really, really, really like the two girls in this game or have a preference for mannish character models, pass and just get your kicks with a hundred other beat ‘em ups with a hundred hotter barefoot babes.
Man, after this I don’t need a shower- I need a bath to wash off the smell of sweat… Geh.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lina (DOTA2)

Lina in action in the DOTA2 Teaser Trailer.

Here's a quick but sweet update from the upcoming DOTA2 (that's Defense of The Ancients 2) from Valve. For those not familiar with it, it's a fantasy strategy-action title, a standalone sequel to the original and very popular custom map from World of Warcraft III. DOTA2 is populated with a host of formidable characters, wielding everything from magical weapons to elemental spells. Well, thankfully among the many grotesques and beastly-types, there are quite a few fetching females- and at least one HOT barefoot babe for footie fans to take a liking to. The babe is the fiery sorceress Lina, who is oddly enough apparently inspired by the anime heroine Lina Inverse. They're both redheads and can throw a mean fireball- but DOTA2's Lina has the advantage (for us, at least) by being nice enough to bare her soles and toes for us to ogle- I guess all the better to enchant her enemies before she fries 'em.

You can see Lina in action, battling her rival Crystal Maiden, in the video above. It's pretty short but you can easily see she's wearing lovely leggings that leave most of her enchanting feet exposed- the best kind of footwear for beguiling sorceresses, I'm sure. Not very practical, I guess, but hey- if you can levitate and fly, barefoot leggings are a great fashion choice!

Of course, that above vid, as cool as it is, isn't really that clear. Luckily, I was able to find a couple of pics that show us the lovely Lina a LOT clearer. The pic below is a look at her in-game model, which thankfully isn't that far off from her CG cinematic incarnation. Can you imagine this hottie floating above you, dangling her kissable toes and soles just right before your face?

Who needs shoes when you're as hot a sorceress as this fiery redhead?

Well, you don't need to imagine as the pic below actually shows what that risque angle would look like. Not only does it provide a royal view of Lina's bare soles- well, it gives us a nice look at pretty much... everything.

A somewhat more, er, intrusive angle to show that yes, indeed, Lina is barefoot. Among other things.

Sadly, this type of game really doesn't allow much ogling or appreciation of Lina in the game, as far as I know- for the most part the view is zoomed out, the action frantic with spells flying about. So for now just enjoy the vid and pics, and let this sizzling beauty's hot toes and soles bring the heat to your dreams. Just take a cold shower afterwards...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Makoto vs Sakura: Gis of War! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

This means WAR!

What IS it about the simple, basic Karate Gi? It's an intentionally bland, unadorned, unassuming and decidedly un-sexy uniform... however, the sight of a cute girl clad in it's loose folds can drive some men wild. Yes, it may be quite ironic that a garment that pretty much equalizes gender most usually enhances a babe's beauty, in our case by focusing our attention on the few parts of the body that it doesn't conceal- specifically, the feet of course. I can't say I understand fully the fascination with karate girls in gis (even if I myself have this preference on occasion), but in these times it's better to just appreciate the wonderful gorgeousness of martial lovelies in their most pure of attires.

Capcom's Streetfighter is certainly the one franchise that has made the simple karate uniform or gi famous and recognizable, even if it's due to a very male character, Ryu. But since then, female fighters have put on the gi and have gotten their own followings. In Streetfighter it certainly is fact that the one girl who symbolizes the true spirit of Karate and models the karate gi perfectly is Makoto Rindou. This fetching tomboy wears her father's passed-down uniform with true pride, patches and all. But now, a challenger has come to give this Karateka some competition. Sakura Kasugano is Ryu's no. 1 fan, but for some twist of design she instead wears her school uniform into battle instead of a gi like her idol. Well, this has finally been corrected, albeit unofficially, via the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod by Sloth86. Now Sakura can go into battle barefoot and gi-clad, and become a more fitting opponent against the champion of Rindoukan.

So here are several match vids from SSFIVAE PC, throwing our two gi-wearing girls into no-holds-barred combat: The Prize, the right to be called SSFIV's Karate Gi Girl No.1!

Well, whoever wins, as usual the true winners are us, the footfans, for having not one but two gorgeous grapplers who look gi-reat in their gis. So give both Makoto and Sakura congratulations and kisses on their tired toes and soles. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jun Kazama and The Return of Unknown! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Tekken's Barefoot Boss Babe is Back!

As of right now, we're still waiting for word on Barefoot Customization to be confirmed in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Chances are good though- right now, it's already known that many characters (though all male so far) have the option to go shoeless, plus it seems that clothing such as Karate Gis (Upper Garment) are now common to most, if not all, characters. So we may assume that perhaps Barefoot Customization will be a given. I'll want to see proof though before I break out the champagne. In any case, I've already found one pic that at least confirms that Jun Kazama, the mysterious and lovely returning fighter from Tekken 2, already has Hakamas and Instep Guards in her wardrobe- so at the very least she can be semi-barefoot ala Asuka in her P1 Martial Arts Uniform.

One of Jun Kazama's Clothing Options: Hakamas and Instep Guards

Of course, we all want total and not just partial barefoot, so let's just wait. In my opinion, chances are good. Let's all just keep crossing our fingers.

For now though, I have to say we at least have one reason to celebrate- The Final Boss (Bosses?) of Tekken Tag 2 is none other than Jun herself and Unknown, the Final Boss from the original Tekken Tag Tournament! For the benefit of those not steeped in Tekken lore, Unknown was a sexy female fighter who sported a very risque look, being totally naked except for black goo or body paint covering her strategic parts. Despite the black coloring, she's indeed barefoot, and also has a nice alt outfit where it's even more obvious. Well, this femme fatale is back and she's hotter than she's ever been, thanks to TTT2's awesome graphics and detailed character models. You can check her out in the vid above which shows her in action and in the game's Ending (Sexy!).

Jun's transformation into Unknown and the creepy Continue Screen when you lose to her...

Defeating Unknown end cutscene and credits...

Here's to Unknown being Playable and perhaps Customizable in the console version of Tekken Tag 2, so we can have this saucy vixen to enjoy along with the rest of the awesome babes of Tekken. Later then!

Juri Barefoot Bikini Action! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC)

For such a bad girl, Juri looks so good in her bikini...

As promised, here's some hot and sexy fighting action with Juri Han fighting barefoot and bikini-clad in the latest hot mod from Sloth86. In this 3-part series of matches, the deadly diva takes on another formidable femme also dressed down to perfection, the lovely Chun-Li in just her bra-and-panties (care of yet another of Sloth's mods). So, which one of these babes will reign at the end, and which will end up taking a long, dreamless nap? Well, either babe will surely deserve a comforting massage and servicing of their powerful bare peds afterwards, so perhaps the real winners of this battle will be none other than us. Heheh... Anyways, check out the videos!

Juri in her bikini, with her pale, soft-looking skin and colored toenails has a definite exotic appeal.

Who's hotter? Chun or Juri? Perhaps that will be only be made clear once one of them is still, cold and lifeless...

Every time Juri fires her Foot Fireball, she spreads her legs. I wonder if the game devs ever intended for Juri to wear this kind of outfit? Heheh...

For those who want their Juri mostly dressed up and decked in rubber save for her sexy feet, here are some vids with the TKD Vixen battling it out wearing her new Wetsuits. Enjoy!

Lara Croft now was competition for hottest game barefoot game babe in a wetsuit...

Juri schools the Schoolgirl.

Two former S.I.N. femme fatales settle their differences.

I'll certainly be posting MORE Juri Bikini Action soon, so stay tuned. I can't get enough of this babe! Barefoot Bikini Bad Girls RULE!!!

DAMN this babe is hot. DAAAAAMN!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bikini/Wetsuit Juri (Super Streetfighter Arcade Edition for PC)

The Taekwondo Vixen Returns and Bares it All!

Once again, Arch-Modder Sloth86 wows us with another hot and sexy custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC, this time for the SF superbabe who has, thus far, been a bit neglected as we've been giving all our attention to Chun-Li, Cammy and lately, Makoto. But now, finally, Taekwondo Terminatrix Juri Han can bare her all for us- well, all of her feet, at least... heheh.

Sloth86's new Bikini and Wetsuit Juri mod gives us the bitchy bombshell FULLY BAREFOOT, her seemingly ever-present instep guards/leggings now gone... which I know all of us here have been wishing for. The skin nicely comes complete with 10 variants. Four are bikinis with Juri wearing additional flip-flops and sunglasses... cute but not for me. Four more are wetsuits, which are actually cool with a nice spider insignia. Lastly are the two best of the bunch- with Juri in a bikini AND barefoot. No. 9 is the closest to the illustration above which inspired the mod (and the one I'll be using the most). No. 10 is... well, an extra-skimpy bikini that is almost NSFW but quite, quite awesome... heck, bikini may be too strong a word- I think string may be more appropriate. Heheh...

Anyway, I've installed the mod and I have to say- it's the best yet. Juri has that undeniably intoxicating bad girl appeal, and of course her moves and attacks are all given to sexy views. Plus she has something all the other girls don't... painted toenails, which I'm sure will make her THE barefoot babe of choice for a lot of footfans. In any case, she's so delectable, you can just imagine her laying her now-fully bare foot on your chest, just egging you to kiss or lick her toes. I think we'll all be happy to oblige. Heheh...

Anyway, videos to come very soon as I unlock the last two (and hottest) bikini skins, and introduce Barefoot Bikini Juri to the rest of the babes... can you say super-sexy catfights?

Now all we need is a sexy fully-barefoot Ibuki and a sexier Sakura skin! Please make it so, Sloth86!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Makoto as Lightning! (Final Fantasy XIII, Super Streetfighter IV A.E. on PC)

No, Lightning isn't dead... she's alive and (karate) kicking in the Streetfighter world!

Now THIS came from left field... I never expected this, nor was I aware that the totally awesome modder Sloth86 was working on another custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC so soon after producing his wonderful Chun-Li SF2 Animated Movie costume. Well, he was indeed working on something, and here it is to my utter and complete surprise but total pleasure!

It's Makoto as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII! It's very unexpected for me to see tomboy Mak in the role of the pink-haired female soldier from FF... but that's only until you get a good look at the mod. This custom skin is a masterpiece of detail, getting everything from the hairstyle to the costume (complete with an animated cape/scarf) pretty accurately. But probably best is Mak's face- her expression is actually a perfect fit for the combative, somewhat ever-angry Lightning. All in all, it's quite amazing and yet again an awesome mod masterpiece! I guess we really shouldn't be surprised- Sloth86 also made an excellent Vanille mod for Ibuki after all! Perhaps the one thing that some may comment on the mod... Lightning got buff. But I think it's great, and finally Makoto gets to show off the rest of her hot body (aside from her big feet) to match the other girls' sexy custom outfits!

Makoto makes for a very tough-looking and kick-ass Lightning!

But of course, what about us Foot Fans? Lightning, beautiful as she is, is not known for going bootless or barefoot ever... well, that is, UNTIL NOW! Perhaps as the single most telling sign that Sloth is indeed a foot fan like us here, he included not one but TWO Barefoot Variants among the 10 selectable colors of the Lightning costume. One is simply Lightning without her gloves and boots. which is already smokin' hot (thanks to upskirt views aplenty). However, it's the other barefoot skin that's the icing on this cake: It's Underwear Lightning, which makes this pretty much the sexiest and skimpiest outfit Makoto has ever been seen in (that is not NSFW). Those who have been dreaming of Makoto in a sexier outfit that shows more skin (and what fair, soft-looking skin she has now)... your (Final) Fantasy has come true! I have to say... Makoto's/Lightning's buff physique is very, very hot! To think she's been hiding that sexy bod under frumpy karate uniforms all this time!

Made just for us Footies: Gloveless/Bootless Lightning and Underwear Lightning

Here's the Lightning mod in action as we see a Mirror Match between Default Lightning (meh) and Gloveless/Bootless Lightning (HOT!!!). Who will stand victorious at the end?

Default Lightning vs Gloveless/Bootless Lightning... FIGHT!

In this second and final part of this battle, Default Lightning sheds off her garments to become... Underwear Lightning! This match can only end with one babe standing!

Lightning, barefoot and in her undies... truly a (Final) Fantasy come true!

MORE Barefoot Lightning action with the FFXIII heroine taking on another scantily-clad battle-babe, Escape From Shadaloo Cammy! Who will stand victorious in the end? Watch and find out!

As big a Makoto fan I am, I never dreamed she'd be able to stand toe-to-toe with Barefoot Cammy in this way... man, this mod really shows off how HOT Makoto can be. Once again I have to say THANK YOU and AWESOME WORK to Sloth86, and I have already installed the mod. Finally Makoto has a hot barefoot outfit to match the other girls. From here on, I'm hoping this Win Streak continues and Sloth gives us hot and sexy barefoot mods for the last two girls yet to bare more skin- Ibuki and Sakura. I have to say, seeing his work here, I am of the thinking that perhaps if we can contact or reach him somehow, perhaps we can give him suggestions for future Barefoot Mods, in case he's wanting some inspiration.

Lightning/Makoto panty shots- surely some gamers' Final Fantasy...

For now though, I'm gonna watch me some barefoot babe fights. I'll be posting vids featuring this awesome new mod soon, so stay tuned! For now, let Makoto/Lightning's big, beautiful toes and soles fill your soleful dreams! BTW, for those who want to download the Makoto-Lightning mod, you can find it here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)

One of the most intriguing upcoming fighting games is this 2D masterpiece-in-the-making, Skullgirls from Reverge Labs. An all-girl (at least, initially) fighter with a refreshingly different art style and a darkly comic feel, this beat 'em up is being done by fighting game fans for fighting game fans. The gameplay looks smashing and imaginative, with nice touches such as knocked-out fighters' bodies remaining onscreen as the fight goes on, making for some sexy carnage. The characters themselves, despite the cartoony, non-anime style, have their own sex appeal... such as the exceptionally leggy Parasoul who brings to mind Lili Rochefort, albeit in 2D (and armed with a living umbrella).

But what about barefoot babes, you may ask? Thankfully we have at least one- the recently-introduced Ms. Fortune is a barefoot catgirl who will surely appeal to foot fans and furry enthusiasts. The first time I saw her early design I was kinda disappointed (her feet looked more like claws and were far too small), but the final look for the character is very much to my liking.


Apparently in keeping with the game's dark storyline, Ms. Fortune is dead- well, she WAS, until a mystical artifact she stole and swallowed brought her back to life even after she was chopped up into several pieces. Now she's back and spoiling for revenge. Her fighting style apparently involves her ability to detach her head and various body parts for various creepy attacks- sounds interesting. There's no gameplay yet showing off this purr-fect vixen, so stay tuned while we wait for that. There's at least one more barefoot character who may be added to Skullgirls' roster, so cross your fingers that we get another hottie to play with in this 2D fighter. The game is out in late 2011 for both PSN and XBLA.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super-Cute Juri Han Art! (Streetfighter)

The TKD Vixen never looked so CUTE!

Quickie post here- just wanted to share this wonderful artwork of the lethal Juri Han made by artist deviant-003. You can plainly see, this artwork looks made plainly for our enjoyment from the angle and detail. I'm sure you'll want this in as big a size as possible so download that over here. You're welcome. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slow-Motion Effect with Quicktime Pro!

Okay, this is a bit of a change from my usual posts, as I get a bit technical here. It's actually not about barefoot babes per se, but it will impact quality of many of my future videos. It's a nice little trick I learned from this cool blog.

As you all know, I do edit my vids and add effects quite often- and slow-motion is perhaps my most-used effect. All this time though, I’ve had to make do with the rather sub-standard results of the old iMovie HD6. I’ve had to use this simply because Apple removed most effects, slow-motion included, from the new iMovie (like, WTH?). All this time though I’ve never really been satisfied with the slow-mo; it’s got a strobe-like effect which is just not as smooth as I’d like. To get the smoother results I want, I’d probably have to get a better and probably more expensive editing software suite… that is, until I found out about this neat trick.

If you have QuickTime Pro, you’ll probably be aware that you can adjust playback speeds with the A/V Controls under the ‘Windows’ menu (up to 50% slower playback). The problem with this is that this is just a playback speed change that doesn’t actually make your clip longer or shorter; once you import the vid into your editing software it reverts back to the normal playspeed. If only there was a way to make that slower playspeed permanent! Well, there is, actually, and all you need is QT Pro and some bits of cutting and pasting.

How to get slow-motion (50%) with QuickTime Pro (that’s PRO, okay. So if you’ve just got plain, Vanilla QT, this won’t work).

1. Have your 'Source' clip (the part you want slowed down) ready. Create a new empty movie ('New Player') under the 'File' menu.

2. With your Source clip, press Ctrl + A (Select All), then Ctrl + C (Copy).

3. Switch to the New Player, then Ctrl + V (Paste) twice. This gives you a movie double the length of your original Source clip.

4. In the new player go to the 'Windows' menu and go to 'Show Movie Properties'. Select 'Video Track' and delete.

5. Now switch back to the Source Clip and press Ctrl + C (Copy) again.

6. Switch back to the new player and this time from the Edit menu select “Add to selection & scale”. This will stretch your pasted movie to the length of the new player, doubling the duration and thus making it slow-mo. Save your new movie and it's ready for editing!

So you may ask, does this trick make a difference from the in-built slow-mo effect in iMovie HD6? Well, check the clips I’ve posted below to see the difference… I’m sure you can see the quality of the QTP slow-mo is noticeably smoother and therefore better!

I’ll be incorporating this trick with all my upcoming and future videos, and I just may (being the anal arse that I am) redo many of my KO ryona with the improved effect. Bottom-line, this should make my vids a lot nicer and all our barefoot babes easier to appreciate. Ain’t that nice? Okay, enough tech stuff. Back to game playing and babe ogling then!

Chun-Li vs Vega SF2 Anime Rematch Battle! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

Chun Li vs Vega by SolePatrol
The Chun-Li vs Vega fight is still the sexiest fight in game anime to this day, I think.

Here's some SSFIV PC barefoot babe action, featuring the lovely Chun-Li dressed in her mad-hot Streetfighter II the Animated Movie Mod Skin by Sloth86. I've done this in three parts, with Chun and Vega battling it out for Best of 3. Will this rematch end in Vega eating Chun's soles in the face once again, or will the Shadaloo Assassin carve out a win? Well, watch the sexy in-game action and find out!

The first round goes to Vega, leaving the lovely Interpol agent down and out.

Wounded but triumphant, Chun-Li takes the second round to stay alive.

The final round sees Chun shedding the ripped shirt to fight in her undies... does Vega stand a chance against such hotness?

The SF2 Chun-Li mod skin has become my new favorite, even if I'm still loving 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy first and foremost in SSFIV PC. But I have to say, Chun-Li has jumped right almost next to her now thanks to the new mod. It's really a dream come true for us to enjoy this awesome fan service outfit, so once again I have to say thanks to Sloth86 for making this gaming barefoot babe otaku dream come true. Enjoy the vids, and dream of Chun-Li pressing her lovely soles into our faces. Just not too hard please...? Heheh...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chun-Li Streetfighter 2 the Animated Movie Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

Sloth86 recreates the classic fan service Chun-Li outfit for gamers.

Footfans, first and foremost, let all of us say to the awesome modder Sloth86... 'YOU FRAKKIN' RULE!' Because he does, and to show that he has brought the most famous, hottest and most-fantasized fan service look for the beautiful Chun-Li ever into actual gameplay. Yep, as I posted earlier, Sloth has recreated the barefoot, lingerie-clad Chun from the classic Streetfighter II Animated Movie as a mod skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC.

The Hottest Battle of the Sexes in Anime.

In the case of the incredible chance that you're not familiar with the SF2 Anime, I'm of course referring to the 1994 animated SF2 film which featured perhaps the sexiest anime fight ever: A full-on brawl between Shadaloo Master Assassin Vega and his unsuspecting target, Interpol Agent Chun-Li, fresh out of the shower and dressed in just her bra, panties and a flimsy nightshirt.

They don't make anime like this anymore...

The fight is a long and grueling fight for both combatants with Chun getting slashed multiple times and beaten up royally... but it's Vega who gets the worse of it, receiving a painful stomp-and-grind right on his face from Chun-Li's kick-ass and hot feet, a full Lightning Leg Barrage and at the very end, an amazing Ultra-esque Double Foot Stomp (I would say it's similar to the final blow of her SSFIV Hosenka Ultra) right to the Kisser which sends him screaming through a wall and into the darkness of obilivion. Needless to say, we don't see Vega again in the film.

What a sight for sore eyes (and body, in Vega's case)...

Sloth's masterwork mod includes not only a truly accurate-looking mod ripped from the film (complete with details such as Chun's slightly-messed up hair, the yellow shirt and the lacy look of her undies) but it includes a full 10-color lineup of variants with both Clean and Wounded versions (Which is darn cool... I don't particularly like the blood). The last two outfits will please all to no end, I'm sure- it's Chun in just her bra-and-panties (I call it the 'ChUndies' outfits... heheh) which I say is a sight that once again makes me HAPPY that I invested in a PC Laptop for this game!

From anime-accurate versions (bloody and clean) and color variants to sexy Undies Only versions... it's all here.

I just have to say that there are a couple of downers in this development- the first is that the SF2 Anime Mod didn't make it into the recent Mod Skin Poll I've been running all month- since I'm pretty sure THIS skin would have far-and-away been the winner (I think). Oh well...
The second downer is that now I have to remove Sloth's earlier but still darn awesome Chun-Li Gymnast Mod and replace it with the SF2 Anime Skin. I can always reinstall it if I have a hankering for Chun in a leotard but hell... what could be better than ChUndies? Heheh. The awesome skin can be downloaded here.

Chun's Hosenka Ultra, in Anime Form.

Anyway, once again I have to thank Sloth86 for his awesome work, and all of you should too! I'll be posting a TON of videos with SF2 Anime Chun-Li very soon, featuring all the color variants. It'll take time, but I'll post them within the week, so stay tuned. Man, with SSFIV AE PC and VF5FS... it's GREAT to be a FootFan Gamer!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chun-Li Gymnast Color Variants (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

Ooh, so many colors!

A couple of nice updates here for our favorite barefoot modded fighting game. Regarding the lovely Chun-Li Gymnast outfit originally made by Sloth86 (one of the best barefoot mods available), a cool color pack has been made and released for it by modder g4m3ov3r. Previously, only one color was available, and trying to select a different one would crash the game. With this new mod (copy and pasted over Sloth's original) however, that is no longer a problem. The variants are really nice, albeit I was really hoping for blue (reference to her default costume) and pink among the choices- but that's just a nitpick. My favorite is still the original red, but the black-and-red no. 10 variant is hellasexy- like an 'evil' version... well, as evil as a lovely barefoot Gymnast can be. Heheh... Anyway, the color pack mod can be downloaded here.

The other cool update regards the current project of our favorite barefoot modder- apparently Sloth86 is working on recreating Chun-Li's look from the classic Streetfighter II The Animated Movie! It's a costume pretty much everyone here has been asking for, so it's awesome that it's coming- let's cross our fingers that Sloth works his usual magic and delivers another cool and faithful recreation (I have little doubt he can do it, given how close and accurate his mods have been, such as his pretty mindblowingly awesome Vanille skin (FFXIII) for Ibuki). Later then!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown FINALLY Coming to Consoles in 2012!!!

Sarah's coming to your PS3 or Xbox360. Oh, yeah.

Perhaps the single most wonderful news for us barefoot videogame babe fans all year has finally arrived! Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has FINALLY been announced for consoles. This downloadable, standalone release (no need to own the original VF5 disc) will be coming to PSN and Xboxlive in Summer 2012.

In case you haven't seen any of the gazillion articles I've posted about VF5FS, let me enlighten you. Final Showdown is the latest and GREATEST upgrade to Sega's flagship fighter- arguably the finest one-on-one fighting game out there, it also has the distinction of pretty much having oodles of fan service- which includes, YES, Barefoot Customization for ALL the game's hot and sexy female fighters as well as sexy costumes which include skimpy swimsuits and bikinis. In other words, VF5 Final Showdown is a Dream Come True for us! Bikinis banned in Tekken? Well, who cares! VF5FS is all we need! WOOHOO!!!

The VF5 Final Showdown Console Announcement Trailer.

Yes, we 'heart' you too, bikini-clad cutie.

At long last, The delectable ladies of VF: Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant, Aoi Umenokoji, Vanessa Lewis and Eileen will be OURS, baring their hot, perfect soles and toes (and MORE) in the comfort of our home consoles. It's still a long way off (Summer 2012), but man- it'll be here long before Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for consoles. It's something truly to look forward to, if there's anything worth looking forward to in barefoot babe games. This is indeed truly something to rejoice about. Seeya in Summer 2012, ladies!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Trickster: Barefoot Female Assassin (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

The Trickster- one barefoot rose among the many thorns in ACR Mutliplayer.

As a bit of a change from the recent domination of the blog by barefoot babes from Streetfighter, here's an unshod lass from a totally different genre- an upcoming stealth/action-adventure game and much-anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Assassin's Creed series, Assassin's Creed Revelations. This game continues (and concludes) the story of Ezio Auditore, the Italian Assassin who's been battling the Knights Templars all his life. To be honest, I haven't played this series as much as I should, though I do know that an earlier installment, Assassin's Creed 2, had barefoot NPC babes. But the upcoming sequel has been brought to my attention by one of the viewers at my Youtube Channel (Thanks, Dahaka30 for the heads up!) due to the existence of a barefoot babe in the roster of playable characters in ACR's Multiplayer mode.

The babe is called The Trickster, a gypsy-like rogue who looks certainly hot enough to distract and tempt any male with her tantalizing toes and soles. But of course, like all of the assembled Multiplayer minions, she's a hardened killer and will slash, stab or strangle anyone in her way given the chance. I'm hoping her attack animations involve her jamming her foot into her victim's faces or something similar. Certainly this deadly damsel can move as sexily as she looks!

Get ready to play Footsie with The Trickster in Assassins Creed's Multiplayer Mayhem.

Aside from using The Trickster in Multiplayer, there's also a chance that players will be able to chase this barefoot babe's speedy soles in the game's Solo Campaign- I know I'll indeed want to chase her to the ends of the earth just to get at those feet! Well, we'll see how awesome this game is as the months tick down to Assassins Creed Revelations' release in November. Till then, I'll keep my eyes out for more pics and videos of her in action. For now, enjoy the pic and dream of her teasing, tricky feet tip-toeing about...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ibuki Confirmed in Streetfighter X Tekken (UPDATED with VIDEO!)

Ibuki's intro animation gives us a great sole shot- Awesome!

Just a nice news post- footfans now have at least one reason to await the upcoming console brawler Streetfighter X Tekken. It's now confirmed that Ibuki, the super-cute shoeless kunoichi is now part of the roster. She's sure to have her cool attacks and techniques where she's aiming her lovely soles at her opponents' faces. Though it's still unconfirmed, rumor has it that Makoto, Ibuki's friend and rival from SSFIV and SF3, will also be appearing in this game. Aside from that it's almost certain that Asuka Kazama will also be kicking butt, hopefully sporting her nice hakamas and instep guards that show off her pretty heels and toes. I'll be keeping an eye on this fighting game from here on in. Things look good for us footies in 2012!

Ibuki and her pretty ninja feet are set to kick ass in Streetfighter X Tekken!

WIll there be more barefoot babes in SFXT?