Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Streetfighter V: Barefoot Cammy Mod is Here! (PC)

Cammy bares her soles for us in Streetfighter V!

Once again, awesome modder BrutalAce delivers another barefoot mod for Streetfighter V (PC), and it's for the stunning (and incredibly ripped this time around) Cammy. Killer Bee has never looked this formidable, and I think her feet are just screaming to be set free from those cloying boots. The foot model used by BA are the same ones used by modder Sloth86 for the original barefoot mod for Cammy back in the Streetfighter IV days, but updated with more hi-res textures and stuff (I have no idea what I am talking about). Suffice to say, BA's attention to detail pays off once again with a mod that looks so good, you'd think that Cammy has never worn boots ever- she looks so natural barefooted in the game, it's amazing.

In my dreams, Cammy was barefooted from Day One, a gymnast fighter (or a combat gymnast?) who uses her speed and momentum, as well as her entire body, to deliver crushing blows, even with her petite hands and feet. I have to say, while Chun-Li certainly is close, Cammy is my favorite SF babe to be, um, debooted- since perhaps years ago- prior to these days of modding and such- seeing Cammy's bare feet would have only been possible in one's dreams, or fan art, or in Photoshop. Now, this is as good as real.

Cammy gets on the receiving end of the game's entertaining 'special' KOs...

Darn, thanks to these mods, I don't regret getting SFV, which is otherwise a bit of a pain and a lackluster and barebones package- hopefully that will change soon with the addition of more fighters (Ibuki and Juri...) and hopefully soon, VS CPU and Arcade mods. Stupid, silly Capcom.

For now though, I am so happy with my barefoot Cammy. More footage (haha) of Killer Barefoot Bee will be up as I can make them. for now, enjoy the vids!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Streetfighter V: Barefoot R.Mika!

The first barefoot mod for the latest Streetfighter is here!

The future of barefoot game babes has arrived! Thanks to awesome modder BrutalAce, who has given us a ton of sexy barefoot mods for the Streetfighter IV games, we can now enjoy the sexy bare soles of SFV's wrestling princess. Streetfighter V is ridiculously bare in content as of yet, but that hasn't stopped the modders from eating up this game and spewing out already-awesome mods for the PC version. BrutalAce thankfully has the footfans' interests at heart, and after this initial effort we can expect more barefoot mods for the rest of the SFV girls. Who's next? Wait and see... for now, enjoy the vid!