Thursday, August 30, 2012

Lili Bikini Mod Coming! (Streetfighter X Tekken)


Apologies again that this month has seen the fewest posts from me in a long time. Can't be helped, it's a bit slow all around, and I had many personal matters to attend to. In any case, I am thankful though that for what will probably be the last post this month is a pretty Awesome bit of barefoot videogame babe goodness, as we can see in the pic above. YES, a Barefoot Bikini Mod for none other than Lili Rochefort in Streetfighter X Tekken! The bikini is patterned of course after Lili's suit in Tekken Tag 2, but thankfully, THANKFULLY has her barefoot (unlike in TTT2). Now, I'm still hoping that there will be barefoot bikinis or at least a barefoot option in Tekken Tag 2, but in case that doesn't pan out- well, this mod should give us quite a bit of enjoyment that the Harada and team have denied us. Up to now, all the barefoot mods in the game have been mainly for the SF Babes (with the exception of that awesome Nina Original Tekken P1 mod). Even just from the WIP visual above (Lili has no belly button at this point... heheh), I'm pretty happy with the mod. Lili's feet look great, and her soles look lovely and fleshy indeed. I can't wait to see this in action! So let's wish modder Rhazieul all the best- and perhaps after he finishes with this treat, maybe he'll move onto giving Asuka her own bathing gear? Hope, hope! Stay tuned for this... I'll post vids as soon as the mod's available. Later then!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

VF5 Final Showdown Bikini Babe Poll Results

Aoi and Sarah share the Top Spot!

Sorry for the long lapse in updates- August is almost done and yet I've barely posted anything. Sadly, I had a lot of personal stuff that took most of my time, so I wasn't able to give the blog the attention it required. Anyway, that's mostly done, so I'm working on getting back to posting. For starters, I'd like to wrap up last month's Poll for Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown. VF5FS is without a doubt the hottest barefoot babe fighting game you can get right now, thanks to it's HOT babes and the awesome character customization that makes bare feet a common and basic option. Anyway, I rolled a poll that asked you readers which of the VF5 babes is the hottest in their sexy swimsuits, and the votes are in.

Surprisingly, the poll ended with a tie between hotties Aoi Umenokoji and Sarah Bryant! Really, while I do find the lovely Japanese aiki-jutsu mistress amazingly hot (I do dig hakamas and kimonos after all), that she'd rival blonde bombshell Sarah with her unstoppable legs is quite a feat. Both girls are, as far as I know, in their early twenties but with totally different fighting styles and personalities. Sarah is tough but teasing, all about high kicks that are as flashy as they are deadly. Aoi is on the surface demure but quite a minx, with her often flowy traditional attire revealing as much as they conceal. Since I got my copy of Final Showdown I've gotten really into Sarah, while Aoi is a sentimental, all-time fave. I'm glad both are popular among the readers here! I'll see about posting more Aoi and Sarah videos on YT and here very soon.

Eileen... yep, she's darn hot!

But here's a nicer surprise. Lovely and super-cute Eileen beats out both Kung-Fu Princess Pai Chan and Commando Hottie Vanessa Lewis for the runner-up spot. Though we don't actually know her true age, Eileen certainly has her seeming youth as a big appeal, but for me I love her petite but amazing bod, her cool moves and, well, those playful feet that look so incredibly, bonelessly soft and suck-worthy. Man, I really want to give this girl a foot massage (while slipping in some kisses on those sugary toes) after she kicks butt in style.

If you haven't already gotten a copy of VF5 Final Showdown, it's now available on both PSN and XboxLive Marketplace. Get it! Certainly it's as awesome a fighter as it is sexy a barefoot babe showcase. Even if the upcoming fighters seem short when it comes to footie content, we can thankfully rely on this relatively new title to hold the line to give us barefoot babe enjoyment on our consoles. Darn, that just makes me want to play more VF5FS right now. Later then, readers! Keep dreaming of sexy Virtua Feet!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Lydia: Barefoot Gladiatrix! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

Barefoot Lydia is truly a sight to behold...

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim on PC, with the right mods installed pretty much is the BEST game for enjoying and ogling gorgeous sexy babes with the most amazing feet and soles in interactive entertainment. Just have CBBE V3 or UNP with FemFeet installed, as well as your choice of mod to beautify the default-wrinkly faces (I am using Luscious Faces at present) and you've got eye candy extraordinaire in this sandbox of a fantasy world.

Recently, I've been able to find more fun, just roaming the countryside with my small but deadly army of barefoot Dead Thrall Babes. But of course, something was missing- and I realized my troops needed a hot soleful lady to lead them. Well, I finally got to put the fair and formidable Lydia into this role, giving her a sexy new set of armor- it's called the Arena Mercenary Cuirass, which kinda makes Lydia look like a gladiator chick. Added to this are a set of awesome Barefoot Imperial Leggings which nicely keep her feet exposed for our pleasure. These leggings were originally UNP only, but someone thankfully converted it recently for use with CBBE.

Lydia leads my Barefoot Babe Army into battle!

Nicely enough I can now also enjoy ogling Lydia's sexy soles when she takes a nap in between battles- thankfully all that fighting hasn't taken anything away from how feminine and flawless Lydia's feet are. Yummy! Of course, if she caught us staring at her soles she might just draw her sword on us... heheh.

Even a seasoned warrior like Lydia needs her beauty rest.

I expect to play tons more Skyrim in the near future, as the Dawnguard expansion has just been released for PC. Let's see if the Vampire-centric Expansion gives us new barefoot babe pleasures in the hours of questing to come. I got my shoeless horde ready for battle- just bring it on, bloodsuckers!

Lydia's sleepy soles certainly deserve some tender lovin' massaging.

UPDATE: I just tried equipping the other female Housecarls with the Barefoot Imperial Leggings, and for some reason when they equip them, both Iona and Jordis still inexplicably appear to be wearing their default Steel Cuffed Boots- making Lydia the only female HC to be able to go barefoot with the mod footwear... man, she IS special! I guess I'll be keeping Lydia as my Barefoot Babe Follower of Choice for now... Nice.


The quest for sexy soles and barefoot knockouts in Skyrim is neverending!