Saturday, December 9, 2017

Soul Calibur VI: Barefoot Sophitia is BACK!

Sophitia jumps back into the fight feet first...

Soul Calibur VI just got revealed recently, and this early we got nice foot-age of the lovely Sophitia Alexandra fighting bare-legged and barefooted in-game. Armor breaks are back, and thankfully its Sophie who demonstrates this feature, getting her armored leggings shattered off to reveal her silky long legs and feet (as opposed to us seeing Mitsurugi's silky legs and feet...). There's quite a bit of barefoot Sophie in the 10-minute or so clip, so enjoy it, even if the subtitles do get in the way occasionally.

My only gripes of course is that, well, SC's character models have never had good, detailed foot models. The shape is off, sometimes a bit to narrow or small, the toes are edged and polygonal, and there are no skin textures to speak of. With Tekken 7 having the best-looking bare feet, toes and soles I've seen in gaming yet, hopefully Soul Calibur will follow suit. They are using Unreal Engine 4 as well after all.

No word either on if Character Creation will return, but I'm sure that the devs would be insane to take off such a mega-popular feature. It is awesome at least we get to see barefoot babes in this just-announced game so early. AND its coming to PC as well.

The game is set for release sometime in 2018. Here's to it coming sooner, rather than later. For now, enjoy the video!

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Barefoot Babe Games on PC and Mobile

Team Ninja's NiOh is finally available on Steam!

There have been quite a few games with barefoot babes that have been exclusive to some consoles. But thankfully, some have finally arrived on the best platform for us footlovers- PC! Nioh, or Ni-Oh, from Tecmo KOEI and Team Ninja, is now out with the Ni-Oh Complete Edition for Steam.

Ni-Oh features a couple of gorgeous barefoot babes to encounter in your adventures in becoming Ancient Japan's ultimate warrior. One is Okatsu, the lovely kunoichi or ninja girl who you engages you barefooted when she is possessed and under control by the enemy. Another hottie is the Yuki-Onna (heheh), the ice-using, barefooted incarnation of Lady Noh, who is one of the game's tough bosses.
Ni-Oh is very similar to the popular Dark Souls in its difficulty and combat, but sadly you can't play as a female, barefooted or not. Still, Okatsu and Yuki-Onna are wonderful babes that footfans should not miss.

Cheetah is one hot cat.

Another footfan game out on PC recently is Injustice 2. The DC comics brawler from Netherrealms is pretty slick with awesome, smooth animations and fighting action, a large roster and one of the best fignting game stories yet told. Unfortunately, there's only one barefoot babe in the game, and that's The Cheetah... but what a babe! She's barefoot, a bit furry, deadly and speaks with a sexy English accent. What's not to like? Getting this myself soon enough.

Then here's Punch Planet. This new, indie fighter is already out on Steam Early Access, and comes with 4 fighters (with four more coming next year). One of the fighters is Tyara, a barefooted Amazon warrior woman who can give Chun-Li a run for her money in terms of thunder thighs. Good thing she fights barefooted, which makes her awesome in our books.

SFIV CE is good as Streetfighter III and IV on your phone or tablet! Well, kinda...

Finally, for you guys always on the go, there's Streetfighter IV Champion Edition. While nowhere near as smooth as the PC or console versions, SFIV on mobile still has pretty good fighting action and a pretty large roster- which now includes all three of the barefoot babes of Streetfighter 3- Ibuki, Elena and Makoto, and with a recent update, the Taekwondo Vixen herself, Juri Han! So if you want barefoot babe action on your phone or tablet, SFIV Champion Edition is the way to go (now out on iOS devices, Android gets it soon).

With the year almost done, I'm hopeful for some surprised before the new year. Then, it's another time to wait for great digital divas to de-boot for our enjoyment. Later then!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Tyara Teaser Trailer (Punch Planet)

A Beautiful, Butt-kicking Barefoot Space Amazon? SOLD!

Punch Planet is an indie fighting game that I've had my eye on for quite a while. Development has been a bit on the slow side, but the animation and fighting action look really good. There are only a few fighters (4 so far), which does not bode well for any possible release anytime soon. But this is looking to be something to look forward to- and now, it seems to have borne fruit. They have finally posted a teaser for Tyara, a barefooted space amazon who caught my attention to this game in the first place. She looks pretty cool, and I am intrigued to know what her story is. Anyways, good to see the game has finally reached the point where they are now spotlighting her. This is no Tekken 7, nor does it need to be- the art style is unique and this is looking to be a quality brawler. One for the future then.

You can find out more about the game at its official website.

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tekken 7 KO Endings are here!

We stage once again the classic fight between these two rivals...

While I have used XPS models to create Knockout Endings for games such as Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Streetfighter V, a different method has surfaced for the newly-released Tekken 7. As of right now, XPS models for this game aren't many or easy to use. But thankfully, a Camera mod lets me take sexy footage of unconscious babes during win poses/victory screens.

The beautiful Alisa takes a long nap after this fight...

The KO poses are in-game, and nicely show off the beautiful character models perfectly. I gotta say it again- Tekken 7 has the best-looking in-game digital bare feet I've ever seen. I gotta applaud the Tekken devs for producing such lovely and life-like digital soles and toes, though I have always known Tekken had great feet since Tekken 6. Other videogame devs, take note!

Ever wanted to see Lucky Chloe laid out and out cold?

Anyway, I will keep on posting KO vids for Tekken 7 as well as my other main brawlers on my Youtube channel. This is but the beginning! Virtual Soles have never looked as gorgeous as they do today, so stay tuned!

Friday, June 9, 2017

Tekken 7 (PC): Best Videogame Soles Ever?

New Tekken beauty Josie Rizal shows she's got SOLE.


DAAAAAAMN it was a freakin' long wait. Indeed, we've been waiting since 2012 for a good, proper Tekken game. Yes, even if Tekken Tag Tournament 2 was overall a disappointment with its downgraded Character Customization and the shortage of barefoot customizations, it DID give us the sexy, barefoot Angel and Unknown, plus let us have a shoeless (and definitely female) Leo Kliesen. After that came the rather barren Tekken Revolution, and we chafed for a real Tekken game to arrive and treat us with proper sexy barefoot brawling.

Now it's here! Tekken 7 is now out for Xbox One, PS4 (and PS4 PRO) and PC. The game looks AMAZING, and is surely the most gorgeous-looking Tekken ever, and certainly a superior port. Huge, detailed character models moving at silky-smooth 60FPS with the most refined fighting action ever in the series are on offer here, and a host of lovely ladies to de-boot with Character Customization. We can, right?

Well, as we've been mentioning for all these past weeks, the Character Customization in Tekken 7 is a mixed bag. Yes, it's very similar to Tekken Tag 2's dumbed-down customs, with the bottoms lumped together with footwear and with most items being common to everyone save a few unique items. But thankfully for us footfans, there are barefoot options for pretty much everyone. The bad news is that half of the Tekken Girls will apparently need to wait a bit for the barefoot Tropical Bikini costumes to be added later as DLC.

Be sure to watch the vids in 60FPS HD to see these sexy babes best...

As of right now though, we have three beautiful brawlers' soles to enjoy- our favorite leg model Lili Rochefort, adorable android Alisa Bosconovitch, sassy Brazilian Katarina Alves, Filipina cutie Josie Rizal and the peppy Lucky Chloe. Katarina is the only one with a full-body swimsuit costume as of yet, which is probably the sexiest outfit in the game. But of course, my fave is still Lili with her rather flashy Bikini Skirt (legs for DAYS!).

And I can readily say, Tekken 7 has easily the best-looking, sexiest feet and soles EVER in the series. The ladies' toes and soles look amazing, lifelike and detailed, and look great even up close (and the camera gets quite close in many of the moves and attacks, thanks to a very energetic camera).  Lots of nice, pause-worthy moments... which makes the 60FPS animation such a godsend. Heh...

So far the fighting action is great, and the videos are already online at the Youtube Channel. Tekken 7 is sure to be a mainstay with us from here on, along with our other favorite fighters. And we're hoping it only gets better from here. Hopefully we get Asuka and the other babes out of their boots and showing sole soon enough.

We see countless barefoot brawls and sexy KOs to come!

For now though, enjoy the vids. Have you got your Tekken 7 yet? Get yours now!

Monday, May 29, 2017

Confirmed Barefoot Customizations in Tekken 7 (Home Version)

Tekken 7 is OUT! Well, actually, it isn't officially... but some places, like Peru, have broken street date and not a lot of gamers are streaming Namco-Bandai's latest and greatest KOIFT game online and spoiling things for impatient Tekken fans the world over.

Well, we have to wait a few days more for the release of the PC version, but I think it'll be worth it. I did take a look at some non-spoilery vids, such as the one above. It shows off the currently-available customizations for most (Eliza not included) of the fighters in the game. I say 'currently' because it is quite obvious that many items which exist in the arcade version (and should by all rights be in the home game as well) as as yet missing. These include the swimsuits (including the all-important Tropical Bikini) for both females and males. I assume these items will be added post-launch by a patch, or offered as DLC content; the Season Pass after all mentions 'more additional costumes'.

That aside though, all is not lost. There ARE barefoot customizations for our lovely Tekken babes available in the game out of the box, although not for all of them. So who got left out of the bus and who will be barefootin' it on Tekken 7's launch week?

The Bad News first- Asuka Kazama, Nina Williams, Master Raven, Kazumi Mishima and Ling Xiaoyu (and Leo Kliesen if you still consider the character female) all have NO unique barefoot customization options as of yet. I'm really not sure why that is so- does the Tekken Team draw lotteries to see who can go barefoot or not in every Tekken game? Is there some sort of unwritten law? It can't be by age with Asuka and Ling being grouped with the other ladies... I really can't figure it out.

Anyway, the Good News: Lili Rochefort, Alisa Bosconovitch, Lucky Chloe, Josie Rizal and Katarina Alves each have one barefoot customization option.

Alisa has a barefooted skirt called the 'Peach Beach Skirt'.

Josie Rizal and Lucky Chloe both have P1 Bare Feet customization, allowing them to go shoeless in their default bottoms.

Sassy Katarina has a full-body customization called 'No Summer Dress', which refers to her Summer Dress oufit. Equipping No Summer Dress leaves Kat in just a fancy two-piece swimsuit and her sexy, lethal bare feet.

Finally, Lili has her uber-sexy 'High Class Bikini Skirt', a lower body customization which pretty much goes perfectly with any top. This pretty much shoots up her hotness waaay over Asuka (who is just a frumpy hag compared to her hahaha). Can you say upskirts every time she moves? LOL

So out of the box, about half of the female cast can go barefoot- half can't. That should be remedied by the addition of the Tropical Bikini costume, which we may have to wait for a bit. But thankfully, even this early I can easily say that at least Tekken 7 is miles away a much better game for footfans than Tekken Tag 2 was, and thanks to the sexier outfits, a notch above our longtime favorite, Tekken 6.

Man, I can't wait for June 2! Have you preordered your Tekken 7 yet?

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Tekken 7: Barefoot Customizations So Far...

get a photo url

Tekken 7 has at least one barefoot customization for each girl...

Tekken 7's home version is less than three weeks away, and the wait is excruciating! However, footfans can take heart that this game at the very least should deliver with what we always look for in a good fighter- Barefoot Customization for our favorite babes. Now, unlike the previous Tekken Tag Tournament 2, Tekken 7 promises to deliver this, with at least one costume- the full body Tropical Bikini, which is common to all the female characters, allowing for a sexy, barefoot look. However, that's not all, folks... at least several of the girls come with an additional and unique barefoot option for a different shoeless outfit.

As we've already seen previously in MANY arcade videos, Lili received months ago as part of the Kiwami Campaign in Japanese arcades a barefooted lower body item called the 'Bikini Skirt'. This scandalously short bit of cloth is easily the sexiest lower body customization, and quite fitting for the leggy princess. Some time later, Alisa Bosconovitch also got a similar item, also a barefooted skirted bottom (AFAIK it is either called 'Fairy Skirt' or also a Bikini Skirt).

We've also seen that Katarina Alves, the sassy newcomer, has a pretty sexy Summer Dress outfit which looks like a cocktail dress complete with high heels and hat, but we've seen that it can be dressed down to just the lingerie or a two-piece swimsuit/bikini which is nicely shoeless.

Most recently though, it has come to light that two more of the new female fighters- namely Lucky Chloe and Josie Rizal, have in their wardrobes a 'P1 Barefoot' option, which is literally a shoeless version of their default outfits' bottoms. The pic above shows off the customs quite nicely, with color-edited variants.

As for the rest, sadly we are not entirely sure. Unfortunately, it seems that Nina Williams so far has no 'Pi Barefoot' option. Not sure if the other ladies (Asuka, Master Raven, Kazumi) have them or not. But as mentioned earlier, all the girls can be barefoot in the Tropical Bikini outfit (which may need to be unlocked in the home version of the game).

As a final note- Leo Kliesen, whom I am yet again not entirely sure is female or retconned male, has a male-style old-fashioned swimsuit where he/she is barefoot, but it really isn't very pleasing... unless you really, really like Leo and her(?) very boyish figure. Huh.

Anyway, it's not all perfect, but I can very well say I am looking forward to Tekken 7. Hopefully it will give as much barefoot babe action and titillation as Streetfighter V and DOA5LR have given us in the past several months. As this being the one Tekken game we'll be having from here on into the near and foreseeable future- I do hope so.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Tiona and Tione Hiryute (DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratorio)

Anime is almost certainly synonymous with fan service- though admittedly in my experience good fan service for foot fans like me aren't always easy to find. Anime tends to gravitate their attention to boobs or butts, or panty shots. While I enjoy panchira as much as the next hentai, it is beyond frustrating to watch awesomely sexy anime like Agent AIKA which has so much silky fan service but seldom any bared soles or toes in sight. And so it is when I find anime that has barefoot babes in it, I celebrate quite a bit.

Here's a recent and probable gem- a new anime series, DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratorio has just debuted. Based on a series of light novels, this is a light-hearted fantasy adventure series in the RPG overtones, complete with over the top spells, character classes and levels for each of the characters and monsters that explode into nothingness upon death. Our focus here is on the lovely pair of exotic and irresistible Amazons, Tiona and Tione Hiryute. Though they aren't the main characters, they are onscreen for a good part of the time which is not a surprise because they're HOT. Scantily-dressed and barefoot, these two veteran adventurers are also as kick-ass as they are sexy.

Of course, it's Tiona who's my favorite- she is the more tomboyish of the pair, with shorter, slightly messy hair and a very slim chest (yes, they focus her assets on her sexy legs and quite formidable, bare feet), her sexy feet are often the points of interest as she leaps about or give the occasional killer kick.
Her sister, Tione, the long-haired and big-boobed beauty, often teases Tiona for her modest breasts, but I can say quite readily flat chests and sexy feet are a killer combination, and I'm sure foot fans aplenty will be scrambling in line to worship Tiona's perfect peds.

Episode 1 of Sword Oratorio has quite a few scenes with Tiona in footie action, which leads me to believe that the anime/manga makers have us foot fans in mind with her and Tione. I'm certainly going to collect this series as it goes on- which hopefully will be for a good duration. Check out the video above and see the sexy fan service action for yourself!

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Sister Friede (Dark Souls III)

One of the toughest bosses in Dark Souls III is one hot barefoot babe!

In the world of From Software's awesome RPG, Dark Souls III, there are several beautiful barefoot muses to break the monotony of shriveled undead, misshapen monsters and flaming demons. You've got the lovely, nameless Firekeeper (who is at least half-barefoot thanks to her Real Bout-ish footguards) and the ethereal Yorshka. But I say the best barefoot waifu in Dark Souls III is none other than the lovely final boss of the Ashes of Ariandel DLC expansion, Sister Friede.

Appearing first as a friendly (or at least non-combative) NPC you meet in the new painted world, Friede seems to be nothing more than a harmless priestess or nun-like figure inside a decrepit church. But careful piecing together of various clues and events all around this decaying, ruinous realm reveals far more. Friede was once Elfriede, one of the three Sisters who founded the Sable Church of Londor- a powerful personage indeed. But for some reason, she forsook her former rank and land, coming into the world of Ariandel and soon making her place in it. When the Ashen One comes, he/she is a threat to the status quo that Friede is ready to defend... to the death and beyond if need be.

You can tell, the devs have footfans at heart with this lovely femme fatale. When she appears in the cutscene for the final boss fight, the first we see of her are her beautiful, bare feet- the slappy, padding sound of her soles approaching with soft menace. Afterwards is a three-part battle to the finish against a deadly opponent who is as graceful as she is lethal.

I have to admit, after Sister Friede fell for the third and last time, a bit of me died with her. I didn't want to end her- instead I wished I could have persuaded her to relent and let Ariandel be reborn in flames. Instead I would have worshipped her myself, pledging myself to her service as Vilheim her knight did... and I'd give her foot massages all day and all night, as only an undead Unkindled could.
But alas, fell she did and vanished from sight... at least until I find her again in New Game Plus (or, I could just watch the video feature above heheh)...

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Cheetah Gameplay and Breakdown (Injustice 2)

The REAL Cat Woman is my favorite in this superhero brawler.

The Injustice series has never been a franchise I've been too interested in- videogame developer Netherrealm doesn't have a good track record with barefoot babes. They seem to be more interested in blood and gore with the Mortal Kombat franchise than anything else. So it was with quite a bit of pleasant surprise that I am finding myself looking forward to Injustice 2.

One of the main reason is finally, the inclusion of a sexy barefoot femme fatale in the roster for us foot fans to get behind... Cheetah! This feral but also strangely classy (nice English accent) villainess is pretty hot- amazing body, quite sexy 'jungle girl' outfits and a beautiful, acrobatic fighting style. As we can see in the breakdown video above, she is quite formidable with her fast attacks and distance-closing moves. In terms of familiar appeal, I think she seems to be a nice throwback to 'Flesh Pit' Mileena, Netherrealm's only other previous barefoot female character in their past games... thankfully, even with her somewhat bestial look, Cheetah is far, far prettier than the bandaged Tarkatan villainess.

Of course, while I certainly can see myself cuddling up to Cheetah's sexy feet (just keep those clawed toes nice and calm) and keep her peacefully purring, we had better be careful to keep ourselves getting scratched. A nice continuous foot massage may calm this savage beauty. Heh.

It still remains to be seen if there will be more barefoot babes in Injustice 2... I am hopeful at least that Poison Ivy will get a barefoot alternate costume, but even if we don't- well, Cheetah is ready to pounce into our footfan hearts. Injustice 2 is coming in late May.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Rapunzel's Back in Tangled: Before Ever After!

It won't take a genius to figure out that one of my all-time favorite Disney animated films is 2010's Tangled. I fell in love with it at first sight with the teaser vids showing the adorable Rapunzel (voiced and performed by Mandy Moore). But after watching the movie itself, it became my forever fave. Aside from the wonderful story, the absolutely stunning animation (and yes, Rapunzel's cute bare feet are perhaps the best-animated peds I've seen in a CG flick) there was Rapunzel herself- such a lovable and engaging heroine, and the music, while understated, was sublime.

Well, good news for me and other Tangled fans then- about seven years after we saw Rapunzel and Eugene live to happily ever after, we get MORE. Premiering last March 10 was an original Disney animated movie entitled Tangled: Before Ever After. The film is set after the events in Tangled, but before the wedding shown in the CG animated short, Tangled Ever After (hence the Before...). I have to admit I was totally disappointed by Ever After- Rapunzel was barely in it (the stars were her sidekicks Pascal and Maximilian), and we were also in suspense to know if she, like many other barefoot princesses in past Disney flicks- became domesticated and started wearing shoes.

Well, wonder no more! Tangled Before Ever After reveals that going barefoot seems to be part and parcel of Rapunzel's personage, even without her magical, golden tresses. But then, as events unfold, her short, brown locks are soon transformed once again into the magical blonde cascade that we all now and love. From there on, it's a nice adventure that only opens up even more stories to come as the movie serves as the prelude for Tangled: The Series, of which Disney has already approved at least two seasons of!

The Return of the Hair!

 Some things remain the same- pretty much most of the voice actors from the original film return. However, it's quite obvious that there has been at least one major change- the animation style. Tangled Before Ever After and the upcoming series are both in traditional 2D animation. However, the character and feel of the original are retained since the lead animation designer is Claire Keane, the same artist who worked on and did Rapunzel's in-movie art and paintings.

 Suffice to say, even in 2D, everyone pretty much retains what we love about them in the original- perhaps Rapunzel's feet are obviously not as detailed as before, but it's nice to see that they kept them, instead of copping out and having her wear suddenly wear shoes (like they did with Pocahontas, Esmeralda and Kida)- Rapunzel's bare feet after all represent her innocence and sense of adventure. Perhaps when she's older, settled down and married, maybe then she'll put on shoes and live quietly. But that's NOT anytime soon. HEHEH.

Tangled: The Series begins airing on Disney Channel late March.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Streetfighter V: Kolin Barefoot Battle Costume (Mod by BrutalAce)

Streetfighter V's newest babe shows some sole thanks to our top modder.

In case you haven't been keeping up to date with Streetfighter V (AKA the foot-loving PC gamer's fighting game of choice), the roster just got updated with the addition of a new fighter- Kolin, the 'Phantasm of Snow and Ice'.

Kolin isn't totally a new character- she first came out a long time ago as a non-playable character in Streetfighter III Third Strike, appearing alongside the game's final boss, Gill. A member of the Illuminati organization, she was then apparently his secretary or assistant. Well, time has been good to the lady, as her role as since been extended. First appearing in the guise of Helen in SFV's Story Mode, she has since been revealed with her true identity and powers as a full-fledged fighter among the many world warriors.

Aside from being a killer blonde with a hot bod, Kolin comes with skill in the martial art of Sistema ('The System' in Russian), a grappling style of combat. Her main ability though is the ability to use ice and frost, freezing her opponents and stabbing at them with deadly icicles. Sexy sub-zero? Perhaps! Her powers of course come from her master, Gill (who himself uses both fire AND ice).

Kolin comes with several outfits- two are her usual 'Russian' winter-themed outfits with the distinct furred hat. Her 'Battle Costume' is a stealth/special ops wetsuit and finally her sexy secretary look from Third Strike is her 'Nostalgia' outfit. I had hoped that her wetsuit at least would have been barefoot out of the box, but I guess I gave Capcom's devs too much credit.

Thankfully though, our top modder, BrutalAce, has already started on a mod to de-boot the sexy Illuminati agent, starting with her Battle Costume. As you can see in the video above,  the mod is already playable but according to BA it's just 95 percent complete- so perhaps a bit more finessing is required before its released.
In any case, seeing it in action, I'm already stoked. The feet models (apparently she is using the same feet as Cammy?) suit her perfectly, and look pretty much as if she never had boots to begin with. I am sure her other outfits will eventually get the same treatment (at the very least her Nostalgia outfit, I hope) but already, I am seeing a lot of enjoyment to be had with Miss Kolin. Certainly not the prettiest girl, but she is certainly sexy and has that irresistible bad girl appeal. I'm sure footfans will enjoy having her press her cool, fleshy soles into their faces. Heheh.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Cheetah, Poison Ivy (Injustice 2)

Finally Netherrealm realizes every good fighting game needs hot ladies.

Truth be told, I've never been much of a fan for Netherrealm's games. It seems they don't have a sense for showing off fan service or sex appeal as much as they do showing off gore or sausage fests. In fact, it's pretty much a given that female characters in NR games like the Mortal Kombat series are mannish and rather unattractive. Well, thankfully some sense seems to finally be making its way into these devs, as lately they've been fixing their female characters to look GOOD. Not great yet, mind you, but at least they look good.

Yesterday, they released this sexy 'Here come the ladies' trailer for Valentine's Day, showcasing a femme fatale foursome of DC not-damsels. The fighters include the aforementioned Poison Ivy, Catwoman (who was in the previous Injustice), Black Canary (who had her own trailer) and, surprisingly, The Cheetah.

Now, coming into this I had high hopes for Dr. Pamela Isley, AKA Poison Ivy. She has often been portrayed in the past as a barefoot Nature Goddess, dressed quite skimpily in leaves and going down-to-earth with no footwear. Unfortunately, the NR devs have gone with the more vampy version, having a more manufactured costume and boots with heels. Bummer!

But as if to balance out this disappointment, lo and behold we get a sexy, savage barefoot babe in the form of the feral Cheetah. Thankfully, they held back on making her too much of a furry, and her hand and feet are perfectly human except for the slightly sharper nails. The outfit is a skimpy, jungle girl look and I have to say I am digging her acrobatic moves and animations. I'm a footfan, not a furry fan, but Cheetah is definitely hot, from head to toe to voice. She's certainly enough reason for me to look forward to this superhero brawler.

Now, I'm not giving up entirely on Poison Ivy- I am still hoping that there will be alternate outfits to give her the barefoot, au natural look footfans know and love. And perhaps there will be other barefoot babes to come in the future for this fighting game? We'll wait and see. For now though, color me hopeful for this game's release in May.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Okatsu (Nioh)

The lovely, agile Okatsu is Nioh's 23rd boss... and one hot barefoot babe!

Replaced video link above to a version including cutscene cinematic after the fight.

Now this is a wonderful find. The samurai-themed epic, Nioh, is being sold as a pretty demanding, Dark Souls-esque Action RPG. From what I have seen, you can only play as a male hero in this deep slasher, but there are quite a few lovely ladies in the game.

For starters, there is a barefoot ice maiden or Yuki-onna boss you face off with which was shown off some time ago. Now there's a pair of cold feet any footfan will love to warm up, heheh.

But now, I have just discovered another barefoot babe in Nioh- the sexy ninja-like beauty, Okatsu.

Still not sure about her exact role in the story, but apparently you will be facing off against Okatsu at some point as she is the 23rd boss in the game. Now, Okatsu isn't always barefooted- she wears boots as part of her usual outfit (as seen in her intro cutscene). However, when you face off with her in the boss fight above, she fights barefooted, which is awesome. Also, take note of the awesome cutscene after with some wonderful footie action from this gorgeous kunoichi. Needless to say, it is certainly a treat for foot-loving gamers! Well, we can expect no less from Team Ninja... Heheh.

I didn't have plans to get this game, but now I am seriously considering it, just to have this boss fight with this barefoot beauty. Once I do, I'll be sure to post vids on my channel. For now though, you can check out Okatsu in action in the vid above.

Yuki-Onna (Nioh)

This Icy maiden's feet are both cold AND hot!

The upcoming samurai-themed Action RPG Nioh from Tecmo is looking awesome. With deep fighting action and punishing difficulty, this is sure to appeal to hack-and-slash fans. But thankfully, there's also some treats for foot-lovers in it as well. One of the bosses is a beautiful female ice spirit or Yuki-Onna. who is barefooted. Ala Elsa from Frozen, she even has a nice foot-stomping move that spreads her icy coldness in a wide radius. You may need to pause the cutscene vid to see her nice, icy feet, and the fast action isn't given to closeups. Still, it's nice to see some hot soles from a gorgeous lady mixed in with all those oriental creatures and mythological monsters to be faced in Nioh.

Check out the video above for some sexy, cold yet hot feet! Heheh...

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gal Gadot Barefoot in Wix Commercial

Sexy barefoot action with Wonder Woman!

The gorgeous Gal Gadot is, in my opinion, a perfect Wonder Woman. We'll be seeing her bring the iconic superheroine to life later this year. Sadly, I don't believe there will be any barefoot scenes in the movie (but who knows?), as there was in the awesome animated movie (if you haven't seen the animated Wonder Woman movie, it's a barefoot fan favorite). Still, if you want to see some shoe-less action with the lovely Miss Gadot, check out the video above.

A commercial for the Wix website company for the Superbowl, the commercial features Gal Gadot and Jason Statham as some sort of shady individuals who seem to get into brawls and action sequences wherever they go (to the slight misfortune/fortune of a hapless cook/restauranteur). In the TV spot above, they slip in a lovely scene of Gal Gadot slippin her gorgeous foot out of her high heels to engage in some melee action with some thugs. There's only that one closeup (but its awesome) and after the scenes are pretty quick, but this is still a short, sweet treat for footfans. Hey, who knows- maybe we will indeed see some barefoot action in Wonder Woman- we can always hope. For now, enjoy the video!

Katarina Alves Summer Swimsuit (Tekken 7)

Tekken newcomer Katarina shows off her swimsuit body in her sexy customizable outfit.

The home version of Tekken 7 has been delayed to June 2 in order to include all the features and extras gamers demand of a home port. Thankfully, we still have hours and hours of arcade footage to check out as we wait for this inevitable awesome brawler.
One of the new fighters to look out for is the saucy, sassy Katarina Alves. A Brazilian woman who doesn't practice Capoeira (instead, she employs the French kickfighting martial art of Savate), Katarina has been described as a newbie-friendly character due to her easy-to-do moves and fighting style. She also boasts a pretty sexy unique outfit. Her Summer Dress, which normally appears as a full-on fancy party dress complete with jewelry, sandals and wide-brimmed hat, can be customized down to just the undergarments, which is basically a sexy bikini. This also leaves Katarina barefooted, which makes it one of the best outfits in the game for us footfans.

You can see the outfit in action in the video above (and also in a couple more lengthy videos in my Youtube channel's Tekken 7 playlist), so check it out. I definitely want to try out Katarina for myself as long as she wears this sexy number in combat when we get our hands on her in June. Imagine those sexy, deadly feet and soles flying at our faces... Heheh.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Sister Friede (Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel)

Sister Friede: Barefoot and badass boss.

The Dark Souls RPG series is known more for punishing, unforgiving gameplay and hardcore RPG action, but to be sure- it's a series that footfans can certainly enjoy. Aside from having the option for going barefoot the whole game, there are some barefoot babes to be found in the game, though perhaps a bit hidden. The Shrine Maiden of Firelink Shrine, for example, is actually barefoot (or, well half-barefoot with her instep guard footwear).
But perhaps the most high-profile (and newest) barefoot babe to appear in the series is Sister Friede of Dark Souls III: Ashes of Ariandel DLC.


Though you first meet her as a non-combative NPC, it is later revealed that Sister Friede is the final boss of Dark Souls III's first DLC. She is one of the four sisters who founded the Black Church of Londor, which certainly makes her a powerful character within the mythos. Once you reach the point of no return and set off the final confrontation, Friede makes her appearance, with a nice view of her bare feet as she walks towards you resolutely, stroking her deadly scythe in anticipation of the battle.

While her face seems deliberately obscured or unfocused, we can easily see that Friede is a beautiful woman, albeit scarred with some burns (perhaps from her past attempts to link the fire). She is graceful and deadly, and certainly an opponent like no other in the series (you have to beat her THREE TIMES).

If we had our way, we'd surely not want to kill this beautiful lady, instead we'd wish to give her a nice foot massage to comfort her and pay homage to such a powerful mistress. She'd probably lop off our heads though, so it's probably not recommended. Still, Sister Friede is surely a badass boss and one of the most memorable barefoot babes in gaming. Go and meet her... if you can!

Thursday, January 19, 2017

King of Fighters XIV: Luong Action!

We take on KOF's newest and sexiest femme fatale.

The King of Fighters franchise has never been a good source of barefoot babes- in terms of footfan faves, SNK has few overall- usually just Mai Shiranui when she goes half-barefoot in the Real Bout games. So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I looked forward to the latest King of Fighters game- King of Fighters XIV. ONE new barefoot babe- just ONE. But, well, she's hot.

She's the sexy and seductive Luong from the Kim Team. Described as the lover of Kim's mentor Gang-Li, Luong has all the signs of a temptress- from her slinky features to her limber fighting style, this lady is no newbie and quite the player. Her outfit isn't overly skimpy- in fact, she's pretty much covered up all over- except for the parts we like- basically her toes, heels and, well, most of her soles. Her super attack (or final?) is hot as heck, and I really dig her design. Definitely hotter than Chae Lim or Momo (other barefoot babes in the whole KOF series so far), and she does give Mai Shiranui a run for her money. Here's to her appearing again in future KOFs. For now though, you can see her on the PS4 brawler (which is sporting some nicer visuals thanks to the latest patch).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tekken 7: Lili Bikini Costume in Action!

Finally we get some quality time with Lili in her sexy new costume set.

Hey there, footfans! Some time ago we got some good news that the lovely Lili Rochefort was getting a new barefooted costume in the upcoming Tekken 7. As part of the 'Kiwami' or Ultimate campaign in arcades, everyone got a new outfit, which consisted of two pieces each (usually a top and bottom) which incidentally can be switched out and used with other outfit pieces. Lili was the only one who got a barefooted outfit, which is called, quite creatively, the Bikini top and skirt. Since the announcement, we haven't found any videos showing the costume being shown in arcade action... till now! Courtesy of the GreenTekken Youtube channel, the vid above is more than 40 minutes of fighting with Bikini-clad Lili taking on the hulking Jack. I think the robot is outmatched, if not outclassed. Heh.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to playing this game and putting all the hot ladies in the game's barefoot costume(s). Of course, Lili and Asuka are my faves but I do intend to try out every one of the game's girls and show them off on vids at my channel. For now, I can only share vids like the one above (from other channels). BTW, there are literally HOURS of barefoot babe Tekken 7 action already compiled in the Tekken 7 playlist on my channel, so if you wanna see what's coming up for our PCs and consoles in a couple of months, check 'em out.

A release date for Tekken 7 is expected to be revealed within the month. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here's a new video showing off Lili wearing the new 'Bikini' skirt with her Default Dress top. Sexy! This was posted by Misaka Sisters on their Youtube channel and shared with us in the comments recently. Thanks, Misaka Sisters!!! Hot vid! :)

Lili wearing her 'Bikini Skirt' with her default Dress Top. Video by Misaka Sisters.