Saturday, January 28, 2017

Gal Gadot Barefoot in Wix Commercial

Sexy barefoot action with Wonder Woman!

The gorgeous Gal Gadot is, in my opinion, a perfect Wonder Woman. We'll be seeing her bring the iconic superheroine to life later this year. Sadly, I don't believe there will be any barefoot scenes in the movie (but who knows?), as there was in the awesome animated movie (if you haven't seen the animated Wonder Woman movie, it's a barefoot fan favorite). Still, if you want to see some shoe-less action with the lovely Miss Gadot, check out the video above.

A commercial for the Wix website company for the Superbowl, the commercial features Gal Gadot and Jason Statham as some sort of shady individuals who seem to get into brawls and action sequences wherever they go (to the slight misfortune/fortune of a hapless cook/restauranteur). In the TV spot above, they slip in a lovely scene of Gal Gadot slippin her gorgeous foot out of her high heels to engage in some melee action with some thugs. There's only that one closeup (but its awesome) and after the scenes are pretty quick, but this is still a short, sweet treat for footfans. Hey, who knows- maybe we will indeed see some barefoot action in Wonder Woman- we can always hope. For now, enjoy the video!

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