Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lina (DOTA2)

Lina in action in the DOTA2 Teaser Trailer.

Here's a quick but sweet update from the upcoming DOTA2 (that's Defense of The Ancients 2) from Valve. For those not familiar with it, it's a fantasy strategy-action title, a standalone sequel to the original and very popular custom map from World of Warcraft III. DOTA2 is populated with a host of formidable characters, wielding everything from magical weapons to elemental spells. Well, thankfully among the many grotesques and beastly-types, there are quite a few fetching females- and at least one HOT barefoot babe for footie fans to take a liking to. The babe is the fiery sorceress Lina, who is oddly enough apparently inspired by the anime heroine Lina Inverse. They're both redheads and can throw a mean fireball- but DOTA2's Lina has the advantage (for us, at least) by being nice enough to bare her soles and toes for us to ogle- I guess all the better to enchant her enemies before she fries 'em.

You can see Lina in action, battling her rival Crystal Maiden, in the video above. It's pretty short but you can easily see she's wearing lovely leggings that leave most of her enchanting feet exposed- the best kind of footwear for beguiling sorceresses, I'm sure. Not very practical, I guess, but hey- if you can levitate and fly, barefoot leggings are a great fashion choice!

Of course, that above vid, as cool as it is, isn't really that clear. Luckily, I was able to find a couple of pics that show us the lovely Lina a LOT clearer. The pic below is a look at her in-game model, which thankfully isn't that far off from her CG cinematic incarnation. Can you imagine this hottie floating above you, dangling her kissable toes and soles just right before your face?

Who needs shoes when you're as hot a sorceress as this fiery redhead?

Well, you don't need to imagine as the pic below actually shows what that risque angle would look like. Not only does it provide a royal view of Lina's bare soles- well, it gives us a nice look at pretty much... everything.

A somewhat more, er, intrusive angle to show that yes, indeed, Lina is barefoot. Among other things.

Sadly, this type of game really doesn't allow much ogling or appreciation of Lina in the game, as far as I know- for the most part the view is zoomed out, the action frantic with spells flying about. So for now just enjoy the vid and pics, and let this sizzling beauty's hot toes and soles bring the heat to your dreams. Just take a cold shower afterwards...

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Makoto vs Sakura: Gis of War! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

This means WAR!

What IS it about the simple, basic Karate Gi? It's an intentionally bland, unadorned, unassuming and decidedly un-sexy uniform... however, the sight of a cute girl clad in it's loose folds can drive some men wild. Yes, it may be quite ironic that a garment that pretty much equalizes gender most usually enhances a babe's beauty, in our case by focusing our attention on the few parts of the body that it doesn't conceal- specifically, the feet of course. I can't say I understand fully the fascination with karate girls in gis (even if I myself have this preference on occasion), but in these times it's better to just appreciate the wonderful gorgeousness of martial lovelies in their most pure of attires.

Capcom's Streetfighter is certainly the one franchise that has made the simple karate uniform or gi famous and recognizable, even if it's due to a very male character, Ryu. But since then, female fighters have put on the gi and have gotten their own followings. In Streetfighter it certainly is fact that the one girl who symbolizes the true spirit of Karate and models the karate gi perfectly is Makoto Rindou. This fetching tomboy wears her father's passed-down uniform with true pride, patches and all. But now, a challenger has come to give this Karateka some competition. Sakura Kasugano is Ryu's no. 1 fan, but for some twist of design she instead wears her school uniform into battle instead of a gi like her idol. Well, this has finally been corrected, albeit unofficially, via the awesome 'Ryu Outfit' mod by Sloth86. Now Sakura can go into battle barefoot and gi-clad, and become a more fitting opponent against the champion of Rindoukan.

So here are several match vids from SSFIVAE PC, throwing our two gi-wearing girls into no-holds-barred combat: The Prize, the right to be called SSFIV's Karate Gi Girl No.1!

Well, whoever wins, as usual the true winners are us, the footfans, for having not one but two gorgeous grapplers who look gi-reat in their gis. So give both Makoto and Sakura congratulations and kisses on their tired toes and soles. Enjoy!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jun Kazama and The Return of Unknown! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Tekken's Barefoot Boss Babe is Back!

As of right now, we're still waiting for word on Barefoot Customization to be confirmed in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Chances are good though- right now, it's already known that many characters (though all male so far) have the option to go shoeless, plus it seems that clothing such as Karate Gis (Upper Garment) are now common to most, if not all, characters. So we may assume that perhaps Barefoot Customization will be a given. I'll want to see proof though before I break out the champagne. In any case, I've already found one pic that at least confirms that Jun Kazama, the mysterious and lovely returning fighter from Tekken 2, already has Hakamas and Instep Guards in her wardrobe- so at the very least she can be semi-barefoot ala Asuka in her P1 Martial Arts Uniform.

One of Jun Kazama's Clothing Options: Hakamas and Instep Guards

Of course, we all want total and not just partial barefoot, so let's just wait. In my opinion, chances are good. Let's all just keep crossing our fingers.

For now though, I have to say we at least have one reason to celebrate- The Final Boss (Bosses?) of Tekken Tag 2 is none other than Jun herself and Unknown, the Final Boss from the original Tekken Tag Tournament! For the benefit of those not steeped in Tekken lore, Unknown was a sexy female fighter who sported a very risque look, being totally naked except for black goo or body paint covering her strategic parts. Despite the black coloring, she's indeed barefoot, and also has a nice alt outfit where it's even more obvious. Well, this femme fatale is back and she's hotter than she's ever been, thanks to TTT2's awesome graphics and detailed character models. You can check her out in the vid above which shows her in action and in the game's Ending (Sexy!).

Jun's transformation into Unknown and the creepy Continue Screen when you lose to her...

Defeating Unknown end cutscene and credits...

Here's to Unknown being Playable and perhaps Customizable in the console version of Tekken Tag 2, so we can have this saucy vixen to enjoy along with the rest of the awesome babes of Tekken. Later then!

Juri Barefoot Bikini Action! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC)

For such a bad girl, Juri looks so good in her bikini...

As promised, here's some hot and sexy fighting action with Juri Han fighting barefoot and bikini-clad in the latest hot mod from Sloth86. In this 3-part series of matches, the deadly diva takes on another formidable femme also dressed down to perfection, the lovely Chun-Li in just her bra-and-panties (care of yet another of Sloth's mods). So, which one of these babes will reign at the end, and which will end up taking a long, dreamless nap? Well, either babe will surely deserve a comforting massage and servicing of their powerful bare peds afterwards, so perhaps the real winners of this battle will be none other than us. Heheh... Anyways, check out the videos!

Juri in her bikini, with her pale, soft-looking skin and colored toenails has a definite exotic appeal.

Who's hotter? Chun or Juri? Perhaps that will be only be made clear once one of them is still, cold and lifeless...

Every time Juri fires her Foot Fireball, she spreads her legs. I wonder if the game devs ever intended for Juri to wear this kind of outfit? Heheh...

For those who want their Juri mostly dressed up and decked in rubber save for her sexy feet, here are some vids with the TKD Vixen battling it out wearing her new Wetsuits. Enjoy!

Lara Croft now was competition for hottest game barefoot game babe in a wetsuit...

Juri schools the Schoolgirl.

Two former S.I.N. femme fatales settle their differences.

I'll certainly be posting MORE Juri Bikini Action soon, so stay tuned. I can't get enough of this babe! Barefoot Bikini Bad Girls RULE!!!

DAMN this babe is hot. DAAAAAMN!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bikini/Wetsuit Juri (Super Streetfighter Arcade Edition for PC)

The Taekwondo Vixen Returns and Bares it All!

Once again, Arch-Modder Sloth86 wows us with another hot and sexy custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC, this time for the SF superbabe who has, thus far, been a bit neglected as we've been giving all our attention to Chun-Li, Cammy and lately, Makoto. But now, finally, Taekwondo Terminatrix Juri Han can bare her all for us- well, all of her feet, at least... heheh.

Sloth86's new Bikini and Wetsuit Juri mod gives us the bitchy bombshell FULLY BAREFOOT, her seemingly ever-present instep guards/leggings now gone... which I know all of us here have been wishing for. The skin nicely comes complete with 10 variants. Four are bikinis with Juri wearing additional flip-flops and sunglasses... cute but not for me. Four more are wetsuits, which are actually cool with a nice spider insignia. Lastly are the two best of the bunch- with Juri in a bikini AND barefoot. No. 9 is the closest to the illustration above which inspired the mod (and the one I'll be using the most). No. 10 is... well, an extra-skimpy bikini that is almost NSFW but quite, quite awesome... heck, bikini may be too strong a word- I think string may be more appropriate. Heheh...

Anyway, I've installed the mod and I have to say- it's the best yet. Juri has that undeniably intoxicating bad girl appeal, and of course her moves and attacks are all given to sexy views. Plus she has something all the other girls don't... painted toenails, which I'm sure will make her THE barefoot babe of choice for a lot of footfans. In any case, she's so delectable, you can just imagine her laying her now-fully bare foot on your chest, just egging you to kiss or lick her toes. I think we'll all be happy to oblige. Heheh...

Anyway, videos to come very soon as I unlock the last two (and hottest) bikini skins, and introduce Barefoot Bikini Juri to the rest of the babes... can you say super-sexy catfights?

Now all we need is a sexy fully-barefoot Ibuki and a sexier Sakura skin! Please make it so, Sloth86!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Makoto as Lightning! (Final Fantasy XIII, Super Streetfighter IV A.E. on PC)

No, Lightning isn't dead... she's alive and (karate) kicking in the Streetfighter world!

Now THIS came from left field... I never expected this, nor was I aware that the totally awesome modder Sloth86 was working on another custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC so soon after producing his wonderful Chun-Li SF2 Animated Movie costume. Well, he was indeed working on something, and here it is to my utter and complete surprise but total pleasure!

It's Makoto as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII! It's very unexpected for me to see tomboy Mak in the role of the pink-haired female soldier from FF... but that's only until you get a good look at the mod. This custom skin is a masterpiece of detail, getting everything from the hairstyle to the costume (complete with an animated cape/scarf) pretty accurately. But probably best is Mak's face- her expression is actually a perfect fit for the combative, somewhat ever-angry Lightning. All in all, it's quite amazing and yet again an awesome mod masterpiece! I guess we really shouldn't be surprised- Sloth86 also made an excellent Vanille mod for Ibuki after all! Perhaps the one thing that some may comment on the mod... Lightning got buff. But I think it's great, and finally Makoto gets to show off the rest of her hot body (aside from her big feet) to match the other girls' sexy custom outfits!

Makoto makes for a very tough-looking and kick-ass Lightning!

But of course, what about us Foot Fans? Lightning, beautiful as she is, is not known for going bootless or barefoot ever... well, that is, UNTIL NOW! Perhaps as the single most telling sign that Sloth is indeed a foot fan like us here, he included not one but TWO Barefoot Variants among the 10 selectable colors of the Lightning costume. One is simply Lightning without her gloves and boots. which is already smokin' hot (thanks to upskirt views aplenty). However, it's the other barefoot skin that's the icing on this cake: It's Underwear Lightning, which makes this pretty much the sexiest and skimpiest outfit Makoto has ever been seen in (that is not NSFW). Those who have been dreaming of Makoto in a sexier outfit that shows more skin (and what fair, soft-looking skin she has now)... your (Final) Fantasy has come true! I have to say... Makoto's/Lightning's buff physique is very, very hot! To think she's been hiding that sexy bod under frumpy karate uniforms all this time!

Made just for us Footies: Gloveless/Bootless Lightning and Underwear Lightning

Here's the Lightning mod in action as we see a Mirror Match between Default Lightning (meh) and Gloveless/Bootless Lightning (HOT!!!). Who will stand victorious at the end?

Default Lightning vs Gloveless/Bootless Lightning... FIGHT!

In this second and final part of this battle, Default Lightning sheds off her garments to become... Underwear Lightning! This match can only end with one babe standing!

Lightning, barefoot and in her undies... truly a (Final) Fantasy come true!

MORE Barefoot Lightning action with the FFXIII heroine taking on another scantily-clad battle-babe, Escape From Shadaloo Cammy! Who will stand victorious in the end? Watch and find out!

As big a Makoto fan I am, I never dreamed she'd be able to stand toe-to-toe with Barefoot Cammy in this way... man, this mod really shows off how HOT Makoto can be. Once again I have to say THANK YOU and AWESOME WORK to Sloth86, and I have already installed the mod. Finally Makoto has a hot barefoot outfit to match the other girls. From here on, I'm hoping this Win Streak continues and Sloth gives us hot and sexy barefoot mods for the last two girls yet to bare more skin- Ibuki and Sakura. I have to say, seeing his work here, I am of the thinking that perhaps if we can contact or reach him somehow, perhaps we can give him suggestions for future Barefoot Mods, in case he's wanting some inspiration.

Lightning/Makoto panty shots- surely some gamers' Final Fantasy...

For now though, I'm gonna watch me some barefoot babe fights. I'll be posting vids featuring this awesome new mod soon, so stay tuned! For now, let Makoto/Lightning's big, beautiful toes and soles fill your soleful dreams! BTW, for those who want to download the Makoto-Lightning mod, you can find it here.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)

One of the most intriguing upcoming fighting games is this 2D masterpiece-in-the-making, Skullgirls from Reverge Labs. An all-girl (at least, initially) fighter with a refreshingly different art style and a darkly comic feel, this beat 'em up is being done by fighting game fans for fighting game fans. The gameplay looks smashing and imaginative, with nice touches such as knocked-out fighters' bodies remaining onscreen as the fight goes on, making for some sexy carnage. The characters themselves, despite the cartoony, non-anime style, have their own sex appeal... such as the exceptionally leggy Parasoul who brings to mind Lili Rochefort, albeit in 2D (and armed with a living umbrella).

But what about barefoot babes, you may ask? Thankfully we have at least one- the recently-introduced Ms. Fortune is a barefoot catgirl who will surely appeal to foot fans and furry enthusiasts. The first time I saw her early design I was kinda disappointed (her feet looked more like claws and were far too small), but the final look for the character is very much to my liking.


Apparently in keeping with the game's dark storyline, Ms. Fortune is dead- well, she WAS, until a mystical artifact she stole and swallowed brought her back to life even after she was chopped up into several pieces. Now she's back and spoiling for revenge. Her fighting style apparently involves her ability to detach her head and various body parts for various creepy attacks- sounds interesting. There's no gameplay yet showing off this purr-fect vixen, so stay tuned while we wait for that. There's at least one more barefoot character who may be added to Skullgirls' roster, so cross your fingers that we get another hottie to play with in this 2D fighter. The game is out in late 2011 for both PSN and XBLA.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Super-Cute Juri Han Art! (Streetfighter)

The TKD Vixen never looked so CUTE!

Quickie post here- just wanted to share this wonderful artwork of the lethal Juri Han made by artist deviant-003. You can plainly see, this artwork looks made plainly for our enjoyment from the angle and detail. I'm sure you'll want this in as big a size as possible so download that over here. You're welcome. Enjoy!