Sunday, September 4, 2011

Ms. Fortune (Skullgirls)

One of the most intriguing upcoming fighting games is this 2D masterpiece-in-the-making, Skullgirls from Reverge Labs. An all-girl (at least, initially) fighter with a refreshingly different art style and a darkly comic feel, this beat 'em up is being done by fighting game fans for fighting game fans. The gameplay looks smashing and imaginative, with nice touches such as knocked-out fighters' bodies remaining onscreen as the fight goes on, making for some sexy carnage. The characters themselves, despite the cartoony, non-anime style, have their own sex appeal... such as the exceptionally leggy Parasoul who brings to mind Lili Rochefort, albeit in 2D (and armed with a living umbrella).

But what about barefoot babes, you may ask? Thankfully we have at least one- the recently-introduced Ms. Fortune is a barefoot catgirl who will surely appeal to foot fans and furry enthusiasts. The first time I saw her early design I was kinda disappointed (her feet looked more like claws and were far too small), but the final look for the character is very much to my liking.


Apparently in keeping with the game's dark storyline, Ms. Fortune is dead- well, she WAS, until a mystical artifact she stole and swallowed brought her back to life even after she was chopped up into several pieces. Now she's back and spoiling for revenge. Her fighting style apparently involves her ability to detach her head and various body parts for various creepy attacks- sounds interesting. There's no gameplay yet showing off this purr-fect vixen, so stay tuned while we wait for that. There's at least one more barefoot character who may be added to Skullgirls' roster, so cross your fingers that we get another hottie to play with in this 2D fighter. The game is out in late 2011 for both PSN and XBLA.


  1. Nice post, I was actually thinking of sending this your way Sole.

  2. Wow this is definitely something that you don't see everyday. A cute gothic-like catgirl. Who would have have imagined it? She is really cute...I would definitely enjoy petting her feet.