Monday, September 5, 2011

Makoto as Lightning! (Final Fantasy XIII, Super Streetfighter IV A.E. on PC)

No, Lightning isn't dead... she's alive and (karate) kicking in the Streetfighter world!

Now THIS came from left field... I never expected this, nor was I aware that the totally awesome modder Sloth86 was working on another custom skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC so soon after producing his wonderful Chun-Li SF2 Animated Movie costume. Well, he was indeed working on something, and here it is to my utter and complete surprise but total pleasure!

It's Makoto as Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII! It's very unexpected for me to see tomboy Mak in the role of the pink-haired female soldier from FF... but that's only until you get a good look at the mod. This custom skin is a masterpiece of detail, getting everything from the hairstyle to the costume (complete with an animated cape/scarf) pretty accurately. But probably best is Mak's face- her expression is actually a perfect fit for the combative, somewhat ever-angry Lightning. All in all, it's quite amazing and yet again an awesome mod masterpiece! I guess we really shouldn't be surprised- Sloth86 also made an excellent Vanille mod for Ibuki after all! Perhaps the one thing that some may comment on the mod... Lightning got buff. But I think it's great, and finally Makoto gets to show off the rest of her hot body (aside from her big feet) to match the other girls' sexy custom outfits!

Makoto makes for a very tough-looking and kick-ass Lightning!

But of course, what about us Foot Fans? Lightning, beautiful as she is, is not known for going bootless or barefoot ever... well, that is, UNTIL NOW! Perhaps as the single most telling sign that Sloth is indeed a foot fan like us here, he included not one but TWO Barefoot Variants among the 10 selectable colors of the Lightning costume. One is simply Lightning without her gloves and boots. which is already smokin' hot (thanks to upskirt views aplenty). However, it's the other barefoot skin that's the icing on this cake: It's Underwear Lightning, which makes this pretty much the sexiest and skimpiest outfit Makoto has ever been seen in (that is not NSFW). Those who have been dreaming of Makoto in a sexier outfit that shows more skin (and what fair, soft-looking skin she has now)... your (Final) Fantasy has come true! I have to say... Makoto's/Lightning's buff physique is very, very hot! To think she's been hiding that sexy bod under frumpy karate uniforms all this time!

Made just for us Footies: Gloveless/Bootless Lightning and Underwear Lightning

Here's the Lightning mod in action as we see a Mirror Match between Default Lightning (meh) and Gloveless/Bootless Lightning (HOT!!!). Who will stand victorious at the end?

Default Lightning vs Gloveless/Bootless Lightning... FIGHT!

In this second and final part of this battle, Default Lightning sheds off her garments to become... Underwear Lightning! This match can only end with one babe standing!

Lightning, barefoot and in her undies... truly a (Final) Fantasy come true!

MORE Barefoot Lightning action with the FFXIII heroine taking on another scantily-clad battle-babe, Escape From Shadaloo Cammy! Who will stand victorious in the end? Watch and find out!

As big a Makoto fan I am, I never dreamed she'd be able to stand toe-to-toe with Barefoot Cammy in this way... man, this mod really shows off how HOT Makoto can be. Once again I have to say THANK YOU and AWESOME WORK to Sloth86, and I have already installed the mod. Finally Makoto has a hot barefoot outfit to match the other girls. From here on, I'm hoping this Win Streak continues and Sloth gives us hot and sexy barefoot mods for the last two girls yet to bare more skin- Ibuki and Sakura. I have to say, seeing his work here, I am of the thinking that perhaps if we can contact or reach him somehow, perhaps we can give him suggestions for future Barefoot Mods, in case he's wanting some inspiration.

Lightning/Makoto panty shots- surely some gamers' Final Fantasy...

For now though, I'm gonna watch me some barefoot babe fights. I'll be posting vids featuring this awesome new mod soon, so stay tuned! For now, let Makoto/Lightning's big, beautiful toes and soles fill your soleful dreams! BTW, for those who want to download the Makoto-Lightning mod, you can find it here.


  1. Saw this yesterday. on the SRK boards.

  2. Awesome post, Sole! I'm loving the bra and panties variant a lot. I really like how it shows off her hot body in full, and I like how it makes her already big feet look absolutely HUGE and beautiful.

  3. Indeed, Stephan! Makoto just caught up to Cammy in terms of hotness for me with this awesome mod. ^___^ Sloth86 is a freakin' maestro of sexy mods!

  4. Wow...seeing a barefoot version of lightning is like a dream come true for me. This really has to be one of my favorite cosplays of all time. Massive props to Sloth86 for fulfilling one of my fantasies and awesome post Sole Keeper. :-D