Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Lina (DOTA2)

Lina in action in the DOTA2 Teaser Trailer.

Here's a quick but sweet update from the upcoming DOTA2 (that's Defense of The Ancients 2) from Valve. For those not familiar with it, it's a fantasy strategy-action title, a standalone sequel to the original and very popular custom map from World of Warcraft III. DOTA2 is populated with a host of formidable characters, wielding everything from magical weapons to elemental spells. Well, thankfully among the many grotesques and beastly-types, there are quite a few fetching females- and at least one HOT barefoot babe for footie fans to take a liking to. The babe is the fiery sorceress Lina, who is oddly enough apparently inspired by the anime heroine Lina Inverse. They're both redheads and can throw a mean fireball- but DOTA2's Lina has the advantage (for us, at least) by being nice enough to bare her soles and toes for us to ogle- I guess all the better to enchant her enemies before she fries 'em.

You can see Lina in action, battling her rival Crystal Maiden, in the video above. It's pretty short but you can easily see she's wearing lovely leggings that leave most of her enchanting feet exposed- the best kind of footwear for beguiling sorceresses, I'm sure. Not very practical, I guess, but hey- if you can levitate and fly, barefoot leggings are a great fashion choice!

Of course, that above vid, as cool as it is, isn't really that clear. Luckily, I was able to find a couple of pics that show us the lovely Lina a LOT clearer. The pic below is a look at her in-game model, which thankfully isn't that far off from her CG cinematic incarnation. Can you imagine this hottie floating above you, dangling her kissable toes and soles just right before your face?

Who needs shoes when you're as hot a sorceress as this fiery redhead?

Well, you don't need to imagine as the pic below actually shows what that risque angle would look like. Not only does it provide a royal view of Lina's bare soles- well, it gives us a nice look at pretty much... everything.

A somewhat more, er, intrusive angle to show that yes, indeed, Lina is barefoot. Among other things.

Sadly, this type of game really doesn't allow much ogling or appreciation of Lina in the game, as far as I know- for the most part the view is zoomed out, the action frantic with spells flying about. So for now just enjoy the vid and pics, and let this sizzling beauty's hot toes and soles bring the heat to your dreams. Just take a cold shower afterwards...


  1. *Jaw drops* Wow this fire sorceress pretty much breaks the hotness scale. Dreaming about her feet after this bonus and needing cold shower afterwards is right. O_O

  2. Notice you can see her vagina in that pic 0.o