Thursday, September 15, 2011

Jun Kazama and The Return of Unknown! (Tekken Tag Tournament 2)

Tekken's Barefoot Boss Babe is Back!

As of right now, we're still waiting for word on Barefoot Customization to be confirmed in the upcoming Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Chances are good though- right now, it's already known that many characters (though all male so far) have the option to go shoeless, plus it seems that clothing such as Karate Gis (Upper Garment) are now common to most, if not all, characters. So we may assume that perhaps Barefoot Customization will be a given. I'll want to see proof though before I break out the champagne. In any case, I've already found one pic that at least confirms that Jun Kazama, the mysterious and lovely returning fighter from Tekken 2, already has Hakamas and Instep Guards in her wardrobe- so at the very least she can be semi-barefoot ala Asuka in her P1 Martial Arts Uniform.

One of Jun Kazama's Clothing Options: Hakamas and Instep Guards

Of course, we all want total and not just partial barefoot, so let's just wait. In my opinion, chances are good. Let's all just keep crossing our fingers.

For now though, I have to say we at least have one reason to celebrate- The Final Boss (Bosses?) of Tekken Tag 2 is none other than Jun herself and Unknown, the Final Boss from the original Tekken Tag Tournament! For the benefit of those not steeped in Tekken lore, Unknown was a sexy female fighter who sported a very risque look, being totally naked except for black goo or body paint covering her strategic parts. Despite the black coloring, she's indeed barefoot, and also has a nice alt outfit where it's even more obvious. Well, this femme fatale is back and she's hotter than she's ever been, thanks to TTT2's awesome graphics and detailed character models. You can check her out in the vid above which shows her in action and in the game's Ending (Sexy!).

Jun's transformation into Unknown and the creepy Continue Screen when you lose to her...

Defeating Unknown end cutscene and credits...

Here's to Unknown being Playable and perhaps Customizable in the console version of Tekken Tag 2, so we can have this saucy vixen to enjoy along with the rest of the awesome babes of Tekken. Later then!


  1. O_O This game looks like its going to rock. :-D Awesome to see Unknown make a return appearance. I always wondered about her since Tekken Tag Tournament 1.

  2. I'm still confused whether Jun Kazama is Unknown, or if it was ever really Jun to begin with and was just Unknown in the first place... um... well, she's hot at least... that's above contention. Heheh...

  3. Seriously can't wait to see this game in action. Not for the crappy english VA or the mediocre story. But for all of those fabulous barefoot girls :D

  4. Yeah I was always unsure about Unknown's identity too. Was also a little bit disappointed that they never followed up on her until now. Jun's disappearance during Tekken 3 too for that matter. (Did Ogre kill her off?)Hopefully we might find out more about that mysterious hottie and Jin's mother in this game even if it doesn't turn out to be cannon.

  5. I've just updated the article with a cool vid that shows off Jun's Transformation into Unknown, more footage of Unknown in action and the game's Continue Screen (which is creepy cool). Check it out!