Thursday, October 31, 2013

Makoto in Streetfighter X Tekken! (PC)

The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit enters the fray!

 Okay, now HERE is one awesome mod for the long-running Streetfighter X Tekken on PC. In particular this is pretty close to my foot-loving heart since it lets me see one of my favorite barefoot babes in a game she could only be in before in my dreams. Yep, thanks to new modder Robhal, Streetfighter's Karate Tomboy, Makoto has finally come to Streetfighter X Tekken! Okay, not completely. Certainly this mod uses her actual complete skin from Super Streetfighter IV, but of course the character being used is actually Tekken's Asuka Kazama. Well, I can think of no other fighter in the game who is a perfect fit- she's a bit of a tomboy herself, is Japanese and kinda-sorta practices karate (well, a Japanese martial art amyway). Yeah, her animations are a lot more girly than what you'd expect from Mak, but I think it's a great fit.

It's kinda hard to see Makoto fight without her trademark Hayates, but her grapples fit her nicely.

 Of course, the Makoto skin is her default outfit so I had to team her up with default Ibuki to make the team complete. Seeing them fighting together has long been a dream of mine to see. It's only halfway there but I'll take it. Heheh.

Makoto and Ibuki put some barefoot bikini banes to sleep in these vids.

Anyways, this is a really cool mod, so check out the tag team action as the Karate Kid and her Ninja BFF go and kick some of the bikini-clad butts of the other barefoot babes in the roster. Man, this game really has paid me back in full and then some after all this time. Oh, and by the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Happy Soles! Heheh.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Fighter Within Gameplay Trailer (XBox One)

Some impressive-looking fighting is coming on XBox One. On Kinect.

At this point in time, I am really saddened that quite a few of the big name fighting games have seemingly gone into a sort of hiatus when it comes to releasing sequels to their fighters. Granted, we already have more than enough fighting games with barefoot babes to last us for the duration, but new games are golden and always great to look forward to. Perhaps it's just a phase, so let's hope that new beat 'em ups with gorgeous, next-gen soles will appear in due time.

So this is why anything new and shiny is to be regarded with excitement- even if it is a Kinect game which really doesn't sit well with me (or many gamers for that matter). Sigh. Anyways, Ubisoft's Kinect-controlled fighter, Fighter Within was announced some time ago, and it debuted with a trailer showing off some live actors and models getting prepped for the game, which was quite meh. This time though, FINALLY, we get to see more of the in-game performers which really do look impressive to me. Really, the character models in FW look quite detailed, and the character designs are pretty varied- from the ninja guy to the Muay Thai Tong Po lookalike to the old master and, well, of course the ladies. Oh, the ladies!

At least two of the babes we see are (mostly) barefoot, wearing the traditional martial arts wraps or instep guards- I hope fully-barefoot alternate costumes or customization is in the game. The models have a real-world grittiness or hardness to them, which I kinda find refreshing compared to the usual overly-perfect ladies of beat 'em ups (with respect- I love me my indestructible, unblemished fighter babes), and the fighting looks vicious and, yep, sexy.

 The big uh-oh of course is that this is a Kinect fighter. I have to get a Kinect as well as an XBox One, and really- chances are this game will control like a joke. It will probably never be regarded as a serious fighter by the mainstream FG community, and at worse may just be another addition to the junk pile of Kinect fighters. OR it may actually turn out awesome. Who knows?
 In any case, based on the trailer above I'll continue keeping tabs on this title. It's not too far away and with Killer Instinct arriving on XBox One as well, there's a growing number of reasons to give MS's console a look later next month. For now, enjoy the trailer and the fetching lady fighters Within.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DOA5U + XPS - Dead or Alive Ultimate Knockouts! (DOA5 Ultimate)

Finally, real Knockouts return to Dead or Alive, thanks to XPS.

Even if I've been disappointed a lot by the series in the past, I am a certified Dead or Alive fan. No other series mixes fan service and fighting awesomeness like Tecmo-KOEI's flagship beat 'em up. And of course, the DOA girls are certainly the most fetching collection of female fighters around (though Tekken fans may say nay). Now, there are some gripes I have with the series as of late. While thankfully the influx of barefoot bikini outfits has finally allowed us to enjoy all the girls' soles and toes (despite the fact that the quality of the in-game feet are inferior to Tekken or VF5), there is still a glaring aspect of DOA5/DOA5U that I wish I could rectify- the Knockouts.

Posing the girls in KOs is... very interesting.

Really, the plain, irritating thing about DOA5 is that NO ONE GETS KO'ED at the end of a match. You hit them with a dozen-hit combo, drop them off a building onto their heads, crack their necks or suplex them into an exploding gas canister- all it does is make them dizzy and give up the fight. Are they knocked unconscious? Nope. To be totally accurate, you CAN actually make a downed (and dizzy) defeated enemy lose consciousness with certain follow-up hits on them, but it's after the point.

The KO is something I find really appealing, satisfying and, well, hot, so I want them in the game again. Well, thanks to the XPS Posing Program, that can finally happen in DOA5 Ultimate. Well, kinda.
 They key is having the character and stage files from DOA5/DOA5U to work with- thankfully these are often posted by modders on DeviantArt, though not all characters/DOA girls have had their barefoot swimsuit models made available.

The next is posing the character you wish to see knocked out in the KO pose you wish. Then it's all a matter of capturing footage of the slumbering babe with a capture program such as FRAPS.

  Someday I hope to have access to all the character and stage models...

After which it's just a matter of editing and attaching the KO ending sequence to a match video that uses the corresponding characters and stage used in an Editing Suite, like iMovie or Windows MovieMaker. Having the music file of the stage is also a plus.

Put it all together and VOILA, you got a hot and sexy KO sequence with a napping hottie to ogle at the end of the action-packed brawl. To date, I have most of the girls' models in their barefoot Hot Getaway or Ultimate Sexy outfits, although a couple have not yet been made available (Christie and Sarah). I only have four stages to alternate and use for vids as well.

One thing to watch is that the KO endings should not be too long. Save footage for another match.

 The videos take a bit of work, but once the template files are done it's just a matter of recording new matches and changing up KO poses so they're different or slightly altered every time. KO or Sleepy Fans should find the finishing sequences a lot more satisfying, and I think they bring to mind the Tekken 6 KO win poses with Zafina or Dragunov that were my favorites in that game.

Who's the best 'Sleeping Beauty' in DOA5U? Hmmm...

 What's next after I do a vid for all the babes? Perhaps Tag Team KO ending sequences? Hmmm. We'll see. Finally though I am able to really meld my XPS hobby with the Youtube channel content, which is awesome. So check out the vids here and stay tuned for more hot KOs soon.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Skyrim Soles: The Amazon's Adventures Continue! (Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC)

A deadly skirmish with one woman left standing...

Believe it or not... I am STILL playing The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Really, this game is all manners of awesome, from how the continuous influx and creation of mods keep it fresh and exciting and new, how the graphics look freakin' amazing (with the right mods installed) and well, how the in-game female bare feet (with FemFeet Redesigned installed) are easily the best-looking in-game footsies I have had the pleasure to play with.
Just this night's play session, I was wandering the roads with my heroine, the Barefoot Dovahkiin known as The Amazon. She was minding her own business when she was attacked by a Fire Drahman Norokdir- a mod-provided monster that was half-dragon and half-man... and all horrific. Even though the Amazon was at level 69, armed with legendary armor, weapons and skills, she was outmatched. The creature took away chunks of life with every hit, and had tons of health to shrug off blows that would fell any other creature. Though it irked her, the female fury was forced to give ground in the hopes of whittling down the Norokdir and somehow survive.

Luckily though, help soon arrived, in the form of a Stormcloak patrol. Since she was unaligned, these rebel soldiers were friendly and rushed in to battle the beast. Well, unfortunately for the Stormcloaks, they were no match for the Norokdir as well, and soon all were dead on the ground. However, the Amazon was able to deal the finishing blows thanks to their interference, and as the battle ended, she stood alive, the lone survivor.

Once again I have to say- Skyrim's modded feet are the best bare feet in gaming.

One of the fallen Stormcloaks was a female- their captain, in fact, and she was, like the Amazon herself, barefooted in fur greaves. I found myself staring at her soles and I have to say I was amazed. I've seen the game's FemFeet-augmented feet countless times, of course- but still, seeing how detailed the feet are still makes me so glad for having this game. The feet are damn beautiful, and so realistic. Even more so, I noticed now (as you can see in the pic above) that the feet are rimed with frost, since the female Stormcloak had been walking barefooted in the snowy ground. Otherwise though, her feet were unblemished and unharmed, as they were warrior feet and proof against even tough ice or snow (perfect, indestructible, beautiful feet- a foot fan's dream!). Man, I have to say again- the modders who created FemFeet (and FemFeet ReDesigned) have my eternal thanks.

Anyway, I'll be posting more vids in my Path of The Amazon series on the Youtube channel, and it will hopefully carry on into the conclusion of the main quest and then progress into Dawnguard. From there I'll continue playing with the character into more quests (perhaps Dragonborn and Falskaar). I don't think I'll be quitting this game anytime soon. Man, is that replay value or what? Heheh.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Jaycee Barefoot (Tekken Tag Tournament 2, XPS)

The Masked Luchadora finally bares her soles for us. In XPS, at least.

When the mysterious, masked luchadora Jaycee first appeared in the teaser trailer for Tekken Tag Tournament 2, I was immediately intrigued and excited. She was definitely hot with her sporty physique, and what little we could see of her face was beautiful (but then, there aren't any ugly women in Tekken anyway). Aside from that, her flamboyant and energetic character was interesting- so different from most of the stoic or reserved females in the roster. Another thing that intrigued of course was her being a wrestler, which surely would be given to going barefoot; her default costume was already quite skimpy already. I really had high hopes for this new femme fatale.

 So imagine my surprise when it was eventually discovered/revealed that Jaycee was none other than longtime Tekken girl Julia Chang. But that really only made her more interesting. Transformation from Plain Jane to Star Grappler was awesome. And finally, there was the possibility that Julia would FINALLY bare her soles in the game. Ah, we were all so hopeful. Sadly, this was not to be with Tekken Tag 2's retarded, dumbed-down customization.
Yes, Jaycee (and the rest of the girls) got bikinis, but all came with shoes (damn you, Harada) and a separate barefoot customization was nowhere in the game. But really, enough of our bad memories and the Tekken Team's shortcomings. At least in the totally awesome XPS Poser Studio we can now take the TTT2 Jaycee Bikini Model and remove those irritating sandals as we please.

 Yes, I've had the Mask-less version of Jaycee for months, but really- there's a certain appeal to the Masked Jaycee that you just don't get with the exposed one. Jaycee without the mask is Julia, plain and simple, which is just not the same; this persona requires the whole package. The great thing is, Jaycee is so versatile (just like her in-game character). She can be heel,face or jobber, and she looks so hot doing it. Those legs, feet and physique... just dazzling. I know I'll be playing with her a LOT in XPS. Check out the arts I've done with her so far at my DA Page. There will definitely be more to come as Jaycee challenges all the other babes and scores some pins. YEAH!