Wednesday, October 23, 2013

DOA5U + XPS - Dead or Alive Ultimate Knockouts! (DOA5 Ultimate)

Finally, real Knockouts return to Dead or Alive, thanks to XPS.

Even if I've been disappointed a lot by the series in the past, I am a certified Dead or Alive fan. No other series mixes fan service and fighting awesomeness like Tecmo-KOEI's flagship beat 'em up. And of course, the DOA girls are certainly the most fetching collection of female fighters around (though Tekken fans may say nay). Now, there are some gripes I have with the series as of late. While thankfully the influx of barefoot bikini outfits has finally allowed us to enjoy all the girls' soles and toes (despite the fact that the quality of the in-game feet are inferior to Tekken or VF5), there is still a glaring aspect of DOA5/DOA5U that I wish I could rectify- the Knockouts.

Posing the girls in KOs is... very interesting.

Really, the plain, irritating thing about DOA5 is that NO ONE GETS KO'ED at the end of a match. You hit them with a dozen-hit combo, drop them off a building onto their heads, crack their necks or suplex them into an exploding gas canister- all it does is make them dizzy and give up the fight. Are they knocked unconscious? Nope. To be totally accurate, you CAN actually make a downed (and dizzy) defeated enemy lose consciousness with certain follow-up hits on them, but it's after the point.

The KO is something I find really appealing, satisfying and, well, hot, so I want them in the game again. Well, thanks to the XPS Posing Program, that can finally happen in DOA5 Ultimate. Well, kinda.
 They key is having the character and stage files from DOA5/DOA5U to work with- thankfully these are often posted by modders on DeviantArt, though not all characters/DOA girls have had their barefoot swimsuit models made available.

The next is posing the character you wish to see knocked out in the KO pose you wish. Then it's all a matter of capturing footage of the slumbering babe with a capture program such as FRAPS.

  Someday I hope to have access to all the character and stage models...

After which it's just a matter of editing and attaching the KO ending sequence to a match video that uses the corresponding characters and stage used in an Editing Suite, like iMovie or Windows MovieMaker. Having the music file of the stage is also a plus.

Put it all together and VOILA, you got a hot and sexy KO sequence with a napping hottie to ogle at the end of the action-packed brawl. To date, I have most of the girls' models in their barefoot Hot Getaway or Ultimate Sexy outfits, although a couple have not yet been made available (Christie and Sarah). I only have four stages to alternate and use for vids as well.

One thing to watch is that the KO endings should not be too long. Save footage for another match.

 The videos take a bit of work, but once the template files are done it's just a matter of recording new matches and changing up KO poses so they're different or slightly altered every time. KO or Sleepy Fans should find the finishing sequences a lot more satisfying, and I think they bring to mind the Tekken 6 KO win poses with Zafina or Dragunov that were my favorites in that game.

Who's the best 'Sleeping Beauty' in DOA5U? Hmmm...

 What's next after I do a vid for all the babes? Perhaps Tag Team KO ending sequences? Hmmm. We'll see. Finally though I am able to really meld my XPS hobby with the Youtube channel content, which is awesome. So check out the vids here and stay tuned for more hot KOs soon.

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  1.'s great to see some of the Ninja Gaiden that I've been crushing after in swimsuits. Had a nosebleed upon seeing Rachel barefoot. :-D Gotta love Dead or Alive's fanservice.