Thursday, October 31, 2013

Makoto in Streetfighter X Tekken! (PC)

The Girl with Pure Karate Spirit enters the fray!

 Okay, now HERE is one awesome mod for the long-running Streetfighter X Tekken on PC. In particular this is pretty close to my foot-loving heart since it lets me see one of my favorite barefoot babes in a game she could only be in before in my dreams. Yep, thanks to new modder Robhal, Streetfighter's Karate Tomboy, Makoto has finally come to Streetfighter X Tekken! Okay, not completely. Certainly this mod uses her actual complete skin from Super Streetfighter IV, but of course the character being used is actually Tekken's Asuka Kazama. Well, I can think of no other fighter in the game who is a perfect fit- she's a bit of a tomboy herself, is Japanese and kinda-sorta practices karate (well, a Japanese martial art amyway). Yeah, her animations are a lot more girly than what you'd expect from Mak, but I think it's a great fit.

It's kinda hard to see Makoto fight without her trademark Hayates, but her grapples fit her nicely.

 Of course, the Makoto skin is her default outfit so I had to team her up with default Ibuki to make the team complete. Seeing them fighting together has long been a dream of mine to see. It's only halfway there but I'll take it. Heheh.

Makoto and Ibuki put some barefoot bikini banes to sleep in these vids.

Anyways, this is a really cool mod, so check out the tag team action as the Karate Kid and her Ninja BFF go and kick some of the bikini-clad butts of the other barefoot babes in the roster. Man, this game really has paid me back in full and then some after all this time. Oh, and by the way... HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE! Happy Soles! Heheh.

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  1. :-) Wow I love these mods. Great post Sole Keeper and Happy Halloween. ^_^