Saturday, January 17, 2015

Jungle Girl Returns: Maya Retro Costume Revealed (Killer Instinct)

FINALLY Maya's classic look emerges on Xbox One.

It's been a long wait (and it isn't over) but at least we've finally seen the end reward for us on the Xbox One brawler, Killer Instinct. Ever since the start of the game's Second Season, we've been waiting for the lovely Amazon Maya to show off her sexy, deadly feet in combat, but time and again we've been met by disappointment. First off was the blasted 'reimagining' thing that turned her from a beautiful barefoot warrior queen to some armored Brazilian fury. When her alternate accessories came out, NONE of them had any barefoot options. STRIKE TWO! Well, thankfully with the latest textual stream, the devs at Iron Galaxy revealed her upcoming Retro Costumes and Premium Accessory sets.

Well, to be honest I am weirded out by her hair, and by the somewhat goofy frills on the bottom of her top- but hey, at least she's barefoot. Those metallic things on her limbs could really just go, but hey, as long as they give us Maya's bare toes and soles, I'm happy.

Maya's Retro Costume should arrive within the month, with Update 2.3 of the game. I'll surely post vids of our returned Jungle Girl once she becomes available.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

DOA5 Ultimate Knockouts and the Future!

No KOs in DOA5U? No problem! Add your own (with XPS)!

Over the holidays, I've been having a TON of fun rediscovering Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.  I have to admit, while I've been a fan of the DOA series in general since the godly PSX version (which is, I believe, one of the first ever games to include unlockable barefoot swimsuits for the babes), my relationship with the franchise has been a rocky one. The game endlessly teased us with seemingly countless itinerations of DOA2, most of whom had absolutely zilch barefoot babe content at all. DOA3 came and inttroduced Hitomi, but other than that again was a dry bone. DOA4 pretty much lost me, and it wasn't until DOA5 Ultimate that FINALLY someone at Team Ninja apparently realized that there are people who like seeing the girls barefoot (usually in their swimsuits).

That the game is pretty challenging and some of the girls kinda hard to beat makes the KO sequences that follow that much more... satisfying.

Aside from that, I truly enjoyed at least the way they updated the girls' looks in the latest game- transitioning from the more anime-esque look of the past models to the slightly more realistic style of today- at the very least the girls have more unique looks from each other (Helena is truly a goddess).

My two big gripes with the game still bite though- one, the character models' feet are still far from looking the best. While the feet look great from above, at the sole view the girls' feet lack detail and could do with more life-like skin texture (Tekken 6 did this awesomely I think), and the toes seem to stick together. Also there's that weird issue of how the feet bend far too high up above the ankle, which is of course unnatural.

The loser's fate, getting ogled and admired from every angle...

The other problem I have with DOA5 is the seeming lack of proper knockouts. This irritating bit started in DOA4, where every round ends usually with the losing character looking dizzy but basically still CONSCIOUS even though they may have been finished off by a fall from a hundred feet or a brain-busting suplex. This inability to render an enemy properly unconscious truly takes away a lot of the satisfaction in this game for me. To be fair, there IS an actual KO animation/frame in the game, but you need to hit the downed enemy with a certain hit to see it, and it is very, very brief to see (you literally have to hit them immediately after the actual KO hit or it to register without being cut off.

Anyway, thanks to my dabbling in the XNA Lara/XPS Posing program, I have managed to circumvent the lack of Knockouts in the game by, well, adding them in myself! Yep. DOA5, I REJECT your reality and substitute my own!

I guess this goes beyond just the foot fetish and crossing into the KO/sleepy fetish, but I believe these go hand in hand...

So I basically pose the models myself and add in these 'KO Endings' after the actual fights. The only limitation are, of course, the available models for both the characters and the models. I have at least one or two barefoot costume models of each girl, and about three stages- though I decided to use a bit of 'creative license' for some extra KO sequences.

For example, an Alternate KO Ending usable for the urban stages has the loser's unconscious bod being loaded onto the back of a mysterious van, to be taken away to some unknown fate (for the record, they're being sent to a spa to get a rejuvenating massage). I may add some more depending on what I think up. Yeah, it's kinda weird but hey, it's fun- like cooking up 'Fatalities'  but in DOA.

I can only do KO endings using the girls and stages I have models with, sadly. But thankfully I have enough...

Anyways, sadly there's nothing as yet I can do to remedy my second gripe- the foot model problem. Even sadder, it is quite apparent that this won't change in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Last Round release this coming February. However, I am looking forward to the prospect of seeing this gorgeous game in action in full 1080p.
Also, there IS the possibility that since it will be released on PC, there IS the possibility that modders may do the same wonders to the character models' feet that they did with Skyrim- that is, substitute more detailed, life-like foot models for the sub-standard ones from Team Ninja. Darn, just the thought of the DOA girls finally getting more realistic, detailed feet... wow. Please modders- someone like Sloth86 or such- PLEASE step up to this vital task! You are our only hope!

For now though,  take the time to watch the DOA5 Ultimate KO vids I've uploaded recently to the channel. I'll probably do more as I still am in the DOA mood for the time being. Here's to hotter and sexier babe battles (soon in full HD) this new year!

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Streetfighter V: Looking Forward to the Future!

Ryu gets Chun-Li's foot right in the face... lucky bastard.

I am stoked, footfans. I am very excited for the future of barefoot babes in games. This early, things are looking awesome, particularly on the front of the next Streetfighter game. Based on the above video, which shows off action from the admittedly very-early Streetfighter V, us foot-lovers will be very happy with what may be. It's pretty cool that instead of giving us a sausage-fest, Capcom opted for a sexy battle of the sexes with their initial demo for SFV- letting us all get a good look at the next-gen/now-gen version of Chun-Li, and well, she's looking gorgeous.

But more than that, I am happy to see that Chun's character model is hot-hot-hot. It's a bit more realistic-looking than the previous generation look of SFIV, but yes, there's still a bit of exaggerated proportions. Still, I am loving it- Chun's feet are perfectly-sized, IMO. Right now, I am imagining how they look without her trademark white boots on. And I am also loving all the angles and views which will yield AMAZING sole shots and views once we get barefoot mods and costumes to give us a barefooted Chun-Li in action in SFV (and with the game coming to SFV, I am hoping this happens as soon as possible). Just check out the sexy action above to get a glimpse of the sexy, sexy future of fighting we may have with Streetfighter. And be jealous of Ryu who gets to have Chun-Li's soles right in his face. Mmmm. Hahaha.

SFV is exclusive (supposedly forever) to PS4 and PC, so I'm ready on either front. Here's to barefoot mods or outfits to come and make this SFV even more awesome than SFIV and SFxTK on PC (which are already all-time favorites). The future is coming, and I couldn't be more excited!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine is in the House! (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN PS4)

Gorgeous anime-style fighting action from Guilty Gear Xrd on PS4.

It's been a long wait, but last week Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN arrived on the PS4 (exclusive). This awesome fighting sequel is one of the most eye-catchingly pretty fighting games I've ever seen, thanks to the vibrant colors, graphics, characters and camera angles that punctuate the flashy action. But of course, the best thing about the game for us foot fans is Ramlethal Valentine, the one single barefoot babe in the game. Ram-chan is the game's Final Boss (at least initially), a seemingly emotionless superbabe bent on destroying humanity (so awesome!). Aside from being as cute as a button, she perhaps has some of the nicest-looking, well-drawn and detailed feet I've seen (in both her artwork and her in-game model). Even better, her intros always give lovely and lingering focus on her kissable feet, from the sole view in one and from the top on another- easily the cameraman knew what was really worth locking his lens on. Heheh...

Ramenthal's VS mode intro never gets old...

Anyways, aside from her cuteness and pretty-much-bare feet, Ram-chan's animations are pretty cool- she has a nice, sexy walk which is accented by nice, fleshy footsteps- and her attacks are cat-like and graceful. She's definitely my favorite character in the game- if only I-No and Millia were able to shed their boots... oh well.

Check out the vids I've posted showing off Ram-chan in action. I may post more stuff, as well as cutscenes from the Story Mode, if I find parts that give special focus to our favorite Valentine. For now, enjoy the vids and imagine Ram-chan's soles pressing on your faces... yum!

Potemkin does his piledriver-like Instant Kill on Ramenthal in this bout- don't worrry, she can take it.

Thursday, December 4, 2014

Dead or Alive 5 Last Round CONFIRMED for PC!!!

The world has turned! Rejoice, people, as FINALLY, Dead or Alive 5 Last Round has been confirmed coming to PC this coming February. Team Ninja has announced this via trailers and you can at this very moment preorder the game on Steam for a 10 percent discount and free DLC outfits- the more who preorder, the more free stuff, so preorder away!

Anyway, more sexy bikinis and outfits notwithstanding (yes, the new bikinis and swimsuits are confirmed barefoot- at least, some of them), the best part of this is of course the possibility of awesome MODS that will surely pop up once modders get to grips with the game. DOA5 models are already well-established as moddable characters for XPS and other programs, so many are assuming that this will mean fast and easy mods for even more outfits and stuff to come free for the PC version.

I am hoping that just like Capcom's Streetfighter games on PC, there will be TONS of awesome free modded content to come from all these talented modders. Not just outfits or barefoot customization though- I am hoping at the very least someone mods the girls' feet to look more detailed and lifelike, instead of the low-res models they are using now (PLEASE modders! You are our only hope!).

I do plan on getting DOA5LR for both PS4 and PC next year. I just may preorder asap as well! For those interested, you can see the game on Steam right here. Preorder away!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Sunset Overdrive (Xbox One)

Say hello to my barefoot heroine in Sunset Overdrive, Hayley Hotfoot!

It's not often that a non-fighting game becomes a total favorite of mine- after all, barefoot female characters often appear best in fighters since these games are very character-centric and by default give nice closeup views of our babes (and their sexy soles and toes). But every so often a non-beat 'em up surprises me. It's happened in some Tomb Raider titles, Skyrim and some others. Now, it has happened again, and with a Next-Gen (well, Now-Gen by now) game at that. I think this may indeed be the first true Next-Gen Barefoot Babe game to have.

The Adventures of Hayley Hotfoot begin here!

The game is, of course, Sunset Overdrive, an exclusive title for the Xbox One. It's an action game, combining fast and all-over-the-place movement with shooting and over-the-top weapons (unsurprising since this is from Insomniac Games, makers of Ratchet and Clank). Happening in a place called Sunset City, the game's story occurs starts after the grand launch of a new energy drink called Over Drive by a company called FizzCo. Soon after the festivities, during 'Horror Night' as it soon gets called, everyone who drank Over Drive transform into the OD, or mutant monsters. The game's protagonist is a former sanitation employee of FizzCo who suddenly finds herself (well, it's a Her in my game) being chased by the mutants but also possessing fantastic powers- like the ability to grind and slide on almost any surface, leap amazing heights and survive falls from pretty much any height. Basically, she becomes Sunset City's superhero, albeit a reluctant and kinda self-serving one (at least at the start). So, to escape the city, she has to go on various adventures, fight the OD and hostile humans, ally herself with various factions in the city and perhaps, along the way, become a true hero.

One of the cool cutscenes from the game.

Anyway, that aside, the game lets you customize your protagonist's appearance, including their clothing. OF COURSE, my heroine always goes barefoot once her adventures begin in earnest- my conceit being of course that no shoe she wears can take the punishment of all her stunts, so she doesn't wear any (and she of course dresses in basically just her swimsuit or undies because it's sexy heheh).
The nice part here is that Sunset Overdrive's character models are pretty awesome- well-detailed and excellent, and I have to say it has some of the nicest bare feet I've seen in-game. But the best part is the wonderful detail of sound- when she walks, her footsteps SOUND bare- even on various surfaces such as metal floors, concrete, gravel- bare footsteps everywhere and it's pretty much perfect. If you love that detail as much as I do (which many games don't get right), you will love this game immediately.

The combination of great character model and sound makes this game a real treat.

Aside from that, the high resolution of the graphics gives a great view of our heroine, and nice sole views often as she runs or swings around for the most part. The camera isn't as able to zoom in like in Skyrim, for example, but it gives a great view more often than not. In any case, I have to say that a game like this, which you will play hours on end, never looks old since the character you see onscreen is such a pleasure to watch. Then there are the cutscenes, some of which give really nice sole views, and reflect what your character is wearing at the time. The story itself is entertaining and will hold your attention at least.

The story is often silly, with lots of breaking the fourth wall. But it's all in good fun.

I have never been a big fan of action games, particularly ones that have you grinding or sliding around like a super-powered Tony Hawk. But the ease of controls, the intuitive and enjoyable way you can move and shoot, the beautiful graphics, the cool character and the vibrantly-colored world you can roam in just worked and got my vote. This has become my favorite game on my Xbox One, and in truth, made me truly happy I got the console. I am fully looking forward to more content as DLC and perhaps a sequel in the future!

For now though, check out the videos I have for Sunset Overdrive on the channel. I am intending to post a LOT (already have five episodes posted), including going through the main campaign/story mode and some other vids. So enjoy the Adventures of my girl, Hayley Hotfoot! I'm sure she'll capture barefoot fans' hearts as she did mine.
But the right to service and massage her feet are mine alone hahaha!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Bikini Goth Juri Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

And you thought Juri couldn't get any hotter...

Man, Streetfighter X Tekken is just so filled with value. Several years on, it's still giving footfans enjoyment with some awesome and sexy mods for the game's lovely ladies. For the record, while it's the same thing pretty much with the other PC Capcom fighter, Ultra Streetfighter IV) (or Super Streetfighter IV AE), I just find the animations, the camera angles and action of SFxTK better and more flashy (and the KO pose sexier).

Anyways, the latest hot barefoot mod to come along is from modder bbbSFXT who brings us yet another sexy, sexy look for the lovely and evil Juri Han.  Now, even unmodded, the luscious Taekwondo Vixen is already one sizzling babe- but put her in a bikini and her bare feet PLUS make her a Goth Girl??? HOTNESS OVERLOAD!!!

Have to say that the cute pigtails hairstyle (which is fully animated as well) and the more lacy bikini and T-shirt combo (color customizable!) makes this both cute and goth-y hot. I have to say, this suddenly became my favorite Juri mod once I saw it in action. She just looks SOOOO Luscious in action in this mod... I need a shower hahaha.

Anyways, you can check Goth Bikini Juri in action in the vid below, and I'll be sure to post more soon. I'm sure you'll all agree, this barefoot villainess just got even hotter than ever.

Check out Juri in the pre-fight cutscene... Bison, you are one lucky bastard...