Thursday, January 19, 2017

King of Fighters XIV: Luong Action!

We take on KOF's newest and sexiest femme fatale.

The King of Fighters franchise has never been a good source of barefoot babes- in terms of footfan faves, SNK has few overall- usually just Mai Shiranui when she goes half-barefoot in the Real Bout games. So it was with quite a bit of excitement that I looked forward to the latest King of Fighters game- King of Fighters XIV. ONE new barefoot babe- just ONE. But, well, she's hot.

She's the sexy and seductive Luong from the Kim Team. Described as the lover of Kim's mentor Gang-Li, Luong has all the signs of a temptress- from her slinky features to her limber fighting style, this lady is no newbie and quite the player. Her outfit isn't overly skimpy- in fact, she's pretty much covered up all over- except for the parts we like- basically her toes, heels and, well, most of her soles. Her super attack (or final?) is hot as heck, and I really dig her design. Definitely hotter than Chae Lim or Momo (other barefoot babes in the whole KOF series so far), and she does give Mai Shiranui a run for her money. Here's to her appearing again in future KOFs. For now though, you can see her on the PS4 brawler (which is sporting some nicer visuals thanks to the latest patch).

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Tekken 7: Lili Bikini Costume in Action!

Finally we get some quality time with Lili in her sexy new costume set.

Hey there, footfans! Some time ago we got some good news that the lovely Lili Rochefort was getting a new barefooted costume in the upcoming Tekken 7. As part of the 'Kiwami' or Ultimate campaign in arcades, everyone got a new outfit, which consisted of two pieces each (usually a top and bottom) which incidentally can be switched out and used with other outfit pieces. Lili was the only one who got a barefooted outfit, which is called, quite creatively, the Bikini top and skirt. Since the announcement, we haven't found any videos showing the costume being shown in arcade action... till now! Courtesy of the GreenTekken Youtube channel, the vid above is more than 40 minutes of fighting with Bikini-clad Lili taking on the hulking Jack. I think the robot is outmatched, if not outclassed. Heh.

Anyway, I really am looking forward to playing this game and putting all the hot ladies in the game's barefoot costume(s). Of course, Lili and Asuka are my faves but I do intend to try out every one of the game's girls and show them off on vids at my channel. For now, I can only share vids like the one above (from other channels). BTW, there are literally HOURS of barefoot babe Tekken 7 action already compiled in the Tekken 7 playlist on my channel, so if you wanna see what's coming up for our PCs and consoles in a couple of months, check 'em out.

A release date for Tekken 7 is expected to be revealed within the month. Stay tuned!

UPDATE: Here's a new video showing off Lili wearing the new 'Bikini' skirt with her Default Dress top. Sexy! This was posted by Misaka Sisters on their Youtube channel and shared with us in the comments recently. Thanks, Misaka Sisters!!! Hot vid! :)

Lili wearing her 'Bikini Skirt' with her default Dress Top. Video by Misaka Sisters.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Looking forward to 2017!

TheSoleKeeper here!

I know I haven't been posting here much. Most of my work collecting Barefoot Babes of Videogames has all this time been done on my Youtube Channel and DeviantArt page. But I still have a soft spot for this blog- this is where I can really talk about our shoeless muses at length. So I'd like to try and start posting again here more or less regularly starting next year, next month. I'll return to writing posts about individual characters as well as games featuring barefoot babes, and news of new and upcoming treats for footie fans.

2017 is looking awesome. Of course, we have the mighty and long-awaited Tekken 7 coming in the first quarter of the year- and it promises to be the best Tekken yet, for both fighting game fans and barefoot babe fans thanks to the much improved character models and sexy customizations in store. Then we have more content coming for Streetfighter V, which is already an amazingly hot source of barefoot battle babes thanks to our awesome modders. What else is coming? We can't wait to see and find out. And I'll do my best to blog about it all here.

Here's a cool video posted by Misaka Sisters (on Youtube) showing off Lili wearing the new 'Bikini Skirt' bottom with her default Dress top. Looks HOT! :) Definitely doing that when I get the game. Check out the video below.

Lili wearing her 'bikini skirt' with her default dress top. NICE!

Friday, December 16, 2016

Tekken 7: Lili Barefoot Bikini Costume!

Lili's Premium costume in the Arcade version's 'Kiwami' Campaign is our new favorite.

Tekken 7 Fated Retribution, the arcade version of the latest King of Iron Fist Tournament, recently got updated with a wave of new outfits and customizations for the characters. The kinda bad news is that only one of the outfits is barefoot. The good news is that it is for our favorite Tekken Bae- Lili Rochefort herself (who has truly outclassed Asuka in the hotness department far and away). The 2-piece costume (top and bottom can be used independently with other costume pieces) for Lili is called the Bikini set, and is pretty minimal compared to other character's costumes. It is apparently unique to Lili, and definitely is a great example of 'Less is More'. Heheh.

This outfit is only the second such barefoot or barefoot-able alternate costume for a female in the game (or three if you consider the now more masculine Leo's full body swimming outfit), the other being the sexy Summer Dress for Katarina Alves (which can be customized down to just the lingerie). I'm hoping at least every girl gets a barefoot bottom or option.

This is all assuming of course that these costumes all make it into the upcoming home or console versions of Tekken 7, which need to be... or we riot. Heh. Tekken 7 (for PS4, XBOne and PC) arrive sometime in Early 2017. More as we get it!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Tekken 7 Barefoot Retribution! Barefoot Bikinis FINALLY Come to Tekken! (UPDATED with VIDEO!)

Lili's Intros, Winposes and Cutscenes in her Bikinis.

AAAAND THERE IT IS! At long last, after so many frustration, barefoot fans can now rest easy- barefoot bikinis have come to Tekken. Specifically, Tekken 7: Fated Retribution, in the latest update to the latest arcade version of the Iron-fisted fighting game series. In the latest update patch, which also added the rotund Bob into the playable roster, new customization items with a Summer theme have been added. In addition to various bits and bobs you can attach to your fighter, the females can now have access to 'Tropical Bikinis' that finally show off not just their sexy curves and quite a bit of skin, but also fully bare their beautiful soles and toes. Previously, the bikini outfit available came with sandals (straight from Tekken Tag 2) and were just... ARGH.

This is the first time that barefoot swimwear has been added to Tekken in-game; previously, barefoot customization was available in Tekken 6, but with no swimsuit outfits. Tekken Tag 2 gave us swimsuits, but those came with sandals for the female fighters- truly disappointing.

Anyway, I am quite certain that the Tropical Bikini has been seen quite some time ago in some of the promotional images over at the Tekken websites, worn by Lucky Chloe- I was almost certain she was barefooted in that image, but it is only now that actual full body pics of the girls' character models in the new swimsuits are revealed.

And, as you can see in the video above, Lili's bare feet look great in the video (don't miss the amazing sole shot during the cutscene with Heihachi), as do Nina's in her pic below. Tekken has always had really good feet models (which is odd since Soul Calibur has crappy ones), and T7 is no exception!

The male fighters aren't left out- the dudes get Fundoshis (the Japanese traditional underwear popularized by Heihachi) or the old-style striped one piece swimming outfit first seen in TTT2... so something for everyone!

These are all as yet for the arcade version, but we can safely assume all these will make it into the upcoming console and PC ports coming in early 2017. Perhaps Tekken 7 will pull a DOA5 and finally bring in more barefoot outfits and customizations after this initial wave? In any case, I'm already quite happy, and I am now looking forward to this game as the next big barefoot babe fighter coming soon. Stay tuned, we'll keep on this like glue.

Nina bares her bikini body AND her sexy deadly feet in Tekken 7 Fated Retribution's latest update.

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Streetfighter V: Barefoot Cammy Mod is Here! (PC)

Cammy bares her soles for us in Streetfighter V!

Once again, awesome modder BrutalAce delivers another barefoot mod for Streetfighter V (PC), and it's for the stunning (and incredibly ripped this time around) Cammy. Killer Bee has never looked this formidable, and I think her feet are just screaming to be set free from those cloying boots. The foot model used by BA are the same ones used by modder Sloth86 for the original barefoot mod for Cammy back in the Streetfighter IV days, but updated with more hi-res textures and stuff (I have no idea what I am talking about). Suffice to say, BA's attention to detail pays off once again with a mod that looks so good, you'd think that Cammy has never worn boots ever- she looks so natural barefooted in the game, it's amazing.

In my dreams, Cammy was barefooted from Day One, a gymnast fighter (or a combat gymnast?) who uses her speed and momentum, as well as her entire body, to deliver crushing blows, even with her petite hands and feet. I have to say, while Chun-Li certainly is close, Cammy is my favorite SF babe to be, um, debooted- since perhaps years ago- prior to these days of modding and such- seeing Cammy's bare feet would have only been possible in one's dreams, or fan art, or in Photoshop. Now, this is as good as real.

Cammy gets on the receiving end of the game's entertaining 'special' KOs...

Darn, thanks to these mods, I don't regret getting SFV, which is otherwise a bit of a pain and a lackluster and barebones package- hopefully that will change soon with the addition of more fighters (Ibuki and Juri...) and hopefully soon, VS CPU and Arcade mods. Stupid, silly Capcom.

For now though, I am so happy with my barefoot Cammy. More footage (haha) of Killer Barefoot Bee will be up as I can make them. for now, enjoy the vids!

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Streetfighter V: Barefoot R.Mika!

The first barefoot mod for the latest Streetfighter is here!

The future of barefoot game babes has arrived! Thanks to awesome modder BrutalAce, who has given us a ton of sexy barefoot mods for the Streetfighter IV games, we can now enjoy the sexy bare soles of SFV's wrestling princess. Streetfighter V is ridiculously bare in content as of yet, but that hasn't stopped the modders from eating up this game and spewing out already-awesome mods for the PC version. BrutalAce thankfully has the footfans' interests at heart, and after this initial effort we can expect more barefoot mods for the rest of the SFV girls. Who's next? Wait and see... for now, enjoy the vid!