Thursday, September 11, 2014

Karateka Rika Usami Commercials

Apologies for the long absence of updates, but well, I haven't had much inspiration from the old favorite game franchises, though I am hopeful for the future. I have also been busy with other endeavors, but still- I don't plan on entirely abandoning the blog, or the Youtube Channel. Once a fresh new crop of barefoot babe games arrives, I'll be sure to start posting more again.

Anyway, I found these two cool TV spots for Yahoo Broadband starring the awesome and lovely female karateka Rika Usami, and I just felt it should be posted here. She's a real, live barefoot butt-kicking karate babe and is a vision to behold. And soooo CUTE. Enjoy!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Winter (Fable Legends, Xbox One)

The coolest barefoot videogame babe ever!

Sorry for the long absence, fellow footfans, but I've been busy in other matters. That, plus there really haven't been many new things to blog about, sadly. But hopefully this will change as new games arrive and the Next-Gen of games becomes truly the Now-Gen. I am looking forward to quite a few games and games-to-be-announced, but for now let's get onto what we have at hand.

This barefoot babe and the game she belongs to was announced quite a long time ago, but I only really discovered her recently in the hubbub of media shown off at E3 2014. And a good thing too, for the lovely Winter looks to be one truly cool barefoot babe (haha). Winter is one of the four playable heroes in the upcoming Fable Legends, a multi-player fantasy brawler exclusive to Xbox One.
As the Hero of Will, Winter is a strong-willed yet fun-loving and mischievous mage, powerful with frost and ice-based magic. But refreshingly, she doesn't dress fully covered up like your usual frosty character- in fact, she's got quite a sexy outfit, a sort of tribal or shamanic costume, with leggings that nicely leave her feet completely bare. It's a bit of a nice detail that as she walks, she leaves frosty bare footprints in her wake.
I think Winter is pretty cute with her 'horny' hairstyle, and her snappy personality (even with the requisite ice quips), and I'm sure she'll be a favorite with footfans. The video below, a CG cinematic of Fable Legends, gives some views of her, but now quite a good sole shot or so yet. I doubt that there will be good ingame footage or views, but hopefully there will be good cinematics or cutscenes that will show off her cold soles for our pleasure.

Winter is one of the four heroes playable in this upcoming Xbox One fantasy brawler.

Of course, I have to admit that while Winter's bare soles may be nice to look at, they may not be the best feet to fondle or worship with a kiss or so- which may be akin to us sticking our tongue at a frozen flagpole. OUCH! Well, in this case maybe it's better we just admire from a distance. Heheh. I already own an Xbox One, so it's possible I may get Fable Legends when it comes out (as long as there's a single-player mode), so expect more footage of Winter when the game comes out in the months ahead.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Elena Cosplay Awesomeness (Ultra Streetfighter IV)


Okay, here's a rare thing to see- a video with a live babe on feature! Well, in this case it's because the lovely lady in question is cosplaying as the yummy Elena from Ultra Streetfighter IV. The cosplaying babe is Japanese model Yuka Kuramoshi, and she goes pretty much the whole way, bare feet included which totally gets three thumbs up from me (and all barefoot fans, I'm sure). I have to say she's a bit brave to be wearing that skimpy outfit in a room full of guys, but then she's a model so that comes with the territory. And man, she's darn cute in the outfit, iffy wig and all. Plus she doesn't just show up in the outfit, she also does some poses, which gives us at least one or two wonderful sole shots. So I think the vid above is a keeper for barefoot game babe fans (wish it was in HD though). Check it out. And, you're welcome! Heheh...

Now I'm wishing to find MORE super-cute barefoot SF cosplayer girls... mmm...

Gladiator Decapre Action! (Ultra Streetfighter IV, PS3/X360)

Decapre versus Rolento.

In case you haven't been paying attention to fighting game news, the Digital Upgrade version of Ultra Streetfighter IV is now available for download on PSN and XBox Live. The update will set you back $14.99. If you preordered, you'll get the special alternate costumes for the new fighters as an extra, including the nice, barefooted Gladiator costume for Decapre. Now, I've posted a couple of vids here showing off Decapre in this sexy outfit in action,  although they're not from my own channel. I plan to get the PC version of the game, which will be out in August.

Looking at the vids though, while I certainly like the costume, it pales in comparison to the stuff afforded by mods in SSFIVAE, and definitely the bare feet model used by Capcom is inferior to that used by modders in either AE or SFxTekken. I'll just wait for modders to get their hands on Ultra to have a really nice barefoot Decapre. For now though, no reason to wait till August to see the Demented Doll in barefooted action.

Decapre versus Elena.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Christie in Elena's Outfit Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Capoeira Power!

Once again, the awesome modders of Capcom's PC ported fighters amaze me with their outstanding work. This time, it's a mod that is really, truly and indubitably a no-brainer... Why NOT have the sexy Christie Monteiro (Tekken) dressed in the skimpy bikini-esque outfit of Streetfighter's Elena? Well, this mod gives us that and it works perfectly! Christie looks amazing, and I dare say this is even better than her previous (and also hawt) 'Jewel Bikini' mod (if only for the simple fact that this mod uses much better feet models (Christie's actual feet, I believe). This is a MUST download for barefoot fans and certainly one of the mods you'll want in your game- heck Capcom should make this mod canon for the game, if they still cared for it.

This is really a costume mod that's a No-Brainer for Christie. Capcom should make it canon, dammit!

I'll surely post more in the future with Capoeira Bikini Christie, but enjoy the vids already posted.

There's a LOT more Streetfighter X Tekken hotness to come with so many awesome mods. I can't believe the longevity of content this game is getting- truly a gem for any footie fan to have! WOOHOO!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Lili as Elysium Cosplay mod (Streetfighter X Tekken)

This barefoot Lili mod is simply... heavenly.

Once again, modders amaze and enchant me with this awesome new mod for the ubiquitous Streetfighter X Tekken (PC of course) that lets the beautiful Lili Rochefort cosplay as a radiant 'Holy Maiden'. Of course, the costume is actually taken from Soul Calibur V's angelic end boss, Elysium, but with the nice revision that removes the usual sandals and has her going barefoot (as any self-respecting angel should). So what we have is Lili in gossamer kinda-seethrough silk, angel-like armor and- well, little else. Heheh.

I am particularly liking this since the character model's feet used are MUCH better than the narrow, kinda-misshapen feet used in previous, early Lili mods. Hoping for more and better stuff from the modders. We have modder MonkeyGigaBuster to thank for this lovely costume, btw. Check out the vids, and imagine Lili's perfect, purely kissable soles and toes gliding towards your face... Mmm.

Of course we have the other babes in bikinis along in the vid too... in case you didn't notice.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ramlethal Valentine Official Art (Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN)

Yep, my new favorite Boss Babe.

I've featured the cute AND sexy new Final Boss lady Ramlethal Valentine from Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN before, and this won't be the last given that I am totally loving this new videogame villainess. I mean, just look at her. The pic above of course is her Official Character Art from the game, and I am happy that they did not disappoint in drawing her pretty-much bare feet- I have to say, she has big feet for a girl, and those long, delicate-looking toes look simply perfect. I have to say this is a no-brainer fave for any foot-loving gamer worth their salt. Heheh. Really though- what ARE those things wrapped around her feet? What do you call them? Why wear them at all? Heh.

Anyway, I am also loving her art as it's drawn kinda like how you'd see her- from below, as she's floating above you, soles in your face. MAN that would be a sight to see before the end of the world- well, the end if she's not stopped by the Guilty Gear fighters.

The arcade version of Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN will be getting Ram-chan as a playable character sometime in April. Hopefully the upcoming console versions (GGXrd is coming to PS3 and PS4 within the year) will have her playable out of the box.

Can't wait to see more of this lovely goddess of destruction soon. And later, in full HD on my PS4 (when I buy it). Heheh. For now, enjoy the art of Ram-chan!