Friday, December 4, 2015

Uncharted 4 Sexy Cinemaic and List of Sexy Shoe-Removal Scenes!

Nathan finds himself in a dance with Nadine Ross, a less-than-friendly new babe, in this Uncharted 4 Trailer...

The trailer above for Uncharted 4: A Thief's End contains a pretty awesome type of scene that foot-lovers should love- the sexy 'pre-fight shoe removal' scene. We see it in quite a few scenes with badass females- a woman takes off her shoes so she can fight without impediment or abandon. It's quite hot, and I felt in celebration of this cool spot, I'd like to list down some other 'shoe-removal' scenes I've seen in the past, in film and other media. How about you guys? Any sexy, teasing pre-combat footwear shedding scenes come to mind?

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation. A pretty recent entry, featuring the gorgeous actress Rebecca Ferguson as Ilsa Faust, a sexy double agent and femme fatale who is not averse to removing her high heels when she needs to fight or run in her bare feet. There are two scenes of shoe removal in the film, one at the start where Ilsa preps to 'torture' Ethan, and another where Ilsa has Ethan remove her shoes for her (lucky bastard). Coming on the heels (heh) of Jurassic World, a film remembered for its female heroine's ability to spend time in a jungle or being chased by a T-Rex in super high heels.

Pacific Rim. Female protagonist Mako (played by the lovely Rinko Kikuchi) takes off her bulky combat boots to spar with hero Raleigh Becket (Charlie Huunam). We don't actually see her taking them off, just laying them down... but we do get to see a royal view of Miss Kikuchi's rather interesting bare feet.

Kill Bill Vol. 1. A missed opportunity, sadly- at the climax of the House of Blue Leaves battle scene is a fatal duel between The Bride (Uma Thurman) and O-ren Ishii (Lucy Liu). Just before the fight begins, 'Lady Snowblood' Ishii steps out of her geta sandals (with a nice closeup), but unfortunately she is wearing tabi socks. We DO get a bit of a nice, if very brief scene of O-ren's bare feet running atop a table to decapitate a rebellious Yakuza Boss, but that doesn't really count for much- sad for a film from renowned foot lover Quentin Tarantino.

Charlie's Angels. Now this isn't actually a fight scene, but we do see Angel Alex Munday (Lucy Liu again) taking off her heels prior to giving a slimy exec (played by the lucky Tim Curry) a sexy barefoot shiatsu massage- which includes rubbing her feet and toes all over his face... MAN.

Machete Kills. Beauty Queen/villainess Miss San Antonio (Amber Heard) both kicks off her heels AND cuts her long dress in preparation for a fight with a blinded Michelle Rodriguez. The actual shoe removal isn't focused well enough, but we do get some nice glances of the femme fatale's feet throughout the fight. Nice sexy scene in any case.

Samurai Champloo. In Episode 20 (Elegy of Entrapment, Vol. 1) we are introduced to Sara, a blind female musician who is eventually revealed to be a deadly spear-wielding assassin. Prior to her first duel with rogue swordsman Mugen, we get a wonderfulview of her soles as she steps out of her sandals to fight in her bare feet. The only wrinkle I have with this entry is that when Sara returns in Episode 21 (and her inevitable defeat) the animation art style changes, which I find very jarring. Anyway, the first appearance of Sara is both badass and sexy, and a must-see for footfans.

Awesome anime fight scene (and barefoot female fighting action) from Samurai Champloo!

These are just a few scenes at the top of my mind- I may add to this, if I remember more, How about you guys? Any memorable footwear-removal scenes come to mind?

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Laura Matsuda (Streetfighter V)

A Barefoot Beauty from Brazil joins the Great Brawl!

 Just officially revealed today is the latest fighter for the upcoming Streetfighter V. Her name is Laura Matsuda, and unlike other fighters who have come from Brazil, this lovely lass is a master of Jujuitsu- which means lots of grapples and limb-locking moves. She certainly is stunning with her curvaceous figure and long hair- of course it's her distinct footwear (or lack of, heheh) that is our main point of interest. Of course, the 'instep guard' thing has been done before, such as with the as-yet MIA Juri Han (whom we hope returns to SFV eventually).

I really, really wish Laura here was totally barefooted. Still, I have to say that I am so far loving this newest barefoot SF Babe- particularly how her feet are probably the best-looking 'default' bare feet in the franchise so far- they actually look feminine for the most part, and they are very- um, expressive if you see how her toes look during various moves. I think Capcom certainly referred to real-life martial artists' anatomy when they were doing her movements. I also in particular am really happy with her KO Pose (yes, I have seen some gameplay vids) which give a nice view of her unconscious face and also gives a nice sole view. My reservations with her outfit aside, I am looking forward to seeing more of Laura in action. Hopefully she isn't the last Barefoot Babe in Streetfighter V.

For now though, I am happy that the future looks bright for this future fighting game. Laura is certainly one babe I won't mind getting a foot stomp from... hahaha!


Laura's Reveal Trailer.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Angel's Heavenly Feet (Tekken Pachislot 3rd)

Now, that's a heavenly sight...

Now, I'll have to admit- I'm pretty proud of this find. Saw a preview video on some channel on Youtube which showed off Tekken cinematics, a lot of which I did not recognize from any of the Tekken games. Well, at least not from any of those available to us. I then realized, what I saw was probably from that most obscure of video sources- a Pachislot game. Pachislot is basically a gambling game, pretty native to Japan (similar to Pachinko, but often with gaming themes and cinematics. 

The particular 'footage' that piqued my interest was a scene with Angel, the winged holy warrior woman that seemed to be linked inexorably to series' anti-hero, Kazuya. Of course, it was her lovely, barefooted incarnation from Tekken Tag Tournament 2. The segment saw Angel descending from the sky, with the camera of course focusing exclusively on her GORGEOUS feet as she alighted on the ground, even as she took a couple of steps, bringing her kiss-worthy toes almost right into the viewer's face. I knew then I HAD to find that footage and share it on the channel.

It took searching, and even more searching, to find the most hi-res footage. Sadly, it's not as super-clear as the footage used on the Tekken channel where I first saw bits of it, but at least it's good enough for the video to be in pretty good 1080p viewing quality- the video you see above. It alse requred me to crop the video a LOT (since the actual CG is only in a portion of the screen, the rest comprising of the pachislot game's weird 'gameplay' HUD.

But now, here it is- the Angel Intro cutscene from the Tekken Pachislot 3 game. It's truly a sin that us foot-loving fighitng game fans would otherwise NEVER see this CG (along with a ton more interesting scenes) unless you go to Japan and play this weird gambling game (OR try searching through hours of Youtube footage). I see it as only fitting that I get this lovely footage and share it with everyone on my channel to enjoy. There's actually more Angel CG to find, including fight scenes with Devil (where she can both win or lose) and lots of scenes of her flying around. I may try to find more footage to share, but at least for now, the scene with the best view of her beautiful, angelic bare feet are now on the channel for us to worship and enjoy as we please. Enjoy!

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fable Legends: Evienne (Xbox One, PC)

Evienne's a feisty heroine who's ready to slice and dice!

It's been a while since I last featured Fable Legends, but yes, this game is still on my radar despite it being an online, multiplayer action game. That's of course because it's got some quite fetching barefoot babes in its roster of heroes. The first one I featured was the frosty but fun Winter, that lovely lady with the cold spells and chilly bare soles that left nice, icy footprints wherever she scampered to. But since then, the game has gotten a few more characters to try to save Albion with, including another shoeless female to admire.

Evienne is a fair, young maiden whose fate it was to be the caretaker of a powerful, legendary magical sword Brobdingnagian (Brob for short). Her duty was to wait for a worthy hero to come along and present the weapon to. But one day, Evie thought, why should she spend her time waiting in some silly lake for some idiot hero when she could go find adventure on her own? With that, she claimed the sword for her own and set off to make her own legend. Now if that isn't an awesome backstory, I don't know what is. Heheh.

Anyway, Evienne may look like a little wisp of a girl, but she's a deadly force on the battlefield. Wielding Brob, she swings it in wide arcs, dealing death to any enemy in her way. But that's not all- her language is pretty striking as well. Really, this girl seems a ton of fun.

Now, aside from her quite lovely character art above, I've found a couple of nice clips of Evie in action (from this year's E3 Expo) and embedded it below for viewing. I do intend to get this game when it becomes available, and have my own vids of Evie (and Winter) in action eventually. For now though, the clip shows off some nice action, though it is kinda hard to get good views. At least, we do get to see a nice KO at the end...

Evienne gameplay at E3 2015.

More Evienne gameplay (and with some slightly better clarity).

I really wish that this game gave us better views, and had nicer character models. But hey, it still looks fun and the babes are really cool (especially Winter... heheh), so I'll be waiting for this when it comes out. For now, enjoy the videos!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Poison Ivy: Batman Arkham Knight

Lots of Ivy to admire in the video above!

Since Batman: Arkham Asylum, we've all become particular fans of one awesome villainess in the Batman Rogue Gallery- one Pamela Isely, AKA Poison Ivy. Many think that the Arkham games revitalized the Batman franchise in gaming thanks to the gritty graphics, the expansive stages or perhaps the fluid combat... but we all know the real reason is because it gave us HOT Barefoot Poison Ivy. Heheh. You just know that the developers knew what Ivy's assets are (since they can't really show bare green boobs)- hot, sexy bare legs and feet, and the camera easily focuses on them every time Miss Isely appears.

Sadly, after an awesome debut in Arkham Asylum, Poison Ivy was relegated to pretty much a cameo in Arkham City (but still, at least we got some good views). How will she fare in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight?

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like her part is too big- despite being shown in one of the earlier trailers as one of the bat-baddies released by The Scarecrow to take on Batman, it has been revealed in a recently-posted 7-minute trailer ('To Go to War' Trailer), which we have posted above, that Ivy does not join the ranks of Scarecrow's allies. Because of this, she is taken prisoner and has to be 'rescued' (or at least, taken into custody) by Batman in one of his missions. After battling through several thugs, Ivy is freed and there is a nice cutscene  with all the lovely views we expect of green legs and feet. Mmmm...
Sadly, it seems that this may be the extent of Ivy's participation in the game. The video ends with her being taken back to the Gotham Holding Cells, and unless something more happens, that may be the end of her role. I can't believe this though- did they just basically spoil her entire part in a trailer? Is that all? Really? What a waste of an awesome villainess!

Now, I am hoping that I am wrong and that Ivy somehow breaks out again and does more stuff. Or at least I hope we see more of her in the game rather than just the scenes shown above. Otherwise, well... all I can say is, enjoy the video! There are wonderful views of the new and updated Ivy. I just hope there's more. We'll see though, when the game is released later this month.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Streetfighter X Tekken: Barefoot Default Costume Collection by repinscourge (PC)

Modder repinscourge makes a footfan's dreams come true with this awesome series of mods.

Barefoot customization is the Holy Grail in videogame fan service for us foot fans. While there have been fortunately many games that have given this, there are many still that don't. Thankfully, there are those instances when exceptional people- modders- step up to the plate where the mainstream game devs can't or won't. In this particular opportunity, this has happened again with awesome results. Streetfighter X Tekken (PC) is already, at this time, a Barefoot Fan's Must Have game, thanks to TONS of sexy barefoot mods already existing and free to download and use online. But still, it's a bit amazing that after all this time, no one has actually made a pretty basic series of 'Barefoot Default' Costume mods- not the usual Bikini or Swimsuit skin, but just the characters in their default, usual costume, sans shoes.

This of course hearkens to a game like Tekken 6 (still one of my all-time faves) which lets you have lovely ladies like Lili Rochefort take off her GoGo boots and bare her perfect, coltish lets and fleshy, lovely feet for all to admire. Well, that hasn't repeated itself yet in Tekken 7, but thanks to our friend, modder repinscourge, this is now something we can enjoy in Streetfighter X Tekken.

Though it started with me asking for a Barefoot Lili mod (in her default white dress), another person ventured to ask repinscourge to actually do Barefoot Default costume mods for ALL the female fighters in the game- and thankfully, he obliged. After a couple of weeks of work, repinscourge has finished the series and uploaded the whole lot on his DeviantArt account, free to all footfans to download and enjoy.

The Streetfighter X Tekken Default Barefoot Girls Pack contains a download link for a file with ALL the mods, which includes all 12 of the game's female fighters. The page also has links to all the individual mods that make up the pack as well. Aside from these, there are several other sexy SFXTK mods on repinscourge's DA that you may want to check out.

Not only does the mods simply remove a girls' footwear but often the mod has an 'Alternate' version that repinscourge has taken the liberty to  inject a bit more sex appeal- this usually means showing a bit more skin; Nina's Default for example has her legs bared only below the knee (as she has only taken off her boots), while her Alt has her legs and feet bare (save for an optional knife belt), making it look a bit like a sexy Wetsuit (hint: I LOVE repinscourge Alts). Xiaoyu's Alt has her wearing cute and sexy panties, removing the default shorts (heheh). Sakura's and Julia's skirts are a tad shorter (mmm) and so on.

Needless to say, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE these mods, and I have and will continuie to post videos with them on my channel from here on in. I do recommend any footfan with SFXTK to download and use these hot mods, and to visit repinscourge on both his Youtube and DeviantArt channels to thank him. He's an awesome guy and I hope this is just the beginning for more sexy mods from him. In any case, check out our Youtube channel for vids featuring repinscourge's mods, and enjoy the Barefoot Beauties of Streetfighter X Tekken!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Barefoot Lili (Streetfighter X Tekken PC)

Lili fights sans boots in this cool VS match in Streetfighter X Tekken.

As awesomely hot and sexy it is to see videogame babes doing battle in their skimpy swimsuits, there's unmistakably an appeal as well to see our virtual hotties in their usual, default costumes sans footwear. This was perhaps best demonstrated in Tekken 6, oh that godly chapter of Tekken, which gave us barefoot customization for most of the characters, including several of the roster's lovely ladies. Of course, the best one in my opinion to see then and now is the gorgeous Lili Rochefort. The first time I saw that first-ever pic of Lili in Tekken 6 without her boots, my heart skipped a beat. That was just so HOT.
Ever since, my Lili in Tekken 6 has never worn her boots ever again, heheh.

First-ever pic of Lili barefooted in Tekken 6.

Well, it's kind of odd that it's only just now, with the help of modder repinscourge, that I can also have my barefooted teen heiress as well in Streetfighter X Tekken. It was a mod done by my own request, so once again I have to thank repinscourge profusely. There just is something so hot and cute about Lili, bootless in her skirted white dress- perhaps its those impossibly hot and long legs, the penchant for silky white panty shots and just the sight of those soft, fleshy soles... sigh.

Well, that was in Tekken 6 though. In Streetfighter X Tekken, it's not quite the same- her more cartoony proportions may not appeal to everyone (though her feet do look nice even so), and weirdly enough her underwear seems to resemble silken granny pants. Oh well, she's still so cute and enthralling to see in action... even if both her partner and the opposing babes are all in pretty much bikinis. Lili is Lili.

Unfortunately, we still don't know if Tekken 7 will get barefoot customization. Seeing how much better Lili looks in that game I do hope so... darn, I really hope so. Till then though, well, we'll always have Tekken 6 and Streetfighter X Tekken Lili to bare her soles for us to our heart's content. Enjoy the vid!