Thursday, July 6, 2017

Tekken 7 KO Endings are here!

We stage once again the classic fight between these two rivals...

While I have used XPS models to create Knockout Endings for games such as Dead or Alive 5: Last Round and Streetfighter V, a different method has surfaced for the newly-released Tekken 7. As of right now, XPS models for this game aren't many or easy to use. But thankfully, a Camera mod lets me take sexy footage of unconscious babes during win poses/victory screens.

The beautiful Alisa takes a long nap after this fight...

The KO poses are in-game, and nicely show off the beautiful character models perfectly. I gotta say it again- Tekken 7 has the best-looking in-game digital bare feet I've ever seen. I gotta applaud the Tekken devs for producing such lovely and life-like digital soles and toes, though I have always known Tekken had great feet since Tekken 6. Other videogame devs, take note!

Ever wanted to see Lucky Chloe laid out and out cold?

Anyway, I will keep on posting KO vids for Tekken 7 as well as my other main brawlers on my Youtube channel. This is but the beginning! Virtual Soles have never looked as gorgeous as they do today, so stay tuned!

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