Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Bikini Giantess Rampage!

Who is this lovely giantess? And what's her shoe size?

 This may be a bit of a departure from my usual videogame stuff- so sue me. It's still the big drought of any new barefoot babe games or new beat 'em ups, so I'll take hotness when I find it. And certainly these vids are hot! GTS or Giantess vids are a guilty pleasure of mine, hand-in-hand with beautiful babes' bare feet and sexy swimsuits. The image of huge, perfect, smooth bare soles, filling in the sky as they descend on you- is a mix of both fear and fascination. That's certainly the appeal of the GTS fetish, and that's on offer here. That plus lovely feet crushing cars and buildings. Gotta love invincible feet flattening cars. I found these vids on Youtube, at Youtuber Gtsfanatic28. Among his stuff are three vids starring the same lovely actress, playing a bikini-clad and barefoot giantess rampaging in a city, then battling some weird crab creature. Then there's a funny little behind-the-scenes video.

What a lucky beastie...

Some behind-the-scenes action...

 So what is this little video? Is there an actual, more complete version somewhere? Or is this three-part bit all there is? What is this, just some elaborate indie Japanese Kaiju/GTS flick? Or is it on sale at some video site online? Who is the actress? Are these vids available in HD? I NEED TO KNOW! Any information on these would be appreciated. But if all there is to these vids are these three scant specimens, well, it's a lovely thing and I love it to pieces. I just want MORE. Heheh. Man, that giantess can flatten me anytime.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Elena (Ultra Streetfighter IV)

Elena is looking good for her Ultra debut.

First off, apologies for the shortage of updates last month- most of November was taken up by either work on the DeviantArt page or for my week-long holiday to the lovely country of Thailand. But I'll try my best to post more this final month of 2013.
Anyway, sad to say we're still suffering a bit of a shortage of new fighting games with barefoot babes to look forward to- but they're there if you're not too picky on kinda-rehashes. There will be an upgrade of Super Streetfighter IV early next year, titled Ultra Streetfighter IV. The good news is that there will at least be one new barefoot babe to enjoy- although she's not entirely 'new' since we've seen a lot of her in action in Streetfighter X Tekken. Yep, the capoeira princess, Elena, is finally making her long-delayed debut in SSFIV, via Ultra, next year.

Ultra will be coming out on PS3, Xbox360 and PC, so I'm looking forward to all the hot mods that will surely arrive for Elena, which will only complement her appeal since she already comes barefoot by default anyway.

The good think is that Elena is looking FINE in Ultra SF4, with her moves giving to a lot of great views and sole shots, so we won't be lacking in eye candy once she gets into action with the other babes in the game. Just check out any screenshot of Ultra with Elena- her big, beautiful feet are almost always the focus of the action!

Elena's big, beautiful feet are sure to please!

Then there's also the slim chance that the rumored 5th and all-new character to debut in Ultra SF4 will be a new female character- and who knows, maybe she's barefoot! We can only hope and pray. For now though, at least Ultra has a sure thing in it for us- and she's tall, dark and beautifully barefoot in a white bikini. Yummy!