Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken, SSFIVAE for PC)

Chun-Li's new Bikini is a Knockout!

Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted something from Capcom's excellent moddable PC fighters, and seemingly AGES since I last posted about a mod for the lovely Chun-Li. That's actually no biggie for me, since I am thoroughly happy with my favorite Chun mod in SFxTK, the Bikini mod originally from (tweaked in SF4 Explorer) modder gpsingh6375. It's got Chun with her hair down, and in a sexy two-piece that shows off her muscular bod and big and beautifully-detailed fighting feet in all their glory. What else can you ask for?

Actually I can understand pretty easily that not everyone will like or find Chun's Bikini mod to their liking, particularly because of her cartoony proportions. Surely a lot of gamers out there will find the big feet in the mod ugly and un-sexy, or Chun's thighs too big or muscular, or they may miss her trademark hair buns.
All of that is remedied in this new mod, Chun-Li's Seashell Bikini, available for both Streetfighter X Tekken and Super Streetfighter IVAE (PC versions only of course) by modder BrutalAce.

The costume, which is a very skimpy two-piece number, was originally an extra alternate outfit from the game Lollipop Chainsaw. But the modder didn't just simply port the outfit- he actually brought in the body that wore it. Yep, this mod only has Chun-Li's head and face as assets from SFXTK or SSFIVAE; the body and bikini are actually from heroine Juliet Starling from LS.

Chun-Li shows off her moves as well as her hot new body in this mod.

First thing you'll surely notice are Chun's feet, which are now (mostly) very small and normal sized (compared to other girls' feet). Chun-Li is also wearing her hair in her original, popular hair buns style. Other things to love is the way you can customize the different parts' colors, even her finger and toenails.

More action with Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Edition.

Now, here's the thing- while it certainly is HOT and leaves very little to the imagination, I have to admit I really prefer the other Bikini mod with the more, erm, cartoony proportions. For me, it's all about context, and when you see the Seashell bikini mod proportions next to other girls (when in their own barefoot mods), Chun's tiny, 'normal'-sized feet stand out like a not-so-sore thumb. Call me a bit weird, but I miss the detail I enjoyed with the bigger feet, the 'expressiveness' and just how strong they looked. Plus, Chun is (I think) the biggest and tallest and buffest girl in the game- she SHOULD have the biggest feet. Heheh.

As a matter of course, I've posted a couple of vids with this new mod (and maybe a few more if people ask for it), but I will by switching Chun back to her other Bikini mod post-haste. I just love my long-haired, buff and big-footed Bikini Chun-Li too much. Heheh.
For now though, enjoy the new more feminine Chun-Li in this mod and marvel at how soft and delicate her feet look!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

New Contributor Appears!!! Introducing Stefan

What's Up Virtual Soles, I'm Stefan and This is my Introduction.

I've been a Fan of Video Game girls feet for quite some time and I was looking for those who share the same fandom. I met SoleKeeper and we became friends. Sometime later I started taking interest in his Blog and have been commenting here for the past Year now.

Recently,I wanted to be part of it, so I asked Sole If I could join. He was reluctant at first, but Just yesterday, He accepted my offer. I am into the XPS/XNA program and want to post some original work here.

Before he allowed me to join, Sole gave me a condition that I must follow. He expects me to not just post wholesale my DeviantArt gallery on this blog and I must write articles or copy to go with whatever I post.

I will abide by that. So I will only post If I have something cool or important to share.

So thanks Sole, for letting me be part of something great, something cool. I won't let you down.

Check out Stefan's DeviantArt Group, 3DFeet!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC) UPDATED!

The Amazon is ready to make her mark in Tamriel...

I’ve always said, perhaps one of the best games for footfans is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Basically it’s an awesome fantasy sandbox where you can live your sword-and-sorcery dreams with impunity- and with the right mods, every hot woman in the game can have model-gorgeous feet you can ogle to your heart’s content (even if sometimes you have to literally fight your way to them). As any longtime reader should remember, I tried a Skyrim playthrough series before but at the time, some mods I require for a proper playthrough weren’t available- basically since I needed my heroine to go barefoot all the time, it severely restricted what armor I could/could not wear- a big handicap.

Since then, several mods have surfaced that make this new barefoot heroine playthrough possible. One is Greaves and Legwraps, which enables my heroine to wear most any leg armor type and still go unshod. Even better, the modder put out a Replacer version that distributes the greaves/legwraps to the game’s female NPCs (sadly as of yet the Forsworn have been snubbed).
Then there’s Feminized Level Lists which basically makes most common NPC characters female- these include Hold Guards, Bandits, Thalmor, Necromancers, Forsworn and more. So encounters with enemies often are girl-on-girl catfights in this game.

Finally, the new mod I really like this time is FemFeetReDesigned. As we all know, Skyrim’s vanilla (unmodified) feet for its character models are nothing short of HIDEOUS, which makes the original FemFeet mod a godsend for us. Not only do the feet become more detailed and lifelike- I will go as far as saying that FemFeet makes Skyrim’s females have the best-looking ingame feet I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Of course, it’s perhaps not totally realistic that barefoot warrior babes have model-gorgeous and ever-clean feet, but this IS a fantasy after all. Heheh. Anyways, FemFeet ReDesigned makes the feet models even more detailed, and with the sole textures of the CBBE female body, they’re incredibly realistic (the SOLE reason why I stay with CBBE and not with other body replacers like UNP- it’s all about the soles, man).

Now of course the female aesthetic mods aside, I do have other mods (well, a gazillion, actually). These include both cosmetic mods that make Skyrim and the things/characters in it more hi-res and pretty, and others affect gameplay. I’ve listed quite a few in the vid at the end, but there are just so many I can’t list them all. Hey, mods make this game what it is.

Where will this heroine's feet take her?

Now, a little backstory on our new protagonist…Who is The Amazon? For starters, she’s not from Skyrim, although she’s considered a Nord by race. She is a foreigner to Tamriel from far, far away. Why and how she came to this battle-torn land is a mystery, but she seems to be searching for someone. After every battle, she often examines the bodies of any slain female enemies, from head to toe. What is she looking for? Perhaps we’ll find out in time.

Of course, The Amazon will always go barefoot, anywhere and everywhere (unless it's quest-related to wear some footwear) but thanks to the aforementioned Greaves and Legwraps mod, she will always have something to wear on her legs and not compromise personal protection. So far I am in love with the Imperial Boots/Steel Shin Boots, which so far are the best-looking of the greaves since they show quite a bit of leg/calves as well as keeping the feet bare. I may have to upgrade her Smithing a lot so that I can keep them upgraded as she levels up. Depending on what armor she finds, her look may change but we’ll see. For now I think Studded Armor looks amazing on her.

Anyway, for now she fights solely to survive and somehow carve out her own niche in this new and dangerous land she now has to call home. What will she find and to what places will her beautiful, inquisitive feet take her? Watch Skyrim: Path of The Amazon on the Youtube Channel!

Or you could watch the first two episodes right here too. Heheh.

The ruthless Imperial Captain gets a bit more 'exposure' this time...

Part Two is filled with sexy and bloody babe-on-babe action.

The first episode brings us yet again to the starting point at Helgen, where the Empire is conducing some summary executions, led by the garrison's bitchy but sexy (and now barefoot) female Imperial Captain. But one of the prisoners- a beauty despite the rags she wears- is meant for more than the Executioner's Block. Watch the first episode of Path of The Amazon, now!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Age of Barbarian: ARENA hits the PC!

More bloody 2D action from CrianSoft.

I posted some time ago about Age of Barbarian, the cheesy, sexy and bloody beat 'em up from CrianSoft for the PC. The game featured some smooth animations and a hot, barefoot barbarian princess to lead through several levels full of evil brutes trying to kill her. Well, the gameplay was kinda repetitive but heck, the storyline was pretty funny to watch and Sheyna was hot even if she looked straight out of a Maya 3D Suite. Well, CrianSoft has just released a follow-up to AOB, and this time it's a more straightforward one-on-one fighter.

Age of Barbarian: Arena gives you four combatants to lead through a gauntlet of duels before an evil overlord, with their lives and perhaps the fate of their 2D world in the balance. Returning from the first Age of Barbarian title are the previous leads Sheyna and Rahaan. They are joined by two more fighters- Sion the axe-wielding warrior and Ayla, the 'Savage Girl' who oddly looks like she has small frisbee in her mouth. The main part of the game has you fighting one-on-one fights, both with the other playables and several NPC fighters. There are also some more side-scrolling beat 'em up portions to beat before your fighter claims their ending.

Anyways, it's more of the same 2D stuff from before, but at least we have a blonde babe to ogle aside from the raven-haired Sheyna. Arena is pretty cheap at about 6 Euros, so it's a nice little distraction that's worth perhaps a look for footfans if you have a nice PC. For now, check out the vids featuring new babe Ayla.

Ayla shows she can be as deadly as any man- or monster.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wii Fit Trainer (Super Smash Brothers 2013)

A barefoot babe in a Nintendo fighter? Yep!

Here's a bit of a nice surprise- there's a barefoot human babe in the upcoming Nintendo fighting game, Super Smash Bros. (2013) The character is none other than the female Trainer from Wii Fit, and she comes complete with her tasteful and comfy exercise attire, lack of shoes and (unfortunately) dead-white skin. Well, what she lacks in fleshy color and detail she does make up for in cool moves and a nice physique! Kidding aside though, there's no way I'll be getting a WiiU just for this pasty-skinned beauty, and besides- Smash Brothers is hardly a game where you can admire the beauty of a babe's soles. At least we can see the lovely (and kinda creepy) Trainer in a bit of action both in-game and CG cinematic in the trailer video above. Just a fun aside. Thanks to SirSteven93 and JStryker47 on Youtube for the heads up!