Monday, June 17, 2013

Age of Barbarian: ARENA hits the PC!

More bloody 2D action from CrianSoft.

I posted some time ago about Age of Barbarian, the cheesy, sexy and bloody beat 'em up from CrianSoft for the PC. The game featured some smooth animations and a hot, barefoot barbarian princess to lead through several levels full of evil brutes trying to kill her. Well, the gameplay was kinda repetitive but heck, the storyline was pretty funny to watch and Sheyna was hot even if she looked straight out of a Maya 3D Suite. Well, CrianSoft has just released a follow-up to AOB, and this time it's a more straightforward one-on-one fighter.

Age of Barbarian: Arena gives you four combatants to lead through a gauntlet of duels before an evil overlord, with their lives and perhaps the fate of their 2D world in the balance. Returning from the first Age of Barbarian title are the previous leads Sheyna and Rahaan. They are joined by two more fighters- Sion the axe-wielding warrior and Ayla, the 'Savage Girl' who oddly looks like she has small frisbee in her mouth. The main part of the game has you fighting one-on-one fights, both with the other playables and several NPC fighters. There are also some more side-scrolling beat 'em up portions to beat before your fighter claims their ending.

Anyways, it's more of the same 2D stuff from before, but at least we have a blonde babe to ogle aside from the raven-haired Sheyna. Arena is pretty cheap at about 6 Euros, so it's a nice little distraction that's worth perhaps a look for footfans if you have a nice PC. For now, check out the vids featuring new babe Ayla.

Ayla shows she can be as deadly as any man- or monster.

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  1. :-D Really gotta love a Barbarian girl's attire especially when her boots are off. Great post Sole Keeper. ^_^