Monday, June 24, 2013

Skyrim: Path of The Amazon (The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim PC) UPDATED!

The Amazon is ready to make her mark in Tamriel...

I’ve always said, perhaps one of the best games for footfans is The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim. Basically it’s an awesome fantasy sandbox where you can live your sword-and-sorcery dreams with impunity- and with the right mods, every hot woman in the game can have model-gorgeous feet you can ogle to your heart’s content (even if sometimes you have to literally fight your way to them). As any longtime reader should remember, I tried a Skyrim playthrough series before but at the time, some mods I require for a proper playthrough weren’t available- basically since I needed my heroine to go barefoot all the time, it severely restricted what armor I could/could not wear- a big handicap.

Since then, several mods have surfaced that make this new barefoot heroine playthrough possible. One is Greaves and Legwraps, which enables my heroine to wear most any leg armor type and still go unshod. Even better, the modder put out a Replacer version that distributes the greaves/legwraps to the game’s female NPCs (sadly as of yet the Forsworn have been snubbed).
Then there’s Feminized Level Lists which basically makes most common NPC characters female- these include Hold Guards, Bandits, Thalmor, Necromancers, Forsworn and more. So encounters with enemies often are girl-on-girl catfights in this game.

Finally, the new mod I really like this time is FemFeetReDesigned. As we all know, Skyrim’s vanilla (unmodified) feet for its character models are nothing short of HIDEOUS, which makes the original FemFeet mod a godsend for us. Not only do the feet become more detailed and lifelike- I will go as far as saying that FemFeet makes Skyrim’s females have the best-looking ingame feet I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen a lot). Of course, it’s perhaps not totally realistic that barefoot warrior babes have model-gorgeous and ever-clean feet, but this IS a fantasy after all. Heheh. Anyways, FemFeet ReDesigned makes the feet models even more detailed, and with the sole textures of the CBBE female body, they’re incredibly realistic (the SOLE reason why I stay with CBBE and not with other body replacers like UNP- it’s all about the soles, man).

Now of course the female aesthetic mods aside, I do have other mods (well, a gazillion, actually). These include both cosmetic mods that make Skyrim and the things/characters in it more hi-res and pretty, and others affect gameplay. I’ve listed quite a few in the vid at the end, but there are just so many I can’t list them all. Hey, mods make this game what it is.

Where will this heroine's feet take her?

Now, a little backstory on our new protagonist…Who is The Amazon? For starters, she’s not from Skyrim, although she’s considered a Nord by race. She is a foreigner to Tamriel from far, far away. Why and how she came to this battle-torn land is a mystery, but she seems to be searching for someone. After every battle, she often examines the bodies of any slain female enemies, from head to toe. What is she looking for? Perhaps we’ll find out in time.

Of course, The Amazon will always go barefoot, anywhere and everywhere (unless it's quest-related to wear some footwear) but thanks to the aforementioned Greaves and Legwraps mod, she will always have something to wear on her legs and not compromise personal protection. So far I am in love with the Imperial Boots/Steel Shin Boots, which so far are the best-looking of the greaves since they show quite a bit of leg/calves as well as keeping the feet bare. I may have to upgrade her Smithing a lot so that I can keep them upgraded as she levels up. Depending on what armor she finds, her look may change but we’ll see. For now I think Studded Armor looks amazing on her.

Anyway, for now she fights solely to survive and somehow carve out her own niche in this new and dangerous land she now has to call home. What will she find and to what places will her beautiful, inquisitive feet take her? Watch Skyrim: Path of The Amazon on the Youtube Channel!

Or you could watch the first two episodes right here too. Heheh.

The ruthless Imperial Captain gets a bit more 'exposure' this time...

Part Two is filled with sexy and bloody babe-on-babe action.

The first episode brings us yet again to the starting point at Helgen, where the Empire is conducing some summary executions, led by the garrison's bitchy but sexy (and now barefoot) female Imperial Captain. But one of the prisoners- a beauty despite the rags she wears- is meant for more than the Executioner's Block. Watch the first episode of Path of The Amazon, now!


  1. Cool. BTW, Sole, can I be a contributor. I can post my XPS/XNA works here :)

  2. :-D Very hot!! Seeing a barefoot amazon is awesome. ^_^

  3. Really makes me want to play again with a couple of new mods ;-)

    1. Sadly, I had to take out the Civil War Overhaul mod (for now). It seems just too buggy at this point, and is still being updated. Perhaps not the best mod to use for my Amazon playthrough. I will install other quest mods, and I'm trying out the Helgen Reborn mod.

  4. Hey Soles great post!

    And since we're on the topic of barefoot amazons, I have a suggestion for an article: Maya for Killer Instinct 2013!

    I'm not sure if you know this yet, but Double Helix Games has a poll up on their Facebook page asking which characters we want to see return in their upcoming Killer Instinct game, and one of the candidates is...well, Maya!

    Of course, I'm not sure how much influence this poll will have on DH's decision making for the roster (hell, the number of options is over 90, with most being joke entries), but I'm appealing to you and everyone in this community to vote for her anyway, because as it stands now, any positive attention for the barefoot amazon queen is in much dire need. Currently she's the LEAST voted for character on the Facebook poll and despite an article posted on SRK's (Shoryuken) website where the developers claim they will focus on increasing the number of females in the series, the overall opinion from DH's official forum considers Maya to be the most expendable character. I really don't understand the apathy towards her, I personally thought she was one of the better characters in KI2/Gold, but I guess not a lot of players saw the potential in her that I did.

    Anyway, if you think this is a worthwhile effort I can give you the link to the Facebook poll and the DH forum. The only issue is that I don't know your policy around posting external links. Am I allowed to just post it publicly, or should I PM?

    Thanks Sole, keep up the good work!

  5. Hey Austin! I think there's a good chance that most, if not all of the previous characters will return in the sequel, and there really aren't that many babes in the game, so Maya has a good chance of returning. But of course, any support will always be good. Post the link here if you want, all for the good of barefoot babes in games! :)