Sunday, June 30, 2013

Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Mod (Streetfighter X Tekken, SSFIVAE for PC)

Chun-Li's new Bikini is a Knockout!

Well, it's been quite a while since I last posted something from Capcom's excellent moddable PC fighters, and seemingly AGES since I last posted about a mod for the lovely Chun-Li. That's actually no biggie for me, since I am thoroughly happy with my favorite Chun mod in SFxTK, the Bikini mod originally from (tweaked in SF4 Explorer) modder gpsingh6375. It's got Chun with her hair down, and in a sexy two-piece that shows off her muscular bod and big and beautifully-detailed fighting feet in all their glory. What else can you ask for?

Actually I can understand pretty easily that not everyone will like or find Chun's Bikini mod to their liking, particularly because of her cartoony proportions. Surely a lot of gamers out there will find the big feet in the mod ugly and un-sexy, or Chun's thighs too big or muscular, or they may miss her trademark hair buns.
All of that is remedied in this new mod, Chun-Li's Seashell Bikini, available for both Streetfighter X Tekken and Super Streetfighter IVAE (PC versions only of course) by modder BrutalAce.

The costume, which is a very skimpy two-piece number, was originally an extra alternate outfit from the game Lollipop Chainsaw. But the modder didn't just simply port the outfit- he actually brought in the body that wore it. Yep, this mod only has Chun-Li's head and face as assets from SFXTK or SSFIVAE; the body and bikini are actually from heroine Juliet Starling from LS.

Chun-Li shows off her moves as well as her hot new body in this mod.

First thing you'll surely notice are Chun's feet, which are now (mostly) very small and normal sized (compared to other girls' feet). Chun-Li is also wearing her hair in her original, popular hair buns style. Other things to love is the way you can customize the different parts' colors, even her finger and toenails.

More action with Chun-Li Seashell Bikini Edition.

Now, here's the thing- while it certainly is HOT and leaves very little to the imagination, I have to admit I really prefer the other Bikini mod with the more, erm, cartoony proportions. For me, it's all about context, and when you see the Seashell bikini mod proportions next to other girls (when in their own barefoot mods), Chun's tiny, 'normal'-sized feet stand out like a not-so-sore thumb. Call me a bit weird, but I miss the detail I enjoyed with the bigger feet, the 'expressiveness' and just how strong they looked. Plus, Chun is (I think) the biggest and tallest and buffest girl in the game- she SHOULD have the biggest feet. Heheh.

As a matter of course, I've posted a couple of vids with this new mod (and maybe a few more if people ask for it), but I will by switching Chun back to her other Bikini mod post-haste. I just love my long-haired, buff and big-footed Bikini Chun-Li too much. Heheh.
For now though, enjoy the new more feminine Chun-Li in this mod and marvel at how soft and delicate her feet look!


  1. Wow...Chun Li wearing a bikini is the new standard for hotness. ^_^

  2. It is certain the modder went for more realistic approach, her body looks more balanced and beautiful. I won't call those feet tiny, "normal" is more appropriate. In my opinion she doesn't need to have Gigantic ugly feet to look strong, she has those big thighs and broad shoulders that conclude her strong physique and I will prefer her classic hairstyle over abnormal feets so this mod is like dream come true.