Friday, July 19, 2013

Copperhead (Batman: Arkham Origins)

Silent, sexy and slithery... the female Copperhead is a barefoot assassin out to crush Batman under her bare heel.

Just revealed recently in the trailer above is Copperhead, one of eight assassins being contracted by the villainous mastermind Black Mask to take out Batman in the upcoming Batman: Arkham Origins. In the comics, Copperhead was male and had an obvious snake schtick, complete with a Serpentor-esque costume. Well this baddie has been reimagined in the upcoming prequel to Batman: Arkham City as a somewhat androgynous female with talents in acrobatics and contortion turned to lethal effectiveness (she also apparently uses poison). Batman looks like he isn't prepared for this new enemy, and in the trailer he gets a face full of her feet a couple of times (lucky? Heheh). But I'm sure she'll be horizontal and out cold once the Bats gets his act together.

She seems a nice reason to pick up Batman: Arkham Origins, even if her feet could do with better proportions and detail. Hopefully they'll put in the work that will make her feet really look beautiful as well as deadly. Anyway, Batman: Arkham Origins is out in October (PS3, Xbox360, PC). I'll keep my eyes on this lethal lady...


  1. Wow a new hot female incarnation of a character to admire. Looks like its gonna be a great game. ^_^

  2. i cant wait to play this game, looks like its gonna be a cracker eh?

    driveways hornchurch