Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barefoot Gamebabe Nostalgia: Barefoot Lili (Tekken 6)

Still so hot after all these years!

I just happened upon this vid again while surfing on Youtube, and man... seeing it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I first saw this video by Tanishigadikireu about four years ago, and I just fell in love. As you can see, it's a video showing off Tekken 6's golden-haired heiress, Lili Rochefort, in action... and in action sans her trademark go-go boots, for the very first time. Tekken 6 had been out in Japanese arcades and was yet to be seen elsewhere. Videos of gameplay, and of the game's reported customizations (improved from the previous Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection), were rare. But this video was posted and I just flipped. Well, actually I kinda knew what was coming, since stills of Lili barefoot had already been posted on some forums. But really, seeing Miss Rochefort in barefoot fighting form in motion was a true pleasure.
I truly love this vid since it was (1) quite lengthy at 5 minutes, and (2) boasts some lovely, silky-smooth slow motion so yo can savor it all nicely. And though it shows for the most part Lili dealing out the punishment, towards the end we see the lass on the receiving end of some sexy knockouts.
This IS of course the original arcade version of Tekken 6, which unfortunately cut off the KO animations a bit short, so the replay cut off just before the victim's body settles on the ground. Wonderfully though, this was fixed perfectly by the home versions of Tekken 6, so today we have nice, full and complete KOs to enjoy.

Sadly, Tanishigadekireu only posted one other video of Lili after this vid, and then never again. His YT channel is still there though, with all two vids. Yeah, since then I've posted my own Tekken 6 media aplenty, in HD, but I owe a lot to Mr. T. for this first taste of  Lili's feet. Heh.

Anyway I just felt like posting about this vid and basking in the nostalgia. It was nice in that day, when Tekken suddenly became the most awesome barefoot babe game in the galaxy for me, just from this vid. Hopefully it shall be again. Someday. Till then, we still have this vid. And Tekken 6 on our PS3s.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Christie: Barefoot Bikini Babe! (Dead or Alive 5 Plus)

Red nail polish... Christie finally bares her soles in battle.

A nice little bit to end the week- a couple of new screenshots were added to the official site of Dead or Alive 5 Plus, and one of them (the one above, to be exact) shows us something a lot of foot-lovers have been asking for since DOA3- a barefoot Christie. Fans of nail polish will definitely be loving this femme fatale's bright red toenails. Yummy!

I think this is a great sign that all the girls in DOA5 Plus will be getting at least one barefoot swimsuit outfit, or even better, the game may even have a shoe toggle feature. Well, in any case the barefoot costumes should make their way to the PS3 eventually as DLC, or as part of the cross-DLC feature if you have a Vita as well. But of course, I think we'd all prefer the shoe-less outfits to be available on either platform so we're not forced to buy a new Vita if we don't want to.

Anyway, this really made me glad, and I think footfans will be very happy in the next couple of weeks, and once Dead or Alive 5 Plus arrives. My PS3 is ready for some barefoot DOA babes! More as we get more pics or even footage. I can't wait!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Barefoot Warrior Babes in Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires!

Here's a refreshing change from our usual fighting game contribution to our barefoot babe collection. Kaymac201 on Youtube brought to my attention that the Edit or Create-a-Warrior mode in the just-released Dynasty Warriors 7 Empires has barefoot customization as an option (not sure if it was ever available in previous DW games). So now you can conquer the Warring States of Ancient China as a barefoot warrior woman or Amazon!

Crush all opposition beneath your warrior woman's lovely soles!

I do plan on getting the game, but for now here are a couple of vids that I found that show off the Edit feature and the options for outfits and weapon skills available. The graphics of the character model looks good enough, at least with detailed feet for our pleasure (even if I'm sure most of the time the views will be a bit zoomed-out). I've never really been a fan of this series, but this may be a nice change of pace.

Some of the weapons and attacks are pretty wild!

The game is available on PSN only for US gamers (since the game does not have an English dub, only subtitles). It's out on disc in Asia. I'll have more on this soon.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Kasumi Barefoot and Bikini-clad in DOA5 Plus (PS Vita)

Kasumi shows off her body and soles in the DOA5 upgrade.

Not a day has passed since I posted last about the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PS Vita), but now clearer pics of the portable fighter's barefoot heroine Kasumi have surfaced at Team Ninja's European Facebook page. Well, from the pics we can finally confirm that Kasumi will be barefoot in at least one of her swimsuits- we still don't know if she's shoeless in just this suit, or if footwear can be toggled from this or other costumes. Hopefully this outfit isn't some limited edition exclusive nonsense though.

Anyway, Kasumi is looking hawt, and really I can't figure out how Team Ninja missed the barefoot boat in DOA5. Well, they're finally looking to be on board with footfans' desires with Plus. I am really hoping ALL the girls have a barefoot outfit/options like Kasumi, so it will be really worth getting a Vita.
Though I am sorely tempted to already plunk down the downpayment for one, seeing how hot Kasumi is. The 'touchscreen' vertical mode is also pretty intriguing. Heheh...

 Nice views look to be the norm in DOA5 Plus.

There's still quite a bit of time before the game's March release, so we'll probably be seeing more of it online soon- perhaps a cool trailer to show off the modes and the outfits? Anyways, I'll be on this like a hawk and I'll post more media and info as it comes. How much is a Vita again..?

Bikini Karate Babes Mobile on Kickstarter

Let's have more barefoot babe fighting games on the go!

Aside from perhaps the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus, there really aren't that many portable fighters (good or bad) with barefoot babes in them. If you've got an Android phone, you can get a PS1 Emulator (FPSe is my recommendation) and enjoy the original, classic Dead or Alive and unlock the babes' swimsuits for barefoot beach babe action. On PSP (Original) or 3DS, you can have some barefoot action in Tekken 6 or Tekken 3D Prime Edition. That's about it.

So really, the more barefoot babe fighting games get ported to mobile, the better. The sexy and funny brawler, Bikini Karate Babes is being ported to iOS and Android, which means sexy bikini and barefoot fighting action wherever you go. But to get this done, the creators, Creative Edge Studios, need quite a bit of help. They've started a campaign on Kickstarter to fund the game's development. As of this writing, the pledges are nowhere near close to the required amount. So I'm here to try and get more gamers- footfan gamers- to pledge some loose change to help. All that's needed is at least 5 dollars for a good return- the full mobile game AND an exclusive character.

So if you can, please give your support to this! I'm sure it will turn out cool. Aside from the vid embedded above, you can check out the BKB Kickstarter page here.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dead or Alive 5 Plus (PS Vita): The Next Big Barefoot Babe Fighter?

Among other things, the scan confirms at least Kasumi can be barefoot in DOA5 Plus.

Okay, a bit of good news and bad news. The good news is, well, according to the below scan for Dead or Alive Plus (PS Vita) from the latest issue of Famitsu, it seems that indeed there will be some sort of barefoot customization or barefoot costumes in the game. As we can see in the scan despite the crappy, blurry quality, Kasumi is obviously barefoot in her bikini. We're not sure yet if the outfit comes without footwear by default, or if you can toggle the sandals (I suspect you can toggle, since this was something asked by foot-loving gamers last year in a petition). I'd love for this, since it may mean that every girl can be barefoot, and hopefully in not just their swimsuit outfits but in other costumes as well.

To add to the tease (aside from the first trailer of DOA5 Plus), I found this tantalizing pic of Pai Chan posing in her swimsuit sans sandals on the Team Ninja Facebook page... man, does Pai look scrumptious.

Barefoot Pai in DOA5 Plus? Sign me up!

 In addition to the potential barefoot awesomeness, the PS Vita version of DOA5 also come with a First Person Touchscreen mode where you can battle your opponents using the Vita touchscreen, even launching them with juggles and observing them from various angles (well played, Team Ninja). Looks like TN is pulling out all the stops with DOA5 Plus- Gravure scenes, teasing camera angles, touchscreen controls, more than 100 costumes (according to the official site)... and now, barefoot customization? Color me impressed. Oh, the bad news? Looks like we're going to have to shell out the cash to buy a Vita, folks... if this game turns out to be all that it looks to be, it may be worth it. With Tekken and SF being quiet all this time, looks like Dead or Alive 5 Plus (which will be cross-compatible with the PS3 game) is going to steal footfans' hearts this March.