Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Barefoot Gamebabe Nostalgia: Barefoot Lili (Tekken 6)

Still so hot after all these years!

I just happened upon this vid again while surfing on Youtube, and man... seeing it makes me feel a bit nostalgic. I first saw this video by Tanishigadikireu about four years ago, and I just fell in love. As you can see, it's a video showing off Tekken 6's golden-haired heiress, Lili Rochefort, in action... and in action sans her trademark go-go boots, for the very first time. Tekken 6 had been out in Japanese arcades and was yet to be seen elsewhere. Videos of gameplay, and of the game's reported customizations (improved from the previous Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection), were rare. But this video was posted and I just flipped. Well, actually I kinda knew what was coming, since stills of Lili barefoot had already been posted on some forums. But really, seeing Miss Rochefort in barefoot fighting form in motion was a true pleasure.
I truly love this vid since it was (1) quite lengthy at 5 minutes, and (2) boasts some lovely, silky-smooth slow motion so yo can savor it all nicely. And though it shows for the most part Lili dealing out the punishment, towards the end we see the lass on the receiving end of some sexy knockouts.
This IS of course the original arcade version of Tekken 6, which unfortunately cut off the KO animations a bit short, so the replay cut off just before the victim's body settles on the ground. Wonderfully though, this was fixed perfectly by the home versions of Tekken 6, so today we have nice, full and complete KOs to enjoy.

Sadly, Tanishigadekireu only posted one other video of Lili after this vid, and then never again. His YT channel is still there though, with all two vids. Yeah, since then I've posted my own Tekken 6 media aplenty, in HD, but I owe a lot to Mr. T. for this first taste of  Lili's feet. Heh.

Anyway I just felt like posting about this vid and basking in the nostalgia. It was nice in that day, when Tekken suddenly became the most awesome barefoot babe game in the galaxy for me, just from this vid. Hopefully it shall be again. Someday. Till then, we still have this vid. And Tekken 6 on our PS3s.

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  1. Ah yes, T6 Lili is timeless. Though I prefer her leather pants outfit (or jeans), looks lovely with bare feet.