Monday, March 4, 2013

Jenny Realight (Fairy Tail)

The sexy Jenny Realight from Blue Pegasus. HOT!

Fairy Tail is one of my favorite manga and anime these days- with one of the reasons why being an abundance of barefoot footage from its cast of hot lady wizards. I've posted about the show's main hotties, Erza Scarlet and Lucy Heartfilia before, but this time the spotlight is on a sub-character of the show- a sexy enchantress who isn't even part of the Fairy Tail guild. She's Jenny Realight of Blue Pegasus. She's not evil but more of a friendly rival, in particular to FT's lovely Mirajane... of course their confrontation showed off quite a bit of skin.

But for this post in particular I got intrigued in the lovely Jenny due to the latest episode of Fairy Tail's anime- episode 171, which features an underwater battle and bikini babes aplenty. While there are many lovely anime ladies showing off their swimsuit bodies, the hottest is definitely Jenny, who also shows off an AWESOME kick and sole shot in the course of the contest. Check it out!

One of the best sole shots I've seen in anime, and I've seen a lot. 

Now THAT is one yummy view... you almost wish you'd rather be in the poor bloke's place if you could just get close to such a beauty's perfect soles. Well, maybe not if your face gets pulverized in the process. I do find Jenny's foot perfectly drawn, even with the speedlines. This one's a keeper (I've already put it on my wallpaper collection. Heheh.

Aside from Jenny, there are quite a few other babes in bikinis and barefoot in the episode, includine main heroine Lucy, watery nymph Juvia and even villainess Minerva (who is sadly wearing a pretty horrid swimsuit). So this episode is a must for bikini and barefoot babe fans.

Ryona fans will dig this shot, though Lucy fans will hate it. Nice view though...

Sadly, it appears that the Fairy Tail anime will be ending this month- not sure if it has been or will be renewed for another season; the manga is still going and is supposedly quite popular. I hope that someday, somehow we'll see more of Fairy Tail (and more magical sole shots from its babes) in the future. For now though, there are 170+ episodes to enjoy of this cool series. Check it out!


  1. Ending? Whaaa..? I sure hope not.

    Great episode though.

    1. Just read it from the comments over at some anime blog. I do think that there is always a possibility of the anime continuing. I hope at least they finish this current arc. I'm just thinking that they're giving the manga time to finish, as the anime is so close behind it.

  2. Wow...I really need to start watching this series. O_O

  3. Sadly the series has ended (or at least gone on hiatus) after episode 175. But yeah, this is great for footfans!