Friday, March 22, 2013

Dead or Alive Paradise Gallery! (PSP/PSV)

This is just a taste of the soleful content within!

 As a sort of preview for Dead or Alive 5 Plus, here's an awesome barefoot gallery of hot bikini-clad DOA Girls from the PSP Dead or Alive Paradise. Mind you, this isn't the new DOA Fighter, but the port of DOAX2 for the original Playstation Portable. That doesn't make the hotties of Tecmo's fighter any less hot or their feet any less adorable in this album of more than 400 pics(!). So check 'em out here and thank Gilgameshguy for sharing his sexy collection.

 But what about DOA5 Plus, you say? Well, good news and bad news. The good news is, I have a copy of the DOA5 Plus Collector's Edition, and it comes with a DLC voucher for the Paradise set of swimsuits. The bad news? Well, I haven't gotten my hands on an actual PSV yet! Don't worry, I will soon enough, and hopefully the barefoot swimsuits will be cross-playable on my PS3 so I can capture some proper HD vids of the girls in action wearing them. For now though, enjoy Gilgamesh's pics!


  1. aw yea can't wait for ya DOA5 vids mate!! now hurry up and get that Vita!! hahahaha jk jk no hurries mate. but ya know if theres any word on Paradise Costumes coming to ps3? im too anxious to get it!

  2. Thanks for the cred, Sole Keeper. Can't wait for the vids! Hopefully we'll find out soon whether or not we'll be getting the Paradise outfits in the US. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

  3. senKOfive: Got my Vita. Played DOA5 Plus a bit. Definitely one of the best fighting game ports to a portable ever. And Touch Fight is actually pretty fun, if silly and impractical. As for the barefoot bikinis... stay tuned this week. :) I am kinda weirded out that there aren't more (if any) vids showing the Paradise/Getaway swimsuits. Oh well...

    Gilgamesh: No prob, Gil. Awesome pics. I just wish that DOA5 made taking pics/accessing them easier- as it is right now... the feature is horrible. Useful but really irritating to use. Hoping they patch and fix this eventually, but I doubt it.

    1. Oh i found a user who uploaded some doa5 paradise sexy costumes.

  4. I also found a user who uploaded some vids of Lei-Fang's Paradise bikini: