Friday, March 15, 2013

DOA Girls' Barefoot Swimsuits (Dead or Alive 5 Plus)

Finally barefoot bikini babes again in a proper DOA game!

Here's a peek at the 'Paradise' set of swimsuits that will debut in the upcoming Dead or Alive 5 Plus for the Playstation Vita. As far as I can tell, these suits will have the girls barefoot, although as of right now I have only actually confirmed this for Kasumi, Hitomi, Ayane and Christie. The way Team Ninja does things though, chances are all of these suits will come sans footwear... which makes them treats for us! Hey, this IS a big event... the last time the DOA babes were barefoot in swimsuits in a real DOA fighter was waaaaay back in Dead or Alive on the PSOne (still my fave, which I keep and play on my Android smartphone... heheh).

No word yet though on when or if these suits will be available as DLC for the PS3 (which I am hoping for). I am not that hot with buying a Vita just for DOA5 Plus (can't share vids of that after all). So we'll just wait and see for now and bide our time till these awesome barefoot bikinis are more available. This is a great sign though, and hopefully more barefoot costumes will appear in DOA in the near future.

For now, gawk at these pics and choose which babe whose soles you'd best love to press your face against. Heheh. The game is out on PSV starting March 19.

Some barefoot Kasumi action in this gameplay demo of DOA5 in Japan.

UPDATE: Just embedded a YT video from some Japanese show with Team Ninja showing off DOA5 Plus to some celebrities. There's a match with Kasumi in her sexy, sexy barefoot thong bikini, although sadly the vid is kinda low-res. Even sadder, it's pretty apparent from the vid that the Japanese are pretty much all about boobs. Still, it's something to see as this game heads to release.


  1. why not in console version .. ._.

  2. Hey Sole, just FYI - both Tomb Raider and God of War: Ascension have brief but good sole scenes. Sadly, Lara isn't the star, but rather her Japanese friend Sam.

  3. Yeah, I gathered as much. Oh well. Thanks for the heads up. ^___^ Well, it WAS a 'reboot' anyway. Heheh...