Monday, March 25, 2013

Dead or Alive 5: Bikini-clad and Barefoot, FINALLY!


Before pretty much any other fighting game, it was really Dead or Alive that pushed fan service in my heart’s direction. It was DOA on the Saturn that first gave us a barefoot and bikini-clad Leifang (that’s why she’s a sentimental fave of mine), and later all four of the first batch of DOA girls went swimsuit-clad and shoeless in the now-classic (and still awesome) DOA on Playstation.
From there on, fans of the game have always expected hotness from the franchise, even if often disappointment would follow. Really, in the many, many DOA releases since DOA PSX (particularly among the gazillion re-releases of Dead or Alive 2),  Team Ninja saw fit to NOT give much in alternate outfits, and not one single barefoot costume was seen in the series until Dead or Alive 3 (Enter Hitomi, barefoot karate princess!).

Contrary to what I thought earlier, you CAN actually knock someone out in DOA5.

Afterwards though, once again disappointments followed. Yeah, DOAX and DOAX2 were fan service to the Xtreme (hah) but they weren’t fighters but silly side games that I just didn’t get into. When the actual sequel to the series- Dead or Alive 4- finally arrived, once again, no alternate outfits and even Hitomi somehow managed to NOT wear her karate gi in the game. That was the time where I just said, EFF YOU, Team Ninja and DOA. And I went off to find soleful joys in other games like Tekken, VF, Streetfighter and more.

The DOA girls' sexy moves are even more provocative when they bare their soles.

Still, I’ve always kept an eye on DOA. There was always a possibility of barefoot fan service returning, I thought… and well, after quite a long wait it has arrived in the form of a portable port and some exclusive (for now) DLC. But yes, The Dead or Alive Girls are finally ALL barefoot and hotter than ever before in Dead or Alive 5. It took a while, but here it is.

As I’ve been monitoring here for the past couple of months, Dead or Alive 5 Plus on the Playstation Vita received several cool bonuses. Including some exclusive outfits. These new costumes include the so-called ‘Getaway’ Set of Swimsuits- which I guess means ‘Get Away from Shoes’ since all the girls are barefoot in these new pieces of swimwear.

Girlfights are hot already- barefoot girlfights ten times hotter.

And I have to say, the girls look amazing, and their feet are markedly improved in detail and shape from previous DOA games. The swimsuits themselves are mostly sexy numbers, though I really just don’t dig the skirt/skort-style suits given to Leifang, Hitomi and Sarah.
Bottom-line though, the girls are finally barefoot and I am happy beyond words. Hoping that this bodes well for the future- hoping that more barefoot outfits are released, both for DOA5 and the inevitable sequel.
For now though- enjoy the first few barefoot bikini babe battle vids!

Sexy KOs actually do exist in DOA5... you just need to work a bit to get at them.

I won’t lie- the sexy and wicked Christie has always been my favorite and this is a dream come true… I’ve been waiting to see her fighting barefoot since DOA3, dammit! Well, I am certainly happy now- her swimsuit is hot as heck, and she just looks amazing (loving the painted toenails…) when she’s punishing her foes or getting pummeled herself. Check her out in a hot and sexy KO in the vid below (I am so glad that DOA5 indeed has an actual KO animation… kinda hard to see but still pretty excellent). Nice views… doesn’t that make you want to just kiss her sleepy soles? Mmmm.

Ninja sisters Kasumi and Ayane show off skin... soles included!

I have to say- I kinda prefer the mature ladies in DOA... Helena and Christie FTW!

I also kinda realized that DOATEC mistress Helena Douglas has also been another fave of mine- and that I’ve wanted to see her fight shoeless since DOA2. Suffice to say- she looks like an absolute angel in DOA5- the visual style makes her look like a real woman instead of the anime doll she was in her earlier appearances. And that swimsuit… there’s something about white swimsuits… Man, she’s a vision to see. Good thing she kicks butt as well! I’d kiss her soles and toes in worship anytime. Heheh.

Helena really looks stunning in this game. In her white swimsuit and bare feet- YOWZERS!

I’ll see about posting more vids- both battle vids (Solo and Tag) and ‘special’ ones in the weeks and months ahead. No need to hurry, this game is now on my channel for good and here to stay with the rest of my fave fighters. So check there for even more vids.

I am truly looking forward to enjoying the newly-barefoot DOA Girls for a long time to come. With this, DOA has finally returned to the fold and actually jumped feet-first into my Inner Circle of Best Barefoot Babe Fighting Games. HALLELLUIAH!
The barefoot ‘Getaway’ Swimsuit Set is as yet only available as an exclusive bonus DLC for the Japanese/Asian Collector’s Editions of Dead or Alive 5 PLUS for the PS Vita (they appear on my PS3 via Cross-DLC). I assume they will become available for other PS3 gamers (and to the Xbox360 players) eventually. I’ll update here or on another post about that.


  1. thank goodness for ya vids mate! but damn... they need to allow download for ps3 already. i HATE WAITING!!! but for now, ur vids will do. haha

    but actually i heard that pre-order DLC from doa5+ will be available march 27. according to the official Tecmo facebook page.

    1. Huh? I just checked their FB page and there is no such claim. Also, the 27th (today) is a Thursday, and PSN only updates on Tuesdays (I believe).

    2. tecmo EUROPE's page, not tecmo (sad face) i heard europeans got it on PS store for a day but for some reason they took it down. North Americans will be suffering *sobs* lol

    3. Okay, I'm not sure if this is true but some posts on GameFAQs are pointing to a Tecmo announcement that talks about more DLC coming throughout the year for DOA5/Plus. The Paradise 'Sexy' DLC is apparently slated to come for PSN in mid-July or so. Not sure if that's good or bad news- you know it's coming indeed but that's quite far away. It's only logical though- they want to sell Vitas.

  2. Well that's good news for those wanting to play with the barefoot babes of DOA5 ^__^ And I know there are a lot.

  3. please make also female vs male vids, expecially with Ayane and Kasumi, who has a lot of face stomping and trampling moves ;) Thanks anyway u great dude.

  4. HALLELLUIAH! Somone has been playing Bioshock Infinite (maybe?) too bad Elizabeth has no barefoot scene.
    Anyway this is great news and I hope it comes out for 360 too:)

    1. Hahaha! I did get Bioshock Infinite, but I only got it yesterday. The 'Hallelluiah' didn't come from that- just a generic cheer. :) B.I's an amazing game in any case (I'm on PC- it's gorgeous).

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  6. Replies
    1. Hahaha indeed. These sexy barefoot bikinis have restored my faith and love in DOA. Now, if only Team Ninja follows this up with more barefoot swimsuits in the next games, we'll all be happy. :) Crossing fingers!