Monday, June 28, 2010

Lovely Fighter

Can you stand up to the kicks of the Lovely Fighters?

Here's a nice surprise I found recently (which is sad, since this has been around for a while, apparently). MartinXManga is a site created and maintained by artist Martin F. Mastrovita Viladrich (whew), an Italian artist who loves Taekwondo, games and sexy girls. Though he doesn't mention it explicitly, he apparently loves hot feet and sole shots as well, since there's a LOT of that featured in his stuff as his virtual hotties kick their CG soles at the viewer from every angle. Aside from his own manga and CG illustrations, Martin also does some cool Flash (I assume they're Flash) fighting games with a nice POV angle, where you take on sexy barefoot CG Taekwondo vixens in one-on-one combat. I've tried one, and it's pretty cool (albeit I don't believe it's possible to win more than two times... heheh).

This is about as far as I could go in the game's Story Mode... after which it became impossible... well, this sole shot was reward enough...

In case you're as behind as me and haven't checked out MXM's site, do so! It's a must for foot-loving gamers who enjoy sexy virtual vixens and CG soles to the extreme. Check out his comics, illustrations and games for tons of Barefoot Battle Babes. As of right now he's completed one more flash POV game (which he is actually selling for a hefty 60 dollars), so check that out at least.

For now though, check out this video of some barefoot POV fighting action and some sweet soles right IN YOUR FACE care of the deadly Jessica. Losing to her is okay if she can press those sexy soles of hers on my face every time... hahaha!

In case you're wondering why the game sounds familiar, the audio (voice and music) is from Tecmo's Dead or Alive.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Eileen: Barefoot Bikini Pic! (Virtua Fighter 5 FInal Showdown)

Yep, we 'heart' Eileen and her cute bikini a LOT.

Need more reason to PLEAD for a console port of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown? Well, take a gander at luscious Eileen above, dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) in her new 'S' outfit. This sexy pic (and a few others) was showed off by Sega to the press today, to promote the upcoming arcade upgrade.

As I've posted before, this unlockable new bikini is intended to be a new outfit slot where you can mix and match pretty much any costume piece to make up your own costume combo. Me? I'm happy with just the bikini and Eileen's luscious bare feet, period. Of course this is just a starter- the rest of the VF girls will have their own hot 'S' outfits too.

Just looking at Eileen's pic, I'm pretty stoked- and just from a purely graphic perspective. You can see they've really worked on the character model so she looks awesome in her bathing suit (it's not just a texture they put over the original character model). Foot fans have gotta appreciate how lovely and properly slim her ankles are leading down to her feet- a nice improvement over the straight, tree trunk-like legs from games in the past, such as in the Dead or Alive and DOAX games.

So let's all keep our fingers crossed for the eventual console version announcement- but I definitely think we've got great things to look forward to in our gaming future. For now, dream of giving Eileen's perfect and petite feet the worship such beautiful things deserve. Man, I can suck on those toes for hours... they probably taste like peaches. Heh...

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts: Christie Monteiro (Tekken 6)

Tekken's resident Capoeira Princess is one truly soleful babe.

Here's some more sexy sole shots from one of the Knockout Babes of Tekken 6. This time it's ultra-sexy Capoeirista Christie Monteiro taking some licks just to show off her big, beautiful feet with those luscious toes and silky-smooth soles. Well, among other things, since this is the babe who has arguably the skimpiest outfits in the game. So check out the couple of HD KO ryona vids and dream of giving this righteous hottie well-deserved worship on her sleepy feet.

Freezing snow is no problem to feet so sizzling hot!

Dragunov leaves Christie napping in the Highroller's Club.

More Soleful Hotness in HD to come soon! Later then!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Claudia (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)

The lovely, barefoot Claudia is one reason to await the next Castlevania.

Here's a nice treat from the recently-finished E3 2010. It's a nice CG art/portrait of the lovely and barefoot Claudia, from the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This remake/sequel is being produced in cooperation with Kojima Productions, with lots of starpower in the voice talent such as Patrick Stewart and Jason Isaacs. Anyway, aside from the cool-looking action and awesome monsters to fight, there's a beautiful barefoot babe in the game as well. Claudia is apparently a village girl who has quite a bit of knowledge and the courage to aide the hero, Gabriel Belmont, in his quest. Hopefully she'll have a lot of exposure in the game, and perhaps show us more of her bare soles and toes in the course of the story. A game to look forward to in any case, later this year.

In other updates, I just updated Maya's entry with a new video showing off her sexy intro/bio cutscene as well as a couple of matches, so check that out. More updates soon!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Poll Result: Who's the Best Barefoot Karate Girl?

Karate Feet FTW!

What a pleasant surprise! The last poll ended with a solid winner in Super Streetfighter IV's resident karateka tomboy, Makoto! Miss Rindou beat out her competitor, Hitomi from Dead or Alive by a pretty good margin. I guess my worries that foot fans would be blinded to Mak's bad-ass hotness by Hitomi's anime good looks and bouncy boobs were a bit unfounded. In my opinion, Makoto's design, character, moves and fighting style make her really THE Karate Girl in videogames. Now, if you'll excuse us, I have to give the winner her congratulatory foot massage. Later!

Me? The best karate girl? Aw, you guys...

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts HD: Hilde (Soulcalibur IV)


Readers on the blog will know that some time ago, I promised to load my Youtube channel (and the blog) with more vids from the sexy Soulcalibur IV. This effort resulted in several KO ryona vids, but it all got sidetracked when I went on my HD PVR campaign. Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I got my Hauppage HD-PVR, and I still can't get over how awesome it is to be able to record HD footage from the awesome barefoot babe games on PS3 and Xbox360.

Anyway, back to square one, but this time... in HD! Here's an HD version of Hilde's Forget-Me-Not KO ryona vid, once again showing off the gorgeous Jessica Alba-lookalike warrior princess, bikini-clad and barefoot, going out like a light care of Amy Sorel's sexy throw... but this time, in crisp, lip-smacking HD! Lots of hot views, sole shots and KOs throughout the 6+minute montage. Hilde was already hot before... in 720p, she's sizzling! Of course, don't worry... Amy used her Magic Wand, so the only damage to Lady Von Krone is to her pride. I'll be sure to comfort the sleeping princess with kisses on her alabaster-smooth soles and toes as she naps.

720p of Barefoot Bikini Babe going Beddy-Bye.

Hilde's Story Mode Ending... in Bikini-clad HD!

Sleeping with the Dodos.

More KOs to follow as Amy moves on to the other babes in the roster...

Maya Intro and Vids (Killer Instinct 2)

Maya. Barefoot Amazon Warrior AND Jungle Babe... what an Ultra Combo!

Here's a retro-barefoot babe to ogle. She's Maya, a sexy blonde bombshell and Amazon warrior who deals out the pain with her twin knives. I remember when Killer Instinct 2 came out, I was overjoyed that finally a barefoot babe was on the roster (Orchid never took off her high boots). Sadly, I never got to play this in arcades, and I never got myself a Nintendo 64, which was the only way you could play the home version of KI2 (Killer Instinct Gold). I did hear though that the console KI2 was greatly downgraded in terms of graphics, animation and content (FMV removed, frame rate poor, etc.), so perhaps that was for the best.

Maya's attract/intro animation has her kicking her sexy sole into the camera... hot!

Anyway, Maya's an awesome barefoot babe, even if by now her first-gen CG render look is quite dated, and her in-game model's cartoony proportions a bit laughable. She's a classic design (you can never go wrong with barefoot jungle babes) that brings to mind hot barefoot heroines like Sheena or Jana of the Jungle. She's also quite a cool character... the strong-willed warrior queen. But thankfully unlike the usual man-hating Amazon bent, Maya isn't above finding companionship with a worthy mate. In her best ending she hooks up with fellow fighter Tusk and lives happily ever after. That lucky bastard probably gets to suck on her toes all day... what a life. Anyway, foot fans who give her due worship and comforting foot massages may be fortunate enough to be enlisted as royal footstools, which would not be a bad fate (alternatively she could carve you up with her knives and feed you to the dinos). Check out a couple of KI2 vids showing this barefoot babe in action.

More Maya (including her hot attract 'kick to the camera' video) in this vid!

Maya takes on Jago the Ninja.

Maya takes on another KI2 babe, Orchid.

Maybe someday we'll see this Amazon hottie wield her dual blades once again and kick her sexy bare sole into our faces with relish. If she ever returns to gaming, surely foot fans everywhere will welcome this beauty with open arms.

This is one queen you'll be glad to bow down to.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Tangled (Disney's Rapunzel)

Who cares about the hair... Rapunzel's bare feet look positively enchanting.

Here's a bit of a change from the usual videogame vixen, a barefoot virtual princess from Disney's upcoming CG Rapunzel flick, Tangled. Though now in 3D CG animation, this seems a bit of a throwback to the classic 2D Disney flicks about a decade or so ago, which is a good thing. But that aside, the awesomeness is in Rapunzel's design. For starters, she's mind-numbingly gorgeous.

This Disney Princess is a Knockout!

Then, aside from just having yards and yards of hair, she's gotten the pretty awesome ability of manipulating her golden locks, ala Medusa (the hair-controlling Inhuman from Marvel Comics, not the Gorgon). But the most important part is, apparently she goes barefoot for at least a good part of the movie- at least in the beginning. Check out the cool teaser trailer for some nice peeks at this princess's tender and tasty tootsies in action!

The first parts of Rapunzel you see (aside from her hair) are her feet. Talk about Love at First Sight!

Seeing this scene (and Rapunzel's toes) in motion is sure to have foot fans' drooling.

Tangled looks to be a surefire foot fan favorite.

And contrary to most CG flicks, the animators have put a lot of effort into animating Rapunzel's adorable feet, so I expect foot fans will have this particular Disney flick in their libraries once it's out. I just hope that Rapunzel doesn't start wearing shoes immediately after she goes out of her tower, or that she goes barefoot at least some of the time afterwards. We'll just have to wait and see. But what has so far been seen looks simply foot-tastic!

This really isn't a surprise as Disney has had a history of awesome barefoot babes in its films- Sleeping Beauty, Hunchback of Notre Dame... now Tangled. Awesome! This flick is out late this year... something to look forward to then!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reiko Misuzaki (All-Star Fighting Festival)

Don't piss off the Swimming Teacher.

If you've been playing videogames within the past couple of console generations, you've probably encountered at least one or more titles from D3 of Japan. This ubiquitous games publisher is well-known for its large stable of budget games, many of them possessing the unique quirkiness of Japanese games for unabashed fan service and CG cheesecake (badly-rendered CG cheesecake, but cheesecake nonetheless). The particular game in focus right now is a beat 'em up... a one-on-one fighting game featuring a large roster of oddball characters hailing from the various titles in D3's library. Among them are characters from the popular (or infamous) Oneechanbara series and from the Xbox360 action shooter, Earth Defense Force 2017. The rest? Hell would I know? Or care, for that matter.

The one barefoot babe in the game is a megane (glasses-wearing) beauty named Reiko Misuzaki, who goes and fights everywhere dressed in just her bikini and bare feet. Oh, and she carries around a very official-looking clipboard as well. Reiko is apparently a swimming coach or teacher of some sort, and appeared originally in the D3 game The Suiei Taikai or 'The Women's Swim Meet'. Of course, she got powered up for the fighting game, laying the smackdown with cartwheel kicks, sweeps, slaps, swipes with her clipboard and BOLTS OF LIGHTNING among other things. The swim coach turned out to be one heck of a kick-ass fighter, taking on everything from heavily-armed super soldiers to wrestlers to magic-users, Yakuza thugs and supernatural beings... all without ever losing her demure poise, at that!

Even though this is a pretty old PS2 game, the graphics are pretty good (for a D3 game, at least), and Reiko's character model is actually quite fetching, with a nice, curvy figure, soft-looking skin and tastily-detailed bare feet. Surely foot fans would crowd in to worship and pleasure this bespectacled barefoot babe to no end. I'd readily kiss and lick those lovely soles and give each toe a thorough sucking for extra credits. I wonder if she does home study? Heh...

Anyway, enjoy these vids showing the invincible swimming coach utterly DESTROY her opponents, pummeling them into submission with her beach-smoothened soles. Thus ends the lesson!

Even the strongest magic can't stand against this hot teacher's bare feet!

Brute force doesn't have a prayer against higher education!

Not even advanced firepower and body armor can match a bikini, clipboard and sexy feet.

Reiko faces off with the Evil Giant Bikini Babe end boss. Barefoot babes for the win!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aoi Umenokoji (Virtua Fighter)

If you get distracted by Aoi's perfect, delicate-looking feet, you may find yourself out cold beneath them.

Ah, yes... the post for this babe is long, long, long overdue. She's surely one of the most important barefoot babes in gaming for me. A few years ago, I had just gotten my PS3. At the time, there was one fighting game that was totally dominating my thoughts. It was this game that drove me to buy my first LCD TV in the hopes of seeing perfect, virtual soles in HD. That game was Virtua Fighter 5 (Neither Soulcalibur IV or Tekken 6 were anywhere in sight then). The one lone babe in the game who would would bare her perfect, kiss-worthy soles and toes for our pleasure was the lovely aiki-jutsu practitioner, Aoi Umenokoji.

Debuting in VF3, this graceful young lady initially joined the World Martial Arts Competition to pursue her childhood sparring partner, Akira Yuki. In her first appearance, Aoi was the odd girl in the roster. She had a strange design, with weird purple hair and pale skin, plus those unusually baggy Japanese pantaloons. Yep, Aoi was the character who introduced me to hakamas, which would eventually become synonymous with martial arts babes of aikido-type schools. Sadly, Aoi wasn't very fetching then, taking a back seat to the more popular Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant. It was only in time that we realized that Aoi's odd looks in VF3 were only due to the limitations of the graphics. In VF4, Aoi looked less strange and more normal, plus a notch more attractive. However, I really didn't take to her since again, she was dressed conservatively head to toe in kimonos and hakamas, and her feet were eternally hidden away beneath tabi and sandals. Too bad.

This pose just screams, 'Want my feet? Come and get 'em!'

Then came Virtua Fighter 5, which threw out all the previous games' art and graphics, being the first truly next-gen fighter of the time (it's still awesome and stands up to the competition today, even after a couple of years). Aoi in particular got a total makeover, and now looked absolutely beautiful. Her kimonos and hakamas were now rendered with the proper grace and realism of silken cloth, plus her move list was greatly augmented with more moves, making her truly attractive fighter in motion. But best of all, among her various customizations in the game was the option of taking off those unsightly tabi and sandals, FINALLY baring her lovely feet for us to imagine licking and worshipping to no end.

This lethal lady is one femme fatale not to be taken lightly- despite her genteel appearance and graceful movements, beneath the silken grace is a fickle and feisty fury capable of explosive speed and blinding offense. Her defensive skills as well are uniquely formidable, boasting a counter move for almost every attack from every direction... including some for when she's lying flat on the ground! Certainly this strong-willed diva is one to appreciate worship from admirers, and surely I'd readily give her foot massages and service after her matches. I'd pleasure each toe and sole with kisses and licks, even if there's an equal chance of her either playfully rubbing her soles in my face, or stomping brutally with that same foot into my gut. With a babe as hot as her though, I'll take the chance.

I'm not sure if Goh is a foot fan, but if he was, he'd surely give Aoi's feet a licking while she's napping.

Even if Virtua Fighter 5R has given all the other VF babes barefoot customization as well, Aoi still holds her own with some of the hottest customizations and costumes in the game, including sexy panty-flashing kimonos and skirts that we would never have thought we'd see on this once-conservative lady. My how times are changing! In any case, I'll always have a soft spot for the one babe who held the line from the first versions of VF5, through to Versions A to D, showing off her feet when the others wouldn't, for our pleasure.

Till Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown appears on console, we can still enjoy sexy, Sega-made bare soles in the current console versions of VF5 (and the game STILL looks amazing even today). Watch the following HD vids showing off Aoi's lethal skills, perfect soles and luscious toes. Enjoy!

Aoi's feet are as tricky as they are pretty, in this fight with commando babe, Vanessa.

Aoi's soft and silent soles take on the equally-stealthy ninja, Kage.

Aoi dishes out the pain by flattening Goh beneath her sexy feet.

Goh gets some revenge! One thing I love about the Judoka Vampire- his throws yield the most amazing views of sexy, sleepy soles.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Super Streetfighter IV Swimsuit Theme (Xbox360)

Hey, now this is a sight for sore eyes. A new and sexy Super Streetfighter IV theme for Xbox360 is headed for gamers in the next week or so. Starting June 15, you'll be able to bedeck your Xbox dashboard with lovely images of the SF girls in their beachwear, lounging and rolling around the sand. The images of the various girls are collected in two wallpaper backgrounds that are full to the brim with ogle-worthy battling bathing beauties. Check out the samples below (sorry, no hi-res images available).

Chun-Li, Cammy, Rose and Viper look so inviting...

Not to be outdone, the younger babes of SSFIV pose a storm.

Definitely nice artwork. I have to say that Cammy is the best, showing off a lovely view of her soles, rarely seen out of those big honkin' Doc Martens she always wears. Ibuki's bikini is sizzling, and she gives a nice view of her foot. Chun-Li's pose is awesome but I'd have preferred the camera in another angle. Kinda irritated that they gave Makoto a kiddie swimsuit, water toy and flat chest though... Anyway, not really interested much in getting this, I'll just wait for hi-res wallpapers versions to appear online. Heh... Just a nice little distraction.

Friday, June 4, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Customization: 'S' for Swimsuit!

Eileen's 'S' costumes... SWEEEEET!

More on Sega's upcoming arcade upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The dev blog just posted a pic of one of FS's new 'S' outfits, and nicely enough it's for one of the babes. Wooh... I'm sure that if there were any out there who overlooked Eileen among the VF girls, they probably notice her now.

Man, it's about time Sega followed the old Tecmo route- the best outfit to kick butt in for babes is a barely-there bikini and bare feet. Once again, I have to say that this game MUST come to consoles, somehow, someway. I think things are pointing to that though, particularly with the sexy new S outfits... this is something any red-blooded player will want to appreciate in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, not in some smoky arcade.
Anyway, Sega also posted a gameplay trailer for VF5FS on Sega's Youtube channel, which is heavy on the game's new techniques but sadly lacking in any customizations of barefoot babes. Still, it's something to check out what this game has to offer in terms of beat 'em up action. Hopefully Sega will release a trailer showing off all the babes in their swimsuits (I cringe at the thought though of the guys in their speedos but, eh... I guess there are lady players out there who'll appreciate that).

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed, foot fans... who knows, maybe the home version will be announced in this month's E3! In any case, THIS looks to be one of the things we have to look forward to in the near future. Keep dreaming and hoping of Virtua Soles!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Makoto: The Girl with True Karate Sole! (Street Fighter)

Strong Beauty. Makoto is all business when it comes to kicking butt.

In THIS corner... with the tattered old gi, yellow ribbon and size 15 battleships... is Street Fighter's Karate Cutie, Makoto! I've posted about Miss Rindou before but since I just put up a poll as well as a large feature on her competition, Hitomi, it's only fair that I give SF's karateka her due spotlight. It's no secret that I LOVE this battlin' babe... I love her tomboyish looks, her no-nonsense personality and up-front fighting style. As much as she probably tries to keep gender-neutral with her baggy gi and her boyish hair, Makoto's HOT in my book. You can easily see, she's nicely curvy, which even the baggy gi can't hide. With a little makeup and an hour with a brush, she'd look smashing. But Mak's not trying to be a beauty in the arena, nor is the Karate Girl Poll about simple good looks (if it were, really, Hitomi would win no contest). She's all about fighting and her promise to uplift her fallen dojo's honor and prestige. That alone makes her radiant in my book. But in any case though, she is in her way fetchingly attractive, even in an understated way.

Every so often, the cutie emerges from the karateka.

I'd say though that Makoto is easily a foot fan's ultimate hottie. Really, her design just throws so much focus on her impressively large and kick-ass feet. Add to the fact that she's constantly throwing her kick-hardened soles at everyone's faces and you just can't NOT notice them. But thankfully even though her feet aren't pretty in the conventional sense, I find them quite beautiful. Calluses, rounded heels, strong and agile toes, hard but smoothened soles, the beauty is in their strength. Particularly in instances such as when Makoto does her Abare Tosanami Ultra, you can imagine her toes digging in, grabbing at a wall as she preps for her attack, and then the super kick that follows soon after. Poetry in motion. Man, I'd love to give Makoto's feet a massage (I imagine it would be quite a workout for my hands as well...heh), to wiggle every toe, to feel those soles or stroke her instep.

I'll say it once, I'll say it again... Makoto's killer feet are as sexy as they are strong.

Anyway, I think I've gushed more here than I have over any other babes' feet in a month, so I'll retire and leave you with a bunch of Makoto vids showing off the karate kid in HD action. I really don't expect many of you to take Makoto's side (Hitomi really is a freakin' barefoot goddess anyways), but maybe I can just give you all the dark horse's side of the choice. Makoto is certainly not as pretty as Hitomi, but she's certainly as great and awesome a karate babe as the competition, perhaps even more so. I've cast my vote and choice. May the best karate girl win!

Nice view of some karate soles in this cutscene.

Makoto takes on her longtime rival and fellow barefoot babe, Ibuki.

Makoto actually unseated Ibuki as my fave babe in Street Fighter thanks to her kick-ass hotness in SSFIV.

Karate or Taekwondo? Barefoot babes battle to the finish!

Few can match the martial arts demon, Akuma, but Makoto is never one to back down...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Hitomi (Dead or Alive)

She Kicks High! Hitomi's feet aren't as detailed as with today's fighting games, but that didn't keep footfans then from ogling them endlessly.

Ah, Dead or Alive. It was, in it's time, one of the premiere fighting games, even if it was often chided for being a bit too heavy on the fan service. A little fan service never harmed anybody, and DOA had a LOT. The DOA babes were hot polygon princesses who jiggled and jostled their way into fighting gamers' hearts. Sadly, the series is more known for boobs than feet, with only the port of the original Dead or Alive on Playstation giving us all the available beauties barefoot in sexy bikinis. Since then though, the series went astray, disappointing fans repeatedly with the ad infinitum rehashes of DOA2, most of whom had either no or few alternate costumes, NONE of them showing off the girls' feet.

Thankfully after the dark age of DOA2, Tecmo's fighter returned to foot fans' good graces with Dead or Alive 3. A flagship fighting game for the debuting Xbox, DOA3 featured amazing graphics several new fighters- one of them being of course, Hitomi. A teenage karate fighter decked out in a traditional martial arts gi, this German-Japanese barefoot beauty made her first appearance in the DOA3 trailer, performing her cool martial arts kata, bare soles kicking at the camera and entrancing foot fans everywhere. She was cute AND hot as well as being kick-butt awesome, her lovely bare feet as beautlful as they were deadly. I can tell you, Hitomi was my favorite from there on, the sole reason for purchasing an Xbox and a copy of Dead or Alive 3. Good times, indeed.

Hitomi's karate gi was slightly 'sexed up' in DOA Ultimate, her tank top undershirt turning into a sports bra that showed off some sexy midriff.

Hitomi would continue to charm fans as the series continued into odd directions, such as the DOAX games. Even among all the other also-bikini-clad-and-barefoot ladies in the game, Hitomi still stood out (who could resist her when she did her sexy dances, or trademark kata in her bikinis?) thanks to her winsome, down-to-earth charm and girl-next-door good looks.

Then came Dead or Alive Ultimate, which is truly aptly named. Thanks to her popularity, Hitomi was included in the remade version of DOA2 Ultimate. And lucky that she did- Hitomi is the only babe to go barefoot in the game, not only in her trademark karate gi, but in a sexy polka-dot bikini! The sight of Hitomi, bikini-clad and barefoot, kicking butt, is divine indeed, and solidified Hitomi as DOA's true Barefoot Goddess, and makes DOA Ultimate the single most important Dead or Alive game in any foot fan's collection (next to DOA PSX).

Barefoot Hitomi in her polka-dot bikini. Best. Costume. Ever.

Sadly, the fourth and apparently final Dead or Alive game, DOA4, horrified all with the absurd omission of Hitomi's karate gi from the selection of outfits. Never mind that they had room for about three or four different colored versions of a German skirted dress, there was apparently no space for Hitomi's trademark martial arts costume. It was blasphemy indeed, and I still can't believe how moronic Team Ninja was for that.

Well, we still had DOAU, which is where surely Hitomi is at her sexiest, and that's all we need.

Barefoot Babes KICK ASS!

Anyway, enjoy these new HD vids from Dead or Alive 3 and Dead or Alive Ultimate. Even in this day of HD graphics and awesomely-detailed character models and environments in games like Tekken 6 and Soulcalibur IV, the Dead or Alive games still look decent. Even if her feet aren't as detailed and sculpted as finely as the Tekken or VF Girls, Hitomi's soles are still a treasure and a pleasure for foot-loving gamers.

Hitomi follows the Fighter's Road in Dead or Alive 3.

Not even a genetically-engineered superweapon is a match for Hitomi's feet!

Whether dishing it out or taking it, Hitomi is always a knockout.

Karate Princess vs Bikini Goddess!

As of this writing, the future of Dead or Alive is uncertain. Tecmo still has the option to continue their fighting game franchise, even without the participation of the series' creator, Itagaki. If so, I hope they see fit to reinstate Hitomi as the barefoot karate princess that she is, and perhaps update the game with true Character Customization so we can have all the DOA babes barefoot. Even if this great event should take place, surely Hitomi will always retain a special place in our foot-fancying hearts.