Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Makoto: The Girl with True Karate Sole! (Street Fighter)

Strong Beauty. Makoto is all business when it comes to kicking butt.

In THIS corner... with the tattered old gi, yellow ribbon and size 15 battleships... is Street Fighter's Karate Cutie, Makoto! I've posted about Miss Rindou before but since I just put up a poll as well as a large feature on her competition, Hitomi, it's only fair that I give SF's karateka her due spotlight. It's no secret that I LOVE this battlin' babe... I love her tomboyish looks, her no-nonsense personality and up-front fighting style. As much as she probably tries to keep gender-neutral with her baggy gi and her boyish hair, Makoto's HOT in my book. You can easily see, she's nicely curvy, which even the baggy gi can't hide. With a little makeup and an hour with a brush, she'd look smashing. But Mak's not trying to be a beauty in the arena, nor is the Karate Girl Poll about simple good looks (if it were, really, Hitomi would win no contest). She's all about fighting and her promise to uplift her fallen dojo's honor and prestige. That alone makes her radiant in my book. But in any case though, she is in her way fetchingly attractive, even in an understated way.

Every so often, the cutie emerges from the karateka.

I'd say though that Makoto is easily a foot fan's ultimate hottie. Really, her design just throws so much focus on her impressively large and kick-ass feet. Add to the fact that she's constantly throwing her kick-hardened soles at everyone's faces and you just can't NOT notice them. But thankfully even though her feet aren't pretty in the conventional sense, I find them quite beautiful. Calluses, rounded heels, strong and agile toes, hard but smoothened soles, the beauty is in their strength. Particularly in instances such as when Makoto does her Abare Tosanami Ultra, you can imagine her toes digging in, grabbing at a wall as she preps for her attack, and then the super kick that follows soon after. Poetry in motion. Man, I'd love to give Makoto's feet a massage (I imagine it would be quite a workout for my hands as well...heh), to wiggle every toe, to feel those soles or stroke her instep.

I'll say it once, I'll say it again... Makoto's killer feet are as sexy as they are strong.

Anyway, I think I've gushed more here than I have over any other babes' feet in a month, so I'll retire and leave you with a bunch of Makoto vids showing off the karate kid in HD action. I really don't expect many of you to take Makoto's side (Hitomi really is a freakin' barefoot goddess anyways), but maybe I can just give you all the dark horse's side of the choice. Makoto is certainly not as pretty as Hitomi, but she's certainly as great and awesome a karate babe as the competition, perhaps even more so. I've cast my vote and choice. May the best karate girl win!

Nice view of some karate soles in this cutscene.

Makoto takes on her longtime rival and fellow barefoot babe, Ibuki.

Makoto actually unseated Ibuki as my fave babe in Street Fighter thanks to her kick-ass hotness in SSFIV.

Karate or Taekwondo? Barefoot babes battle to the finish!

Few can match the martial arts demon, Akuma, but Makoto is never one to back down...


  1. Wow...Great Post!! Makoto's powerful Karate feet are really wonderful to watch in action!! Also awesome to see Ibuki and Juri cameo in these as well. Even nice to see Akuma too. I didn't know he was in this game. O_O I definitely have to get this one.

  2. I just remembered, you can get a awesome sole shot at the end of Cody's first ultra, you get it just as your character hits the ground from the attack. You're really gonna have to slow it down to truly maximize it though.