Thursday, June 17, 2010

June Poll Result: Who's the Best Barefoot Karate Girl?

Karate Feet FTW!

What a pleasant surprise! The last poll ended with a solid winner in Super Streetfighter IV's resident karateka tomboy, Makoto! Miss Rindou beat out her competitor, Hitomi from Dead or Alive by a pretty good margin. I guess my worries that foot fans would be blinded to Mak's bad-ass hotness by Hitomi's anime good looks and bouncy boobs were a bit unfounded. In my opinion, Makoto's design, character, moves and fighting style make her really THE Karate Girl in videogames. Now, if you'll excuse us, I have to give the winner her congratulatory foot massage. Later!

Me? The best karate girl? Aw, you guys...


  1. Well not who I voted for but Makoto is hot. ^_^ Congratulations to her.

  2. KSC you should be ashamed of yourself not voting for Makoto

    Im glad she one as...i would of demanded a recount as there is no way Hitomi is better :D

  3. Hy Sole, is me, sonyps3ka, about of the karate girl, where is Asuka Kazama? remember that the Kazama Style is actually a karate style and i think that she deserve enter to the poll.

  4. Ugh I hate Makoto's MAN SIZED Feet. :\

    I like Asuka Kazama!

  5. This poll was between the female karate practitioners in the standard karate gi- Asuka's part of the Hakama girl category IMO, and that will have it's own poll eventually...