Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Aoi Umenokoji (Virtua Fighter)

If you get distracted by Aoi's perfect, delicate-looking feet, you may find yourself out cold beneath them.

Ah, yes... the post for this babe is long, long, long overdue. She's surely one of the most important barefoot babes in gaming for me. A few years ago, I had just gotten my PS3. At the time, there was one fighting game that was totally dominating my thoughts. It was this game that drove me to buy my first LCD TV in the hopes of seeing perfect, virtual soles in HD. That game was Virtua Fighter 5 (Neither Soulcalibur IV or Tekken 6 were anywhere in sight then). The one lone babe in the game who would would bare her perfect, kiss-worthy soles and toes for our pleasure was the lovely aiki-jutsu practitioner, Aoi Umenokoji.

Debuting in VF3, this graceful young lady initially joined the World Martial Arts Competition to pursue her childhood sparring partner, Akira Yuki. In her first appearance, Aoi was the odd girl in the roster. She had a strange design, with weird purple hair and pale skin, plus those unusually baggy Japanese pantaloons. Yep, Aoi was the character who introduced me to hakamas, which would eventually become synonymous with martial arts babes of aikido-type schools. Sadly, Aoi wasn't very fetching then, taking a back seat to the more popular Pai Chan and Sarah Bryant. It was only in time that we realized that Aoi's odd looks in VF3 were only due to the limitations of the graphics. In VF4, Aoi looked less strange and more normal, plus a notch more attractive. However, I really didn't take to her since again, she was dressed conservatively head to toe in kimonos and hakamas, and her feet were eternally hidden away beneath tabi and sandals. Too bad.

This pose just screams, 'Want my feet? Come and get 'em!'

Then came Virtua Fighter 5, which threw out all the previous games' art and graphics, being the first truly next-gen fighter of the time (it's still awesome and stands up to the competition today, even after a couple of years). Aoi in particular got a total makeover, and now looked absolutely beautiful. Her kimonos and hakamas were now rendered with the proper grace and realism of silken cloth, plus her move list was greatly augmented with more moves, making her truly attractive fighter in motion. But best of all, among her various customizations in the game was the option of taking off those unsightly tabi and sandals, FINALLY baring her lovely feet for us to imagine licking and worshipping to no end.

This lethal lady is one femme fatale not to be taken lightly- despite her genteel appearance and graceful movements, beneath the silken grace is a fickle and feisty fury capable of explosive speed and blinding offense. Her defensive skills as well are uniquely formidable, boasting a counter move for almost every attack from every direction... including some for when she's lying flat on the ground! Certainly this strong-willed diva is one to appreciate worship from admirers, and surely I'd readily give her foot massages and service after her matches. I'd pleasure each toe and sole with kisses and licks, even if there's an equal chance of her either playfully rubbing her soles in my face, or stomping brutally with that same foot into my gut. With a babe as hot as her though, I'll take the chance.

I'm not sure if Goh is a foot fan, but if he was, he'd surely give Aoi's feet a licking while she's napping.

Even if Virtua Fighter 5R has given all the other VF babes barefoot customization as well, Aoi still holds her own with some of the hottest customizations and costumes in the game, including sexy panty-flashing kimonos and skirts that we would never have thought we'd see on this once-conservative lady. My how times are changing! In any case, I'll always have a soft spot for the one babe who held the line from the first versions of VF5, through to Versions A to D, showing off her feet when the others wouldn't, for our pleasure.

Till Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown appears on console, we can still enjoy sexy, Sega-made bare soles in the current console versions of VF5 (and the game STILL looks amazing even today). Watch the following HD vids showing off Aoi's lethal skills, perfect soles and luscious toes. Enjoy!

Aoi's feet are as tricky as they are pretty, in this fight with commando babe, Vanessa.

Aoi's soft and silent soles take on the equally-stealthy ninja, Kage.

Aoi dishes out the pain by flattening Goh beneath her sexy feet.

Goh gets some revenge! One thing I love about the Judoka Vampire- his throws yield the most amazing views of sexy, sleepy soles.

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  1. O_O I definitely wouldn't mind getting knocked out that way. :-D Really awesome to see Aoi without her Tabi on. Great post Sole Keeper.