Friday, June 18, 2010

Claudia (Castlevania: Lords of Shadow)

The lovely, barefoot Claudia is one reason to await the next Castlevania.

Here's a nice treat from the recently-finished E3 2010. It's a nice CG art/portrait of the lovely and barefoot Claudia, from the upcoming Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. This remake/sequel is being produced in cooperation with Kojima Productions, with lots of starpower in the voice talent such as Patrick Stewart and Jason Isaacs. Anyway, aside from the cool-looking action and awesome monsters to fight, there's a beautiful barefoot babe in the game as well. Claudia is apparently a village girl who has quite a bit of knowledge and the courage to aide the hero, Gabriel Belmont, in his quest. Hopefully she'll have a lot of exposure in the game, and perhaps show us more of her bare soles and toes in the course of the story. A game to look forward to in any case, later this year.

In other updates, I just updated Maya's entry with a new video showing off her sexy intro/bio cutscene as well as a couple of matches, so check that out. More updates soon!


  1. a Castlevania fan, a barefoot girl fan and a Patrick Stewart fan...this game looks full of win. Claudia looks very hot. Thanks so much for posting her Sole Keeper.

  2. whoa cool post. I saw the game on G4 at E3.

    It has a decent battle system. I wonder if

    Claudia is like Ilia from twilight princess?

  3. Claudia grew on me big time... I teared up over her.