Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Barefoot Knockouts HD: Hilde (Soulcalibur IV)


Readers on the blog will know that some time ago, I promised to load my Youtube channel (and the blog) with more vids from the sexy Soulcalibur IV. This effort resulted in several KO ryona vids, but it all got sidetracked when I went on my HD PVR campaign. Well, it's been a couple of weeks since I got my Hauppage HD-PVR, and I still can't get over how awesome it is to be able to record HD footage from the awesome barefoot babe games on PS3 and Xbox360.

Anyway, back to square one, but this time... in HD! Here's an HD version of Hilde's Forget-Me-Not KO ryona vid, once again showing off the gorgeous Jessica Alba-lookalike warrior princess, bikini-clad and barefoot, going out like a light care of Amy Sorel's sexy throw... but this time, in crisp, lip-smacking HD! Lots of hot views, sole shots and KOs throughout the 6+minute montage. Hilde was already hot before... in 720p, she's sizzling! Of course, don't worry... Amy used her Magic Wand, so the only damage to Lady Von Krone is to her pride. I'll be sure to comfort the sleeping princess with kisses on her alabaster-smooth soles and toes as she naps.

720p of Barefoot Bikini Babe going Beddy-Bye.

Hilde's Story Mode Ending... in Bikini-clad HD!

Sleeping with the Dodos.

More KOs to follow as Amy moves on to the other babes in the roster...

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  1. Wow...really loving the HD videos a lot. Hilde is super hot especially with in that Bikini barefoot customization. Awesome Post Sole Keeper!!