Friday, June 25, 2010

Eileen: Barefoot Bikini Pic! (Virtua Fighter 5 FInal Showdown)

Yep, we 'heart' Eileen and her cute bikini a LOT.

Need more reason to PLEAD for a console port of Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown? Well, take a gander at luscious Eileen above, dressed (or undressed, as the case may be) in her new 'S' outfit. This sexy pic (and a few others) was showed off by Sega to the press today, to promote the upcoming arcade upgrade.

As I've posted before, this unlockable new bikini is intended to be a new outfit slot where you can mix and match pretty much any costume piece to make up your own costume combo. Me? I'm happy with just the bikini and Eileen's luscious bare feet, period. Of course this is just a starter- the rest of the VF girls will have their own hot 'S' outfits too.

Just looking at Eileen's pic, I'm pretty stoked- and just from a purely graphic perspective. You can see they've really worked on the character model so she looks awesome in her bathing suit (it's not just a texture they put over the original character model). Foot fans have gotta appreciate how lovely and properly slim her ankles are leading down to her feet- a nice improvement over the straight, tree trunk-like legs from games in the past, such as in the Dead or Alive and DOAX games.

So let's all keep our fingers crossed for the eventual console version announcement- but I definitely think we've got great things to look forward to in our gaming future. For now, dream of giving Eileen's perfect and petite feet the worship such beautiful things deserve. Man, I can suck on those toes for hours... they probably taste like peaches. Heh...


  1. O_O Really nice!! Eileen is massively cute. Bikini customization rocks. ^_^ Would love to suck her toes too. ^_^

  2. I agree, the outfit and the character model is awesome. Eileen really looks like she has her own body shape, not a palette swap of another character with different hair. Sega has done awesome, and I too am voting for this game to come to consoles. I suck at the game, but fighting with girls in bikinis is welcome enough for me.