Friday, June 4, 2010

VF5 Final Showdown Customization: 'S' for Swimsuit!

Eileen's 'S' costumes... SWEEEEET!

More on Sega's upcoming arcade upgrade, Virtua Fighter 5: Final Showdown. The dev blog just posted a pic of one of FS's new 'S' outfits, and nicely enough it's for one of the babes. Wooh... I'm sure that if there were any out there who overlooked Eileen among the VF girls, they probably notice her now.

Man, it's about time Sega followed the old Tecmo route- the best outfit to kick butt in for babes is a barely-there bikini and bare feet. Once again, I have to say that this game MUST come to consoles, somehow, someway. I think things are pointing to that though, particularly with the sexy new S outfits... this is something any red-blooded player will want to appreciate in the comfort and privacy of their own homes, not in some smoky arcade.
Anyway, Sega also posted a gameplay trailer for VF5FS on Sega's Youtube channel, which is heavy on the game's new techniques but sadly lacking in any customizations of barefoot babes. Still, it's something to check out what this game has to offer in terms of beat 'em up action. Hopefully Sega will release a trailer showing off all the babes in their swimsuits (I cringe at the thought though of the guys in their speedos but, eh... I guess there are lady players out there who'll appreciate that).

Anyway, keep your fingers crossed, foot fans... who knows, maybe the home version will be announced in this month's E3! In any case, THIS looks to be one of the things we have to look forward to in the near future. Keep dreaming and hoping of Virtua Soles!


  1. Wow Eileen in a swimsuit looks incredibly hot...I really hope the U.S. gets a home console version of this game. Awesome post Sole Keeper.

  2. Eileen is definitely hot in her swimsuit, jailbait age be damned. ^_^ I really don't like it when she's dressed up in overly-cute stuff and hairstyles- but in her default short hair I think she's really attractive. Good thing this monkey-style kung fu girl doesn't have monkey feet eh?

    I really think there's a good chance that VF5FS is headed for consoles- things seem to be pointing to it, and really, such fan service is something that can only be really enjoyed in the home (heheh). Let's just keep hoping and crossing our fingers, but I think this is really one title to watch in the very near future in barefoot babe games.