Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Maya Intro and Vids (Killer Instinct 2)

Maya. Barefoot Amazon Warrior AND Jungle Babe... what an Ultra Combo!

Here's a retro-barefoot babe to ogle. She's Maya, a sexy blonde bombshell and Amazon warrior who deals out the pain with her twin knives. I remember when Killer Instinct 2 came out, I was overjoyed that finally a barefoot babe was on the roster (Orchid never took off her high boots). Sadly, I never got to play this in arcades, and I never got myself a Nintendo 64, which was the only way you could play the home version of KI2 (Killer Instinct Gold). I did hear though that the console KI2 was greatly downgraded in terms of graphics, animation and content (FMV removed, frame rate poor, etc.), so perhaps that was for the best.

Maya's attract/intro animation has her kicking her sexy sole into the camera... hot!

Anyway, Maya's an awesome barefoot babe, even if by now her first-gen CG render look is quite dated, and her in-game model's cartoony proportions a bit laughable. She's a classic design (you can never go wrong with barefoot jungle babes) that brings to mind hot barefoot heroines like Sheena or Jana of the Jungle. She's also quite a cool character... the strong-willed warrior queen. But thankfully unlike the usual man-hating Amazon bent, Maya isn't above finding companionship with a worthy mate. In her best ending she hooks up with fellow fighter Tusk and lives happily ever after. That lucky bastard probably gets to suck on her toes all day... what a life. Anyway, foot fans who give her due worship and comforting foot massages may be fortunate enough to be enlisted as royal footstools, which would not be a bad fate (alternatively she could carve you up with her knives and feed you to the dinos). Check out a couple of KI2 vids showing this barefoot babe in action.

More Maya (including her hot attract 'kick to the camera' video) in this vid!

Maya takes on Jago the Ninja.

Maya takes on another KI2 babe, Orchid.

Maybe someday we'll see this Amazon hottie wield her dual blades once again and kick her sexy bare sole into our faces with relish. If she ever returns to gaming, surely foot fans everywhere will welcome this beauty with open arms.

This is one queen you'll be glad to bow down to.


  1. O_O Awesome...Maya is really hot!! Would definitely love to be her royal footstool. ^_^

  2. Dude Sole Keeper if I could give you a giant cookie I would so totally would. I ABSOLUTELY loved the Killer Instinct games and it pains me to this day that we still haven't gotten a KI3. Sadly the Rare of today is a shadow of its former self. Hopefully if the rumors are true that the former founders are starting their own company they can get can their hands on KI. That or god forbid Nintendo decides to purchase the franchise. :p

    Anyways, awesome post Sole Keeper and major props to you good sir. ;)

    Btw, Orchid may be stuck in those boots but you can't deny that she's got a rockin booty. :D

  3. O_O Awesome update!!! That intro video rocked. :-D