Sunday, June 6, 2010

Super Streetfighter IV Swimsuit Theme (Xbox360)

Hey, now this is a sight for sore eyes. A new and sexy Super Streetfighter IV theme for Xbox360 is headed for gamers in the next week or so. Starting June 15, you'll be able to bedeck your Xbox dashboard with lovely images of the SF girls in their beachwear, lounging and rolling around the sand. The images of the various girls are collected in two wallpaper backgrounds that are full to the brim with ogle-worthy battling bathing beauties. Check out the samples below (sorry, no hi-res images available).

Chun-Li, Cammy, Rose and Viper look so inviting...

Not to be outdone, the younger babes of SSFIV pose a storm.

Definitely nice artwork. I have to say that Cammy is the best, showing off a lovely view of her soles, rarely seen out of those big honkin' Doc Martens she always wears. Ibuki's bikini is sizzling, and she gives a nice view of her foot. Chun-Li's pose is awesome but I'd have preferred the camera in another angle. Kinda irritated that they gave Makoto a kiddie swimsuit, water toy and flat chest though... Anyway, not really interested much in getting this, I'll just wait for hi-res wallpapers versions to appear online. Heh... Just a nice little distraction.


  1. O_O Wow...awesome wallpapers. I kept staring at Cammy too. :-D I really want to see these in full size. Cool post Sole Keeper!!

  2. Capcom should make those swimsuits into downloadable costumes for the female fighters, I would definately get them if they did.