Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Reiko Misuzaki (All-Star Fighting Festival)

Don't piss off the Swimming Teacher.

If you've been playing videogames within the past couple of console generations, you've probably encountered at least one or more titles from D3 of Japan. This ubiquitous games publisher is well-known for its large stable of budget games, many of them possessing the unique quirkiness of Japanese games for unabashed fan service and CG cheesecake (badly-rendered CG cheesecake, but cheesecake nonetheless). The particular game in focus right now is a beat 'em up... a one-on-one fighting game featuring a large roster of oddball characters hailing from the various titles in D3's library. Among them are characters from the popular (or infamous) Oneechanbara series and from the Xbox360 action shooter, Earth Defense Force 2017. The rest? Hell would I know? Or care, for that matter.

The one barefoot babe in the game is a megane (glasses-wearing) beauty named Reiko Misuzaki, who goes and fights everywhere dressed in just her bikini and bare feet. Oh, and she carries around a very official-looking clipboard as well. Reiko is apparently a swimming coach or teacher of some sort, and appeared originally in the D3 game The Suiei Taikai or 'The Women's Swim Meet'. Of course, she got powered up for the fighting game, laying the smackdown with cartwheel kicks, sweeps, slaps, swipes with her clipboard and BOLTS OF LIGHTNING among other things. The swim coach turned out to be one heck of a kick-ass fighter, taking on everything from heavily-armed super soldiers to wrestlers to magic-users, Yakuza thugs and supernatural beings... all without ever losing her demure poise, at that!

Even though this is a pretty old PS2 game, the graphics are pretty good (for a D3 game, at least), and Reiko's character model is actually quite fetching, with a nice, curvy figure, soft-looking skin and tastily-detailed bare feet. Surely foot fans would crowd in to worship and pleasure this bespectacled barefoot babe to no end. I'd readily kiss and lick those lovely soles and give each toe a thorough sucking for extra credits. I wonder if she does home study? Heh...

Anyway, enjoy these vids showing the invincible swimming coach utterly DESTROY her opponents, pummeling them into submission with her beach-smoothened soles. Thus ends the lesson!

Even the strongest magic can't stand against this hot teacher's bare feet!

Brute force doesn't have a prayer against higher education!

Not even advanced firepower and body armor can match a bikini, clipboard and sexy feet.

Reiko faces off with the Evil Giant Bikini Babe end boss. Barefoot babes for the win!

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  1. Teacher in a swimsuit. *Faints from awesomeness overload*