Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Slow-Motion Effect with Quicktime Pro!

Okay, this is a bit of a change from my usual posts, as I get a bit technical here. It's actually not about barefoot babes per se, but it will impact quality of many of my future videos. It's a nice little trick I learned from this cool blog.

As you all know, I do edit my vids and add effects quite often- and slow-motion is perhaps my most-used effect. All this time though, I’ve had to make do with the rather sub-standard results of the old iMovie HD6. I’ve had to use this simply because Apple removed most effects, slow-motion included, from the new iMovie (like, WTH?). All this time though I’ve never really been satisfied with the slow-mo; it’s got a strobe-like effect which is just not as smooth as I’d like. To get the smoother results I want, I’d probably have to get a better and probably more expensive editing software suite… that is, until I found out about this neat trick.

If you have QuickTime Pro, you’ll probably be aware that you can adjust playback speeds with the A/V Controls under the ‘Windows’ menu (up to 50% slower playback). The problem with this is that this is just a playback speed change that doesn’t actually make your clip longer or shorter; once you import the vid into your editing software it reverts back to the normal playspeed. If only there was a way to make that slower playspeed permanent! Well, there is, actually, and all you need is QT Pro and some bits of cutting and pasting.

How to get slow-motion (50%) with QuickTime Pro (that’s PRO, okay. So if you’ve just got plain, Vanilla QT, this won’t work).

1. Have your 'Source' clip (the part you want slowed down) ready. Create a new empty movie ('New Player') under the 'File' menu.

2. With your Source clip, press Ctrl + A (Select All), then Ctrl + C (Copy).

3. Switch to the New Player, then Ctrl + V (Paste) twice. This gives you a movie double the length of your original Source clip.

4. In the new player go to the 'Windows' menu and go to 'Show Movie Properties'. Select 'Video Track' and delete.

5. Now switch back to the Source Clip and press Ctrl + C (Copy) again.

6. Switch back to the new player and this time from the Edit menu select “Add to selection & scale”. This will stretch your pasted movie to the length of the new player, doubling the duration and thus making it slow-mo. Save your new movie and it's ready for editing!

So you may ask, does this trick make a difference from the in-built slow-mo effect in iMovie HD6? Well, check the clips I’ve posted below to see the difference… I’m sure you can see the quality of the QTP slow-mo is noticeably smoother and therefore better!

I’ll be incorporating this trick with all my upcoming and future videos, and I just may (being the anal arse that I am) redo many of my KO ryona with the improved effect. Bottom-line, this should make my vids a lot nicer and all our barefoot babes easier to appreciate. Ain’t that nice? Okay, enough tech stuff. Back to game playing and babe ogling then!

Chun-Li vs Vega SF2 Anime Rematch Battle! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

Chun Li vs Vega by SolePatrol
The Chun-Li vs Vega fight is still the sexiest fight in game anime to this day, I think.

Here's some SSFIV PC barefoot babe action, featuring the lovely Chun-Li dressed in her mad-hot Streetfighter II the Animated Movie Mod Skin by Sloth86. I've done this in three parts, with Chun and Vega battling it out for Best of 3. Will this rematch end in Vega eating Chun's soles in the face once again, or will the Shadaloo Assassin carve out a win? Well, watch the sexy in-game action and find out!

The first round goes to Vega, leaving the lovely Interpol agent down and out.

Wounded but triumphant, Chun-Li takes the second round to stay alive.

The final round sees Chun shedding the ripped shirt to fight in her undies... does Vega stand a chance against such hotness?

The SF2 Chun-Li mod skin has become my new favorite, even if I'm still loving 'Escape from Shadaloo' Cammy first and foremost in SSFIV PC. But I have to say, Chun-Li has jumped right almost next to her now thanks to the new mod. It's really a dream come true for us to enjoy this awesome fan service outfit, so once again I have to say thanks to Sloth86 for making this gaming barefoot babe otaku dream come true. Enjoy the vids, and dream of Chun-Li pressing her lovely soles into our faces. Just not too hard please...? Heheh...

Monday, August 29, 2011

Chun-Li Streetfighter 2 the Animated Movie Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

Sloth86 recreates the classic fan service Chun-Li outfit for gamers.

Footfans, first and foremost, let all of us say to the awesome modder Sloth86... 'YOU FRAKKIN' RULE!' Because he does, and to show that he has brought the most famous, hottest and most-fantasized fan service look for the beautiful Chun-Li ever into actual gameplay. Yep, as I posted earlier, Sloth has recreated the barefoot, lingerie-clad Chun from the classic Streetfighter II Animated Movie as a mod skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC.

The Hottest Battle of the Sexes in Anime.

In the case of the incredible chance that you're not familiar with the SF2 Anime, I'm of course referring to the 1994 animated SF2 film which featured perhaps the sexiest anime fight ever: A full-on brawl between Shadaloo Master Assassin Vega and his unsuspecting target, Interpol Agent Chun-Li, fresh out of the shower and dressed in just her bra, panties and a flimsy nightshirt.

They don't make anime like this anymore...

The fight is a long and grueling fight for both combatants with Chun getting slashed multiple times and beaten up royally... but it's Vega who gets the worse of it, receiving a painful stomp-and-grind right on his face from Chun-Li's kick-ass and hot feet, a full Lightning Leg Barrage and at the very end, an amazing Ultra-esque Double Foot Stomp (I would say it's similar to the final blow of her SSFIV Hosenka Ultra) right to the Kisser which sends him screaming through a wall and into the darkness of obilivion. Needless to say, we don't see Vega again in the film.

What a sight for sore eyes (and body, in Vega's case)...

Sloth's masterwork mod includes not only a truly accurate-looking mod ripped from the film (complete with details such as Chun's slightly-messed up hair, the yellow shirt and the lacy look of her undies) but it includes a full 10-color lineup of variants with both Clean and Wounded versions (Which is darn cool... I don't particularly like the blood). The last two outfits will please all to no end, I'm sure- it's Chun in just her bra-and-panties (I call it the 'ChUndies' outfits... heheh) which I say is a sight that once again makes me HAPPY that I invested in a PC Laptop for this game!

From anime-accurate versions (bloody and clean) and color variants to sexy Undies Only versions... it's all here.

I just have to say that there are a couple of downers in this development- the first is that the SF2 Anime Mod didn't make it into the recent Mod Skin Poll I've been running all month- since I'm pretty sure THIS skin would have far-and-away been the winner (I think). Oh well...
The second downer is that now I have to remove Sloth's earlier but still darn awesome Chun-Li Gymnast Mod and replace it with the SF2 Anime Skin. I can always reinstall it if I have a hankering for Chun in a leotard but hell... what could be better than ChUndies? Heheh. The awesome skin can be downloaded here.

Chun's Hosenka Ultra, in Anime Form.

Anyway, once again I have to thank Sloth86 for his awesome work, and all of you should too! I'll be posting a TON of videos with SF2 Anime Chun-Li very soon, featuring all the color variants. It'll take time, but I'll post them within the week, so stay tuned. Man, with SSFIV AE PC and VF5FS... it's GREAT to be a FootFan Gamer!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chun-Li Gymnast Color Variants (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

Ooh, so many colors!

A couple of nice updates here for our favorite barefoot modded fighting game. Regarding the lovely Chun-Li Gymnast outfit originally made by Sloth86 (one of the best barefoot mods available), a cool color pack has been made and released for it by modder g4m3ov3r. Previously, only one color was available, and trying to select a different one would crash the game. With this new mod (copy and pasted over Sloth's original) however, that is no longer a problem. The variants are really nice, albeit I was really hoping for blue (reference to her default costume) and pink among the choices- but that's just a nitpick. My favorite is still the original red, but the black-and-red no. 10 variant is hellasexy- like an 'evil' version... well, as evil as a lovely barefoot Gymnast can be. Heheh... Anyway, the color pack mod can be downloaded here.

The other cool update regards the current project of our favorite barefoot modder- apparently Sloth86 is working on recreating Chun-Li's look from the classic Streetfighter II The Animated Movie! It's a costume pretty much everyone here has been asking for, so it's awesome that it's coming- let's cross our fingers that Sloth works his usual magic and delivers another cool and faithful recreation (I have little doubt he can do it, given how close and accurate his mods have been, such as his pretty mindblowingly awesome Vanille skin (FFXIII) for Ibuki). Later then!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown FINALLY Coming to Consoles in 2012!!!

Sarah's coming to your PS3 or Xbox360. Oh, yeah.

Perhaps the single most wonderful news for us barefoot videogame babe fans all year has finally arrived! Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown has FINALLY been announced for consoles. This downloadable, standalone release (no need to own the original VF5 disc) will be coming to PSN and Xboxlive in Summer 2012.

In case you haven't seen any of the gazillion articles I've posted about VF5FS, let me enlighten you. Final Showdown is the latest and GREATEST upgrade to Sega's flagship fighter- arguably the finest one-on-one fighting game out there, it also has the distinction of pretty much having oodles of fan service- which includes, YES, Barefoot Customization for ALL the game's hot and sexy female fighters as well as sexy costumes which include skimpy swimsuits and bikinis. In other words, VF5 Final Showdown is a Dream Come True for us! Bikinis banned in Tekken? Well, who cares! VF5FS is all we need! WOOHOO!!!

The VF5 Final Showdown Console Announcement Trailer.

Yes, we 'heart' you too, bikini-clad cutie.

At long last, The delectable ladies of VF: Pai Chan, Sarah Bryant, Aoi Umenokoji, Vanessa Lewis and Eileen will be OURS, baring their hot, perfect soles and toes (and MORE) in the comfort of our home consoles. It's still a long way off (Summer 2012), but man- it'll be here long before Tekken Tag Tournament 2 for consoles. It's something truly to look forward to, if there's anything worth looking forward to in barefoot babe games. This is indeed truly something to rejoice about. Seeya in Summer 2012, ladies!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Trickster: Barefoot Female Assassin (Assassin's Creed Revelations)

The Trickster- one barefoot rose among the many thorns in ACR Mutliplayer.

As a bit of a change from the recent domination of the blog by barefoot babes from Streetfighter, here's an unshod lass from a totally different genre- an upcoming stealth/action-adventure game and much-anticipated sequel to the blockbuster Assassin's Creed series, Assassin's Creed Revelations. This game continues (and concludes) the story of Ezio Auditore, the Italian Assassin who's been battling the Knights Templars all his life. To be honest, I haven't played this series as much as I should, though I do know that an earlier installment, Assassin's Creed 2, had barefoot NPC babes. But the upcoming sequel has been brought to my attention by one of the viewers at my Youtube Channel (Thanks, Dahaka30 for the heads up!) due to the existence of a barefoot babe in the roster of playable characters in ACR's Multiplayer mode.

The babe is called The Trickster, a gypsy-like rogue who looks certainly hot enough to distract and tempt any male with her tantalizing toes and soles. But of course, like all of the assembled Multiplayer minions, she's a hardened killer and will slash, stab or strangle anyone in her way given the chance. I'm hoping her attack animations involve her jamming her foot into her victim's faces or something similar. Certainly this deadly damsel can move as sexily as she looks!

Get ready to play Footsie with The Trickster in Assassins Creed's Multiplayer Mayhem.

Aside from using The Trickster in Multiplayer, there's also a chance that players will be able to chase this barefoot babe's speedy soles in the game's Solo Campaign- I know I'll indeed want to chase her to the ends of the earth just to get at those feet! Well, we'll see how awesome this game is as the months tick down to Assassins Creed Revelations' release in November. Till then, I'll keep my eyes out for more pics and videos of her in action. For now, enjoy the pic and dream of her teasing, tricky feet tip-toeing about...

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ibuki Confirmed in Streetfighter X Tekken (UPDATED with VIDEO!)

Ibuki's intro animation gives us a great sole shot- Awesome!

Just a nice news post- footfans now have at least one reason to await the upcoming console brawler Streetfighter X Tekken. It's now confirmed that Ibuki, the super-cute shoeless kunoichi is now part of the roster. She's sure to have her cool attacks and techniques where she's aiming her lovely soles at her opponents' faces. Though it's still unconfirmed, rumor has it that Makoto, Ibuki's friend and rival from SSFIV and SF3, will also be appearing in this game. Aside from that it's almost certain that Asuka Kazama will also be kicking butt, hopefully sporting her nice hakamas and instep guards that show off her pretty heels and toes. I'll be keeping an eye on this fighting game from here on in. Things look good for us footies in 2012!

Ibuki and her pretty ninja feet are set to kick ass in Streetfighter X Tekken!

WIll there be more barefoot babes in SFXT?

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Streetfighter IV Barefoot Cutscenes

CG cinematics are slick and pretty, but there's a good reason why real-time, in-engine graphic cutscenes are cooler- customizable costumes! Just like in games like SoulCalibur IV, these storytelling scenes get hotter when one of the actors within (preferably a hot babe) is dressed down and/or barefoot. This time, it's Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC in the customizable cutscene spotlight, featuring the many Rival Cutscenes encountered during Arcade Mode. In these scenes, the hot babes of SSFIV meet their fated opponent, often exchanging trash talk before the inevitable brawl- how much better these scenes get when the babes are in their sexy barefoot mod costumes made by the awesome Sloth86!

Of course, I can't fit all of the existing cutscenes into this one post, so I'll just post the best ones. You'll easily see WHY I chose them- usually they involve nice, low-angle camera angles and some lovely, bare soles and toes. Man, how can the cameraman even concentrate on keeping his hands steady with such hot, bare feet in front of his face? Heheh...

First off is the Rival Cutscene of Sakura. It's easy to see why this is so hot- it starts off with a low camera angle shot that nicely gives us a lovely view of the Shotokan Schoolgirl's lovely, finally-bare soles (actually, foot-loving girls actually get an eyeful of Ryu's feet as well). Aside from that, Sakura is just too cute for words in this clip, and I just can't get over how lucky Ryu is over having such a babe following him around.

Cute Sakura and her lovely feet are so adorable in this cutscene!

Gen's Rival Cutscene is next, as it gives nice view of the lovely Chun-Li. There are several camera angles in the vid that shows off nice full-body views of Chun, from head to toe. Plus this is one of the more plot-oriented scenes, short as it is.

How can Gen refuse to give in when Chun-Li's wearing an outfit like that?

Next up is the default Rival Cutscene for Cammy. Ironically though, it's not Cammy but the wicked Juri who's shown off best in this cinematic, as it starts off with a nice low angle shot that gives us a nice view of Juri's feet and soles as she walks towards us. Cammy steps in with a nice ankle view, then a loving pan up of her hot bod. Really, the camera just loves Cammy doesn't it?

Cammy's confrontation with Juri is hot and heavy... with drama!

Next here's Crimson Viper's Alternate Rival Cutscene with Chun-Li. It starts off with a low-angle shot of the floor, following Chun's bare feet (with a great view of her soles) as she steps towards her nemesis. Hot bodies getting ready for battle, hot feet ready to deal out defeat. Lovely!

Crimson Viper's meeting with Chun-Li starts off feet-first!

Finally, the best cutscene for me is Cammy's Alternate Rival Cutscene, this time with Crimson Viper. This cinema is awesome for the simple fact that it starts off with an extreme closeup of Cammy's sexy feet then a rich view of the commando hottie tumbling through the air. Afterwards, the hotness doesn't stop as we have not one but two hot babes facing off, with Cammy acting all haughty and tough- so hot.

Amazing views and two hot barefoot babes getting ready to have it out on the street... what's not to love?

So hot! Fighting games should really have more interactive, in-game cutscenes. Hopefully the upcoming Soul Calibur V will have them again. For now though, at least we can enjoy all the cool story scenes with the babes in their sexy barefoot outfits in SSFIV AE for PC now. Just check out the Youtube Channel for all the rest! Later then!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Barefoot Chun-Li (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Chinese gymnast Chun-Li is just adorable!

At long last, master of barefoot mods, Sloth86 has produced a masterpiece long-awaited by many here in our little fandom- a shoeless, bootless Chun-Li! Of course, it's no wonder; the beautiful, butt-kicking Interpol Agent is easily the most iconic and popular babe in the Streetfighter franchise, and actually one of the first barefoot babes in contemporary anime AND gaming herself, thanks to her mega-popular classic fight scene with Vega in the Streetfighter II Animated Movie.

But even with modder Sloth86's obvious skillz, I kinda doubted that a barefoot mod for Chun-li in SSFIV would look great. But I guess I shouldn't have doubted- the Chun-Li mod is here and as we can all see, the Chunster looks gorgeous. Nicely enough, Sloth gave her a very sexy leotard outfit that shows off her ample legs and quite large and beautiful feet- ironically, her feet are apparently taken from Akuma's model, but on Chun they look great! I have to say that she's a vision to watch in combat. But heck, don't take my word for it... watch it yourselves! Finally, here's the lovely and barefoot Chun-Li in action, in friendly but seriously sexy combat with comrade and friendly rival Cammy for the Final Match of the First VIrtual Soles SSFIV PC Barefoot Babe Brawl!

At long last, Chun-Li's lovely and lethal feet are bared for our enjoyment once again!

But really, there are no losers in this match- BOTH babes will surely get their lovely soles and toes worshipped and serviced by the legions of adoring foot fans. For sure, I'll be the first in line to be the footstool for BOTH of these ladies' tired feet. Just lay 'em on me, girls! Heheh.

Anwyay, here's MORE Chun-Li in some VS CPU matches with a variety of opponents. Unfortunately it seems that CPU Chun-Li was having a bad day when I was recording since she loses every single match! On the bright side though, at least she'll surely want her adoring foot fans to give her sleepy soles soothing massages and warm kisses for a battle well-fought. Also, despite losing, Chun is able to perform her awesome Hosenka Ultra in every match- and you can see this sexy attack is one of the sexiest in the game! Check out the big screencap below to see.

Chun-Li's Hosenka is not only deadly, it's oh, sole-lovely!

As I've said though, win or lose, Chun-Li is definitely a champion in foot fans' books. She's definitely stunning in more ways than one in her sexy new outfit, and you can bet we'll be seeing a lot more of her among the other babes from now on here and on the Youtube Channel. I definitely can't get enough of her awesome kung-fu feet! Enjoy the vids!

Chun-Li, kicking her way into our foot-loving hearts.

For the Love of Barefoot Babes! Leaping into SSFIV PC Mods

Cammy dives into battle (and into our hearts) feet first!

It was only about a week or so ago that we all found out about the wonderful mods being produced by artistic gamers online for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for the PC; and among these cool mods are several awesome skins that finally allowed us foot fans to see some of the hottest babes in gaming bare their toes and soles for our pleasure. It was also about a week ago that I was pretty much a console gamer exclusively- aside from dabbling some Starcraft 2 on my home iMac. Until then, I never thought of going back to a PC ever again, as I felt I had all the best barefoot games on my PS3, Xbox360 and other dedicated game machines. Well, I was wrong. It simply took a look at the irresistible Cammy, that digital commando goddess of Capcom's Streetfighter series, without her eternally-present boots, to convince me that my barefoot babe game collection was far from complete.

Of course, I couldn't just go and buy a gaming PC off the bat. As I said, I already owned a desktop computer at home, so I had to get a laptop. I set a budget for it, which I eventually had to extend quite a bit. I had it in my silly mind that I would simply buy some cheap but souped-up mini-notebook or ultraportable and be done with it. Of course, that was impossible- if I wanted to play SSFIV AND record gameplay for Youtube, I needed a real laptop with very good specs. Required was at least an Intel Core Dual Core processor, a good video card (NVidia or Radeon I guess) with dedicated memory, ample hard drive space and other trimmings. Oh, and the required OS- Windows 7, eventually. Thankfully I got my laptop, an HP Notebook, with all the required features. Finally, I decided on FRAPS as my recording program, which turned out to be pretty good.

It took me a whole night though to figure it all out- to set up the notebook, to download the mods and install them in the proper directory (always backup the original files in case you make a mistake). In the end though, it all paid off- by the wee hours of the morning I had several wonderfully crisp HD vids of SSFIV PC gameplay featuring the newly-debooted babes in hot combat.
The problem was though that the vids were large in size. Scratch that... they were HUGE. As in, a 3-minute match weighed in at about 2-3 GIGS. Ferrying them to my Mac for conversion was tedious, as I could only fit 2 at a time on my 8GB Flash Drive. Once I got them onto my Mac, another wrinkle appeared as my video converters- VisualHub and HandBrake- could NOT handle them! Eventually though, a solution was found in my laptop itself- I was able to convert the raw vids to smaller Windows Media files using the native Windows Live Movie Maker on the laptop. Once downsized, I needed only save the WMVs as MOV files and they could be easily converted from there. WHEW!

Anyway, I'm overjoyed now with SSFIV and it's mods to give me barefoot SF beauties, and surely this will give me countless hours of fun. It was a neat trick to pull this off in just about a weekend on little more than a whim- perhaps one of the biggest impulse buys ever in my life (nah, my first LCD TV was pricier). But I think that's just par for the course. I think this pretty much qualifies me as not just a foot fan, but a damn serious Foot Fan. Well, whatever. It's not just for me, but for the site, the blog, the channel and of course, the readers. I hope you enjoy the many vids and features I'll surely be posting about and from SSFIV PC from here on in. It was a bit of work, but I think it was all worth it for some of the best digital soles and toes around.

To start things off, here are my first several SSFIV PC Barefoot Babe videos- it's a series of VS CPU Matches I call the First Barefoot Babe V.S. Brawl (VS as in Virtual Soles, of course). Of course, since the gorgeous Cammy is my favorite, she's the babe we follow as she battles her way past the other hot ladies of SF to the top of the Barefoot Babe Pyramid. Will she make it? Watch the vids and see, all the while enjoying all the digital soles and toes flying around with abandon. Enjoy!

The first opponent in Cammy's way is Ibuki, one of the first barefoot babes in SF. She's got fast skills and fast feet, but Cammy can take her down!

Makoto is THE barefoot babe of SF even without all the modding madness. But Cammy's got as much sole as she does!

The sassy schoolgirl Sakura is as new to the barefoot scene as Cammy, so it's pretty even... or not.

With all the kiddies taking a nap at the side, it's the ladies turn to fight. Rose is one tricky opponent, with some sexy feet!

Crimson Viper's taken off her super-suit to reveal some seriously hot legs and feet... as in, flaming-hot!

Standing in Cammy's way in the Semi-Final Match of the Barefoot Brawl are the wicked TKD feet of Juri Han...

Only one battle remains in this Barefoot Brawl Battle. Will the sexy commando win the title of Best Barefoot Babe in SSFIV? Stay tuned!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Barefoot Crimson Viper! (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Apparently Viper has opted to prove she's lethal enough without her gadgets...

Wow! These past couple of weeks have been heaven for us foot fans, thanks to the modding ability of Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC, and the work of some awesome modders. We've seen the feet of Cammy, Rose and Sakura finally laid bare for us to see... and now we can add Crimson Viper to the list of barefoot videogame babes! This sultry secret agent has long been a mystery lady for us, always concealing herself within her black suit and boots. Well, now she finally shows that she has some fine legs and feet for us to admire! The mod, created by as always the foot-tastic Sloth86, is called 'Weaponless' Viper. Well, weaponless she may be, those legs and feet though are KILLER!

This hot momma definitely is going to have a new crop of fans starting here on. Heheh. Check out the vids below from TheFutureCesar2011 for some royal view of Crimson Viper's toes and soles.

On my end of the SSFIV PC hubbub, I FINALLY got my PC laptop and a copy of the game. Now it's a matter of installing it, installing the mods and the required recording software and, well, I'll be posting SSFIV barefoot babe vids of my own as well. We'll see very soon. For now, enjoy the vids!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Barefoot Babe Brawl, Part Two (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

TheFutureCesar2011 once again comes through with three new barefoot babe matches from Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC. If there's anything the Streetfighter babes can do, it's fight and look freakin' hot while they're at it. I have to say, though Sakura in a gi is adorable and Rose is pretty sexy with her hovering around, my absolute fave is easily Ultra-sexy barefoot commando, Cammy- possibly she may be the hottest barefoot game babe for me right now, for that costume, those big, beautiful feet and legs, and her hotter-than-hot awesome fighting moves. But that's me- who are your faves? Will we see barefoot Chun-li and Viper soon? For now though, let's enjoy some sexy soles in mortal combat and dream of giving both the beautiful winner and loser worship on their tired soles and toes once the fighting's all over. Enjoy!!!

Too much Barefoot Cammy... is always a great thing...

Too much hot feet means so many SOLE SPARKS!

Sakura's sole-ful Ultra can't save her from a sexy KO in this match.

BestBuy999 gives us this cool rival cutscene with an awesome closeup at the start.

Must. Get. My Copy. Of SSFIV AE on PC. Soon. SOON...

Cammy Escape from Shadaloo Color Pack (Super Streetfighter IV A.E. PC)

Sloth86's Cammy 'Escape from Shadaloo' mod gets even hotter.

When modder Sloth86 posted his hot barefoot mod for Cammy, we didn't think it could get any hotter. Boy, where we wrong! Since the first version of the bootless commando babe mod, he's been continually tweaking it- first to trim down her foot size from their initial Makoto-sized magnitude, and now with numerous add-ons and tweaks which include finer details and a cleaner look overall, plus no a cool 10 variations of the barefoot Cammy skin. The variants are actually pretty awesome, including one with Cammy still wearing her beret, one with an even sexier pink bikini and more! So get rid of that previous mod version you have and download the latest Barefoot Cammy mod over here.

As for my own SSFIV PC endeavor, I'm really leaning towards getting that laptop I've been talking about so I can finally play and record my own Barefoot SF Babe videos. It's a big step and quite a bit of money for one game, but then again, I'll be playing other games on the laptop as well to justify the expense. But of course, barefoot SF babes like Cammy and Rose are the icing on this cake. Enjoy the pic for now, I'll update this post with vids if and when they're found.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barefoot Babe Brawl (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC) UPDATED!

To continue the awesome Barefoot Gamebabe streak we've been having recently, here are two sexy fights between some of the newly-barefoot babes from Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC from TheFutureCesar2011. If there's one thing sexier than just having barefoot babes posing or showing some ryona, it's just a straight, simple fight till one babe stands victorious, foot on the chest of the unconscious lady loser. Okay, we don't have that kind of winpose here, but I can dream, can't I? Heheh. Anyways, the two vids below show off more sexy, strong-looking soles in a couple of minutes than we've seen in more than a decade of Streetfighter games, so enjoy! These ladies should really go barefoot more!

The spritely barefoot Killer Bee versus the graceful, mysterious and now-barefoot Rose... I can't decide who's hotter!

If only someday Capcom gives us actual Character Customization to allow Cammy to take off her boots as we wish... someday...

Two much Barefoot Sakura is never a bad thing!

Man! I'm really wanting to get myself a game laptop, a copy of SSFIV PC and these hot mods ASAP! Is it really that easy to use these mods? Well, I'll find out eventually. For now, let's enjoy the vids our friends share with us. Awesome!