Monday, August 8, 2011

Barefoot Chun-Li (Super Streetfighter IV AE on PC)

Chinese gymnast Chun-Li is just adorable!

At long last, master of barefoot mods, Sloth86 has produced a masterpiece long-awaited by many here in our little fandom- a shoeless, bootless Chun-Li! Of course, it's no wonder; the beautiful, butt-kicking Interpol Agent is easily the most iconic and popular babe in the Streetfighter franchise, and actually one of the first barefoot babes in contemporary anime AND gaming herself, thanks to her mega-popular classic fight scene with Vega in the Streetfighter II Animated Movie.

But even with modder Sloth86's obvious skillz, I kinda doubted that a barefoot mod for Chun-li in SSFIV would look great. But I guess I shouldn't have doubted- the Chun-Li mod is here and as we can all see, the Chunster looks gorgeous. Nicely enough, Sloth gave her a very sexy leotard outfit that shows off her ample legs and quite large and beautiful feet- ironically, her feet are apparently taken from Akuma's model, but on Chun they look great! I have to say that she's a vision to watch in combat. But heck, don't take my word for it... watch it yourselves! Finally, here's the lovely and barefoot Chun-Li in action, in friendly but seriously sexy combat with comrade and friendly rival Cammy for the Final Match of the First VIrtual Soles SSFIV PC Barefoot Babe Brawl!

At long last, Chun-Li's lovely and lethal feet are bared for our enjoyment once again!

But really, there are no losers in this match- BOTH babes will surely get their lovely soles and toes worshipped and serviced by the legions of adoring foot fans. For sure, I'll be the first in line to be the footstool for BOTH of these ladies' tired feet. Just lay 'em on me, girls! Heheh.

Anwyay, here's MORE Chun-Li in some VS CPU matches with a variety of opponents. Unfortunately it seems that CPU Chun-Li was having a bad day when I was recording since she loses every single match! On the bright side though, at least she'll surely want her adoring foot fans to give her sleepy soles soothing massages and warm kisses for a battle well-fought. Also, despite losing, Chun is able to perform her awesome Hosenka Ultra in every match- and you can see this sexy attack is one of the sexiest in the game! Check out the big screencap below to see.

Chun-Li's Hosenka is not only deadly, it's oh, sole-lovely!

As I've said though, win or lose, Chun-Li is definitely a champion in foot fans' books. She's definitely stunning in more ways than one in her sexy new outfit, and you can bet we'll be seeing a lot more of her among the other babes from now on here and on the Youtube Channel. I definitely can't get enough of her awesome kung-fu feet! Enjoy the vids!

Chun-Li, kicking her way into our foot-loving hearts.


  1. Epic post Sole! After seeing these vids, I have to say I'm happy you decided to take the plunge and buy that laptop. As a fan of your blog and channel, I just wanted to thanks.

  2. So Awesome. Y'know Chun-Li is a concidered a popular starlett in the Foot Fan community. I'm glad we finaly have a 3D game version of her. Omega Kudos to our Hero,Sloth86.

  3. Wow...that is just insanely hot!! I love the gymnast costume and could really stare at Chun Li's all day. Her feet look awesome. Kudos to Sloth86 for creating the mod and massive props for an awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

    As for the poll. :-D Cammy all the way. ^_^

  4. I hope, you guys will keep checking out my videos as well.... :-)

  5. Awesome post as always, SoleK! I learned from previous posts that wasn't an easy task to give a barefoot look to this game's chun..but the result is pectacular, really! Lots of props to sloth86, really a great guy! Plus also a guy with taste: he not only gave Chun such a lovely barefoot appearence but also used this chance to give her a nice outfit. The theme he used is SO fitting! With just simple touches he created a whole new outfit. Maybe I exaggerate things but this touch made the mod even more succesful in my opinion. Wow, look at her...HOTNESS! XD

  6. My god, Chun Li is amazing! Every detail, so lovingly crafted...amazing.