Monday, August 29, 2011

Chun-Li Streetfighter 2 the Animated Movie Mod! (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition on PC)

Sloth86 recreates the classic fan service Chun-Li outfit for gamers.

Footfans, first and foremost, let all of us say to the awesome modder Sloth86... 'YOU FRAKKIN' RULE!' Because he does, and to show that he has brought the most famous, hottest and most-fantasized fan service look for the beautiful Chun-Li ever into actual gameplay. Yep, as I posted earlier, Sloth has recreated the barefoot, lingerie-clad Chun from the classic Streetfighter II Animated Movie as a mod skin for Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC.

The Hottest Battle of the Sexes in Anime.

In the case of the incredible chance that you're not familiar with the SF2 Anime, I'm of course referring to the 1994 animated SF2 film which featured perhaps the sexiest anime fight ever: A full-on brawl between Shadaloo Master Assassin Vega and his unsuspecting target, Interpol Agent Chun-Li, fresh out of the shower and dressed in just her bra, panties and a flimsy nightshirt.

They don't make anime like this anymore...

The fight is a long and grueling fight for both combatants with Chun getting slashed multiple times and beaten up royally... but it's Vega who gets the worse of it, receiving a painful stomp-and-grind right on his face from Chun-Li's kick-ass and hot feet, a full Lightning Leg Barrage and at the very end, an amazing Ultra-esque Double Foot Stomp (I would say it's similar to the final blow of her SSFIV Hosenka Ultra) right to the Kisser which sends him screaming through a wall and into the darkness of obilivion. Needless to say, we don't see Vega again in the film.

What a sight for sore eyes (and body, in Vega's case)...

Sloth's masterwork mod includes not only a truly accurate-looking mod ripped from the film (complete with details such as Chun's slightly-messed up hair, the yellow shirt and the lacy look of her undies) but it includes a full 10-color lineup of variants with both Clean and Wounded versions (Which is darn cool... I don't particularly like the blood). The last two outfits will please all to no end, I'm sure- it's Chun in just her bra-and-panties (I call it the 'ChUndies' outfits... heheh) which I say is a sight that once again makes me HAPPY that I invested in a PC Laptop for this game!

From anime-accurate versions (bloody and clean) and color variants to sexy Undies Only versions... it's all here.

I just have to say that there are a couple of downers in this development- the first is that the SF2 Anime Mod didn't make it into the recent Mod Skin Poll I've been running all month- since I'm pretty sure THIS skin would have far-and-away been the winner (I think). Oh well...
The second downer is that now I have to remove Sloth's earlier but still darn awesome Chun-Li Gymnast Mod and replace it with the SF2 Anime Skin. I can always reinstall it if I have a hankering for Chun in a leotard but hell... what could be better than ChUndies? Heheh. The awesome skin can be downloaded here.

Chun's Hosenka Ultra, in Anime Form.

Anyway, once again I have to thank Sloth86 for his awesome work, and all of you should too! I'll be posting a TON of videos with SF2 Anime Chun-Li very soon, featuring all the color variants. It'll take time, but I'll post them within the week, so stay tuned. Man, with SSFIV AE PC and VF5FS... it's GREAT to be a FootFan Gamer!!!


  1. Wow, I never thought I'd see the day where this mod would become a reality. I'll definitely be looking forward to seeing this awesome mod in action! And Sole, you're right, it's definitely a GREAT time to be a Foot-Fan gamer.

  2. I dreamt of this costume for years now. To see it as a reality... wow... it's very very good. I think I might cry. good job Sloth86. good post Sole.

  3. I relly don't like the Bloodied version. Ruins her beauty. But the unbloodied one is great :D Now lets see him do a barefoot mod of her wearing that cute dress she wore in SFII-V.

  4. Wow that is it makes easier to relive the Chun Li vs Vega fight scene. ^_^ That really is very cool. ^_^

  5. I dunno, I kinda like the bloodied version. I blame Kagerou.

  6. Can you reupload this mod? It's been removed