Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Barefoot Babe Brawl (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition PC) UPDATED!

To continue the awesome Barefoot Gamebabe streak we've been having recently, here are two sexy fights between some of the newly-barefoot babes from Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC from TheFutureCesar2011. If there's one thing sexier than just having barefoot babes posing or showing some ryona, it's just a straight, simple fight till one babe stands victorious, foot on the chest of the unconscious lady loser. Okay, we don't have that kind of winpose here, but I can dream, can't I? Heheh. Anyways, the two vids below show off more sexy, strong-looking soles in a couple of minutes than we've seen in more than a decade of Streetfighter games, so enjoy! These ladies should really go barefoot more!

The spritely barefoot Killer Bee versus the graceful, mysterious and now-barefoot Rose... I can't decide who's hotter!

If only someday Capcom gives us actual Character Customization to allow Cammy to take off her boots as we wish... someday...

Two much Barefoot Sakura is never a bad thing!

Man! I'm really wanting to get myself a game laptop, a copy of SSFIV PC and these hot mods ASAP! Is it really that easy to use these mods? Well, I'll find out eventually. For now, let's enjoy the vids our friends share with us. Awesome!


  1. There's nothing better than two barefoot babes duking it out for supremacy. Their big feet makes the fights that much more enjoyable.

  2. It is that easy. You essentially just replace files in one of the folders where the game is installed with the ones the mod has.
    They usually replace the default costume.
    Though 'gaming laptop' may be more expensive than a desktop, but anything that works, I guess

  3. Thanks, John!

    I'm opting to get a gaming laptop for playing SSFIV PC since I've already got a iMac as my desktop- can't really have another big computer at home. I just need a good, beefy processor, motherboard and graphics card, to at least be able to adequately record whatever I can get onscreen. AFAIK the game itself isn't supposed to be a hog for resources, but I want it to look great in any case. We'll see- I plan to do some laptop shopping very soon. ^__^

  4. Hmm... I went out and asked at a computer shop that gives good prices. A good gaming laptop is pricier than I thought. I can afford it, but it's not an amount of money I can just throw around and not feel it for a while. Now deciding if it's worth it to get this new platform, initially just for this one game (albeit it's SSFIV AE with some of the hottest barefoot babes around in gaming).... hmmm...

  5. I really love those mods!

    But someone need to request a barefoot Chun-Li and Viper attire. It would be awesome, to have all babes barefoot!!

  6. Wow...I could watch those clips all day long...awesome post Sole Keeper. ^_^

  7. Thanks, KSC! ^__^

    BTW, added the latest vid from TheFutureCesar2011 on this post, a barefoot Sakura Mirror Match with a great ending. Check it out! Great stuff!!!

  8. Wow, really great vids and the "Double Sakura" one is really awesome! Love the anding but also the aerial spread with sole close up! Yummy! :9