Thursday, August 11, 2011

Super Streetfighter IV Barefoot Cutscenes

CG cinematics are slick and pretty, but there's a good reason why real-time, in-engine graphic cutscenes are cooler- customizable costumes! Just like in games like SoulCalibur IV, these storytelling scenes get hotter when one of the actors within (preferably a hot babe) is dressed down and/or barefoot. This time, it's Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC in the customizable cutscene spotlight, featuring the many Rival Cutscenes encountered during Arcade Mode. In these scenes, the hot babes of SSFIV meet their fated opponent, often exchanging trash talk before the inevitable brawl- how much better these scenes get when the babes are in their sexy barefoot mod costumes made by the awesome Sloth86!

Of course, I can't fit all of the existing cutscenes into this one post, so I'll just post the best ones. You'll easily see WHY I chose them- usually they involve nice, low-angle camera angles and some lovely, bare soles and toes. Man, how can the cameraman even concentrate on keeping his hands steady with such hot, bare feet in front of his face? Heheh...

First off is the Rival Cutscene of Sakura. It's easy to see why this is so hot- it starts off with a low camera angle shot that nicely gives us a lovely view of the Shotokan Schoolgirl's lovely, finally-bare soles (actually, foot-loving girls actually get an eyeful of Ryu's feet as well). Aside from that, Sakura is just too cute for words in this clip, and I just can't get over how lucky Ryu is over having such a babe following him around.

Cute Sakura and her lovely feet are so adorable in this cutscene!

Gen's Rival Cutscene is next, as it gives nice view of the lovely Chun-Li. There are several camera angles in the vid that shows off nice full-body views of Chun, from head to toe. Plus this is one of the more plot-oriented scenes, short as it is.

How can Gen refuse to give in when Chun-Li's wearing an outfit like that?

Next up is the default Rival Cutscene for Cammy. Ironically though, it's not Cammy but the wicked Juri who's shown off best in this cinematic, as it starts off with a nice low angle shot that gives us a nice view of Juri's feet and soles as she walks towards us. Cammy steps in with a nice ankle view, then a loving pan up of her hot bod. Really, the camera just loves Cammy doesn't it?

Cammy's confrontation with Juri is hot and heavy... with drama!

Next here's Crimson Viper's Alternate Rival Cutscene with Chun-Li. It starts off with a low-angle shot of the floor, following Chun's bare feet (with a great view of her soles) as she steps towards her nemesis. Hot bodies getting ready for battle, hot feet ready to deal out defeat. Lovely!

Crimson Viper's meeting with Chun-Li starts off feet-first!

Finally, the best cutscene for me is Cammy's Alternate Rival Cutscene, this time with Crimson Viper. This cinema is awesome for the simple fact that it starts off with an extreme closeup of Cammy's sexy feet then a rich view of the commando hottie tumbling through the air. Afterwards, the hotness doesn't stop as we have not one but two hot babes facing off, with Cammy acting all haughty and tough- so hot.

Amazing views and two hot barefoot babes getting ready to have it out on the street... what's not to love?

So hot! Fighting games should really have more interactive, in-game cutscenes. Hopefully the upcoming Soul Calibur V will have them again. For now though, at least we can enjoy all the cool story scenes with the babes in their sexy barefoot outfits in SSFIV AE for PC now. Just check out the Youtube Channel for all the rest! Later then!


  1. Nice scenes. Though I Really hate the English Voices.

  2. They've should've just kept the game in Japanese with english subtitles. Plus,with Japanese only voices,the words will match the mouth movements.

    Yeah,I know,there's a Japanese voice option,but still. Crapcom could've saved some money by Not hiring english VAs.

  3. Nice set of clips here, Sole! I think Sakura's cutscene is my overall favorite with Cammy's in a VERY close second. On a unrelated note, I've come across Youtuber who does pretty good barefoot giantess CG.

    Here's the page:

  4. Thanks for pointing me to that YT channel, Stephan! I love CG GTS scenes- such pretty, pretty feet and soles. I just wish there was more to just guys being stomped on, but what the heck. ^____^

  5. Me too, but at least there's a lot of sole-shots to be found in them.