Saturday, August 27, 2011

Chun-Li Gymnast Color Variants (Super Streetfighter IV Arcade Edition for PC)

Ooh, so many colors!

A couple of nice updates here for our favorite barefoot modded fighting game. Regarding the lovely Chun-Li Gymnast outfit originally made by Sloth86 (one of the best barefoot mods available), a cool color pack has been made and released for it by modder g4m3ov3r. Previously, only one color was available, and trying to select a different one would crash the game. With this new mod (copy and pasted over Sloth's original) however, that is no longer a problem. The variants are really nice, albeit I was really hoping for blue (reference to her default costume) and pink among the choices- but that's just a nitpick. My favorite is still the original red, but the black-and-red no. 10 variant is hellasexy- like an 'evil' version... well, as evil as a lovely barefoot Gymnast can be. Heheh... Anyway, the color pack mod can be downloaded here.

The other cool update regards the current project of our favorite barefoot modder- apparently Sloth86 is working on recreating Chun-Li's look from the classic Streetfighter II The Animated Movie! It's a costume pretty much everyone here has been asking for, so it's awesome that it's coming- let's cross our fingers that Sloth works his usual magic and delivers another cool and faithful recreation (I have little doubt he can do it, given how close and accurate his mods have been, such as his pretty mindblowingly awesome Vanille skin (FFXIII) for Ibuki). Later then!


  1. Hmm maybe if the top far left one were a lighter shade of blue... ah well. Sloth86 is getting better at this.

  2. Woah! I was hoping he'd create Chunners in her nightgown from thaqt movie. Sloth is Awesome! Hope this leads to many many many more barefoot SF mods :)

  3. So Chun Li rocks. ^_^

  4. Okay, sadly this skin has now been eclipsed by Sloth86's latest creation... heheh...